6 best kitchen scales

Kitchen scales are an indispensable assistant for a person who is fond of cooking. Also, the unit is necessary for those people who, in connection with dieting, need to weigh each serving of food. Today, the kitchen equipment market offers a wide range of scales. They differ from each other in the mechanism of operation, the presence of additional options and the installation method.

How to choose a kitchen scale?

The basic selection criteria include the type of scales, maximum error, control features, maximum mass index, design, installation method and the presence of additional functionality.

  • Type – conventionally, all devices for weighing food products are divided into mechanical, electronic and manual. The mechanical device is equipped with a spring, which, under the influence of mass, shifts the arrow along the measurement scale located on the dial. The advantages of mechanical scales include the absence of the need for a power source (mains, batteries). But mechanical equipment does not have additional functionality. Do not forget about the large error when weighing products. Electronic scales work on the principle of converting a load into electrical resistance. Due to highly sensitive sensors, electronic models weigh products and dishes without errors. Most models are equipped with additional options, for example, calculating the energy value of dishes, which is important for people who are losing weight. The disadvantage of electronic models is the dependence on the power source.
  • Error – electronic models of equipment have a minimum error, it varies from 0.1 to 1 gram. In mechanical scales, this figure is higher.
  • Type of control – conditionally, all types of units are divided into those that have a keypad, and those that are equipped with a sensor. Models with push-button controls are more affordable, but such a panel quickly accumulates dust and dirt. Touchscreens look more respectable and are also easy to clean. But the sensor is unstable to mechanical damage.
  • The maximum weight indicator – on sale you can find scales with a scale of up to 15 kg. Such models are suitable for those people who weigh products for the preparation of conservation. If the buyer needs a unit to evaluate the mass of products and ready meals, then a maximum indicator of up to 3 kg will be sufficient.
  • Design – kitchen scales can be in the form of a flat platform on which weighed products and portions of dishes are placed. Such a platform allows you to weigh large products – a head of cabbage, a carcass of fish, etc. Also on a flat surface, you can put any dishes with a finished dish. If the technique is purchased to assess the mass of bulk and liquid products, then it is better to choose models equipped with deep bowls. In some units, the bowl is replaced by a large measuring cup. Weighing containers are made of both glass and plastic. Glass is a versatile material that is suitable for weighing hot liquids (milk, water, soup). However, a glass bowl with any careless movement can break into smithereens, which is not typical for a plastic container. However, this material is not suitable for filling with hot liquids.
  • Additional options – functions such as subtracting tare weight, counting calories of dishes, the option of weighing solid and liquid products make the kitchen scale a versatile piece of equipment.
  • Installation method – kitchen scales are wall-mounted and desktop. Wall-mounted ones look stylish and modern, but they are less practical than desktop ones.

The unimportant parameters of kitchen gadgets include body color and design, since these characteristics do not affect the functionality of the equipment.

The best electronic kitchen scales

Scales with an electronic mass sensor are high-precision instruments. Such equipment is powered by lithium batteries or an accumulator. Models are equipped with a display that shows a numerical value. According to the type of installation, the units are wall-mounted and desktop. The main feature of electronic gadgets for cooking is a small error in weighing.

Also, such models are equipped with additional functions, which include an assessment of the calorie content of products, a temperature and humidity sensor in the room, and a clock. When buying, it is important to pay attention to the option of deducting the container in which the products are placed. This function is necessary if the buyer plans to evaluate the mass of ready meals and liquids.


  • the power source of electronic models are batteries or an accumulator (less often, the units operate from the mains);
  • the equipment is equipped with an electronic display;
  • the control panel can be both push-button and touch;
  • according to the type of design, there are models that are a platform, and those that are equipped with a bowl.


  • accurate measurement of the mass of weighed products;
  • additional functionality;
  • convenient management;
  • modern design.


  • fail under the influence of high levels of humidity;
  • operation depends on the power supply;
  • the touch panel is subject to mechanical stress.

Top Models

The best electronic scales with a bowl is the model Bugatti UMA 56. A feature of the unit is the function of sequential weighing, which is important when preparing dishes consisting of a large number of ingredients. The display is equipped with LED backlight and timer.

The best scales equipped with a platform is a model CASO L15. The maximum load is 15 kg, which is considered a high indicator.

Buerer DS61 – the best model with the option of analyzing the caloric content of the diet. The indicators are programmed to determine the energy value of 1000 types of products. The model also calculates cholesterol, bread units, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The best mechanical kitchen scales

The functioning of mechanical models is based on the principle of acting on a spring. When it is compressed under the influence of mass, the arrow moves along the scale (dial) with indicators. Mechanical scales can be equipped with both a bowl and a platform. Such equipment is characterized by ease of operation, durability and independence from the power source.


  • equipped with an arrow and a dial with divisions;
  • weighed items are placed in a bowl or on a platform;
  • the unit does not need batteries, a network, an accumulator for the operation.


  • affordable price;
  • simple operation;
  • durability of the spring mechanism.


  • no helper functions;
  • after several years of operation, significant errors are possible in estimating the mass of products.

Top Models

The best mechanical scales with a bowl are MOMERT 6130. The model is equipped with a large removable plastic bowl. The maximum load of the equipment reaches 3 kg.

Terraillon BA22 Silver – the best model of premium mechanical scales. The minimum weight on the scale is 10 g. The unit is equipped with a rectangular bowl with a capacity of 1 liter. Scales have an attractive design, so they will fit perfectly into the interior of a modern kitchen.

If you need equipment for weighing large masses, the model Momert 7472 would be the best option. It can withstand up to 13 kg, which is important for users involved in conservation. The device is equipped with a plastic bowl resembling a rectangular tray in shape.

The best kitchen scales with a bowl

The bowl allows you to use the device to estimate the mass of products of any consistency, including liquid. If the equipment is used to measure the mass of ready-made dishes, then they can be weighed without dishes, putting the contents of the plate in a container. When buying a device with a bowl, it is important to pay attention to the fact that it is removable, as this will simplify the care of the equipment. The container is made of stainless steel, glass or plastic. According to the type of functioning, mechanical and electronic models are distinguished, having the corresponding features.


  • product container material: glass, plastic, stainless steel;
  • shape – rounded, rectangular;
  • the bowl can be replaced with a graduated measuring cup.


  • bowls made of glass and stainless steel are resistant to high temperatures;
  • the container is separated from the body;
  • there is no need to use an additional container.


  • the dimensions of the tank may be smaller than the dimensions of the weighed product;
  • plastic containers are not suitable for weighing hot liquids;
  • glass bowls break easily.

Top Models

The best model with measuring cup is Maestro MR-1804. The unit weighs products weighing up to 3 kg. The display is located on the handle of the measuring cup.

An elite model equipped with a glass bowl is considered Studio BergHOFF 200325. The body of the unit is stainless steel, the bowl is heat-resistant glass. High-precision scales are designed for loads up to 5 kg.

The best touch kitchen scales equipped with a bowl – Auriga BergHoff 2303993. The container is made of high quality safe plastic.

The best desktop kitchen scales

Measuring equipment for the kitchen, installed on a horizontal surface, is in high demand. In most models, stability is ensured by rubberized legs. Table scales for the kitchen can be electronic and mechanical, with a bowl and a platform, with push-button and touch control. The main feature of the device is considered safe operation.


  • devices have any type of functioning;
  • come with a bowl and a platform;
  • the case of desktop units is represented by plastic, stainless steel;
  • stability is ensured by rubber feet.


  • convenient operation;
  • security;
  • practicality;
  • a wide range of models from different manufacturers;
  • wide range of prices.

There are no significant drawbacks to desktop scales for the kitchen.

Top Models

The first place in the ranking of desktop appliances is occupied by the model air glassdesigned for loads up to 5 kg. Equipped with a round platform made of glass. The unit has an auto-off function when there is no load on the platform. Mass can be measured in grams and ounces.

The most compact table scale for the kitchen is the model Beurer KS 27. It is a thin but durable plastic platform equipped with a backlit electronic display. Control type – sensor.

Best Budget Kitchen Scales – Saturn ST-KS7235 Black. They have an ultra-thin body, an electronic display and a tare compensation function.

The best wall-mounted kitchen scales

All models of wall scales for the kitchen have a wireless type of power supply. A feature of the units is considered to be low weight, not exceeding 200 grams. The units are not designed for weighing large masses.


  • load limit does not exceed 3 kg;
  • usually equipped with a glass platform;
  • not suitable for weighing hot dishes, bulk products.


  • saving space;
  • decorate the interior.


  • limited practicality;
  • there is a risk that the mount will be unreliable.

Top Models

The best design solution for the kitchen – Beurer KS 52. This model of electronic scale for wall mounting is powered by a lithium battery. Unlike most wall-mounted units, it can withstand loads up to 5 kg. The platform is made of durable thick glass.

The best popular models of wall scales include Sensor SKS5700. The equipment is designed for a maximum load of up to 3 kg. The platform is made of tempered glass. They have push button controls.

The optimal model of practical wall scales is Crismadesigned for a load of 5 kg. The glass platform has the shape of a square. The device shows the time and temperature.

The best cheap kitchen scales

Many buyers do not want to overpay for a brand name, additional features and unusual design, and in this case, budget measuring equipment for the kitchen will be the best option. Cheap devices have one important function – weighing products with a zero tare function. The equipment can have both mechanical and electronic type of functioning. Almost all variations of budget devices are not equipped with bowls. Instead of a container, a small plastic platform is proposed. Cheap scales are characterized by push-button control and an electronic display.


  • the body is made of plastic;
  • a simple electronic scoreboard (scale);
  • less often models are equipped with a sensor;
  • the deduction of the mass of dishes is provided;
  • designed for a weight of 2-3 kg;
  • no additional options.


  • affordable price;
  • simple control;
  • compact dimensions.


  • low cost often precludes high quality and reliability;
  • limited load.

Top Models

The best cheap scales with an attractive design are considered REDMOND RS-736. The model is offered in different designs. A feature of the device is a high load indicator, reaching 8 kg. Scales measure mass in ounces, grams, liters. The display is backlit.

If you need budget equipment with a bowl, then the best choice would be Delfa DKS-060. The bowl is made of transparent plastic. The unit is designed for loads up to 5 kg. feature Delfa DKS-060 is the option to remember the last weight.

Excellent scales with a concise design are considered Grunhelm KES 1 RW with touch type control and liquid crystal display. The flat platform is designed to measure the mass of products up to 5 kg.

Well-chosen scales for the kitchen will become an assistant in the preparation of a variety of dishes. Also, mini-equipment will facilitate the process of organizing a healthy diet for people who are forced to follow a therapeutic diet.

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