A baby who is one year old is bored sitting in a stroller. He can’t walk for long periods of time. An excellent solution would be to buy three-wheeled vehicles.



Buying bike equipment for a baby is a difficult task for parents, as you need to consider:

  • Child’s age;
  • design;
  • Security;
  • Comfort;
  • The weight.

Age is important. Some parents save money and buy transport for the baby “for growth”, but this cannot be done. It is better to refuse to buy than to buy equipment that is not for growth. Why? First of all, it is inconvenient for a child to ride this vehicle. And this is not safe for a fragile baby, it is fraught with falls and serious injuries.

Not so long ago, three-wheeled bicycle equipment for children from one to two years old appeared on the market – this is a walking bicycle stroller. In fact, this is the same three-wheeled bicycle transport, only with a long handle at the back, which helps parents manage, and a seat and footrests adapted for the baby.

Going for a walk on such a bicycle transport, the baby participates in the movement, and does not get bored, as in a stroller. The built-in music captivates the child, he steers, directing the equipment in the right direction, pedaling. A convenient vehicle for the little one helps to expand the horizons of the child and promotes development.

Bicycles for children from one year old are divided into types:

  1. Bicycle strollers (from one to two years);
  2. Ordinary three-wheeled (two to four years old);
  3. Mixed models that combine the two previous types.

Types of tricycles


Tricycle – classic

For older children, a modification of the three-wheeled classic transport is needed. The classic already has a saddle, like an adult. You need to choose a hard and non-slippery seat. In addition, it has an encircling side, which prevents the child from slipping off, and height adjustment.

It is better to choose a bike with large and wide wheels – this will allow the baby to pick up speed faster. It is desirable that there is a bell on the steering wheel, the baby will get used to warning passers-by about his approach.

It is better to choose a classic model of three-wheeled transport with a limiter on the steering wheel, which protects the child from bumps when turning. Choose a vehicle that has an adjustable steering wheel – this will allow you to adapt the technique to the growth of the baby.

Combined models

You buy a bicycle stroller, but as soon as the baby grows up, it transforms into a classic tricycle, which is practical.

When choosing, please note:

  1. Steering wheel lock. This function was invented to facilitate management. If the baby begins to jerk the steering wheel sharply, not allowing him to drive, the mother can block it and continue to move calmly.
  1. Pedal lock. This function fixes the pedals in the event that one of the parents controls the transport with a handle, and the pedals interfere with the child. This is also good in the situation when the child’s legs are tired. Pedal lock will be needed when the baby is still very small and cannot turn them yet.
  1. Parking brake. All bicycles are equipped with this device. Located on the rear wheel. Its configuration is similar to the brake on a wheelchair, allowing you to park in a parking lot.
  1. Hand brake. Designed for braking and is located under the seat. It is not difficult for a baby to teach them how to use it.
  1. Music panel gives kids a lot of fun.
  1. Steering limiter. A necessary function, since during a sharp turn, the transport may lose balance and fall. In addition, if the steering wheel is turned too far, it can injure the child’s tummy. With the limiter, these situations are excluded.

Bicycle strollers

There are models in which the parent handle is not adjustable – this is a minus. There are models in which the handle does not control the transport for the baby, but only serves to push the bicycle stroller. This is also not very convenient, since movement can only be carried out in a straight line, and it takes effort to turn.

The steerable handle is an advantage – it turns the front wheel in the desired direction.

Benefits of wheelchairs:

  • pedals located on the wheel;
  • pallets holding legs are located on both sides of the frame.

If the legs are tired, they will stand on the footboards, and if the baby wants to participate in the movement, he will easily rearrange the legs on the pedals.

As for the classic models, their drawback is the non-adjustable seat and steering wheel. It is advisable not to buy such models, although they are much cheaper. They do not adapt to the growth of the baby.

If you take into account a mixed bike, you need to take into account that the child grows and tastes change. When buying combined equipment two in one, you save.

How to choose a tricycle

Criterias of choice

  1. Seat in the form of a chair will not allow you to fall on your back. Should be comfortable and not slippery. If the bike stroller is bought for a one-year-old child, the seat must have seat belts. Make sure that the safety straps are soft, do not cause inconvenience to the baby when walking.

On some models there is a special bumper with a soft overlay. Even a six-month-old toddler can be seated on a bicycle transport with a bumper.

Bicycle strollers are not suitable for walking long distances, as the baby will want to sleep during the walk, and they are not designed for sleeping. If you spend more than two hours outside, it is better to give it up and go in a stroller.

  1. Foot rest in the form of pedals or a pallet. The pedals must have a special fixing strap so that the leg does not slip off. For the little ones, it is better to buy a cycle stroller with a pallet on which the legs will lie quietly.
  1. Pen – swivel and adjustable. In some models, it is directly connected to the front wheel, and the mechanism is hidden inside the frame. When moving, it helps the parent to control the bike, and the ability to adjust allows you to make this process convenient. Pay attention to how reliable it is, since it is the handles in bicycle strollers that do not withstand the load and fail.
  1. Awning – Protects the baby from rain and heat stroke. The awning comes with the bike stroller – foldable and removable.
  1. Trunk. It is intended for toys, but there are trunks in the form of a basket, then it is convenient for the mother to go to the store with the child and bring purchases home without carrying them in her hands.

If the baby is more than two years old, ask him what kind of trunk configuration he likes. Body-shaped roof racks with a twist handle that flip over to mimic the body of a dump truck will captivate children. There are a lot of trunk configurations.

  1. Frame. Choose reliable and durable. Connections must be strong, without visible damage. There are metal and plastic frames. In terms of reliability, they almost do not differ. The difference is only in the weight of the finished product. In this case, the choice is yours.
  2. wheels. The front wheel is large and the two rear wheels are smaller. In the case of a bicycle stroller, the wheels are preferably rubber, wide, stable. The softness of the rubber will allow the baby to feel comfortable and safe, even if the mother is in a hurry and carries fast.

Which tricycle to buy

Purchase rules

  • It is desirable that the bicycle transport develops, it is convenient not only for storage, but also for transportation. If it is a bicycle stroller, the parent handle must be easily detached, otherwise the bike will not fit into the trunk of the car.
  • Buy vehicles of such a mass that the baby can easily budge. On a walk, there are situations in which you need to lift the bike stroller together with the child. A heavy model will create difficulties.

There are many bicycles on the market, manufacturers delight with new developments with a striking design. Price categories vary greatly. When buying, look for additional features that may increase the cost. Think about whether they are so important to the little one or you can do without them.

It is not always advisable to buy bicycle equipment of a high price category, since with age it will still have to be changed to another one.

Pick up a bike so that sitting on it, the foot of the crumbs gets up on the ground. The foot should lie freely on the pedal in its lower position.

Wheels, steering wheel, pedals should rotate smoothly and freely, without making extraneous sounds when driving. When choosing a vehicle for a baby, put him on a bike and ride. This will assess the stability and safety of the product.

Selection errors:

  • The quality of cycling depends on the country of origin – this is a myth. It is not the country that is responsible for the quality, but the manufacturer, which produces parts and components for bicycles.
  • An expensive bike is much better than a cheap one – a delusion. The price depends on the quality. Before choosing the most expensive model in the store, find out about the features that increase the price.
  • Do not listen to the seller – he would sell. It is not true. If you don’t know much about baby carriers, then the seller’s advice can help you make the right choice. Do not buy a bike from a store that does not offer a warranty or service.
  • Don’t neglect your fall protection gear.

If you settled on a plastic model, take an interest in the quality and guarantees that the seller will provide – this will save money and nerves.

Before you put the baby on the bike, check all connections and assemblies. If the bike is going to be stored, it needs to be cleaned and lubricated.

It is not worth checking how strong the parent handle is by overcoming a high curb and pressing on it. It will break, as it is not intended for these purposes. If there is a need to carry the bike, then you need to do this by taking the handlebars and the seat.

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