6 best products for the family

Rational organization of life requires a lot of household items. Electronic devices, kitchen appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures are indispensable companions of human life. We offer an overview of the best products for home and family.

Best shower head gocomma 300 Holes High-pressure Boost Shower Head

The shower head has 300 holes arranged in 30 triangular blocks. Each of the blocks contains 10 micro-holes. Passing through the shower, the water is cut into numerous thin streams, forming a powerful stream.

The body of the sprayer is made of ABS plastic with a polished chrome finish. The configuration of the body allows you to comfortably place the product in your hand. The delivery set includes a gasket and a metal mesh filter, which protects the device from clogging with mechanical impurities.


  • device type – manual;
  • operating temperature range – from 1 to 900;
  • adapter thread diameter – 1/2 inch;
  • size – 200×65 mm;
  • product weight – 150 grams;
  • country of origin – China.


  • water saving spray;
  • hydrodynamic massage.


  • reduced water consumption;
  • ergonomic shape;
  • stylish design;
  • ease of installation;
  • democratic price.

The Holes High-pressure 300 shower spray provides high pressure even at low water pressure at the inlet to the shower head. The design of the watering can will reduce water consumption when using the shower by 30 percent.

Best Alarm Clock LED Wooden Alarm Clock

The digital table clock with LED backlighting has an extraordinary design. The body of the electronic device is made in the form of a rectangular wooden block with rounded corners. The front side of the product is equipped with an LED screen that clearly displays data and provides a wide viewing angle. The function of automatic brightness adjustment based on the time of day is available. On the rear panel of the device there is a battery compartment, four control buttons and a USB connector.


  • product type – table clock;
  • format – 12- and 24-hour system;
  • power supply – 4 AAA batteries or USB network cable;
  • case size – 126x50x650 mm;
  • weight – 0.199 grams;
  • country of origin – China.


  • clock;
  • alarm;
  • thermometer;
  • the calendar.

Digital desktop alarm clock can work in 2 modes:

  • the display constantly shows the time;
  • the display alternately displays information about time, ambient temperature, date.


  • stylish laconic design;
  • well-read scoreboard;
  • many functions.

The alarm clock with LED screen will harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. The digital screen with large numerical values ​​will allow reading data even for visually impaired people.

Best Book Light – LED Night Light for Kindle Read

The LED night light will be useful for people who like to spend their time reading e-books. The lighting device will allow you to read your favorite works in the evening and at night, the soft warm radiation of the night lamp will protect your eyes from overstrain.

The light indicator is a flexible hose, on one end of which there is a clamping device, and on the other a miniature lamp. The case parts of the device are made of durable ABS plastic.


  • light source – LED;
  • luminous flux power – 0.2 LM;
  • LED power – 0.2 W;
  • power supply – built-in CR2032 button battery;
  • input voltage – 110 V;
  • geometric parameters – 8x5x5 cm;
  • product weight – 0.03 kg;
  • country of production – China.


  • adjusting the brightness level of the light.


  • compact dimensions;
  • portability;
  • universality;
  • powerful luminous flux;
  • low energy consumption;
  • affordable price.

The LED lighting device is compatible with almost all Kindle e-readers. The flexible neck clip is able to take the necessary configuration, providing the most comfortable backlight when reading.

Best Drawing Board – Aooyaoo Removable Blackboard Sticker Room Decoration

The ultra-thin Aooyaoo Removable Blackboard chalkboard has been used in both home and office environments. Using the product at home will save the walls of the apartment from the pranks of young artists. In the office, the device will serve as a way to take work notes during presentations.

Aooyaoo Removable Drawing Board is a self-adhesive PVC film with a matte finish. The matte finish ensures unhindered chalk glide, protects the main layer of material from scratches, and is easy to clean. Decorative film is a great alternative to bulky standard boards.


  • production material – vinyl;
  • weight – 0.22 kg;
  • overall dimensions – 200x45x0.10 cm;
  • country of origin – China.


  • decorative wall sticker for drawing with chalk.


  • long service life;
  • plastic;
  • water resistance;
  • portability;
  • affordable price;
  • does not occupy the usable area of ​​the room.

In addition to the self-adhesive PVC film, the package includes a set of colored crayons and a cleaning cloth.

Best Garlic Chopper – Garlic Presses Master Chopper Crusher Durable

The Garlic Presses Master garlic press is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. The durable housing made of food-grade plastic made it possible to minimize the weight of the kitchen appliance. The chopper blade is made of stainless steel. The rigid cutting part is made in the form of a square, divided into 81 cells. One turn of the garlic press instantly turns whole garlic cloves into numerous small pieces.

The Garlic Master Chopper press has a collapsible design, which makes it easy to rinse the kitchen appliance after use. The chopper can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


  • device weight – 0.22 kg;
  • dimensions – 28x18x8 cm;
  • manufacturer – China.


  • vegetable pressure.


  • ergonomic body;
  • stylish appearance;
  • ease of use;
  • easy cleaning.

Cut into small whole cubes with Chopper Crusher Durable the product fully retains its nutritional properties and natural aroma. At the same time, a person’s hands are completely clean and do not have a characteristic garlic smell. Detailed vegetable can be squeezed directly onto ready meals.

Best thermos – VIOMI Stainless Steel Vacuum Durable 300ml

Thermos with compact dimensions VIOMI Stainless is able to maintain the temperature of drinks for a long time. The case of the product is made of stainless steel with enamel coating. The outer surface of the thermos flask is resistant to scratches and fading. The inner sides are made with Nano-Asleep antibacterial material, which prevents the development of pathogenic organisms in a humid environment.

The cover of the heat-saving device is equipped with a special sealing valve made of food-grade silicone. The vacuum valve of a flask reliably protects from accidental leaks. Ergonomic design allows you to open the latch with one hand.


  • volume – 300 ml;
  • body dimensions – 5.8×5.8×20.6 cm;
  • weight – 0.23 kg;
  • manufacturer – China.


  • maintaining a constant temperature of the liquid for 12 hours.


  • stylish design;
  • environmentally friendly materials;
  • bulb superinsulation;
  • sealed cover.

VIOMI Stainless stainless steel thermos with modest dimensions will easily fit into a lady’s bag and provide an opportunity to always have a hot drink on a walk in the winter.

Chinese-made goods occupy the lion’s share of the modern consumer market. All products presented in the review are distinguished by high quality along with a loyal price.

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