14 functions and other options for choosing a good microwave

Microwave oven – designed for cooking and heating food by exposure to microwave waves.

There is a myth: “Microwaved food is unhealthy.” The microwave oven does not irradiate food and does not harm the human body. The principle of operation is based on the influence of super high frequencies (magnetic field) at the molecular level, i.e. heating occurs as a result of vibration (friction) of molecules.

The only rule is not to eat food after being removed from the microwave oven for 3-4 minutes, because even after being removed from the working chamber, molecular vibrations continue in the products.

There are several operating modes of the device:

  • microwave;
  • microwaves and grill support;
  • microwaves and convection;
  • microwaves with grill and convection support.

The grill is a functional addition to the microwave. It is used to prepare meat dishes. The grill can be of several types.

Types of heating elements

Inverter microwave oven

In conventional microwave ovens, the time allocated for the process of heating the products depends directly on the frequency of switching on and off the magnetron. In the inverter furnace, the magnetron does not turn off – the power changes. Thanks to this, microwaves continuously enter the product. The appearance of these two types of furnaces does not differ, the difference is only in dimensions.

When cooking with inverter technology, the structure of the product remains intact. Meat fibers do not break, and the texture of vegetables is not lost – taste qualities are preserved. The use of inverting contributed to an increase in the size of the working chamber by replacing the high-voltage transformer with an electronic control unit.

Defrost food is much faster – turbo defrost mode, which is not in a conventional microwave oven.


Grill – a heating element, with the help of this device frying of dishes is carried out. The main feature is frying with the formation of a crust, which is not in models that work only due to microwaves.

There are three types of grills:

  • shady,
  • Quartz,
  • Ceramic.

Heating element grill – a spiral of alloys enclosed in a metal tube. Such a grill in the classic version is installed in the upper part of the working chamber.

In some models, the grill is movable (applies only to heating elements, ceramic and quartz heaters are always static).

This is done in order to be able to cook various products, regardless of their size and shape.

Advantages of a heating element grill:

  • Ease of care;
  • In some models, the grill is also located from the bottom of the working chamber.

Quartz grill presented in the form of a twisted wire made of an alloy of nickel and chromium – located in a special flask made of quartz glass.

Mounted at the top of the oven, parallel to the working chamber. Main advantages: it heats up in 2-3 minutes, the cooking process is faster, and the cleaning process takes less time. Because of this, a quartz grill is considered more economical than a TEN grill.

Quartz Grill Benefits:

  • Does not take up extra space in the working chamber, which makes it possible to cook more product at a time;
  • Consumes much less electricity, but at the same time produces more power.

ceramic grill. In models that are equipped with a ceramic grill, they are combined with a quartz one. Because of this decision, it was possible to make cooking faster and at the same time retain more moisture in it. The fact is that infrared radiation penetrates deep into the products, which contributes to better cooking.

Benefits of a ceramic grill:

  • Retaining more moisture in the dish;
  • Even cooking.


Convection – heat transfer in the form of energy transfer by flows. Distinguish between natural and forced convection. In models of microwave ovens, as a rule, a fan is built-in, located on the back wall of the working chamber.

Depending on the model, a TEN is installed in parallel with the fan – the microwave oven is heated to a certain temperature. When the required temperature is reached, the heating elements are turned off, while the fan continues to work.

The advantage of this cooking is that the dish is blown with hot air from all sides, which contributes to better cooking. The convection microwave oven can replace the oven because it is suitable for the preparation of flour confectionery. But it lags behind the oven in the size of the working chamber.

Microwave ovens that are equipped with a grill may have a spit.

Rotisserie – an element in the microwave, on which the product is mounted.

This element rotates, which allows the product to cook evenly on all sides. The spit is located horizontally, but in some models you can also find a vertical spit.

The disadvantage of such cooking is that microwave ovens have a small volume of the working chamber in comparison with ovens, and if the product is large, then its cooking is accompanied by abundant contamination of the microwave oven walls, which can take a long time to clean.


Automatic heating and defrosting

Automatic reheat is similar to the fast cooking function, but in this case, the user specifies the weight and type of food. In this mode, it is not recommended to defrost food, as the intensity of microwaves fluctuates in the range of 40-100% power.

Auto heating consists of several modes: For meat, poultry, vegetables, etc. These modes are necessary because each type of product needs to be heated at a certain power. In order for you not to calculate this power, you only need to indicate which product should be heated.

Automatic defrosting is similar to the heating function, the difference is in the intensity and power of microwave waves, the mode involves the choice of one parameter – the type of product or weight.

Auto defrost – the mode assumes the radiation of microwave waves at 20% power. The maximum number is seven modes, they are individual for each type of product. To defrost meat, fish, vegetables, you need different modes.

The number of auto-defrost modes is indicated in the instructions for use for the device.

To start defrosting, you need to select the weight or food to be defrosted. Next, press the “Start” button. As soon as the defrosting of the product is completed, the device will beep to indicate the end of the process.

If urgent defrosting is required, then in some models there is a “Turbo defrosting” mode.

Turbo defrost. In this mode, the device operates in inverter mode, i.e. the microwave radiation does not stop, but the power decreases, which will make it possible to defrost much faster.

Automatic temperature maintenance

This function ensures that after cooking, the dish remains warm or hot for a long time while it is inside the microwave oven.

Two levels of temperature maintenance are available:

  • Low level – heating in the range of 8-150 C.
  • High level – the temperature is maintained in the range of 15-250 C

The maximum operating time of the mode is 90 minutes (depending on the model and manufacturer), the temperature depends on the material of the used cookware and the presence of a lid – with the lid open, the maximum temperature is 80 C on the low and 150 at high.

This solution is useful when you need to reheat a dish, but you are distracted. This works so that after the cooking time of the dish is over, the microwave still maintains the desired temperature.

Automatic cooking

Some models of microwave ovens have built-in recipes for cooking, ranging from frying meat or potatoes, ending with soup. The number of recipes that are programmed into the device may vary.

One model may have several stored recipes, while another may have dozens. If this function is important to you, then carefully read the instructions that come with the device. It indicates how many and which recipes are stored in the device.

The principle of this function is that on the display you select the dish you need and note the quantity (weight). The program calculates how long it will take to cook at a certain power.

The function is convenient for people who do not know how to cook, and for those who simply do not have enough time for this.

Programming the cooking process

Microwaves equipped with a push-button control system have a display or dial on which you can see various information:

  • the remaining time until the end of the cooking cycle (countdown timer);
  • power and type of heating (microwave, grill, combined mode);
  • the state of the working chamber is cooling, it turns on after the end of the cooking process.

The fast cooking button is designed for warming up and cooking quick meals, the mode is limited in time to 5 minutes, the microwave oven turns on at 100% microwave power.

Automatic cooking buttons, standard 5 types of cooking:

  • Fried beef.
  • Fried chicken.
  • Fried pork.
  • Fish fillet.
  • Vegetable dishes.

The combined mode is included in the process of cooking meat dishes – microwave waves alternate with the operation of the grill. For vegetable dishes, as a rule, these are soups – only microwaves are provided.

There are models with touch controls, similar to keypads. But at the same time, the control units do not protrude – the panel has a flat appearance. The functions of these two types of control do not differ, but it is inconvenient to control the touch buttons. But cleaning from various debris is much faster and easier.

Touch-controlled ovens are a little more expensive than push-button ones, but the panel will last less than a button panel; during power outages, the touch panel may fail.

Microwave cooking modes

Microwave cooking can be done using one mode or a combination of several modes, which opens up new possibilities for cooking various products.

  • Combining grill and convection. This mode is well suited for the preparation of confectionery. Thus, cooked buns or a pie will acquire a new taste and acquire a golden crust.
  • Combination of microwave and convention mode. It is used to make the preparation of the dish take much less time. By combining these two modes, the total power is increased.
  • Combining microwave and grill. Cooking a dish with the grill mode takes longer than with microwaves, but if you combine these two modes, you can achieve faster cooking. The effect will remain the same as when cooking only using the grill, the dish has a golden crust and is evenly fried.

Deodorizing mode

If you cook dishes in the microwave with a pungent or specific smell, you can get rid of it not only by traditional means. Some models of microwaves have a built-in fan, the main function of which is to remove odors after cooking.

A handy feature as it saves a lot of time. All you need to do is turn on the fan with a special button, and when the smell goes away, just turn it off.

Child lock

If you have children living in your house who strive to press and open something all the time, then microwave oven manufacturers have provided for this as well.

The function is activated by holding the “STOP/RESET” button for 3 seconds, the display will show the letter “L” or the inscription “Loc”. In the locked state, the microwave oven does not respond to pressing any buttons, the mode is also deactivated by holding the STOP / RESET button.

Uniform microwave distribution system

The disadvantage of the microwave oven is that the microwaves are distributed unevenly, and this leads to the fact that the product does not cook / heat up evenly, since the microwaves concentrate only on a certain part of the dish.

To eliminate this problem, manufacturers have begun to use the function of even distribution of microwaves.

There are two implementation options:

  • A cone-shaped waveguide (reflector) is located on a parallel wall from the magnetron, the radiation passes in different directions, the rays are reflected from the walls, and a uniform intersection of all microwaves is created.
  • The use of multiple sources that emit microwaves. In this case, the models are produced without a spinning plate (models are more expensive than the first option).

This ensures that the dish cooks evenly.

Steam sensor

Microwave ovens equipped with the automatic cooking function have a built-in steam sensor. The sensor captures the steam produced by the products, upon reaching 1000The C system determines the time, how much time is left before the preparation of the dish. This time will be displayed.


Microwave chamber volume

There are several types of ovens, with different volumes of chambers.

“Solo”. The volume of the working chamber is 12-14 liters and is designed for heating or defrosting small portions of food – suitable for single hotel rooms, one living person.

In a microwave oven with a volume of 17 to 20 liters, it is possible to simultaneously heat up 3 small portions of food – cooking full meals for two people.

For a full-fledged family with one or two children, the recommended chamber volume is from 20 to 25 liters.

For cooking in large volumes, there are also chambers with a capacity of more than 30 liters – large-volume microwave ovens.

Crisp mode and plate

Some models of microwave ovens are equipped with a special dish (plate), which is designed for cooking dishes with a crispy crust. Models with the Crisp mode are equipped with a special plate – the main task is cooking in a combined mode (microwave + grill).

But in the absence of the Crisp function and the presence of a combined mode or a grill, you can use a plate – made of heat-resistant tempered glass that can withstand high temperatures, quickly heats up like a regular frying pan.

Internal coating of the working chamber
An equally important factor when choosing a microwave oven is its internal coating.

Three types of coatings:

When choosing a microwave oven, pay attention to features that can use high temperatures. Pay attention to the material from which the inner lining is made. In this case, the price category does not really matter, perhaps the best choice would be a device of an average price category, with a stainless steel coating.

Microwave oven door

One of the most important structural parts of a microwave oven is the door. It is designed with safety and ease of use in mind. The door mechanically interacts with the electronic components of the oven – it blocks the operation of the oven when opened (acts as a fuse). When the door is closed, it should fit snugly against the base of the microwave oven.

The basis of the door is a frame, which is made of metal, stamped and covered with enamel. The central part of the door consists of a grid (shields, prevents the propagation of microwave waves outside the working chamber). The mesh is protected by heat-resistant glass and is installed in the inside of the door so that the mesh does not become clogged with small food residues or other debris.

If you are faced with a cheaper microwave oven model, then there is a possibility that a transparent and heat-resistant film is installed instead of glass.

In order for the door to fit snugly against the base of the body, a special plastic seal (casing) is mounted, which is located around the entire circumference of the door. The outer side of the door is decorated – this factor depends only on the manufacturer and does not in any way affect the characteristics of the furnace.

To ensure that the door is firmly locked during the operation of the furnace, it is equipped with a special crossbar, which is equipped with a mobile structure.

Thanks to this design, it interacts with the locking device, making a specific lock out of it.

It has a base which is equipped with cylindrical guides and a spring hook. There are also two tongues with latches. The very base of the crossbar is located inside the door. The guide parts are built into the allotted holes, this will allow the crossbar to move along its longitudinal axis.

Below is a spring, due to which the crossbar is attracted. The tongues are arranged in such a way that their design protrudes slightly from behind the door.

When the door is closed, the edges of the holes move, due to which they press on the ends of the latches of the tongues, which provokes the bolt to move up by the time the latches do not fall into place in the allotted holes.

When this action is completed, the spring pulls the bolt down and the latches are fully in their slots. All models of microwave ovens are equipped with such a door closing function, but as for opening, each model may have different mechanics.

One of the most common ways is the handle that the door is equipped with. If necessary, you pull the handle, thereby opening the door, a process takes place that repeats the function of closing.

The door is not equipped with a special handle. In this case, it has a key, with which the opening is carried out. The latches in these models are different. In this case, they are hook-shaped. It works in such a way that when you press the key, a special lever is activated inside, which helps to raise the bolt up and push the latches out of the grooves. During these processes, the door opens.


A tray is a plate that rotates inside the working chamber of a microwave oven. It is driven by an electric motor and held by special rollers. If the tray is broken or lost, it can be quite a hassle because, like the Crisp plate, trays are made of heat-resistant glass (depending on the type of microwave oven).

Trays are not sold in regular stores, and different models of microwave ovens can support different types of plates. In order to buy a new plate for your oven, you need to contact a service center or try to find a component yourself. For this you need to know:

  • Furnace model.
  • Pallet diameter.

When contacting the master, it is better to have a photo of the pallet so as not to explain how it interacted with the rollers.

Depending on your model of the device, the plate is equipped with a different mechanism that sets it in motion, it can be smooth, or have special recesses / protrusions on the bottom, of different diameters.


Microwave ovens equipped with an electronic display. Various data are displayed: the temperature inside the chamber, how much time is left until ready. In most models, when nothing is being cooked, the display shows the time.

There are two types of displays:

  • Discharge indicator – in appearance it is similar to an ion indicator, the technology involves the glow discharge method.
  • LED – the work is based on LEDs, due to which it was possible to produce a display with an extended display of data.

The display is located on one of the front of the device, mainly above the buttons.

Placement of the microwave

When designing a future kitchen, the rule of a triangle is followed, followed by the location of work areas. This rule will help to more rationally arrange all the elements in the kitchen so that when using them there are no difficulties. That is, this rule is more designed to make the cooking process more comfortable.

For the location of the microwave, there are several rules, following which you can find the ideal location for this device in your kitchen. There are nine accommodation options in total:

The work surface is above the microwave. This arrangement is good for kitchens where the work surface does not have a large area in order to place a microwave on it. For this method, the installation of a special cabinet is used, on which you can put the device. You can take the advice and remove the extra drawer from the cabinet and install a microwave there.

This action will save you money and time.

The advantage of this arrangement is that there is more free space on the work surface, which gives more comfort when cooking.

And the minus can be considered that the location of the microwave oven low makes it uncomfortable to use, it becomes inconvenient to open the door or check the readiness of the dish. And if small children run around the house, then an electrical appliance can harm them.

Installing a microwave oven in a kitchen cabinet. This method is suitable for those who love a beautiful and neat design of the kitchen. But the difficulty of such mounting is that it is difficult to choose furniture that will be suitable for putting a microwave in it. It is better to make such furniture to order, indicating the desired size of the shelf before that.

The disadvantage of this method is that the microwave will be located at a sufficiently large distance from the work surface, which complicates the process of pulling out a dish with a hot product. Also, the downside is that it is quite difficult to find suitable furniture. But there are pluses: The height of the location of the device can be determined independently, which will help increase the comfort of working with the device.

Installing a microwave in a cupboard. This method is suitable for those who want to make a place for their microwave oven themselves.

The correct location of the microwave in the cabinet can even allow you to hide the microwave using a special cabinet door. If you have already found such a cabinet, then all you need to do is drill a special hole to put the cable from the microwave through.

But before installation, you need to read the instructions for using this model, since such ventilation may not be enough for normal operation of the microwave, and it may overheat. Also, as in the previous method, the advantage is that the mounting height can be determined independently, and the presence of a cabinet door can become a minus if access to the microwave is often needed.

Special corner cabinet. An additional cabinet, which is located in the corner of the kitchen, can become not only an additional place for storing kitchen appliances, but also a place to install a microwave oven on it.

The advantage of this solution is that you have more free space not only for storing things, but also for installing a microwave oven.

The downside of this solution may be that the space that remains between the cabinet and the microwave is not used. Please note that if you order a cabinet together with other kitchen furniture, it will cost significantly less if you bought it separately.

Cabinet above the stove. This method is not good, but it can save a lot of space. The essence of this solution is that you install the microwave above the work surface using a special hanging cabinet.

As with one of the previous methods, there may be a problem that the hanging cabinet is installed too high above the work surface. But this solution saves a lot of space in the kitchen and is perfect for rooms with little free space.

Installing a microwave in the drinking area. This option is good if the device is not mounted in the kitchen, but in some buffet or bar or a special utility room.

You can arrange the microwave in different ways, it all depends on the place where the device will be installed, if this device should attract attention, then it is better to buy a model that is made for a unique design in order to focus attention on it.

The advantage of this method is that the preparation of breakfast can be carried out simultaneously with the preparation of a drink, while working with the device will be quite comfortable.

As for the minuses, there is an option that the installation of a microwave oven can be carried out at a far distance from the drinks area or the working part. This minus will be even more significant if the microwave is used often enough.

Place of accumulation of other household appliances. This method will be a good solution for those who consider the microwave to be an ordinary kitchen appliance and do not want attention to be concentrated on it. A 76 cm wide bedside table is a good option to place a microwave oven there, since there will still be free space on the surface.

It is better that the door of this cabinet is different from others in order to stand out from the rest of the kitchen. The advantage of this solution will be that the microwave will be stored in a place that does not attract attention, it will not be visible. And the disadvantage is that the accumulation of many devices takes up a lot of space.

kitchen island. This method lies in the fact that the microwave is installed in a place that is visible to everyone, while having its own separate work surface, this saves a lot of space on the main surface, and the microwave will not interfere if it is not needed at the moment. But placing the microwave at the bottom will not be comfortable.

Positioning the microwave above the oven. If your kitchen has a modern feel and most of the surfaces are stainless steel, then it’s best to keep all the equipment in plain sight so that everything is in one place and built in.

This solution is not only modern, but also frees up a lot of space in the kitchen, makes it possible to install a large-sized device.

But when you install the microwave at an inconvenient height for you, it becomes uncomfortable to use the appliance.

Steam cooking container

A microwave can easily replace a steamer. And food that is steamed is much healthier than fried or baked food. There are special steamers for microwaves that are easy to buy. They differ only in configuration and appearance, but they have the same functionality.

When choosing a steamer, you need to carefully consider whether the steamed dish will go into your microwave.

It can even be compared with the one that came with your oven, unless of course it was included. The steamer usually comes in the form of a plastic kit, which is made of plastic. It may consist of two parts. The second part can be used to prepare various steamed cereals. The main models include:

  • Pallet;
  • lattice;
  • Lid;

Sets can be of different shapes, both round and square, but the round one will remain the best choice, since this shape is great for almost all models of microwave ovens. Let’s talk about the principle of operation of this device.

You need to pour water into the pan, and do not place the product tightly on the grate, and if you are dealing with cereals, then they need to be scattered into a special container where water is poured.

After adding all the components, the double boiler must be closed with a lid. The lid includes a special valve that controls the pressure inside, and the lid itself is able to keep out microwave radiation. Only the bottom layer is heated, where the water is poured. This design must be placed in the microwave and wait for cooking.

Such a double boiler has several advantages over a conventional one:

  • Products cook much faster.
  • Such a device is suitable for small kitchens where there is little space, as it is compact in size and will fit in any small cabinet.
  • The containers that come with the double boiler are also designed to store food in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Food prepared in this way retains nutrients, minerals and trace elements. The product will be soft and juicy.

Operating rules

It is forbidden to place metal objects in the microwave oven when the microwaves are on, but in some models a metal stand (grid for frying chicken, fish) is included in the kit; when using it, a small amount of food is not allowed to prevent sparking.

Do not turn on microwaves with an empty chamber, tightly closed dishes, foods with a thick skin that makes it difficult for steam to escape when heated.

Do not wipe the control panel with a wet cloth when the oven is connected to the mains, and if it is a push-button model, wipe it with wet wipes to prevent water from entering through the cracks around the buttons.

After the cooking process, wipe the inside of the cooking chamber. Do not block the ventilation openings with foreign objects, after the cooking process the microwave oven is cooled by the internal fan, not only the working chamber is cooled, but also the magnetron – therefore, do not unplug the device from the outlet until the cooling process is completed.

The defrosting process will be accelerated if the product is removed from the cooking compartment and placed in cold water instead of hot.

Frequent problems

Products are poorly heated, magnetron protection sparks. Due to contamination of the mica plate installed after the magnetron (inside the working chamber), due to the accumulated fat and food debris on it, the power of the radiation of magnetic waves decreases – part of the microwave flow is retained on the plate.

Unscrew the bolt holding the plate, inspect it for damage, if it is intact, carefully clean and reinstall. If damage is observed, replacement is required.

When closing / opening the door, the protection of the power supply of the apartment (plugs, automatic) knocks out, the fuse of the microwave oven burns out. The problem is in the incorrect position of the door, due to distortion or contamination, the microswitch operation circuit is broken. You need to align the door or clean the switches.

The main components of the door can be attached to each other in two ways:

  • Rivets are the most commonly used.
  • screws.

There are several hinges in the door, due to which it is attached to the base of the furnace. The upper hinge of the door is held by a hinge, due to which it is attached, it cannot be removed. And the other side is mounted to the base of the furnace with screws.

Thanks to this fastening, the door can be easily disassembled and reassembled, and leveled during installation.

To remove the door you need:

  • With the door open, unscrew the fasteners of the upper hinge.
  • Remove the top hinge from the furnace body.
  • In the raised state of the door, it is necessary to dismantle the lower connection.

On this door is completely dismantled. Please note that the upper hinge is removed along with the door, while the lower one remains in place. To mount the door to its original place, you need to do the same, only in reverse order:

  • Install the lower hinge joint.
  • Mount the top hinge in place.
  • Prepare screws for mounting the top hinge.
  • With the door closed, align it with the base of the microwave oven.
  • Tighten the screws securely.
  • Open the door and check it for the quality of the move, if something does not suit you, you need to repeat the alignment operation.

Pay attention to the main factors when mounting the door:

  • It should fit snugly against the base of the furnace structure;
  • It should open smoothly, without any effort, but not too easily.

Microwaves do not work (does not heat), the plate is spinning, the interior lighting is working. Several reasons are possible:

  • Blown high voltage fuse.
  • The magnetron has failed.
  • The transformer has failed, if it is an inverter model – an electronic unit.
  • Low mains voltage.

If the high voltage fuse is blown, remove the outer casing of the oven. A high-voltage wire runs from the transformer to the magnetron; a fuse is enclosed in the middle in a plastic casing. Open the casing by bending the latches that the fuse is blown can be seen visually, as a rule, checking with a multimeter is not required – in a glass bulb, the fusible wire is stretched by a spring to quickly break the circuit when the current rises (short circuit).

It is not recommended to carry out diagnostics of the magnetron and transformer on your own at home.

If the mains voltage is too low, the microwave power is reduced. A voltmeter is required to check the mains voltage – measure the voltage at the outlet, if it is below 210V no action is required. In the case of a normal mains voltage of 220V, diagnostics of the power circuit are required – this is especially true for the high-voltage part.



The Korean company manufactures and sells household and electronic appliances worldwide through its own sales subsidiaries. Service centers and specialized stores located in a number of countries distribute and provide after-sales service for the following products:

  • mobile devices;
  • printers/monitors;
  • household appliances;
  • kitchen appliances.

For the convenience of the user, an Internet portal has been created for the regions, where users can familiarize themselves with and buy Samsung products in the online store.

We offer a wide range of microwave ovens:

  • Solo.
  • with convection.
  • Embedded.
  • With grill.

Popular Models

MC28H5135CK with convection

Microwave MC28H5135CK with convection, the volume of the working chamber is 28l, the function of uniform distribution of microwaves is implemented and a rotating table is built in for more uniform cooking (rotation can be turned off). 6 power levels, maximum oven consumption 2.1kW.

The inner coating of the working chamber is ceramic enamel, a heater is installed as a heater.

Additional functions:

  • Test preparation.
  • Preparation of yoghurts and healthy dishes for health.

“Solo” MS23F302TAS

Middle price range Solo model MS23F302TAS the volume of the working chamber is 23 l, as in the previous model, the technology of uniform distribution of microwaves and a rotating table are implemented. The maximum power consumption is 1.15 kW, power levels are 6, the coating of the working chamber is ceramic enamel, there is no grill and convection.

The furnace control is combined with a mechanical rotary knob and buttons, the display is made on LED light emitting diodes, during the standby (idle) hours are displayed (the display format is optionally adjustable 12/24h).

FW77SR-B built-in Solo model

Built-in model “Solo” FW77SR-B with a chamber volume of 20 liters, power consumption 1.25 kW. Operating power levels – 6. The innovative microwave distribution system ensures uniform heating of food, and the ceramic coating makes it easier to care for the inner chamber. The Eco Button function saves 40% of electricity in standby mode. Comes with a steamer.

Daewoo Electronics

The company was founded in 1971, since 1983 it has been producing household appliances and electronics. In 1988, she opened a factory in France for the production of microwave ovens.

There are 3 types of microwave ovens on the market:

  • Mono (solo) – budget option with mechanical control.
  • with grill – this line includes models with mechanical, touch and push-button control, almost all models use a system of concave microwave reflectors.
  • Commercial – models with an increased volume of the working chamber from 27 liters and a power of 2 kW, an extensive range of settings, in some models the number of programs is 200 pieces. Commercial models are designed for restaurants, large catering facilities, large offices.

Popular Models


KOM-9P2CBS with an increased volume of the working chamber 29l, with electronic (touch) control, stainless steel inner coating. The maximum electricity consumption is 1.1 kW. 20 programs and the “double quantity” function for large dishes.


KOR-5A17 budget model (solo) with a mechanical control unit, maximum power 0.5 kW. The microwave oven is equipped with the Diamond system (system of uniform distribution of microwaves), total weight is 10 kg.


KQG-6L3B refers to models with a grill and is equipped with a concave waveguide system “CRS” (Uniform Microwave Distribution System) maximum power – microwave 0.7kW, grill 1Kw. The volume of the working chamber is 20 l, the total weight is 20 kg.


LG Electronics was founded in 1958 and has taken a leading position in the production of home appliances. Employees of the company implement innovative developments in life. LG Electronics was the first in the world to release:

  • TV with a diagonal of 84 inches ULTRA HD TV.
  • 4K OLED TV.
  • mobile LTE chip.
  • webOS smart TV.

The company’s products cover all areas of life, from household appliances to digital electronics and smartphones.

LG microwave ovens are represented by a large number of models of all types:

  • The initial level is defrosting and heating.
  • With convection – oven function.
  • Grilled – fried foods with a crust.
  • With antibacterial coating.
  • With steam function.
  • With grilles and skewers.

Popular Models


LG MS2595DIS – working chamber volume 25 liters with EasyClean antibacterial coating, maximum power 1.15 kW. In the “Auto-heating” and “Popular menu” functions, there are 8 operating modes each (26 modes in total). Distinctive features of the model: uniform heating, yogurt preparation function, touch control.


LG MS2353HAJ category “Solo” with a working chamber of 23 liters and an ECO ON function that saves energy. Maximum power 0.8 kW, 32 cooking modes and 4 defrost modes. i-Wave technology evenly microwaves throughout the oven and cooks food evenly.


LG MH6043HS with grill and 20 liter cooking chamber. Antibacterial coating, 44 auto-cook programs, defrost. Maximum microwave power 07 kW, grill – 0.6 kW. The quartz grill works faster than the tin grill and covers the dishes with a golden crust.

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