Rating of 10 types of the best strollers

Walking sticks are in high demand among moms. The reasons for their popularity lie in the design features of this type of children’s vehicle.

The design of the stroller-cane provides quick folding and unfolding, compact dimensions and good maneuverability.

The modern market for children’s goods offers a huge variety of strollers for walking in the fresh air, the most popular models are presented in the review.

The best stroller for twins

Inglesina Twin Swift - the best stroller for twins

Stroller for walking Twin Swift Inglesin is one of the most popular products in the Italian manufacturer’s range. The Twin Swift model from Inglezin is recommended for children from the age of six months.

The design of the model provides for the arrangement of blocks in one row. The manufacturer offers several color schemes for the design of the stroller.

The stroller is equipped with twin wheels equipped with swivel mechanisms and brakes. Rubber wheels with plastic rim. Spring shock absorbers.

The Twin Swift frame from Inglesin is made of aluminum. To ensure the safety of passengers while driving, the walking blocks are equipped with five-point seat belts.

The upholstery of the blocks and hoods is made of durable fabric. The visors are equipped with mesh inserts that provide ventilation and allow adults to watch the little ones sitting in the stroller.

Pros of Inglesina Twin Swift

  • light weight;
  • good cross;
  • compactness;
  • acceptable cost.


  • narrow walking places;
  • the position of the handles is not adjustable;
  • no front crossbar.

Functions of Inglesina Twin Swift


  • block backrest adjustment – 4 positions;
  • footrest adjustment.


  • the number of walking blocks – two;
  • number of supports – 6;
  • diameter and number of wheels – 14.5 cm / 12 pcs;
  • dimensions (unfolded): length (mm) – 270; width (mm) – 450; height (mm) – 1050;
  • product weight – 12.7 kilograms.

Complete set of the model Inglesina Twin Swift


  • Sunshield;
  • shopping basket (for each block).


  • rain cover for Twin Swift model;
  • winter envelope Inglesina for the block;
  • crossbar bumper.

Lbest stroller for winter

Chicco Light Way - the best walking stick for winter

Model Light Way Chicco– durable, stylish and reliable stroller for walks in any season. The vehicle is designed for babies from the first birthdays to the age of three.

The range of Light Way strollers includes a wide range of colors – from discreet to bright.

The aluminum frame provides strength and stability of the structure, the fabric part is made of durable waterproof textiles. The Light Way model is equipped with ergonomic soft handles with non-slip coating.

The Light Way stroller is characterized by high maneuverability, good driving properties of the vehicle are provided by the front single swivel wheels and the rear dual wheels with an increased diameter, equipped with clamps.

Under the chassis of the recreational vehicle there is a spacious shopping compartment made of fabric.
Pros of Chicco Light Way


  • transportability;
  • compactness;
  • backrest adjustable to a horizontal position;
  • ease of care;
  • stylish appearance;
  • affordable cost.

Cons of Chicco Light Way


  • shallow seat;
  • lack of a carrying handle;
  • poor cross-country ability on snow, sand;
  • There is no viewing window on the hood.


  • height adjustment of the footrest;
  • adjustable backrest in five positions.

Characteristics of Chicco Lightway


  • the number of supports – four;
  • number of wheels – six;
  • front wheel size – 14 cm;
  • diameter of the rear pair of wheels – 17.5 cm;
  • product weight – 7 kilograms;
  • user weight limit – 15 kilograms;
  • geometric parameters in working condition: width – 465 mm; length – 875 mm; height – 1030 mm.

Chicco Light Way


  • protective visor from the sun;
  • insulated cover for legs on fleece;
  • shopping cart.


  • rain cover;
  • protective bumper.

Best lightweight stroller

Hauck Go-s Sun - the best lightweight stroller cane

Maneuverable and lightweight Go’s Sun Hauck is an ideal solution for families with young children who love to travel. When folded, the stroller-cane will fit in urban transport, in the trunk of a car, the elevator of a multi-storey building.

You don’t need a lot of space to store your vehicle. The stroller is designed for walking in the summer.

Despite its simple design, Hauck’s Go-s Sun performs well on city footpaths and sidewalks.

The key advantage of the Hauck Go-s Sun lies in the low weight achieved through the use of a lightweight aluminum wheelbase.

The stroller is equipped with two anti-slip parent handles.

To protect the child from the sun’s rays, the manufacturer has equipped the vehicle with a visor; safety during the journey is ensured by a five-point harness with soft inserts.

The Hauk stroller is easy to keep clean, removable covers are machine washable.
Pros of Hauck Go's Sun


  • ultra-light aluminum chassis;
  • compact dimensions;
  • affordable cost;
  • handles with anti-slip coating;
  • rear brake;
  • mobility;
  • high maneuverability;
  • easy to care for.

Cons of Hauck Go's Sun


  • missing bumper;
  • no shopping cart.


  • 3 position backrest.

Characteristics of Hauck Go-s Sun


  • the number of supports – four;
  • number and diameter of wheels – 8 pcs / 11.5 cm;
  • wheel material – artificial rubber;
  • maximum load – 15 kg;
  • dimensions (unfolded): length – 720 mm; width – 460 mm; height – 970 mm;
  • product weight – 4.6 kg.


  • sun visor.

Best stroller for big kids

Maclaren Techno XLR 2016 - the best walking stick for big kids

The stroller-cane from the British manufacturer McLaren has a stylish design and high comfort. Model Maclaren Techno XLR Designed for ages 0 to 36 months.

The narrow chassis and rubber dual wheels guarantee excellent cross-country ability of the vehicle (the stroller easily overcomes curbs, can walk up the flight of stairs).

The sturdy frame allows the product to be used for transporting children weighing up to 29 kilograms.

The design of the stroller provides for a change in the inclination of the back – from a sitting position to a horizontal one. Thanks to the retractable footrest, the bed can be extended in length.

The 2016 McLaren Techno model is equipped with a large canopy that protects the passenger from bad weather and UV rays even when the back is horizontal.

You can increase the size of the hood by unfastening a special zipper on a structural element. The visor has mesh inserts for breathability.

The walking block contains a non-removable quilted mattress, five-point seat belts equipped with soft inserts, and a soft headrest. The headrest is fastened with Velcro and, if necessary, can be easily dismantled.

Pros Maclaren Techno XLR 2016


  • comfortable wide seat;
  • maneuverability;
  • a large number of accessories included;
  • compact dimensions;
  • oversized hood.


  • high price;
  • lack of a bumper;
  • center of gravity shifted to the rear supports.

Features Maclaren Techno XLR 2016


  • retractable footboard;
  • 4-position back;
  • height-adjustable handles (three positions).


  • number of reference points – 4;
  • number and diameter of wheels – 8 pcs / 16 cm;
  • the maximum allowable weight of the child is 29 kg;
  • product weight – 7.2 kg;
  • dimensions: width – 490 mm; length – 820 mm; height – 1110 mm.

Maclaren Techno XLR 2016


  • headrest;
  • mattress;
  • cape on legs;
  • basket-trunk;
  • raincoat;
  • handle strap.

Accessories for Maclaren Techno XLR 2016


  • Maclaren organizer – additional storage space for small items, easily attached to the frame;
  • bag-cover Maclaren for transportation and storage of the stroller;
  • car seat.

The best stroller cane winter summer

Baby Care GT4 - the best stroller cane winter summer

Cane stroller Baby Care GT4 for walking is one of the most popular models in the Baby Care line. The vehicle is comfortable for all-weather operation, it is recommended for use by children from six months to 3 years of age.

The chassis of the GT4 Baby Car has four points of support, the wheels are single, the front pair is swivel with a locking function. Depreciation type – spring.

The block for walking is equipped with a backrest with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination (maximum angle of inclination – 1700), 5-point seat belts, bumper bar.

The upholstery of the walking compartment is made of durable wear-resistant fabric, removable, easy to care for (can be washed in an automatic machine). The model range provides several upholstery options – red, purple, green, multi-colored.

The GT4 stroller from Baby Car is equipped with two separate handles with a rubberized coating that prevents slipping and makes it easier to control the vehicle. The shopping basket is designed for a load of up to three kilograms.

Pros of Baby Care GT4


  • practicality;
  • reliability;
  • big hood;
  • a wide place to sleep;
  • high-quality materials (fabric elements do not fade in the sun);
  • compact dimensions;
  • acceptable price.

Cons of Baby Care GT4


  • shifted center of gravity;
  • flimsy bumper;
  • a lot of weight.


  • height adjustment of handles;
  • 3-position back;
  • removable wheels;
  • adjustable footrest.

Specifications of Baby Care GT4


  • the number of supports – four;
  • the number of walking blocks – one;
  • maximum load – 20 kg;
  • unfolded dimensions: length (mm) – 870; width (mm) – 510; height (mm) – 1030;
  • product weight – 10 kilograms.

Equipment Baby Car GT4


  • rain cover with zipper;
  • shopping cart;
  • Sunshield;
  • cover for legs.

The best stroller cane with a horizontal position

Jetem London - the best cane stroller with a horizontal position

Jetem London
The Jetem brand is one of the most popular manufacturers of goods for children. The main concept of the brand is the development and implementation of comfortable solutions for small customers.

The Jetem range contains a wide variety of strollers. The Zhetem London folding stroller is designed for children from six months to three years.

The main advantage of the model is a large hood, which unfolds almost to the crossbar and provides protection for the child from wind, hot sun and bad weather.

The hood can be expanded with a button, the hood has a window for watching the baby and a pocket for storing small items.

The frame of the London walk stroller from the Jetem brand is made of lightweight aluminum with an anti-corrosion coating. The wheelbase is equipped with swivel wheels and damping springs. The front wheels are equipped with locks.

Jetem London - the best cane stroller with a horizontal position

The safety of the child during the walk is ensured by a bumper bar in a soft fabric cover and a five-point seat belt equipped with soft inserts.

The walking compartment is complemented by a non-removable mattress made of waterproof hypoallergenic material.

The recreational vehicle is equipped with two parent handles with non-slip pads and adjustment functions. The range includes products in green, red, beige, blue, orange and gray.
Advantages of Jetem London


  • stylish design;
  • durability;
  • design reliability;
  • quality of materials;
  • comfort for the child;
  • good handling;
  • voluminous hood;
  • spacious seat;
  • acceptable price.

Cons of Jetem London


  • tight folding mechanism;
  • there is no provision for a vertical position of the back;
  • small shopping basket
  • weak depreciation;
  • pocket for small things does not have a fastener;
  • incomplete set.


  • 5-position back;
  • height-adjustable handle for parents (three positions);
  • 2 position footrest.

Characteristics of Jetem London


  • the number of supports – four;
  • chassis width – 480 mm;
  • number and diameter of wheels – 6 pcs / 15 cm;
  • bed length – 860 mm;
  • horizontal position of the back – present;
  • maximum load – 18 kg;
  • product weight – 7.8 kg.

Equipment Jetem London


  • canopy for legs on the buttons;
  • bumper bar;
  • shopping compartment;
  • sun visor.


The best stroller cane on inflatable wheels

BabyHit Drive - the best walking stick with inflatable wheels

Baby Hit Drive
– a stroller-cane of a new generation. The product is recommended for children from 6 to 36 months of age.

The BabyHit Drive is a stroller with a large canopy and inflatable wheels. The position of the hood is adjusted by means of side clamps.

The hood is equipped with a viewing window, a pocket for small items and a small sun visor.

The block for walking is equipped with a five-point safety belt, for the comfort of the baby there are soft pads on the belt. The BabyHit Drive model is equipped with a wide and comfortable seat, armrests and a removable bumper bar.

The design of the back of the vehicle provides for changing the angle of inclination with the help of a latch, the maximum angle of inclination is 1600.

Inflatable wheels with shock absorbers improve the ride quality of the children’s vehicle. The front wheels are equipped with locks and swivel mechanisms, the rear wheels are equipped with parking brakes.

The upholstery of the stroller is removable and can be washed in a washing machine.
Pros of Baby Hit Drive


  • a large number of accessories included in the package;
  • high maneuverability;
  • smooth running;
  • compact dimensions;
  • big hood;
  • stylish design.



  • non-adjustable parent handle;
  • considerable weight.


  • adjustable footrest;
  • four position back.

Specifications of Baby Hit Drive


  • the number of supports – four;
  • chassis width – 560 mm;
  • type of wheels – inflatable single;
  • the number of wheels is four;
  • wheel size (diameter): front -18 cm; rear -24 cm;
  • maximum passenger weight – 15 kg;
  • the length of the place to sleep – 850 mm;
  • vehicle weight – 11 kg;
  • dimensions: length – 950 mm; width – 610 mm; height – 1050 mm.

BabyHit Drive Package Contents


  • chassis;
  • shopping basket;
  • walking block;
  • mosquito net;
  • cape for legs;
  • handle for carrying the stroller when folded;
  • sun visor;
  • coaster;
  • raincoat;
  • portable wheel pump.

The best stroller with a carrycot for a newborn

CAM Combi Family - the best stroller with a cradle for a newborn

Universal stroller-cane combi family from the brand MYSELF Designed for children from birth to five years of age. The frame of the children’s vehicle is made of aluminum, the width of the chassis is 560 mm, the type of depreciation system is spring.

The legs of the Combi Family model are fitted with twin rubber wheels with plastic rims. The wheels are swivel, the front wheels have locks.

The delivery set includes a cradle for a newborn with parameters of 830 mm in length and 340 in width, a rigid handle for carrying the cradle. The cradle included with the Combi Family stroller has a hard flat bottom and a ventilation system.

The inner filling is made of natural cotton.

The walking block possesses function of change of an inclination of a back in four provisions. The Combi Family stroller model provides for the possibility of installing a child seat for a car, a car seat with an anatomical pillow is included in the package.

CAM Combi Family - the best stroller with a cradle for a newborn

The stroller provides for changing the position of the walking block in two directions:

  • facing an adult
  • back to an adult.

The safety of the baby during the movement of the vehicle is ensured by a seat belt with five fixation points.
Advantages of CAM Combi Family


  • universality;
  • structural stability;
  • reliable chassis;
  • bumper bar;
  • maneuverability;
  • removable covers;
  • 4 position backrest.

Cons of CAM Combi Family


  • noise while driving;
  • weak depreciation;
  • great weight.


  • handle height adjustment;
  • footrest adjustment;
  • block swap.

Features CAM Combi Family


  • the number of supports – four;
  • number and diameter of wheels – 8 pcs / 18 cm;
  • assembled product weight – 11.5 kg;
  • car seat weight – 3.6 kg;
  • cradle weight – 4.9 kg.

Equipment CAM Combi Family


  • chassis;
  • cradle for newborns;
  • walking block;
  • shopping compartment;
  • raincoat;
  • canopy for legs;
  • removable hood;
  • car seat;
  • bag.

The best stroller cane transformer

Liko Baby BT-1218B - the best stroller cane transformer

Liko Baby BT-1218B
a transforming stroller with a cane-type folding mechanism is designed for walking with children of the age category from 0 to 3 years. The stroller is based on a reinforced aluminum frame, equipped with a shock absorption system and large rubber wheels.

The diameter of the rear pair of wheels is 24 cm, the front dual wheel is equipped with a direction lock. The vehicle is characterized by a smooth ride.

The model is equipped with a crossbar bumper, made in the form of a table with a cup holder. Passenger safety is ensured by 5-point harnesses.

Liko Baby BT-1218B - the best stroller cane transformer

The back of the stroller Liko Baby is transformed from a sitting position to a horizontal position, the footrest can change its position in height.

The hood is made of high quality fabric, equipped with a viewing window and a sun visor. To protect the child in cold weather, a warmed cover for legs is provided.

The stroller-transformer Liko Baby folds to a compact size, can stand on its own when folded.
Pros of Liko Baby BT-1218B


  • stylish design;
  • bright colours;
  • compact dimensions;
  • ease of management;
  • maneuverability;
  • wide walking block;
  • absolutely flat sleeping place;
  • removable bumper bar;
  • big wheels.

Cons of Liko Baby BT-1218B


  • rain cover not included;
  • removable covers;
  • The hood doesn’t reach the bumper.


  • adjustable 4-position back;
  • swivel front wheel.

Characteristics of Liko Baby BT-1218B


  • the number of support points – three;
  • permissible passenger weight – 17 kg;
  • number of wheels – four (rear wheels – single, front double);
  • weight of the stroller-transformer – 9 kg;
  • dimensions (folded): width – 300 mm; length – 485 mm; height – 830 mm.

Equipment Liko Baby BT-1218B


  • chassis;
  • single walking block;
  • capacious shopping basket (capacity up to 5 kilograms);
  • sun visor;
  • insulated canopy for legs;
  • coaster.

Best tricycle stroller

Quinny Yezz - the best tricycle stroller

Quinny Yezz Made in Holland, designed for walking in the summer, this is one of the lightest products in the indicated segment.

Ideal for active families, Queenie’s Yezz stroller folds easily to a compact size and can be transported by car, public transport, train and plane.

The product is designed for the age category of children from six months to three and a half years.

The frame of the Quinny Yezz stroller is made of lightweight high-strength plastic, the vehicle upholstery is made of waterproof parachute fabric. The fabric component is not only highly durable, but also easy to care for.

The product is equipped with seat belts, a carrying strap, an ergonomic non-standard handle. On the back of the back there is a small pocket for small items with a maximum load of two kilograms.

A distinctive feature of the Yezz model from Quinny is an extraordinary design. The design of the stroller-cane protects the child from the wind, and the visor included in the package protects from the sun’s rays.
Benefits of Quinny Yezz


  • stable construction;
  • compact dimensions;
  • maneuverable roller wheels;
  • light frame;
  • unconventional design.

Cons of Quinny Yezz


  • non-adjustable back;
  • lack of a bumper;
  • small diameter wheels;
  • no food basket.


  • swivel front wheels:
  • fixing the front pair of wheels.

Characteristics of Quinny Yezz


  • the number of wheels – 4 pcs (two rear – single, one front – dual);
  • permissible load – 20 kg;
  • stroller assembly weight – 5 kilograms;
  • wheel diameter – 13 cm;
  • chassis weight – 4.3 kg;
  • unfolded dimensions: length – 750 mm; width – 560 mm; height – 1060 mm.

Complete set of the Quinny Yezz model


  • chassis;
  • walking block;
  • sun visor;
  • small pocket.


  • raincoat Quinny;
  • The Quinny baby carrier for newborns will protect your baby in all weather conditions, the contours of the envelope exactly follow the outlines of the stroller.

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