Tricycle for children from 2 years old

The tricycle has become a great alternative to the stroller. In addition to the comfort of walking with a baby, cycling itself has a lot of health benefits for children.


These include:

  • there is a strengthening of immunity;
  • improving the blood supply to the body;
  • development of movement coordination;
  • muscle strengthening;
  • the formation of endurance;
  • training of the vestibular apparatus.

Cycling plays an important role in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Pediatricians advise cycling with problematic development of the knees, feet, and hip joints. Skating has a positive effect on hallux valgus, flat feet.

And to maintain your health, and the baby in the future, you can already think about buying a simulator now.

Types of tricycles for children from 2 years old


Classic type

This vehicle is intended for children from two to four years. The child independently controls the bike. Two-year-old children already run confidently, they are very active, they love to learn new things.

Tricycles are intended for children over two years of age. They are stable, develop a safe speed. The kid will learn to do several actions at the same time – to control the movement, pedal and maintain balance.

When choosing a bike, you need to consider additional features:

  • Hand brake allows you to stop transport on flat and inclined surfaces.
  • Rudder restraints block the bike. That is, it only moves in a straight line. This is necessary when the child prevents parents from driving, he turns the steering wheel.
  • Special insert protects the baby from falling out during sharp bends and turns.
  • The main difference of this type is represented by a saddle, as in adult counterparts. Therefore, it should be given special attention. It should be comfortable, non-slip, hard. Preferably height adjustable.
  • big wheels provide a decent speed ride. An important element will be a bell so that the baby can warn others about his approach.
  • Pedal lock required to protect the child’s legs from injury during the moment of rapid rotation. The vehicle is stopped by locking the rear wheels.

This unit is used without the help of parents, so the opinion of the passenger should be taken into account when choosing a bike. Children are more attracted to models that have a more serious look, without protective clothing.

Tricycle with handle

There are models that combine two types of bicycles. This means that at first the product looks and is used like a bicycle with a handle. And as soon as the baby wants to drive himself, then all protective and auxiliary elements are removed from the vehicle: limiters, parental handle, footrest, protective rim. The bicycle becomes an ordinary tricycle.

Bicycle characteristics:

  • The brake is equipped in the form of a lever under the seat.
  • The front panel performs an entertaining function. Kids joyfully switch from one melody to another.
  • The steering wheel turns in a limited range. This reduces the maneuverability of transport, but ensures safety. Since the rider himself is touched by a strong turn of the steering wheel and stability is lost.

When buying a three-wheeled vehicle, keep in mind that the main thing is the convenience of the child and parents. Since the baby spends a lot of time there, and mom or dad manages it, lifts it, moves it. And if price is the deciding factor for you, then check out these tips for choosing budget bike options.

When choosing a tricycle, take your baby with you to try it on. Then you can immediately see how the bike fits a small passenger.

If you are buying a bike for a toddler to ride on their own, choose the type without a parent handle.


Design features

  • Protective rim

Provides additional safety while driving. When the need for protection disappears, it is easily removed.

The best support option is the shape of the pallet. Legs are strong and don’t slip. It’s safer than pedals. In addition, the position of children’s legs is more correct. There is no need to adjust the tray as the baby grows.

The pedals are a comfortable foot rest. They are fixed, they rise.

  • parent pen

This is a long cane with which the device is controlled. She controls the steering wheel. Holder – in the form of a circle or adjustable handles, as on strollers (for more information about strollers and their handles, see the articles on the maneuverable stroller-cane, stroller for twins, “3-in-1” and transforming stroller). The handle is removable, allowing the vehicle to take up less space when transported, such as in a car.

Shelter from the sun is an indispensable element for hot summer days. Protects even if it rains. The visor differs in shape: square, oval, triangular. Modern models are equipped with a roof like strollers.

Its types are various: basket, body, container. Some models provide a second separate basket for the child. There you can put your child’s favorite toy – for example, a designer.

The smaller the mass of transport, the faster the baby will learn to ride. Please note that light bikes are made of plastic, so they are unreliable. The ideal option is metal tubes of small diameter.

Details that children touch with their hands are equipped with overlays.

  • Transport sustainability

The center of gravity should not be too high. The steering wheel is equipped with a turn limiter, as some models easily fall to the side.

When the baby rides on his own, he should be able to get in and out. When sitting, the legs reach the ground. Some models have the function of adjusting the distance of the seat from the pedals.

It is better when the pedals and wheels are covered with special soft plastic or even rubber.

  • Plastic wheels guarantee a low cost, but they are noisy, roll with difficulty, and do not last long.
  • The rubber wheel is silent and durable.
  • Inflatable with metal or plastic wheels. Such a vehicle stands above others. They provide a quiet ride, do not slip on the road. Therefore, it is permissible to use transport even in winter, when there is little snow. Production material – plastic or metal. With plastic weight will be less, and metal guarantee stability and safety.

Depending on the age of the baby, the type of seat is selected. Products with a handle are more often equipped with a high back and a wide base in the form of a chair. Classic models have triangular seats on the principle of adults. On this topic, you may also be interested in information about child carriers and child car seats.



When picking up a bike, be guided by the correct height so that the child touches the ground with his feet. And if he rides on his own, then his leg freely reaches the pedals in the lower position.

Be sure to check whether the crumbs turn the wheel, with what force it rotates. The same applies to the steering wheel, brakes, wheels. They must function without extraneous sounds.

Rules to follow:

  • Before the trip, make sure the vehicle is stable. The weight must be evenly distributed. To do this, do not hang packages or bags on the steering wheel.
  • Inspect the bike: surfaces should be free of scratches and dents.
  • Do not lift the device by the parent handle. A breakdown occurs when a parent tries to overcome obstacles. The design is not designed for such actions.
  • When using a bicycle, keep in mind that during long, tiring journeys, children get tired and fall asleep. Therefore, carefully plan a difficult route, do not go far from home. And if, nevertheless, you are planning long walks, then you should think about a travel highchair. If this topic is new for you and you have a desire to learn more about such a bike, then here you can also learn about their varieties on wheels, mounted and conventional models.
  • When driving, the baby sits upright, holding the handlebars or a protective device with his hands. Feet do not touch the ground, but stand on a special pallet or pedals. The kid does not lean to the sides, otherwise the bike will tip over.
  • It is recommended to use the vehicle only during daylight hours.
  • You can’t bring two kids.

Care and cleaning

  • Wheels, pedals, footrests or the common pan should be cleaned regularly of dirt.
  • Lubricate parts with oil from time to time to ensure efficient operation.
  • If the bike is not used for a long time, cover it.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the surfaces. Do not use car polish, as the vehicle is open and harmful fumes are inhaled by children.
  • Do not immerse the bike in water when washing, this will corrode the metal parts.
  • Do not store the product in a humid environment, at high temperatures, near an open flame.

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

  • Children 2 years of age use the bike under adult supervision.
  • A bicycle is a means of transport, therefore, before the trip, parents explain to their children the rules of use and safety measures.
  • When a kid learns to ride a bike, the process is controlled by adults.
  • If there are small parts, make sure that the baby does not swallow them.
  • For safe driving, choose flat surfaces, avoid thresholds, stairs, uneven areas.
  • Do not allow to ride on a busy street, highway.
  • While riding a group of children, pushing each other is prohibited.
  • The weight of the rider corresponds to the indicated value of the technical instructions for a particular model.
  • Parents monitor the technical condition of the transport.
  • Before the trip, inspect the integrity of the bike, check the fasteners.
  • Check the condition of the wheels, lubricate the joints with oil.
  • Do not store the vehicle in places with high humidity and temperature.
  • Get protective equipment: a helmet, knee pads, and so on. This will protect the little cyclist from injuries, knocked knees.
  • If the child is dressed in loose clothing or has any accessories (for example, children’s watches), then you need to make sure that they do not hang out. This can lead to accidents if the baby gets caught on something while riding.


Faults and solutions

  • Wheel axle damage

If the bike is under excessive load (carrying heavy loads, exceeding the permissible weight, parent support), then this breakdown occurs. In this case, the axle is replaced.

  • Broken parent handle

It can crack anywhere, both at the base, with a strong bend, and at the end – near the holder. The reason is the fragile composition of the pen itself or careless handling of it. The only way to fix this damage is to replace the handle. With the ability to use welding, the gap can be welded.

  • Panel breakage

Children play with the control panel, so it makes sense that the details are missing. And sometimes the panel breaks entirely. It makes sense to repair the control panel, depending on the scale of the breakdown.

A tricycle is a complete vehicle for children aged 2 years and over. When choosing a transport, be based on your own preferences, the tastes of a young cyclist, and the conditions for storing a bicycle.

The tricycle is a favorite toy for children, as it is equipped with light effects, a music panel, and other entertaining elements. Children like to press buttons, roll their toys. He will become an indispensable assistant to mom and a true friend to the baby.

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