The transformer is considered a useful invention. The stroller is designed for long-term use. The design is transformed into a cradle or into a walking children’s transport.


  1. In the types of strollers that have a minimum share of transformation, the walking view is transformed into a cradle due to the backrest – it is given a horizontal position and a carrying envelope with a rigid base is installed on it.
  2. In variants with a complicated transformation, this process requires the fastening of new elements, from which the baby’s sleeping place is based. Taking into account that fastening occurs with the help of a zipper and buttons, the operation takes 4-5 minutes.


The transformer is made so carefully that when folded, like a sleeping place for a baby, the stroller is indistinguishable from a classic cradle designed for newborns.

The cradle is a spacious basket that has long sides, a deep folding hood and a solid base that is set high on wheels. It is equipped with a cushioning system that softens shocks, which is required when driving.

The main distinguishing feature of the transformer is the ease of transformation into a stroller for a walk. Thus, this children’s transport is used until the age of 3 years.

Differences and similarities

Differences and similarities

The transformer can be compared with the 3 in 1 model. Both are generic types. In appearance, they are similar to each other. There are also structural differences. The 3 in 1 package consists of the following blocks: a place to sleep, a stroller chair and a portable car seat.

If the transformer turns into a cradle due to the transformation of one block, then for the reincarnation of the universal type, one block, which is removed from the wheel base, is replaced by the second. These blocks can be replaced in two minutes.

Another distinguishing feature is the design of the handle. In transformers, it is cross over. Therefore, the child is transplanted in the other direction of movement.

Modular ones provide a variety of landing options for the person who is carrying the stroller, but for this operation the walking blocks are removed and placed in the required direction, which is not very comfortable when walking.

Advantages of strollers-transformers


  1. The transformer combines two models of children’s transport. This is economical, because you do not need to buy a walking option.
  2. Transformers have inflatable wheels of increased diameter and a strong shock absorber for use in winter on difficult sections of the road. Thanks to this fact, they compare favorably with classic options such as the cane model.
  3. In transformers, the sleeping place is much larger than the dimensions of the cradles used in 3-in-1 models. It is comfortable to seat a baby in the “transitional” age category in such a stroller, while you can easily change the angle of inclination for the back. There are models on the market equipped with 5 positions for adjusting the backrest. If the baby fell asleep, you can lower the back all the way. But walking models do not transform like that – they do not have a horizontal position, and the baby sleeps on a walk in a semi-sitting position.
  4. Practicality. This model is a suitable option for a grown-up baby, who needs a variety of design options. For convenient transportation of twins, it is better to use a special model of a stroller for twins.
  5. Cost is another advantage.


In terms of functional features, transformable ones are ahead of other models. If you buy a classic stroller, then the set of functions will be limited.

Transformers have the following functions:

  • the chassis folds in half – comfortable for transportation in the car;
  • raincoat; it opens to ventilate and provide the child with an overview – the baby can sleep on his stomach while walking and look at the panorama that opens in front of him;
  • the flip handle is height adjustable;
  • adjustable depreciation;
  • side pockets;
  • canopy for the baby’s legs with changing geometry;
  • a body for a walk, in which the back is adjustable;
  • it is convenient to remove the front crossbar-bumper – it is easier to get the baby;
  • capacity for purchases;
  • portable bag. Some models are equipped with a portable cradle.

Considering the ratio of cost, practicality and functionality, then buying a transforming stroller is an excellent solution.

How to choose a transforming stroller

Selection rules

When choosing, pay attention to the following points:

  • mass. This indicator is specified by the sales assistant. Drive the children’s transport around the store and lift it up to draw conclusions – how easy it is;
  • what floor do you live on;
  • is it possible to leave it at the entrance;
  • is there an elevator in the house;
  • frame material. Durable models include transformers made of steel. Plastic is not the best solution to buy;
  • wheelbase dimensions. High-dimensional wheels are not afraid of dirt and poor quality of the roadway. Small wheels get stuck in the mud, are afraid of strong shaking, creak and loosen. Before going to the store, they measure the width of the doorway in the elevator and in their own home, compare the results with the width of the wheelbase of the stroller;
  • wheel material. Rubber wheels are considered an acceptable option for summer use. They have excellent cushioning, so they roll smoothly and the child does not experience discomfort. In winter, they get bogged down in the snow, but plastic wheels move easily. It is better to immediately ask the sales assistant about the possibility of replacing the wheels;
  • depreciation system. Soft suspension provides improved maneuverability: it is easier to turn, passing curbs and obstacles;
  • own cradle. With its help, you can easily take a sleeping baby out of the stroller and take it home without waking it up. If you decide to go on a visit with a child, then you don’t have to worry about where he will fall asleep. The cradle has dense walls, the baby will be warm in winter during walks;
  • handle design. It is better to opt for a model that has a height adjuster: transforming strollers have a lower seating position, so it will not be difficult for tall parents to increase the length of the handle.


Types of breakdowns

Wheel failure
The load during movement goes to the wheels, they are constantly in contact with the asphalt surface, so they most often deteriorate and wear out. Modern models of children’s vehicles are equipped with twin wheels.

This is done to make it easier to control the transport and turn it in both directions. The baby, meanwhile, can sleep peacefully. The swivel function is assigned to the front wheels, and it is they who fail more often.

There have been complaints that a pebble, rubble, often gets between the pairs of wheels, which can impair their mobility or balance. Thus, it will be difficult to control the transport, since the wheels will not run parallel to each other.

In practice, this causes the wheels to “slow down” or turn out to be uncontrollable during a turn and do not obey you. In order not to encounter the types of breakdowns mentioned earlier, be sure to explore the area where you will use the stroller, including on “rough terrain”: on country roads, near places where repairs are being carried out, or even off the sidewalk.

It is better to choose a vehicle for your child with large single wheels.

Another common wheel problem is imbalance. Quality models don’t. As a preventive measure for imbalance, inspect the wheels constantly and carefully, and if there is the slightest suspicion, contact a repair center.

Despite the fact that the handle is considered the most stable part, practice and numerous cases of breakdowns prove that handles also fail very quickly. The reason is that the use of a stroller is usually unnecessarily aggressive, and such vehicles have a large mass.

If you can no longer imagine how not to rock the child in his transport, you are trying to succeed in everything and in all cases you take the baby with you in the stroller, try to handle the handle carefully.

The brand also affects the frequency of breakdowns: low-quality plastic handles can quickly deteriorate and fail, causing you a lot of inconvenience. Here even a sharp change in the weather on the street will play a cruel joke, when the plastic contracts and expands all the time, which can provoke its breakdown.

Because of what break strollers-transformers


This type of breakdown is not so common: the reason is that the stroller is not used for its intended purpose: if the transport is intended for a baby, and a one-year-old child weighing 10 kg is sitting in the stroller, then the frame is likely to break.

In addition, experts do not recommend parents to overload the stroller: most mothers use this children’s “transport” to go to shops or shopping centers. This is comfortable, but not in all cases justified for the performance of all parts of the stroller – from the abundance of products, it will most likely fail soon.

Other details
Over time, a removable rain cover, fabric elements and other small accessories deteriorate. Moms complain that the raincoat is torn, and it is better to buy a new one. Removable fabric elements are easy to clean.

From a certain age, it is interesting for kids to consider the world around them, the child can tear off and stain the fabric elements of the stroller. This is life, do not scold the child, divert his attention from transport and switch to toys for children.

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