T-shirt is a functional item in the wardrobe of men and women. Such clothes are used for everyday wear, leisure, walking and work. The products are universal because they favorably complement different images and are suitable for different seasons.

Types of T-shirts


Types of men's T-shirts

  • Classic men’s t-shirts – combined with jeans, chinos, a sports jacket and gray sweaters.
  • Men’s V-neck T-shirt – things suitable for relaxing on the beach and at home. Pair with shorts and jeans.
  • Men’s polo shirts – with short closure, stand-up collar and short sleeves. Made from knitwear. These are clothing for leisure and sports. Such things look fashionable and solid.
  • A hanley is a collarless cotton garment with a few buttons down the chest. Worn with jeans, dark trousers of non-classical tailoring.
  • Rugby T-shirt – things made of durable fabric, often decorated with inscriptions.
  • T-shirts Long sleeves – T-shirt with long sleeves. It is combined with different styles: classic, casual, smart casual. Worn with sweatpants, windbreaker and sneakers.


Types of women's T-shirts

  • Women’s T-shirts – T-shirts without sleeves. They differ from the standard T-shirt with an extended armhole. Such things are comfortable, do not restrict movement, look stylish and fashionable.

T-shirts are decorated with prints or drawings. Products show summer style, are put on in warm weather, are made of light fabrics.

  • Classic women’s T-shirt – a product with sleeves without a collar, a standard cut. Suitable for relaxing, walking.
  • Women’s Polo shirt – T-shirt with a collar and a number of buttons. Allows a woman to look solid and elegant on vacation, but cannot act as business attire.
  • Long sleeve – models with long sleeves. Often have a pocket on the chest or a row of buttons. The combination of long sleeves with jeans, straight dress pants and pumps looks advantageous.


Product characteristics

Main settings:

  • the size;
  • color and color;
  • style (polo, T-shirt, hanley);
  • necklines (V-shaped, oval);
  • decor (decorations, inserts, drawings, prints, inscriptions).

According to the material, the following types of T-shirts are distinguished:

  • cotton;
  • viscose;
  • polyester;
  • linen;
  • silk;
  • acrylic.

Cotton and linen fabrics are suitable for everyday wear, sportswear is made from dense polyester fabrics. Silk products look expensive and presentable.

It is not recommended to constantly wear synthetic fabrics, they do not breathe well, have high electrostatic, quickly absorb odors and do not wash well.

T-shirts are a functional element of the wardrobe, which is suitable for everyday wear, leisure and work. Essential for sports. Products also perform an aesthetic function.

Accessories that are used to decorate clothes:

  • lettering,
  • prints,
  • embroidery,
  • sequins,
  • beads,
  • rivets,
  • thorns,
  • applications,
  • rhinestones,
  • stickers,
  • lace.

Benefits of T-shirts

Advantages of cotton t-shirts

Benefits of cotton items

  • hygroscopicity;
  • strength;
  • good coloring;
  • the body in such things breathes;
  • the ability to vary the thickness of the products.

Advantages of viscose T-shirts

Advantages of viscose T-shirts

  • soft and pleasant to the touch;
  • hygroscopicity;
  • pass air well;
  • electrostaticity;
  • good coloring;
  • nice shine.

Benefits of linen t-shirts

Benefits of linen products

  • strength, easily tolerate washing and temperature changes;
  • absorb moisture well;
  • high bactericidal properties;
  • the fabric is smooth, pleasant to the touch.

Advantages of silk t-shirts

Advantages of silk t-shirts

  • absorb moisture well;
  • has a noble luster;
  • high strength;
  • Lightweight, suitable for hot weather.

Benefits of polyester t-shirts

Advantages of polyester items

  • water resistance;
  • high heat-saving properties;
  • air tightness;
  • slight creasing;
  • strength;
  • ease of care, the fabric does not need ironing;
  • long service life.

Advantages of acrylic t-shirts

  Pros of things made of acrylic

  • dimensional stability;
  • heat saving;
  • resistance to light and chemicals;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • pleasant to the touch.


Disadvantages of cotton t-shirts

Disadvantages of cotton items

  • wrinkle quickly;
  • resistant to chemical acids.

Cons of viscose T-shirts

Cons of viscose T-shirts

  • wrinkle quickly;
  • wear out quickly;
  • highly flammable;
  • needs meticulous care.

Disadvantages of linen T-shirts

Disadvantages of linen products

  • have a rough texture;
  • wrinkle quickly.

Cons of synthetic t-shirts

Cons of synthetic products

  • badly breathe;
  • have high electrostaticity;
  • quickly absorb odors;
  • rub off badly.

Disadvantages of polyester t-shirts

Disadvantages of polyester

  • hard to the touch;
  • practically do not absorb moisture;
  • heavy-duty;
  • poorly stained;
  • low electrostatic.

Cons of acrylic t-shirts

Cons of acrylic products

  • practically do not absorb moisture;
  • stretch quickly;
  • low electrostatic;
  • easily absorb fatty substances;
  • the formation of pellets.

The disadvantage of silk is the high cost.

General operational problems

General operational problems

  • low-quality fittings (decorations, erasable inscriptions);
  • stretch fabric that can be deformed;
  • improper tailoring or cut, sloppy seams;
  • the appearance of pellets on clothes;
  • fabric fading.

How to choose a T-shirt

How to choose

  • First, evaluate the quality of the seams. Check the inside of the product: the seams should be even, without gaps. Models with the right cut will last a long time.
  • Look at the material from which the product is made. It should be pleasant to the body, hypoallergenic, allow the skin to breathe. To check the quality of the fabric, stretch the T-shirt lengthwise and across.

If it has returned to its original shape, then the fabric is good. The weaving of threads should be uniform.

  • When choosing a T-shirt, you should focus on the complexion. Tight-fitting products are worn by males with a good torso. To hide the fullness, choose spacious models.
  • First ask the managers if shrinkage is provided for in this model. If not, buy 1 size up as they will shrink by about 5 percent.

A men’s T-shirt should end at the level of the belt buckle of jeans or trousers. Choose clothes that do not restrict movement. Preferably fitted, but not tight-fitting things, they are suitable for both full and thin people.

How to choose

  • The most practical things are white, gray, blue and black. Basic items go well with all sorts of clothes, but they can look boring. Fans of experiments can choose orange, red, yellow, green things.
  • For relaxation and nature, choose T-shirts with prints, stripes, patterns. They are worn loose with jeans or even with sweatpants. It is not recommended to combine striped, plaid or patterned clothing with a jacket.
  • Avoid models with promotional slogans and large logos. Such clothes can be worn at home or in the country. If you still decide to buy, be sure to translate the foreign inscription.
  • When choosing a T-shirt, pay attention to the neckline. Choose which one you like best: V-shaped or oval. So that the hair on the chest is not visible, the neckline should not be deep. V-shaped products are suitable for men with broad shoulders.
  • When choosing things, remember the purposes for which they are needed. For everyday wear, choose comfortable clothes with a regular cut. For walks and work, prefer products with decorative elements.

How to choose

Jewelry should not be too massive. A few touches are enough to create an individual look: a small pattern, a floral print, a lace collar, neat buttons.

Solid people for outdoor activities fit long sleeves or polo.

How to choose a women’s T-shirt

Tips for choosing t-shirts for women

    • Be sure to consider the type of figure. If you are the owner of the hourglass type, look at clothes made of soft fabrics. Products with a complex cut with a belt or models that focus on the hips will do.

The neckline is oval, V-shaped and heart-shaped.

    • With a pear body type, choose light-colored or multi-colored t-shirts with a loose fit and a deep neckline to divert attention from the heavy bottoms. Puff sleeves, flounces, prints and frills look good.
    • The type of figure is “inverted triangle” – a visual reduction in the shoulder line is necessary. Pick things from soft fabrics, with sleeves without details. Vertical prints, products with a peplum or collar are suitable.
    • With an apple-shaped figure, pay attention to elongated options with free tailoring. Do not neglect the decor elements, you can choose T-shirts with epaulettes on the shoulders and deep cuts.

Tips for choosing t-shirts for women

Models with vertical prints are suitable.

    • With a rectangular figure, you should choose products that expand downwards: T-shirts with a peplum, with a belt at the waist or with decorations in the shoulder or bust line.

Clothing with bright prints will divert attention from the figure as a whole. If you wear models with dark edges and a contrasting color in the middle, the figure will appear slimmer.

You can hide the fullness with the help of vertical stripes on a black background.

    • Women with large breasts go for T-shirts made of soft jersey with deep V-shaped or scoop necklines and embellishments. Sleeve length – just below or above the chest line.
    • To visually add volume to the chest and emphasize the waistline, choose products with draperies, knots, curves, lace in the bust area. Highlight the waistline with a belt or a contrasting color of clothing.
    • Girls with full arms should pay attention to models with ¾ or ½ sleeves. Favorably look free, draped and flared products.

Stick to minimalism in jewelry. Massive elements will visually add fullness.

Which is better

Which is better

Best t-shirts:

  • correctly sized and do not restrict movement;
  • practical, suitable for different styles, combined with a basic wardrobe;
  • have well-made seams and high-quality cut;
  • made of durable fabric (does not wear out, does not shrink when washed and does not lend itself to deformation);
  • made of hygroscopic, environmentally friendly and pleasant to the touch material;
  • modern, in line with fashion trends;
  • have pleasant shades of color and geometry of patterns;
  • have suitable decor elements that do not spoil the appearance of the product: inscriptions, flounces, prints, patterns.

How to wash and dry


How to care for a T-shirt?

  • To learn how to properly care for a thing, look at the label. It indicates what can be done to preserve the appearance of the product and long-term operation, and what is not recommended.
  • In order to avoid the formation of wrinkles on things, it is necessary to stack them correctly. Turn the product in front of you, take a sleeve in each hand, fold them inward along the fold line.
  • T-shirts with photographs need special care. Do not bend the place of drawing, so as not to damage it. It is better to wash such things in warm water with your hands, washing in a washing machine in a delicate mode is allowed, but only from the wrong side.

You can not use the intensive spin mode so that the thing is not deformed. Add a pinch of salt before washing to prevent fading.

  • To avoid wrinkles and wrinkles on things, hang clothes in the closet. Choose hangers made of wood and plastic. The durability of the garment depends on how carefully you hang the product.
  • Wash knitwear by hand in a delicate wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. The squeeze is minimal. After washing, carefully lay out the product on a drying board.

Do not wash stains, this will lead to the formation of spools. To clean the item, use special stain removers.

Folk remedies will also help: gasoline for removing grease stains, wine vinegar for sweat stains on cotton products, ammonia for chocolate stains.


  • Pills are easy to get rid of with an anti-pilling machine or a razor. The second way: rinse the thing in warm, then in cold water. Add a softener first (table soda will do).

When washing colored T-shirts, add a small amount of salt to the water to prevent color fading. Gently bleach products, as the fabric under the influence of chemistry loses its strength and is easily damaged.

  • It is recommended to iron clothes from the wrong side, if there is no prohibition sign, because on the front side there are decorations, drawings, embroideries.

In the process, try not to put much pressure on clothes with sequins, beads, beads, as there is a high risk of damaging the decor. Use the steam setting or spray the item with water to avoid stretching it.


When doing this, consider the material of the fabric. Cotton T-shirts are ironed at 200 degrees, and viscose products at 100 degrees.

  • It is recommended to dry things on a clothesline. Dryers deform products and damage patterns. To avoid creases in the fabric, do not use clothespins. It is forbidden to cling them to the picture.
  • To restore the color of the item, wash it thoroughly, then rinse it in a soda solution. You need a tablespoon of soda per liter of water. To maintain color stability, add a spoonful of 9% vinegar to the solution.

T-shirt manufacturers


Since T-shirts are the basic part of the wardrobe, various global brands are engaged in the production of such clothes.



A company that manufactures various types of motorsport equipment. The brand’s collections are represented by leather overalls, motor boots, gloves, T-shirts.

There is everything you need to equip a motorcyclist: shoes for sports and ordinary riding, jackets, trousers. Among the protective equipment are turtles (protective jackets), protectors for clothing, shells for motocross, elements for protecting the elbows, knees, back, neck.

Materials – leather, textiles. For production, patented proprietary technologies are used.



A brand that specializes in the production of thermal underwear for active sports. Products are made of durable materials with high thermal insulation characteristics and moisture removal.

Polyester fabrics are used, which trap moisture and dry quickly when wet. Hunters and fishermen in cold weather cannot do without such things. Useful for cold nights in a sleeping bag and in the winter in the country.

Products are certified and labeled according to European standards. Acceptable value for money goods.



A brand that produces functional products for skiing. Sets of thermal underwear, socks and protective equipment (helmets, back protection, clothing with protective inserts) are presented.

The range includes T-shirts with short and long sleeves, underpants, leggings. Products will be appreciated by hunters and fishermen. brand lines:

  • destroyer expert,
  • Destroyer outdoor tracking,
  • Destroyer Catch.

Characteristics – modern design, the use of innovative technologies and biotextile thermal materials that are bacteriostatic, retain heat and remove moisture.

Those who are engaged in active sports do not experience the sensation of cold sweat, tissue sticking and cold. Convenient tailoring does not constrain movements. The prices match the quality.



Various types of thermal underwear with increased technical characteristics are produced. Quick-drying, moisture-wicking materials are used. Polyester keeps warm, protects from cold and getting wet. Unique design and neat tailoring.

The products are durable, comfortable and easy to care for. Suitable for sports people. Acceptable value for money goods.



A company that produces clothes of various sizes. T-shirts of the brand are distinguished by their original design. Products are comfortable and easy to care for. The model range is presented in different color variations.

Decor elements are used: prints, drawings, patterns. The technical level of the cut is high.



The Spanish company is engaged in the production of pneumatic weapons and bullets. Guns and pistols of the brand are used by hunters and shooters in more than 50 countries around the world.

Rifles of the company are distinguished by ergonomic characteristics and original design. The collections include clothes for outdoor activities and sports: caps, bags, backpacks, T-shirts, pants, jackets.

Things have heat-saving properties, are made of durable materials. Products are certified and marked according to standards. Acceptable pricing policy.



Czech company engaged in the production of thermal underwear and sports socks for skiing and cycling, trekking, running, mountaineering. Factories are located in the city of Sokolov.

Modern technological materials with high technical characteristics are used, new technologies are used, and an electronic control system is in operation.

Acceptable value for money goods. Products are certified and labeled in accordance with European standards.

red fox

red fox

A company that manufactures clothing for climbers and other extreme sports. Products with the following characteristics are produced: they breathe well and retain heat, provide climate control, and are functional.

Goods are certified, have the necessary marking, focused on the modern consumer.



A company that manufactures covers and cases for musical instruments and equipment. T-shirts with interesting prints are sold at an affordable price. The factory is located in China and belongs to the German company WARWICK.

Attention is paid to new trends and affordability of products. It is comfortable and easy to use, thought out to the details. Good value for money. Products are certified and marked according to standards.



A Japanese company that manufactures bicycles, equipment for fishing and rowing. The production of fishing equipment is carried out by a division of Shimano Adachi Co. Ltd.

The brand’s clothing is represented by durable items with heat-insulating and moisture-resistant characteristics. Products comply with European and international standards, certified and labeled. More than 40 countries of the world are engaged in distribution activities.



Products designed for those who go in for sports, like to relax on fishing or hunting. Models for daily use and military service are presented. Materials are moisture resistant, have thermal insulation characteristics.

The body remains dry and does not freeze. Moisture is removed to the middle layer of clothing: jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, sweaters. Thermal socks are made of bamboo fiber, modal, polyester, polyamide, with strong weaving threads.



Products are made of durable materials, inscriptions and drawings are used in the decor. Such things demonstrate youth style, suitable for relaxation and walks. Acceptable value for money.

Products are certified and labeled, meet international standards.



Italian company for the production of scooters, the founder of the European design school. Released the first successful scooter in the world. The brand’s clothing is designed for active people who love sports and appreciate comfort.

Natural fabrics are used, neat seams. Acceptable value for money. Products are certified, meet European and international standards.



The company is engaged in the production of equipment for fishing, hunting and outdoor activities (tents, awnings, tents). Functional products and accessories for tourism are presented.

Durable materials with high technical characteristics are used. Goods are made in accordance with international standards, certified.

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