6 best coffee machines for home

A good coffee machine is a must-have for those people who cannot imagine their life without a fragrant invigorating drink. The models of home coffee makers offered in household appliance stores differ from each other in the list of prepared drinks, functionality, performance and dimensions.

How to choose a coffee machine for home

There are a large number of parameters for choosing coffee machines, depending on the planned volumes of preparation of the drink and its types. The main characteristics of the coffee maker include the principle of its operation, the type of brewing mechanism, control technology, features of the water heating mechanism, and the type of millstones. On sale you can also see a large selection of cappuccinators. These are machines that are equipped with a milk frothing mechanism.

Overview of paramount parameters when buying a coffee maker for home use

Principle of operation

Coffee makers are conditionally divided into carob, capsule, pod type equipment. The carob coffee maker is considered the least expensive and easiest to operate. Here, ground coffee is poured into a holder, which has the shape of a horn. When you start the machine, boiling water passes through the coffee horn, and the output is a full-fledged drink. Rozhkovye models do not have a built-in coffee grinder. Capsule machines are designed for brewing coffee packaged in capsules. Inside the model there is a special piercing mechanism that breaks the coffee capsule, thereby starting the process of preparing the drink. A pod coffee machine is an equipment that prepares a drink in portions. The model uses pods – portions of high-quality compressed ground coffee. Pods are also filters through which boiling water passes, saturating coffee in parallel.

Separately, espresso combines are distinguished, which combine a coffee grinder and a coffee maker. Most models of such equipment are equipped with a cappuccinatore.

Brew mechanism

The removable mechanism allows you to easily wash the equipment after use. Coffee machines with a fixed mechanism do not have this function, but they are equipped with a system that automatically cleans the mechanism of coffee residues.


The simplest coffee machines in terms of functionality are equipped with just one start / stop button. More complex models have a display with which to control. The electronic display shows information about the need to add water to the equipment, fill in a new portion of coffee, and clean the container from the rest of the grounds. Also, the display may have a built-in memory that allows you to automatically prepare the drink that was made last time.

Also on sale are coffee makers, the display of which functions on the principle of a traffic light. When the equipment is ready for operation, the display will turn green. The yellow backlight indicates the process of setting up equipment options. Red color is a signal that the user needs to perform some action for the further operation of the machine (add water, add coffee, etc.).

Water heating system

Conventionally, all coffee makers are divided into those that have a double boiler system, and those that are equipped with a flow system. In the boiler system, a certain portion of water is heated. The remaining liquid can also be used by adding the required amount of fresh water to it. The disadvantage of such a system is that stagnant water can significantly spoil the taste of the finished drink. The flow system heats exactly the amount of water required to make one cup of coffee.

Type of millstones

Mechanisms are ceramic and steel. The advantages of millstones made of ceramics include gentle grinding of coffee beans and protection against overheating during operation. However, ceramic burrs can break quickly if they are hit by a hard stone or other foreign object. A coffee maker with steel millstones is considered more practical and durable. If a foreign object gets into the metal millstones, their work is automatically blocked.

Cappuccinatore function

Many multifunctional models of coffee machines have a cappuccinator – a device for creating milk foam. Cappuccinators are mechanical and automatic.

Additional options – the coffee machine can be equipped with such functions as an auto-cappuccino system, grain grinding adjustment, wetting of ground grains, cup heating, automatic descaling and others. Additional coffee maker options make the equipment more expensive.

The secondary characteristics when choosing equipment for making coffee include design. The appearance of the unit does not affect the quality of its work.

The best bean coffee machine for home

The bestseller among coffee makers preparing a drink from fragrant natural beans is the model HD8827/09 3000 Series from the manufacturer Phillips. This is a relatively compact equipment that combines a coffee maker and coffee grinder. The model is equipped with two options for setting the strength of the drink. The grinding option works in 5 modes, which allows you to prepare coffee in accordance with your own taste preferences.

The removable brewing mechanism makes it easy to clean the “heart” of the coffee maker from waste. The model of the coffee machine has a high degree of reliability and durability, as it is equipped with an automatic descaling function. At the same time, the unit can prepare 2 cups of drink. The coffee maker is equipped with a mechanical cappuccinatore.


  • control type: electronic display;
  • principle of operation – espresso combine;
  • grinding adjustment: yes;
  • the number of degrees of grain grinding: 5;
  • cappuccinatore: yes;
  • pre-wetting ground coffee: yes;
  • automatic shutdown: yes;
  • automatic flushing mechanism: yes;
  • water tank volume: 1.8 l.


  • universal machine for preparing a variety of coffee drinks;
  • adjustment of the degree of grinding of grains is provided;
  • control is carried out using a high-precision electronic display;
  • function of automatic shutdown of the equipment;
  • there is a built-in memory that allows you to get a drink that was prepared the previous time.


There are no significant shortcomings in this model.

The best inexpensive car for home

If the key parameter when choosing home coffee making equipment is low cost, then you can opt for the model Delonghi ECP 31.21. This is an inexpensive option that combines an espresso machine and a cappuccinatore. The use of ground coffee or special pods is provided.

The coffee machine is equipped with an automatic shutdown system after preparing the required amount of drink. The manual cappuccino maker helps not only to froth milk, but also to heat water for tea. The horn of the equipment is made of metal, which does not affect the taste of the drink in any way. The model can prepare 2 cups of coffee at the same time. Additional features include an organizer for accessories, a filter organizing system, and a cup warmer option.


  • control type: no display;
  • principle of work – carob;
  • grinding adjustment: no;
  • cappuccinatore: yes, manual;
  • automatic shutdown: yes;
  • function of preparation of two cups at the same time: yes;
  • water tank volume: 1 l;
  • optional: accessory storage system.


  • inexpensive equipment that combines a coffee machine and a cappuccinatore;
  • easy to manage;
  • you can prepare 2 cups of drink at the same time;
  • does not make noise during operation.


  • the machine may rattle during operation;
  • the horn in many machines is difficult to fix at a right angle.

The best coffee machine for home with a cappuccinatore

Model Delonghi ECAM 22.360 considered the best option. The design and functionality of the coffee machine allows you to prepare high-quality drinks with a milk content without much effort. The cappuccinatore, made in the form of a jug with a tube, works automatically, whipping thick milk foam with high quality.

The degree of density can be adjusted, which allows the coffee machine to be used only for heating milk. It is also possible to adjust the height of the milk foam in the glass. Among the main settings of the equipment, the volume of water per cup, strength and temperature of the drink are distinguished. The model is equipped with an automatic cleaning function, which makes its operation convenient. Under the tap of the coffee maker, you can place a cup up to 14 cm high.


  • control type: electronic display;
  • working principle: automatic espresso machine;
  • grinding adjustment: yes;
  • cappuccinatore: yes, automatic;
  • automatic shutdown: yes;
  • function of preparation of two cups at the same time: yes;
  • water tank volume: 1.8 l;
  • optional: quick rinsing of the milk dispenser after use.


  • even a beginner can handle such a cappuccino machine;
  • the cappuccinatore is started by one pressing of the button;
  • the machine has an automatic internal cleaning system;
  • wide selection of drinks.


  • the shiny cup tray becomes dull and scratched over time.

The best automatic coffee machine for home

The leader among home automatic coffee machines is considered Siemens CT 636LES1. The built-in model is equipped with a coffee grinder, the settings of which adapt to different types of grains. It also has the function of personal programming of favorite drinks of different users.

The equipment works with grain and ground coffee. The function of adjusting the strength is provided. The automatic cappuccino maker allows you to prepare not only espresso, but also coffee drinks that contain milk. The display of the model shows the total number of cups of the prepared drink. The coffee maker is equipped with a multi-level automatic cleaning system.


  • control type: electronic display;
  • working principle: automatic espresso machine;
  • grinding adjustment: yes;
  • cappuccinatore: yes, automatic;
  • automatic shutdown: yes;
  • function of preparation of two cups at the same time: yes;
  • water tank volume: 2.4 l;
  • optional: multi-level cleaning system.


  • universal unit for making coffee, latte, cappuccino;
  • the ability to choose the size of the portion;
  • there is a “my coffee” option available to 8 users;
  • child lock option.


There are no significant flaws in the coffee machine.

The best capsule coffee machine for home

Delonghi EN 80. CWAE – one of the best capsule-type coffee machines. The accelerated preparation of coffee drinks is due to the fact that the equipment operates at a high pressure of 19 bar. The model is equipped with an additional boiler, thanks to which you can brew boiling water or whip milk foam. The mug platform is equipped with a retractable drip tray that collects drops of liquid, which prevents the table from getting dirty. The model is equipped with a manual cappuccinatore. There is a function of preliminary wetting of ground coffee, due to which the finished drink has a more intense aroma.


  • control type: electronic display;
  • working principle: automatic capsule coffee machine;
  • grinding adjustment: yes;
  • cappuccinatore: yes, manual;
  • automatic shutdown: yes;
  • function of preparation of two cups at the same time: yes;
  • water tank volume: 0.8 l;
  • additionally: a reservoir for collecting drops, 14 capsules per set.


  • quick preparation of drinks;
  • there is a cappuccinatore;
  • compact dimensions;
  • ready-to-work indicator.


  • problems with air lock release.

The best carob coffee machine for home

Carob models are considered the most popular, and the bestseller among such coffee makers is the model Polaris PCM 4003AL. It has a cup warmer function, as well as a drip tray for collecting condensate. The manual cappuccinatore allows you to prepare delicious drinks with the addition of milk. The metal body of the machine has anti-shock properties. Coffee making equipment is suitable for a small kitchen, because it has a compact size.


  • type of control: manual, start/stop button;
  • working principle: carob coffee machine;
  • cappuccinatore: yes, manual, in the form of a nozzle;
  • automatic shutdown: yes;
  • function of preparation of two cups at the same time: no;
  • water tank volume: 0.4 l;
  • optional: mug warmer.


  • simple control;
  • suitable for small kitchens;
  • prepares not only coffee, but also cappuccino;
  • overheat protection;
  • Stencils for drawings with milk foam are included in the package.


  • Makes only 4 small cups of coffee at a time.

A high-quality coffee machine with the necessary options will reduce the preparation time of your favorite drink, while making it tasty and fragrant.

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