10 types of electric kettles

Types of electric kettles

The electric kettle has become an indispensable attribute of any kitchen. The first electric kettle looked like a case with a small stove attached to the bottom, but from the time of its appearance (the end of the 19th century) to the present, it has greatly changed and improved.

The modern household appliances market offers many varieties of this kind of appliances, which differ not only in design and shape, but also in functional and design features.

How to choose

A wide range of electrical goods allows you to choose the most suitable option even for the most demanding customer. What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a device?

  1. Material – electric kettles are glass, ceramic, made of special plastic or stainless steel. Many users note that even the taste of the heated liquid depends on the material.
  2. A heating element – disk or spiral heating elements differ significantly from each other. The first option will last much longer, but the second is easier to repair. The disc heater is characterized by rapid heating and easy cleaning of the surface, so its popularity has almost replaced the spiral one.
  3. Volume – the most popular model – 1.5-1.7 liters. A larger volume, as a rule, boils longer; from an economic point of view, it is not very profitable. In addition, modern technologies allow, without heating all the water in the kettle, to boil a certain volume (cup). This innovation saves time (90%) and electricity (about 65%).
  4. Power is an important aspect. Increased power will reduce the time to boil, but how prepared the wiring in the house is for this should also be taken into account.
  5. Additional featuresthermostat, auto-heating, delayed start function, tea brewing modes, backlight and many other subtleties that will make the process of tea drinking more comfortable and convenient.
  6. Design, body shape – preferences in design, colors and artistic painting influence the choice of a kettle.

Let us consider in more detail the main, most common types of electric kettles, their advantages and disadvantages.

There are a few more little things that you should pay attention to when choosing an electric kettle model:

  • lid opening principle – Distinguish between the automatic method (the lid opens when the button is pressed) and manual. The disadvantage of automatic opening is the risk of failure of the mechanism, jamming of the lid;
  • way to fill the device – larger hole diameter, wide opening of the lid guarantees quick and convenient filling of the kettle with water;
  • teapot level indicator and viewing window – Mandatory elements for comfortable use of the device;
  • cord length – When choosing household appliances, think over its location in advance. However, in any case, a long cord is more convenient and practical to use;
  • the presence of a filter. In addition, it should be easily accessible for regular cleaning. The quality of water and the speed of filling the cup depend on the purity of this element;
  • the spout of the kettle must provide a targeted flow of liquidrather than spraying it around. Therefore, the pointed shape of the spout is a more suitable option in this case.

As you can see, there are many criteria for choosing an electric kettle. A huge assortment, versatility, quality-price ratio, capacity and design – all this is important to consider when choosing an electric heater. Happy tea!

Plastic electric kettles

Plastic electric kettles

Plastic teapots – an affordable option, occupies a large part of the entire range and is in mass demand. Such models have a number of advantages:

  • the durability of the material allows you to use the kettle for a long time;
  • low weight of the device is an important criterion in terms of ease of use;
  • reasonable price, a huge selection of devices, all kinds of colors and designs provide a high consumer interest.

The disadvantages of plastic models include the questionable quality of water due to the unnaturalness of the material – this applies to more cheap devices. There may be an unpleasant smell of plastic, which does not always go away. It is worth paying tribute to the fashion trends of everything natural.

Another disadvantage of such kettles is that despite the long service life, the appearance of the material deteriorates faster.

Stainless steel kettles

Stainless steel electric kettle

Metal models also belong to the category of affordable household appliances. Quite a nice look, resistant to shocks (falls) and long service life of the material are the main positive qualities of the model. However, along with them there are some disadvantages:

  • traumatic – during operation, the body heats up, you can get burned. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to those in which the inner wall is made of plastic, and the outer wall is made of metal;
  • aluminum can react with water, so you should not buy such models. Ask in advance about the quality and composition of the material;
  • noise during operation.

When choosing a metal teapot, pay attention that the handle is comfortable. This will reduce the risk of possible burns.

Modern stainless steel models come with a glossy or matte finish. The first option looks more aesthetically pleasing, but requires constant maintenance of the mirror coating, which is especially difficult in a family with small children. The second option is interesting, original in its own way, and fingerprints are almost invisible.

Glass electric kettles

Glass electric kettles

The originality of execution, the appearance of bubbling bubbles when boiling, combined with bright LED backlighting at an accelerated pace, make glass electric kettles more popular every day. In addition, the purity of glass, from an environmental point of view, is undeniable, unlike plastic.

Constant monitoring of the cleanliness of the device through transparent walls is another plus of the model. For the design, thick, special glass is used, which excludes violation of integrity at elevated temperatures.

The disadvantages of teapots made of glass include:

  • fragility (after a fall on a ceramic floor, it is impossible to convince of the integrity of the coating, unlike a small dent in a metal appliance);
  • the need for constant, high-quality and exhausting cleaning of the kettle. Otherwise, the taste of water and appearance are reduced;
  • noisy work – relative to metal and plastic teapots, it is lower, but still present, it can cause inconvenience;
  • high degree of heating of the environment and the walls of the device – found a way out of this kind of inconvenience. This is a special fabric or plastic casing.

The latest models of glass teapots are equipped with many additional features, including being used as teapots, which is convenient, fast and practical. To do this, a special strainer is placed inside, where tea is poured.

Ceramic electric kettles

Ceramic electric kettles

Electric kettles made of ceramics and certain types of clay are an innovation in household appliances. They are gaining great popularity recently, due to their advantages:

  • stylish, presentable look;
  • large selection and colorful design;
  • in most cases, this model comes with cups – such a composition will decorate any tea party;
  • durability and absolute environmental friendliness of the material;
  • with such a coating, scale does not appear for a long time;
  • cleans without much effort;
  • retains heat for a long time;
  • no noise during operation due to the thick walls of the device;
  • operational safety – ceramics is not a conductive material, unlike a metal counterpart.


  • fragility at high cost limits the desires of buyers;
  • high weight, despite the small volume;
  • thick walls slow down the process of heating water;
  • only small quantities.

Reviews about this technique are extremely positive. In addition, users note the special taste of the prepared drink.

This model is a wonderful and useful holiday gift for every housewife.

Electric samovars

electric samovar

The samovar is the main attribute and decoration of a real tea party. The modern samovar outwardly differs significantly from its predecessors. In addition, despite such a primordially Russian procession, European companies have succeeded much in design, in improving the former representatives.

To add coziness to the atmosphere, to decorate a cool autumn evening, to relax with a cup of tea with the family near the samovar – everyone will surely like such prospects.

  • The modern electric samovar has retained and improved the features of its predecessors:
  • less time is spent on boiling;
  • lack of soot, soot;
  • the sound effect from the impact of bubbles of boiling liquid on the walls of the vessel gives the ceremony of tea drinking sophistication, a kind of charm;
  • variety of volumes – depending on the preferences of the client;
  • artistic design, all kinds of painting techniques fascinate with beauty and allow you to choose a device for any kitchen interior.

There are several forms of the body of the samovar:

  • type “tulip” – devices with a volume of about 1.5 l;
  • type “oval”, “conical”, “acorn” are used for larger volumes (from 3 l).

There are no shortcomings of this type of heaters, as well as competitors. In addition, modern models are not at all devoid of additional functions: a temperature controller, the exclusion of overheating, and combustion in the absence of water.

Thus, electric samovars are more for the soul than for practical, everyday life.



Thermopot is an innovation among electric kettles. A distinctive feature of the design and operation of the device is the combination of an electric kettle and a thermos in one design. The set temperature level (60, 80, 90 degrees) is maintained for a long time.

In addition to other advantages, the thermo pot is equipped with special filters that thoroughly pre-purify the water.

Thermopot has a lot of advantages:

  • economy, convenience – a constant supply of liquid at a set temperature and the ability to pour in portions, just by pressing a button;
  • functionality – unlike an ordinary electric kettle, the thermopot is saturated with innovative additions (for example, a spill prevention system, 6 tea brewing modes);
  • security – a child can use without the risk of burns;
  • simplicity, ease of operation – wide, large, hinged lid ensures trouble-free, quick filling of the vessel;
  • equipped with a monitorso you can find out about readiness, the amount of water at any time;
  • economy – significantly reduce energy costs and time for additional heating. This is especially convenient for families with a small child – it is easy to prepare baby food at the required temperature at any time, just set the parameters in advance;
  • soundlessness and invisibility of work.

There are several disadvantages in the operation of a thermopot:

  • initial boil timewhich is extremely uncomfortable in the early hours, before work or school;
  • more suitable for constant, unhurried work. Otherwise, it will cost too much electricity. Thermopot has a capacity 2 times less than an ordinary electric kettle;
  • high cost of thermopot makes it less accessible to a wide consumer audience.

Structurally, the thermopot consists of 3 parts:

  1. Rotating housing made of plastic or metal.
  2. A heating element presented in the form of a closed spiral or disk.
  3. Vessel-flask made of glass or stainless steel.

Selection Recommendations:

Familiarize yourself with the possible temperature conditions: the more, the better. As a rule, there may be several of them, but these are the most popular:

  • Temperature 60 °C – used in the preparation of baby food;
  • Temperature 90 °C – suitable for making green teas;
  • Temperature 90-95 °C – used for steaming oatmeal, instant noodles;
  • Temperature 95-98 °C – ideal for making coffee, tea.

The liquid cools down in the thermopot very slowly. Therefore, even in the absence of energy, the supply of hot (warm) water for 6 hours is guaranteed. This is an important indicator of a quality device.

Thermopots made of plastic are cheaper, but steel ones will last longer. Glass flasks are more durable, but they are also more susceptible to violations and scratches, unlike metal ones.

The disk heater is superior in reliability to the spiral one.

Analyze the required amount of fluid consumed. Bulky thermopots are extremely inconvenient to use outside the home. For example, for a small family, a thermo pot with a volume of 2 liters is enough.

The self-cleaning function of the water will improve the quality and taste of the prepared drinks, so its presence is desirable. And the presence of a timer – will heat the water by the set time.

The way the liquid is supplied is an important factor. An electric built-in pump is more practical and more convenient than a manual one.

Safety valves, shock resistance – criteria that guarantee your safety.

The right choice, subject to all the recommendations, is guaranteed, and the thermopot will become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen.

Electric kettles with thermostat

Thermal kettles with thermostat

Distinctive features and advantages of models with a thermostat:

  • the possibility of heating the liquid to the set temperature or within the specified range;
  • automatic switching on of the device for heating water up to the specified limit.

The disadvantage of such a device is the need for a mandatory shutdown. Unlike an ordinary thermostat, the thermostat will constantly turn on the device. In some cases, this is uneconomical, and therefore impractical.

Constant operation of the device leads to a relatively quick breakdown, which leads to additional expenses for repairs.

The following tips will help you choose the right electric kettle with adjustment:

  1. Decide on the preferred material, the volume of the electric kettle model.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the power of the device, the time of boiling and cooling of the heated liquid.
  3. Evaluate the length of the wire, the convenience of the handle and the way the liquid is poured inside.
  4. Decide on the mechanism for setting the desired mode, its adjustment – it can be a display on a stand or an ordinary toggle switch on the case.

There are two types of adjustment – step and stepless. The first option involves accurate setting of the temperature regime, the second – with an error of 10 ° C.

Illuminated electric kettles

Illuminated electric kettles

Lighting in electrical appliances is not only a design solution, but convenient and practical. Cheaper models are equipped with a backlight when turned on, expensive ones will allow you to admire the rising bubbles in the dark when water boils. There are many variations of colors and their combinations.

For example, there is an option to glow in the off state in one color, in the working state – in another. Such models are rare. Some experts do not recommend choosing electric kettles with a constant glow, arguing that this tires the eyes and causes irritation.

Otherwise, this indicator should be approached from the point of view of one’s own aesthetic preferences, and not rational ones.

Electric kettles with teapot

Electric kettle with teapot

There are several models with the function of simultaneous brewing:

With a built-in teapot directly inside the kettle – not always convenient. For example, some guests want coffee, the rest want tea. And it is not easy to thoroughly clean such structures so as not to worsen the quality of the next portion of boiling water.

The brewer is installed separately on a stand or above the main vessel (heated with steam). Separation in most cases is very convenient. A possible minus of the teapot on the stand is the increased size, which is unacceptable for a small kitchen.

Models with a teapot look impressive, beautiful and modern. They save time on making tea.

Thermos kettles

Thermos kettles electric

Thermos-kettle is a representative of the genus of thermo pots. Inside the thermos-teapot there is a special multi-layer coating. In addition to the plastic layer, there is a steel one. The complexity, multi-layer coating guarantees long-term maintenance of the desired temperature. The disadvantage of this model is the rapid accumulation of scale on the bottom and walls of the thermos kettle. Therefore, the issue of cleaning arises soon.

There are several effective methods for quick cleaning of plaque (scale). However, the general principle is the same. The thermos-kettle is filled with a diluted solution, turned on to the maximum mode for 5-7 minutes. The liquid is poured out, the device is thoroughly rinsed.

As a cleaning solution, you can use:

  • Vinegar diluted with water in the ratio of 2 tablespoons: 1 liter, respectively.
  • Soda dissolved in water (at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water).
  • Sprite carbonated drink.
  • 1-2 packets of citric acid for the entire volume of the device.

A sign of the need for urgent cleaning of the thermos-kettle is a temperature failure and increased noise.

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