Strollers for twins

Types of strollers for twins

Varieties and features

Transformer – a stroller with two seating options. Universal positions, combinations of parts assembly. The cradles are removed and used as a car seat or walking, hand bags – carrying. Both child seats are installed in any direction, in a sitting position and lying down.

In addition, a mosquito net, a raincoat and a warm cape are attached, if this is the “winter-summer” option. Only a mosquito net is suitable for summer.

Side by side – models with two seats that are located side by side. Models change position, where you can only lie or sit, but are not removed. The kids are sitting next to each other. Another plus is that the position of the handle and wheels changes, the children can be turned towards their mother or ride forward. There are such strollers for summer and “winter-summer”.

To each other – when the wheelchair seats are opposite. Children look at each other, they can walk, play and chat while walking. Many of these models do not have other positions, but sometimes you can find those that take on a recumbent position. They are summer and “winter-summer”.

One after another – when the children go one by one. On such a stroller, the handle does not change, and it has no other positions. Most often, riding in it is only sitting. There are such models in the supine position, but they are less in demand. For a baby behind, this option is less convenient.

Convenient for shopping. Easily passes through any door and does not have to be left at the entrance. It is not worth buying during the cold season. Bulky clothes take up a lot of space in a rather narrow stroller, and babies feel uncomfortable.

locomotive and tandem – the same strollers as the “one after the other” model. Only on a train does the rear seat change, it rises. So the baby behind better sees the surrounding space.

Leaving children alone in a stroller with this position is not worth it, if they play hard, it will roll over.

Tandem, differs from the locomotive in strength and the position of the handle changes on it. The wheels are wide and strong. Use in winter, autumn, spring, summer. She has a complete safety kit.

national team – make up yourself, buying two of the same, where there is an application of parts for assembly. Products for one small passenger are made wider, deeper than for twins and they are less expensive. Many people seek to buy a transformer for twins, but they cost an order of magnitude more expensive. It is cheaper to buy two identical ones and combine them, getting a convenient transport for twins.

Disassembled and assembled, like a transformer. Has many provisions. Equipped with seat belts, mosquito net, rain cover and insulation for the cold period.

How to choose a stroller for twins


Specify the product class in the store:

Economy Class – inexpensive and economical. Average quality. Low price, break quickly.

Super Class – average price, good quality. Not afraid of rocky roads and weather precipitation.

Upper class – expensive strollers, high quality. The use is durable.

Premium class – modern, with an interesting design, fashionable, bright.

If the stroller will only be used for a few seasons, buy an economy class. Foreseen further use or subsequent sale may be a reason to buy an expensive model. Most often acquire the highest class for twin boys. Children need a strong and reliable support for walking.

Ultra-modern premium models amaze with interesting designs.

Wheelchairs “back and forth” are popular. One cradle is turned towards the mother, and the other vice versa. Only this design is not convenient when you need to feed children. You have to go around the cradle or pick up one of the kids.

They produce inflated models in the form of one sofa with good cushioning. Reversible handle, cozy and large cape, massive SUV wheels. Only a partition separates the children.

Summer options with rear-view windows made of mosquito nets are blown through fabric holes. There is air circulation. Babies are placed on their tummy in a cradle. As they ride, they look out the window.

The red color of the stroller will cause excessive activity in children, it will disturb sleep.

White is very easily soiled, but in the heat it repels the sun, but you can’t go to nature in a white cradle. In spring and until mid-summer, strong attacks of ticks. It is a fact that ticks are susceptible to white clothes and colors.

The black cradle is not easily soiled, a comfortable classic, but children do not like dark colors.

When purchasing a stroller, it is better to choose gentle, calm or multi-colored tones:

  • cell;
  • embroidery;
  • picture;
  • yellow sun;
  • green grass;
  • pink
  • beige, etc.

After choosing the right color, pay attention to whether there is a backlight on the wheels, the bottom of the mount and at the back.

In cities with a lot of traffic, backlighting is a signal for motorists and cyclists to be careful and attentive!

Advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of each wheelchair for twins is comfort, durability, convenience for children and parents. Equally important is the price category. Sales leaders make high-quality models, the main thing is not to buy a fake.

A fake is always a low price, a misspelled brand name, defects, poor quality material. Differences in shape, color, size, lack of parts, accessories.

If the buyer noticed one of the listed shortcomings on a branded stroller, you should not buy it. Be sure to inform the manufacturer and the consumer supervision department at the place of residence about the violation of consumer rights, counterfeit goods! The exceptions are discounts, promotions and bonuses, but only at a price.

It is better to buy a model for twins with a lifting top of the cradle, which will allow the baby to sit and see the world after 4.5 – 6 months.

In winter, you will need a strong, stable, roomy and warm model. It is better to choose a high stroller with solid, large wheels, strong mounts.

How to use

Operating rules

  1. When stopping, put the vehicle on the brakes.
  2. Seat belts must be fastened, not tight and not too loose. Let them hold the children, but do not interfere with their movements.
  3. A large number of hung packages, bags is unacceptable, otherwise the transport will tip over.
  4. The mechanism will be checked before the children are seated. The fasteners will drop from the weight.
  5. You can not climb the escalator with a stroller, it is dangerous.
  6. It is not allowed to roll the stroller up the stairs.

When buying, it is worth taking a warranty card for maintenance and repair, in case of a breakdown, contact the store for a problem that has arisen. The warranty is issued for a period of six months to three years of operation, depending on the manufacturer. If the store is not ready to provide a guarantee, you should not buy a stroller at this point of sale, but choose a reliable guarantor.

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