Types of constructors

Popular game for children. With the help of miniature components, various objects are created and game scenarios are conceived with them.

The designer is able to captivate the child for two or three hours, while he never gets bored. Often, grown-up boys use parts from kits purchased 3-4 years earlier when assembling.

Constructor for girls

Girls’ favorite games are related to communication, the social environment and characters from famous cartoons or fairy tales. Very often, when buying a designer, parents think: “their favorite color is pink”, but in fact, each girl is individual and has personal color tastes.

2 years

At this time, children will not yet understand what a constructor is. But they will be happy to play with children’s cubes and other geometric shapes. Surely the baby will like the pyramid with rings painted in the seven colors of the rainbow. For this age, give preference to durable plastic toys.

3 years

Complex constructors are not yet for a girl of this age. Therefore, choose kits in which each character or object consists of 3-5 parts.

Still make sure that the toys are strong and large enough, because. through carelessness, a child can break or lose them.

4-6 years old

At this age, already allow to play with sets consisting of miniature parts. Now the girl can play with her favorite characters, so the set must be themed. But add other sets with miniature combs, handbags and other women’s gizmos to the thematic elements.

7-10 years old

At this age, the girl may already be less interested in designers. But if she, as before, is passionate about them, then purchase sets consisting of 100 elements. In addition, for this age, the choice becomes even greater.

For example, games are being sold to create a miniature Eiffel Tower and other wonders of the world. Such games consist of 500-600 miniature parts, the work itself will take two or three days. And the building will turn out to be rather big – the height of a girl. This design will be the pride of the little princess.

Constructor for boys

2 years

Like girls, boys at this age don’t understand building blocks that are more complex than a few details. And children’s inattention and energy can cause damage to an insufficiently strong toy.

Therefore, also limit yourself to cubes and plastic geometric shapes. Let them be strong and bright: yellow, red, blue and green.

3 years

The simplest set for a boy of this age should consist of 3-4 large and durable parts. The body, the base with wheels and the cab – that’s the truck.

Boys enjoy playing with cars, it will be even more interesting for them if you add little people: famous heroes, soldiers, etc.

4-6 years old

For a child of this age, choose constructors consisting of dozens of details. Boys at this age enjoy playing themed games: battles, races, etc.

To the old elements of the game, the child can ask for new characters. Depending on what he is fond of – it can be the heroes of Marvel Studios, Star Wars, pirates, elves with gnomes and other characters.

7-10 years old

Boys by this age may cease to be interested in construction. But if the desire to collect parts persists, then focus on metal kits with hundreds of blocks, panels, corners and screws.

Almost any design is assembled from such elements, which children really like.

You can do otherwise and purchase for the fidget cardboard designers of military and civilian equipment, with pre-drawn parts. It is much more difficult to assemble (glue) such models of technology, but there is much more pleasure from the result.

Over 10 years old

By this age, you can buy electronic components and designers for your child. They differ in that after assembly they can be controlled, they move, which is much more interesting than static toys. Such sets include more components and consist of 200-300 elements.

In fact, these are functioning robotic systems. With real, fully working microcircuits, batteries and other technical stuff. As a result of such an assembly, you can get a functioning robot that walks or drives, or a crane, depending on what the designer of the assembly suggests.

game table

It is small in size and no taller than a chair, so that it is convenient for children to play on it with a set. On the gaming table there are special grooves for attaching the structure to it.

Choose collapsible tables for easy portability. Included with the table, sometimes includes its own set. Before buying, make sure that the table is durable and reliable.

Designer material

Fabric and foam

Fabric sets are a set of soft cubes, pyramids and other geometric shapes. As a rule, they are brightly colored and have large sizes. This toy is best suited for younger children. From them you can assemble some kind of fortress or house.

Such soft toys need periodic care – occasionally wash and wash. But they are soft and it is impossible for children to get hurt on the corners of the components. The large size eliminates the need to look for lost parts.


The most common building material. It gained popularity due to high-strength parts and low production costs.

You can find designers with plastic parts that have a wide variety of colors and geometric shapes. When buying, you should pay attention to the quality of the material and paint in order to exclude allergies in the child.


The possibilities of assembling from such a constructor are limited only by imagination and the number of parts. Metal sets are tricky so only suitable for kids over 5 years old.

Metal kits include: bolts, nuts, corners, wheels, plates, blocks with holes for them. Various toys can be assembled from a metal set: a car, a crane, a bulldozer, etc.

Often they are covered with protective paints so that the iron does not rust. Also, the iron base allows you to use various magnets, making the game even more interesting.


A material that is not inferior in strength to plastic, but is environmentally friendly. Kits are available with two options for components: with already painted elements and colorless. In the second case, the children themselves color the elements at their own discretion, which gives additional pleasure.

There are also wooden constructors, where the parts are connected with a special glue. The special composition securely fastens the elements, but at the same time it instantly dissolves in water in 10-15 minutes.

Before buying, you should study the quality of wood processing so that there are no burrs, roughness, etc., which can lead to splinters.

Constructor types


An entertainment consisting of a dozen cubes, pyramids, cones and other figures. Perfect for babies 1.5-2 years old. From them you can build houses, castles and other structures.

Its variety is 9 cubes with parts of a large picture on each. To compile the whole picture, it is desirable for the child to show the end result, which is usually drawn on the box.

Cardboard 2D

It is a cardboard set of brightly colored parts, with slots and grooves. Through them you need to connect the elements to each other. In this way, two-dimensional parts are assembled into a three-dimensional cardboard structure.

The set is suitable for children 3 years old. For older children, the cardboard designer may be of little interest due to the ease of assembly.


Consists of hundreds of flexible tubes. Suitable for children over 3 years old. to assemble objects requires abstract thinking. From the designer, you can assemble many different designs, even fictional ones.


Entertainment for all ages. You can give such sets to children from 2 years old, but only consisting of large and thick elements. For this age, the picture should be assembled from 4-6 puzzles.

For 3 years, buy images broken into 15-20 puzzles. For older ages, sets of 100 components are suitable.

The more puzzles in the box, the older they are suitable, because. small children are restless and therefore will not collect large pictures to the end.

lego family

The family includes not only the company of the same name, but dozens of sets with similar variants of cubes are also sold.

When buying kits from different manufacturers, it is better that their parts are compatible with each other. This is done so that different sets participate in one game for even greater interest of the child.


Almost every child dreams of running a toy train on a miniature railway. Or play with its other analogue – a highway with cars.

Railroad or road parts are often bought separately and increase the distance traveled, as a result, you can build a road for the whole room. Also, voluminous sets allow you to assemble any version of the route: in the form of a ring, figure eight, complex figure.


The constructor represents tunnels and slides. On the assembled paths, under the action of gravity, balls roll or cars drive. The assembled structure resembles a labyrinth with branches.

For a more fun game, it is better that the structure is large, with long roads. And the beginning of the path must be at a high altitude.


The cardboard set contains hundreds of cardboard parts, from which, with the help of glue, a reduced model of military or civilian equipment, ships or buildings is assembled. Modeling kits are available in two versions: with parts already painted and colorless for later coloring.

Cardboard sets are complex, some of them contain parts as small as two or three millimeters. In addition, it will take more than one evening to assemble a model of equipment. Therefore, they are already suitable for older children.


A reliable and fun way to learn physics. The composition includes many, sometimes up to hundreds, electrical circuits. Details are interconnected and create various devices.

To assemble complex electronic kits, the help of adults is sometimes required. This will help strengthen intergenerational relationships.

Classes with electrical components will help to consolidate school knowledge, give an outlet for the practical application of information. Games for assembling functioning objects are sold: a radio receiver operating on the same wavelength, a robot that can be controlled, etc.

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