Wooden crib

The birth of a new family member is associated with a lot of trouble. In order for the child to feel good, grow up healthy and cheerful, properly organize his living space. One of the main problems is the choice of a place for the baby to sleep. Decide where the child will sleep, organize and decorate for him a room or area in the room.

Position the crib so that you have easy access to it. There should be enough light in this place, ensure the ventilation of the children’s bedroom. Do not place the child’s bed next to heaters and windows. Objects suspended above it may fall. Having chosen a place, measure it with a tape measure or a ruler for the correct choice of the size of the crib.

Decide for how long the child will need a children’s bed, what things need to be placed next to him. Different models will last different times. Decide on the design of this type of furniture, it should match the design of the room. It doesn’t matter to the baby, but it matters to you.

Types of wooden cribs


Six types of cribs have been developed:

  • Cradle. The design is a cradle fixed between the uprights. The cradle swings. This is physiological, because it resembles the time spent in the mother’s stomach. The child falls asleep easier, quickly calms down and sleeps more soundly. Models can be equipped with automatic motion sickness, color-musical elements.

Such furniture is made of wicker, chipboard or solid wood. In this device, the baby spends most of the time. Choose a cradle according to your taste and the design of the room.

This type of furniture is small in size, easy to move to another place. When choosing a cradle, remember that it will last very little. When the baby has learned to get up, it is dangerous to use the cradle. Service life is approximately six months.

  • classic model. For convenience and comfort of use, height of sides and bottom of a bed is regulated. Models with removable sides have been developed. These models may be equipped with additional functionality.

Choose a crib with a linen drawer. It is located under the bottom. An additional element is a changing table mounted on the bed.

Choose a model equipped with wheels. She is mobile. Attached models have been developed. They are a section attached to the parent’s bed, on which the baby sleeps.

The baby is constantly next to the mother, worries less. Its development occurs more evenly and without interruption. Mom can at any time check his condition, take the child for feeding and return to a safe place.

When choosing the classic version, pay attention to the fact that due to the simplicity of the design, it breaks less often and lasts a long time.

  • skids. Improved classic model. Allows you to rock the baby. It is less stable than the classic version. Pay attention to models with a pendulum mechanism. This is a solution in which the bed itself swings, the legs do not participate in the process. For safety, the mechanism is equipped with a stopper and movement limiters.
  • Transformer. This model has been designed to extend the life of the crib and improve comfort of use. A large number of configuration options allows you to choose the option suitable for any needs. Removable elements will convert the crib from an infant version, with a chest of drawers and a changing table located on it, into a crib for a child 3-5 years old.

Later becomes a bed for a teenager. Its main advantage is versatility. Wooden parts are easily repaired or replaced. To change the design, repaint the structure. Wood easily takes on color.

This type of children’s furniture is massive, it is difficult to move it from place to place or move it to another room. It is made from solid wood or wood-based composite materials.

  • Arenas. Designed for a long stay of the baby. There he sleeps and plays. When choosing such a model, provide the child with an overview in all directions. And he knows the world, and you see what he is doing. These models are equipped with fabric walls, which eliminates the risk of injury to the child.

Models are mobile. Various coloring of fabric walls allows to embody any design decision. In such a bed, the baby is fun and interesting.

Pay attention to the strength of the racks on which the walls are stretched. Simple wooden rods are not suitable for this purpose. These cribs must be made from solid wood. Without reliable support, it is difficult for a child to rise to his feet. The designs are equipped with a minimum of possible settings for the requirements of parents and the age of the child.

  • Double deck construction. A model in which two beds are located one above the other. In a number of models, the lower berth has been replaced with a desktop, where the child can play or study. The solution is ergonomic.

Moving the bed will require considerable effort. Saves space in the room. For the manufacture requires the use of durable elements. Made from fiberboard and solid wood. When choosing such a model, pay attention to the height of the sides. The sleep of the child must be safe. Check the ladder fastenings, ease of use.

The stability and strength of the supports is the main requirement for this model. Check the quality of the parts. Eliminate the possibility of injury to the child.

How to choose a wooden crib


The design can be metal or plastic. Metal is used in structural strength elements, plastic for decoration and weight reduction. Please read the product specification carefully.

Modern plastic looks like wood, make no mistake. Check the stability of the purchase. This factor is important for safety. Review your purchase. There should be no cracks or nicks on the tree. Pay attention to the darkening of the wood, ask the seller if they are related to the natural wood structure.

Choose an option that does not have dark spots, an even wood structure, without knots and curls in the fibers. Find out which varnish is used on wood or vines. What kind of paint are they? A quality product has a smooth surface. Wood is an environmentally friendly material, make sure it is treated with safe substances.

Pay attention to the quality of processing and varnishing. Evaluate the quality of gluing the seams, the tightness of the decorative overlays. The service life of the product, the safety of its use depends on this.

After delivery, inspect the purchase, the wood is elastic, but damage may occur with careless transportation. If you bought a prefabricated structure, entrust the assembly to specialists. Make sure it comes with the necessary spare parts.



Children’s furniture, like adult furniture, is made of various materials. Metals and plastics are used in the construction. It is made from both wood and artificial materials derived from wood, such as fibreboard. These materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.

metal inserts durable, retain their shape for a long time. The plasticity of the material allows the use of bold design solutions, including decorations and technological elements in the design of furniture. The disadvantages include the weight of the furniture. Metal is a cold and hard material. This will make the baby uncomfortable. Use additional softening and warming.

plastic fragments. The plasticity of the material and its cheapness make this choice popular. Plastic is easy to process, paint and decorate. This type of material is less environmentally friendly and durable. Such furniture can be easily moved around the room. Pay attention to its stability. If the furniture is installed incorrectly, the child may turn it over.



When organizing a bed, pay attention to the wood from which the structure is made. Trees release into the environment special biologically active substances – phytoncides. These compounds are natural selective antibiotics. They suppress fungi, viruses and pathogens.

Protection extends to everything that is next to the tree. Phytoncides are also emitted by furniture made of wood. Less useful substances are released from a wooden structure than from a living tree. The action of phytoncides is soft, extended in time. Don’t expect instant results.

Common oak, Norway maple have the strongest phytoncidity. The wood of these species of wood is durable, pleasant to the eye. They are traditionally used to make furniture. Different species of these trees differ from each other, but still have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Spruce, pine, birch and walnut wood are easier to process than oak wood. The appearance of products from these trees is attractive. Additional painting of furniture is not required.

Pay attention to juniper, its structure is distinguished by aesthetic value, it is used for decorative finishing of finished products. Juniper, when ingested, has an adverse effect. Make sure that during the period when teeth are being cut, the child does not gnaw on the crib.

Linden, larch, black alder and cedar. These trees belong to species with weak phytoncidity. When choosing furniture from these materials, focus on the strength of the product and aesthetic characteristics.

Sleeping in a wooden crib is natural. The child falls asleep more calmly and gets a good rest. Rare wood products are expensive. Choose a pine bed with precious veneer. This option will provide strength, appearance and reasonable price.


Breakdowns and their correction

Cracks in supporting structures.

This defect is caused by a manufacturing defect, poor-quality transportation. It occurs when there is a sharp impact on the structure. The damaged item needs to be replaced.

Chips, dents on the surface of the wood.

These are the consequences of poor quality transportation. Occurs when hitting hard objects on wood. Carefully remove the sharp edges of the dent, cut off chips and burrs. Treat the dent with an emery cloth designed for working with wood. Fill the dent with mastic and varnish. Use only environmentally friendly materials!

Faulty fasteners.

Occur due to incorrect, inaccurate installation of product elements. Check the set of spare fasteners, select the required one and replace. If necessary, purchase a replacement and install. The use of specialized spare parts saves time, effort, and maintains the safety of the structure.

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