6 Best Air Purifiers

An air purifier is a special equipment designed to clean the air from allergens, tobacco smoke and dust. The device also eliminates unpleasant odors in the room and disinfects the air. To choose the right equipment, it is worth determining for what purpose it is purchased. To do this, focus on the main parameters of the model.

How to choose an air purifier

In order for the purchased air cleaner to work efficiently, when buying it, you should pay attention to the key criteria for choosing equipment.

Room area

If it is incorrect to calculate the service area by choosing an insufficiently powerful unit, then the effect of using the air cleaner will worsen. Even if the user plans to move the device during its operation, it is still necessary to focus on the largest area of ​​​​the room.

Filter type

On sale there are air washers equipped with electrostatic, carbon, water and HEPA filters. An electrostatic filter absorbs dust by attracting it with an electrical discharge. However, if there are too many harmful particles in the air, then such a filter will not cope with its function by 100%. As for the HEPA filter, due to its porous design, it completely cleans the air streams from dust. There are also models equipped with a carbon filter, but such units cannot cope with dust. The water filter, after absorbing dust, irrigates it with drops, due to which harmful particles settle inside the equipment case without returning to the air.

Ionization function

Air purifiers equipped with this function saturate the air with negative particles, neutralize harmful impurities: toxins, allergens, unpleasant odor molecules.

Noise level

If the air purifier is purchased for the bedroom, then you need to pay attention to the fact that it works at a minimum noise level. The latter should not exceed 45 Hz.

Operating modes

If the model is purchased for the home, then it is optimal to take equipment that operates in several modes, characterized by different cleaning speeds, noise levels during operation, etc.

Timer on and off

This feature allows you to safely use the air purifier even when you are not at home. By programming the purifier for a specific start and shutdown time, you can not control the duration of its operation.

Additional functions

Advanced models of purifiers are equipped with options for humidification, ozonation and aromatization. The purifier-moisturizer has 2 options, which helps to save money. The unit with the ozonation function cleans the room from pathogens.

Secondary criteria when buying an air washer include design, dimensions and weight.

The best air purifier for home

A home air purifier is a versatile unit that is used in residential areas. The power of such equipment is enough to purify the air in a room with a square up to 40-50 meters. Home units are equipped with filters of various types – water, electrostatic, HEPA filter, less often – coal. A feature of home cleaners is considered to be a low noise level, which allows the use of such a unit at night. Home devices often combine purification, ionization, humidification, aromatization, and this set of functions determines the cost of the unit.


  • room area – up to 40 squares;
  • built-in filter – water, coal, HEPA, electrostatic;
  • several modes of operation, differing from each other in speed and amount of energy consumption.


  • multifunctionality, including the option of antibacterial protection;
  • timer;
  • low noise level;
  • choice of speed modes;
  • a wide range of additional features.


  • the need for regular replacement of filter elements;
  • high cost.

Top Models

Venta LW25 – one of the best economical models of air purifiers, which combines the function of cleaning and humidification. Suitable for servicing residential premises up to 40 square meters. Due to the special trapezoidal shape, a good air intake from the room is ensured. Equipped with 3 modes of operation, characterized by different power consumption. The water tank is designed for 7 liters, equipped with a level indicator. The equipment weighs only 3 kg. Cleaning quality at work Venta LW25 reaches 90%.

One of the best antibacterial air purifiers for the home is the model Boneco W2055DR – an easy-to-use unit, which is equipped with an ionizing rod and an air aromatization function. The manufacturer claims that the device is supplemented with an antibacterial protection function, but it does not work well. The operating area reaches 60 squares.

The best multifunctional air purifier is Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2, which serves up to 40 squares of area. It is equipped with air, HEPA and carbon filters, which guarantees high-quality operation of the unit. It has a remote control function, which facilitates the operation of the model.

The best air purifier for the kitchen

Units for kitchens and dining rooms are equipped with a carbon filter element consisting of activated carbon – a high-quality odor absorber. Many models have an ionization option that ensures the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. The same applies to the option of “washing” the air, provided by the presence of the humidification function. The power of air purifiers for the kitchen is the same as that of other home appliances.


  • filter element – coal;
  • serviced area – up to 40 squares;
  • several speeds of operation;
  • noise level does not exceed 45 dB.


  • absorb unwanted odors;
  • indicators of contamination of filter elements;
  • ionization function;
  • most of the options are compact.

Cons – may not completely remove the dust of a large fraction.

Top Models

The best premium air purifier for the kitchen is considered Tefal Intense Pure Air PU4025. Due to four degrees of air transmission, it effectively removes odors typical of the kitchen. Equipped with 4 speeds of operation, which provides different intensity of operation, selected depending on the degree of air pollution. It also has an ionization option. The service area is up to 35 squares, and the maximum power consumption is 30 watts.

The best compact and inexpensive filters include the model POLARIS PPA 4045Rbi, the power resource of which is enough to serve a kitchen with an area of ​​​​up to 24 squares. It is equipped with 3 speeds, pollution indication function. The advantage of the model is the possibility of remote control.

The best kitchen cleaner with UV radiation is considered STEBA LR 5 with a carbon filter, which is perfect for creating comfortable conditions in the kitchen. The carbon filter is combined with the UV function. Serves the kitchen and other premises with a square up to 30 m. It is equipped with a timer that helps to set the optimal duration of operation.

The best humidifier purifier

The equipment is equipped with a special water tank, due to which the humidification function is provided. When choosing such a unit, the indicator of the maximum cleaning and moistening area is taken into account, since these parameters may differ from each other. You also need to pay attention to the capacity of the liquid reservoir – if it is too large, then the water will stagnate and deteriorate during irregular replacement.


  • service area – up to 40 squares;
  • built-in filter – air combined with water;
  • among additional functions, aromatization and ionization are distinguished;
  • maximum power consumption – up to 45 W;
  • noise – up to 51 dB.


  • 2 in 1;
  • the presence of additional functions – aromatization, ionization.


  • high cost;
  • noise during operation;
  • frequent water changes.

Top Models

The model is considered the best in terms of ease of operation. Panasonic F-VXH50, which humidifies and purifies the air in a room up to 40 squares. Equipped with humidity sensors, which helps to maintain the quality of the device. The maximum power consumption reaches 45 W.

The best multifunctional unit is Daikin MC70LVM, which has 6 levels of air purification. Equipped with ionization function. There is a remote control option.

A high-quality and functional humidifier is the model Sharp KC-51RB, serving an area of ​​up to 38 squares. Relatively silent operation in three modes.

The best air ionizer

An ionizer is an equipment that “revives” the air by saturating it with negatively charged ions. When choosing an ionizer for an apartment, office or car salon, you need to pay attention to the spread of ions. For example, for an average apartment in a multi-storey building, an indicator of 400 ions per cubic centimeter will be enough. It is optimal if the device is equipped with a fan, which ensures a high-quality distribution of particles in the air.


  • power consumption does not exceed 5 W;
  • suitable for rooms with poor ventilation – basement rooms, basements, bathrooms.


  • Makes the air healthy.


  • If the air is dusty, then the use of an ionizer becomes useless.

Top Models

The best ionizer for a car is Super plus ion auto. The compact device has a power of up to 3 watts. Service area – up to 4 squares.

Model ZENET XJ-201 – the best option for a small area with poor ventilation. The service area is 4 squares. The ionizer is combined with a purifier, which is the main advantage of the model.

Zenet XJ-201 – this is the most suitable option for those who are looking for a unit that combines an affordable price and reliability. The model works in both day and night mode.

The best air purifier for allergy sufferers

Purifiers for allergy sufferers are conditionally divided into air washers, photocatalysts and electrostatics, which create a mechanical barrier for allergen microparticles. The latter option is considered optimal for allergy sufferers, since equipment that combines a mechanical and electronic filter not only traps allergens, but also inactivates them.


  • filter selection;
  • high speed of operation, providing a continuous cycle of air purification from allergens.


  • cleaners of the “wash” category are equipped with an ionizing element;
  • portable devices.

Minus – high cost.

Top Models

The best air purifier for allergy sufferers is an air washer. Venta-15equipped with a humidification function. A feature of the equipment is the silent mode of operation, which allows you to use the device even at night.

The highest quality cleaner for allergy sufferers with an ionization option is considered AiC CF-8005, equipped with a two-layer filter (activated and coconut charcoal). The device has a built-in UV lamp.

ARMED YS300 considered the best budget device. The model has a six-stage filter. Qualitatively works on an area up to 50 squares. In the night mode of operation operates silently.

The best electronic air cleaner

The operation of electronic devices is based on the principle of ionic wind, which implies the simultaneous purification and ionization of air. Models are characterized by several modes. Harmful impurities from the room enter the removable filters, which are easy to clean in running water.


  • multi-functionality;
  • Aromatherapy option available
  • built-in filter and ionizing rod;
  • compactness.


  • phased operation – only after cleaning, the flows are saturated with ions;
  • silent mode of operation;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • in most models, filters do not require replacement.

There are no significant disadvantages of such units.

Top Models

The best device recommended by doctors is considered Super Plus Turboequipped with 4 operating modes. The device is simple and economical to maintain. Has an aromatherapy option.

The most reliable cleaner is Fanline Fresh VE1. The model has the function of ozonation. Works in two modes. Features silent operation.

The best electronic air washer is the model Fanline VE-400/4which combines the options of moisturizing, cleaning and ionization.

Clean air is the key to good health and well-being, so the purchase of an air purifier should not be ignored.

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