10 best washing machines

Washing machines operating in automatic mode are divided according to the method of loading laundry, power, and the presence of various functions. In Russia, equipment of well-known Western brands of Turkish, Chinese and domestic assembly is presented.

How to choose a washing machine

Before buying an automatic washing machine, consider the place where the installation is planned, the amount of laundry, the degree of contamination. If there are people in the family who suffer from allergic diseases, they also pay attention to the option of working in the appropriate mode.

Important Criteria

  1. How to load laundry. Top-loading equipment takes up less space and costs a little less. In such a machine, you can put things during operation.
  2. The number of revolutions during the spin. The higher this indicator, the faster the clean product dries. The reverse side – the more turns, the more tissue suffers.
  3. Energy indicator – it shows the energy consumption.
  4. Protection of equipment – from children, from leakage, from excessive foaming.

Minor Criteria

  • All machines are made according to a similar design with slight differences. This does not affect the quality of the wash.
  • The standard color for washing machines of any type is white, but there are other options.

Automatic washing machines designed to operate in various modes and have an appropriate price are presented in a review.

The best top loading washing machine

Samsung WW65K42E08W – a machine with a horizontal load of linen of a popular brand. For a relatively low price, the consumer receives medium-level equipment that will satisfy the needs of a family of 4-5 people.


  • Loading linen – 6.5 kg.
  • Drum depth – 45 cm.
  • Spin – 1 200 rpm.
  • Energy efficiency level – A.
  • Display – LED.
  • The color of the sunroof is crystal white.
  • Weight – 54 kg.
  • Water consumption for 1 cycle – 39 liters.
  • Heater – ceramics.
  • The motor is inverter.

Additional features – Eco Bubble, super rinse, Smart Check diagnostics. The color of the car is standard white. There is a control lock option. Various programs for washing baby, bed linen, dark and delicate items.


  1. The Eco Bubble feature creates bubbles that remove stubborn dirt.
  2. A stronger rinse removes powder residue from the fabric. The product does not leave white stains, the skin and respiratory tract are not exposed to harmful substances.
  3. Quiet inverter motor.
  4. It is possible to add linen during washing.
  5. Clear control menu.
  6. Ecological cleaning of the drum without chemicals.
  7. Self-diagnosis of breakdowns.


The only downside is the high price.

The best washing machine for a small family

Frontal machine for easy washing LG FH-0C3ND equipped with basic options. They are enough for a simple wash of clothes for a family of 4 people.


  • Spin – 1,000 rpm.
  • Weight – 59 kg.
  • Drum depth – 44 cm.
  • Loading – 6 kg.
  • Heater – stainless steel.
  • Motor – inverter, direct drive.
  • Energy efficiency – class A.
  • Water consumption for 1 cycle – 56 liters.

Additional functions – breakdown diagnostics Smart Diagnostics. The machine does not have a “delay start” function, does not provide for installation under the countertop.


  1. Rinse hold option (no drain).
  2. Prewash.
  3. Quiet engine operation.
  4. Simple control.
  5. The direct drive inverter type motor ensures long-term operation of equipment without breakdowns and with low power consumption.
  6. Sound notification about the end of the process.
  7. 6 drum rotation options. The option makes the process delicate and efficient.
  8. The bubble surface of the drum enhances the intensity of the process.


  • There is no “super rinse” mode.
  • There are no washing options: fast, intensive 60, quiet / silent, dark fabrics, steam cotton, intensive cotton, Eco cotton.
  • There is no full display.
  • The “child protection” mode does not block the on / off buttons.
  • Dryer missing.

The best inexpensive washing machine

Machine with horizontal loading BEKO WRS 44P1 BWW designed for a small family. Equipment without special innovative options, has a minimum set of functions, hence the low price. Country of manufacture – Russia, 24 months warranty.


  • Laundry weight – 4 kg.
  • The maximum spin is 800 rpm.
  • Water consumption – 45 liters.
  • Weight – 51 kg.
  • Drum depth – 37 cm.
  • Energy consumption – class A.
  • Several cotton washing modes, eco-wash, soak, pre-wash.


  1. Delayed start function, maximum time 9 hours.
  2. Electronic unbalance control.
  3. Self cleaning option.
  4. Washing of downy products is provided.
  5. There is a display.
  6. Indication of process steps.
  7. Foam control.
  8. Removable cover.
  9. 15 programs for washing, rinsing and spinning.

BEKO WRS 44P1 BWW has an electronic distribution system of linen in the drum. Things are weighed and placed in such a way as to exclude vibration and noise during the process.


  • There is no dryer in the car.
  • Partial protection against leaks is provided. After a short period of operation, the docking connections leak.
  • The motor is not inverter and not direct drive, during operation a high level of noise.
  • Light weight of loaded things.

Best Top Loading Washing Machine

Indesit BTW E71253P – This is a machine with a vertical load of laundry, which in itself is already considered a plus. It is possible to add things in the process of work. The small width of the machine saves space in the bathroom. Russian-made equipment is designed for a large family, has a 12-month warranty.


  • Loading linen – 7 kg.
  • The maximum spin speed is 1200 rpm.
  • Weight – 57 kg.
  • Energy consumption – class A.
  • Depth – 60 cm.
  • The material of the tank is plastic.
  • An additional function is stain removal, 14 programs for choosing a workflow. There is a mode for working with delicate fabrics, mixed fibers.


  1. Delayed start up to 12 noon.
  2. There is a liquid crystal display.
  3. Complete leak protection.
  4. Big download.
  5. Quiet work.
  6. There is a function – stop for a pause, after which the process resumes from the moment it was stopped.
  7. Unbalance and foam control.
  8. Super rinse.
  9. Prewash.
  10. Prevention of crushing of things is provided.
  11. Wheels are mounted on the body.


  • No child protection.
  • No drying.
  • Short cord.
  • Inconvenient container for powder. When loading, a lot of detergent spills into the machine.
  • There is no separate function for children’s, downy, dark things.
  • There is no soak option.

The best built-in washing machine

Weissgauff WMI 6148D is a built-in technique, convenient for installation in a limited space. From here horizontal loading of linen. Powerful model – an option for a large family. Made in China, 1 year warranty.


  • Loading linen – 8 kg.
  • The maximum spin is 1,400 rpm.
  • Weight – 63 kg.
  • Water consumption – 50 l.
  • Energy consumption a.

The design of the Water Cube Drum is designed to be gentle on laundry. There are 16 programs for work in the menu. Separate options for wool, delicate, children’s things. There is a 24 hour delayed start function.


The universal model combines the power of work and a delicate attitude to things. Mounting loops for a facade are included in the package. The appliances are hidden under the panel and do not need to be combined with the design of the kitchen/bathroom. The installation machine has an AquaStop system that protects the premises in case of a hose rupture, water hammer, or body damage.

In addition, in Weissgauff WMI 6148D provided:

  1. High spin speed.
  2. Large drum capacity.
  3. Foam and imbalance control.
  4. Complete leak protection.
  5. Delay start option.
  6. Child protection.
  7. Display with a large screen and the issuance of information in Russian.
  8. Express wash function in 15 minutes.
  9. Super rinse.
  10. A separate program that remembers user settings.
  11. Sound signal about the end of the process.
  12. Quiet work.

Cons are not identified.

The best washing machine for a summer residence

Hotpoint-Ariston VMSL 5081 B – This is a low-power unit with front-loading laundry. Inexpensive equipment, suitable for work in a family of 2-3 people, a large family will have to divide things into several sessions. The machine of a well-known brand and Russian assembly has no extra options, provides high-quality work, especially with cotton products.


  • Loading – 5 kg.
  • The maximum spin speed is 800 rpm.
  • Water consumption – 49 liters.
  • There are 16 programs for work, the function of changing the washing temperature.
  • Small overall dimensions allow you to install the machine in a bathroom with a small area.


  1. Delayed activation by 12 hours.
  2. Super wash mode.
  3. Foam control.
  4. Auto clear mode.
  5. Simple control.
  6. Washes downy things.
  7. Water hardness test included. The option allows you to select the optimal washing mode and detergent.
  8. There is a loading sensor. It regulates the water supply and the heating temperature depending on the weight of the laundry.


  • No child protection.
  • No display.
  • Small drum capacity and low spin speed.
  • Strong vibration when spinning.
  • Noise during work.
  • In the quick wash mode, not all the loaded powder is consumed, it is better to use the gel.

The best compact washing machine

Vestfrost VFWM 1241W – this roomy and functional machine with small dimensions is suitable for a large family and a bathroom with a minimum area. Front loading, with the possibility of embedding. The brand was created by Denmark, but now it has been bought by Turkey. Manufacturer – Turkey or Russia, warranty – 24 months.


  • Loading linen – 6 kg.
  • The maximum spin is 1,200 rpm.
  • Water consumption – 47 liters.
  • Energy consumption – class A.
  • Depth – 45 cm.
  • The heating element is stainless steel.

The drum has a special relief that protects the fabric. Provides anti-allergic protection. AT Vestfrost VFWM 1241W there is a sound signal about the end of work. There are 15 programs for washing, rinsing and spinning.


  1. Automatic selection of washing time.
  2. The big loading hatch for linen.
  3. Display with information about the stage of the process.
  4. Simple control.
  5. antibacterial program.
  6. Unbalance and foam control.
  7. Leak protection.
  8. Child protection.
  9. Delayed start by 12 hours.
  10. Ministerial for 15 minutes.
  11. Self-diagnosis.
  12. Drying is provided.


  • Noisy spinning clothes and draining water.
  • Strong vibration during operation.
  • There is a poor build quality of the case.
  • There is no separate rinse mode.

The best narrow washing machine

Candy GVS34 116DC2 – a narrow technique for those who need frequent washing of things with a small degree of contamination. In model front loading of linen, 3 modes of fast work. Country of origin – Russia, 12 months warranty.


  • Loading – 6 kg.
  • The maximum spin is 1,100 rpm.
  • Water consumption – 48 liters.
  • Weight – 60.5 kg.
  • Energy consumption – class A ++.
  • Depth – 34 cm.
  • TEN – stainless steel.

Separate modes for working with children’s clothes, soaking, delicate / hand wash. 1 program is stored in the computer memory. Washing in 3 express modes.


In the model Candy GVS34 116DC2 Use smartphone as remote control, support connection with Android and iOS. Touch control display.

  1. Foam and imbalance control.
  2. Delay launch by 24 hours.
  3. The relief surface of a drum provides high quality of washing.
  4. Child protection.
  5. Leak protection.
  6. Mobile diagnostics.
  7. Digital touch display with process indication.
  8. Extra rinse.
  9. Automatic detection of degree of pollution of linen.
  10. Quiet work.
  11. No vibration when spinning clothes.
  12. Small sizes.
  13. Sound notification of the end of work.

Cons are not identified.

The best washing machine with a removable cover

Schaub Lorenz SLW MC6131 supports horizontal loading of laundry. The narrow model is equipped with a removable cover, so it can be built in or installed in a small bathroom. Appliances for a large family or for a family with small children. Warranty – 1 year.


  • Loading – 6 kg.
  • The maximum spin speed is 1,000 rpm.
  • Energy efficiency – class A ++.
  • Weight – 60.5 kg.
  • Depth – 42 cm.
  • Water consumption – 41 liters.
  • The material of the heating element is stainless steel.

In car Schaub Lorenz SLW MC6131 15 programs are provided for work. The technique works with cotton in various temperature conditions, washes synthetics, wool, linen made from mixed fibers. There are programs for delicate and hand washing.


  1. Child protection.
  2. Leak protection.
  3. Control over the level of foam and imbalance.
  4. Automatic diagnostic system.
  5. Prewash.
  6. Simple control.
  7. Quick wash takes 15 minutes.
  8. Indicator information about the process.
  9. No vibration during operation.


  • No delay start.
  • Doesn’t work with synthetics.
  • There is no “easy iron” option.
  • The spin speed is not adjustable.
  • No display.
  • Noisy water supply.
  • Dryer missing.
  • When working in a daily mode, it rinses the laundry 1 time.

The best washing machine with a large drum

Haier HW60-BP12758 ideal for a large family with a small bathroom. The model does not involve embedding. Quiet and functional technology is the best choice. Country of origin – China, warranty – 3 years.


  • Loading – 6 kg.
  • The maximum spin is 1,200 rpm.
  • Weight – 60 kg.
  • Energy consumption – class A.
  • Water consumption – 40 liters.
  • The motor is inverter driven.
  • TENA material – stainless steel

Model Haier HW60-BP12758 has 15 programs to work with. The machine washes cotton at different temperatures. Works with wool and mixed fibres.


  1. Washing pillows and blankets.
  2. Steam function.
  3. Child lock.
  4. Quick wash mode for 15 minutes.
  5. Automatic weighing.
  6. Self cleaning.
  7. Microbial protection.
  8. Operation information display.
  9. Simple control.
  10. Complete leakage protection.
  11. Additional loading of linen during work is provided.
  12. Does not vibrate during washing.


  • When washing at high temperatures, the smell of rubber appears.
  • When spinning 800 rpm and above, the drum knocks against the back wall.
  • No baffle for liquid detergent.
  • After washing, water remains in the rubber.
  • When spinning, the laundry is very wrinkled.

There is a wide range of washing machines on the market. It is possible to choose equipment based on specific working conditions and taking into account financial capabilities.

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