Travel highchair

A travel highchair is a handy accessory. Helps out in small spaces, especially where it is impossible to use bulky stationary ones. They enjoy the trust of their parents.

It is very light, on average its weight varies between 200–400 g.

How to use


Who is the travel highchair suitable for? What is it for?

  • If your kitchen, by square measures, does not accommodate a stationary chair for feedingor it is difficult to fit it to install or there is not enough space in the room.
  • If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money for an expensive fixture at such an early age, 1-2 years.
  • If you have a trip planned or you like to travel frequently. You can’t hand feed, and it’s not practical to use bulky options on the road. Unlike them, the travel counterpart fits compactly in a bag and is easy to use in a variety of places.
  • If you are a sociable and sociable person, visit relatives and friends a couple of times a month, but there is no suitable chair for the little one.

How to choose a travel highchair

Criterias of choice

  1. When choosing, first of all, take a look at the composition of the fabric. The determining factor is its density. It should combine strength, wear resistance and at the same time lightness. The right choice would be a blended fabric. This material is composed of cotton combined with polyester. Polyester gives strength and durability to the product, cotton – comfort.

You should not choose a chair made of 100% synthetic fibers, they will not give the desired comfort. A good option would be to add viscose, these fabrics have breathable properties.

Polyester in the composition of the fabric helps to dry the product quickly, does not allow deformation during washing, is easy to clean and has a good water-repellent effect;

  1. It is useful to choose light fabrics, with water-repellent impregnation, which do not wrinkle;
  2. There are models with a built-in pouch-pocket. In case of transfer, the high chair is easily assembled into it. And at the same time, there is no possibility of losing the handbag itself on trips and travels;
  3. Machine washable.
  4. Pay attention to the height limiters – special loops for threading belts. They do not allow the straps to slip and are securely fixed. If there are none, then the front part begins to slide off the chest and everything will turn into a fall.

Fits in any women’s handbag, pocket. It can be carried everywhere with you, on trips, outings, events. It weighs little, folds into a case and is stored there until the right moment.

The structure is universal, attached to the usual furniture – chairs or armchairs for adults. Places where you can take a portable high chair – all kinds of catering establishments, hotels and adjacent recreation areas, transport (airplanes, trains), stations, airports.

It all depends on the activity of the mother and the patterns of her daily movement. No matter how her day is lined up, with a portable chair, the child can always stay nearby.

Benefits of a travel highchair


  • Comfort while feeding – the baby is securely fixed, sits in a stable position, the right place, he does not run, does not fall;
  • Purity – since the baby arrives in one place, particles of food and drinks are not scattered throughout the apartment and furniture. Difficult to clean and delicate surfaces in the house will remain untouched. This is important if feeding takes place outside the home;
  • Security – there is no threat that the baby will fall, will walk at the time of swallowing food, he is always in the field of view of the parents, in the correct position. Since parents always know where the child sits and eats, there is no chance not to keep track of him.

For a baby, plates of hot soup, cups of coffee, and even a tablecloth are something new, strange, unknown. All the smallest details attract attention, and he wants to touch everything, find out. The fidget is trying to pull everything onto itself, to put it in its mouth – this is fraught with serious consequences.

Using a high chair means avoiding abrasions and severe burns, it will protect the child from injury.

  • Upbringing – the child looks at adults and adopts manners, quickly learns to hold cutlery on his own. Such methods allow you to teach to eat carefully.
  • Fidget is busy playing and at the same time fixedthis rare free time mom can spend on cooking for other family members, cleaning or other household chores.
  • A small member of the family has a place in the kitchen, near the kitchen table. And since it is attached to an adult chair or armchair, this will allow the baby to be on the same level with adults. This fact is very important for the proper development of the psyche.

Age restrictions

Age restrictions

The age when parents acquire this type of furniture for a child is the sixth month of life. The main rule is the ability of the baby to sit confidently and without support. Of course, children do not develop in the same way, someone will learn to sit before six months, and someone much later.

Parents should consider weight and age. In addition to individual characteristics, each highchair model is designed for ages of several months and above; when buying, you need to examine the limitations and parameters.

The signal that it’s time to buy, it turns out, is the onset of the complementary feeding period. At this time, the baby has just learned to eat other foods that are different in terms of nutrition from mother’s milk. This moment is characterized by the fact that food is spit out. Food is scattered all over the house, on furniture surfaces.

Use a high chair up to three years. Manufacturers offer models that can withstand weight up to 15 kg.



  1. It is important to monitor the posture of the child, it is not allowed to relax the straps to the point where strong tilts and swings are possible. The posture should be symmetrical. The straps themselves must be securely fastened and stretched;
  2. It is not allowed to leave the baby in the chair unattended;
  3. Carefully inspect the area around the childso that there are no objects nearby that could cause injury or frighten them if they tip over. Or dangerous items that lie within reach;
  4. When used outdoorstoys and nipples are best attached to the straps on it, this will help to avoid falling, they will not get dirty.

Initially, you should pay attention to the quality and safety of materials. You have the right to ask the seller of this product to provide quality certificates for it.

Don’t save a lot. There are a lot of offers on the market for children’s goods at very inflated prices, this is an extra cost for a brand or pretentious design. But cheap options of dubious quality should be cut off. Remember that the fidget will not remain immobilized to sit in a chair, he fidgets, moves, stretches in all directions, so the quality must be confirmed by the price.

The next safety criterion is adjustable belts. Choose a device with comfortable fasteners, special softening inserts. It is better when there is a length and height regulator.

Be sure to pay attention to the fastenings, and most importantly to the seat belts of the high chair. Manufacturers offer three-point and five-point models. The essence of species differences is the difference in fixation and stability.

It is worth making a purchase only after trying on, the child should feel very comfortable in the highchair so that he can sit in it during lunch and games.

Every mother strives to choose safe things for her child. Additionally, I want them to be individual and bring him joy. In addition, parents like to pick up children’s furniture for the interior of the apartment.

Designers offer colors from gentle and calm tones to the brightest and most juicy ones. Appearance changes if there are accessories and additions. More often, manufacturers focus on bright, joyful color options.

Psychologists recommend opting for a calm range of colors, since the child should not be distracted while eating, he should be focused on food, and during games – on toys. This is especially true for nimble and mobile children.

In addition to the appearance in the design, manufacturers include additional features for the practical aspect of use. There are options with additional departments, pockets, a basket for toys and other auxiliary elements.

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