Parents prefer playgrounds that combine practicality and safety. The choice takes into account:

  • the age of the child;
  • manufacturing company;
  • construction material.

Types of playgrounds


Age classification:

  • 3-5 years. The complexes for this category usually include swings and rocking chairs.
  • 6-12 years old. At this age, slides with steep slopes, labyrinths, stairs, poles are of interest.
  • From 12 years and older. Sports complexes with horizontal bars and simulators.

There are also combined varieties that include simulators for all age categories.



When choosing products, you should pay attention to quality, functionality and the environmental component. When developing a project, each individual structural element is checked for the content of harmful preparations, wear resistance, strength and safety.

GOST requirements for playgrounds:

  • the presence of bumpers and railings, protective mesh and soft elements at the corners;
  • the diameter of round holes is not less than 130 mm and not more than 230 mm;
  • the end of the slide with a smooth rounding;
  • the length of the tunnels does not exceed 750 mm, the height of the lower edge of the swing does not exceed 600 mm;
  • lack of nearby driveways for vehicles, garbage bins, garages, pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Jungle Gym

When ordering a gaming complex, the following is taken into account:

  • availability of free space for the site;
  • the size of the territory on which the playing area will be located;
  • terrain – the site should be clearly visible.


Site coverage

For gaming complexes, gumibo and masterfire coatings are used. These are specially created materials consisting of rubber crumb, which are laid on a solid base with a working surface thickness of 10 mm or more.


  • water permeability;
  • safety;
  • strength, elasticity, wear resistance.

Play areas are developed using modern safe technologies in cooperation with psychologists, therapists and traumatologists. Safety and quality approvals are being passed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and supervisory authorities.


  • Metal elements undergo multiple treatments and checks to prevent rust or cracks. Bearing structures are made of steel grade St3 with a wall thickness of 2 mm or more.
  • Plastic parts are usually made from durable food grade polyethylene. Withstand loads over 100 kg per fulcrum.
  • Wooden elements are treated with special chemical solutions that slow down aging and wear.
  • The steps are rough so that the shoes do not slip during the ascent or descent; viewing platforms are equipped with impact-resistant sides; chains and ropes are made of durable materials that are resistant to weather conditions.


When choosing paint and varnish solutions for coating surfaces on playgrounds, manufacturers must take into account the following characteristics:

  • the least degree of toxicity;
  • low content of harmful substances or complete absence;
  • the addition of natural dyes that do not fade for 5-10 years;
  • resistance to fire and sudden changes in temperature.



Each element of the complex is aimed at developing certain physical or psychological characteristics:

  • Children’s swings and rocking chairs – the development of the vestibular apparatus, coordination.
  • Children’s slides – strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs, abdominal cavity, learn to adapt to sudden changes.
  • Labyrinths – develop a sense of space, coordination, form an analytical mindset.
  • Arms, rings, ropes – strengthen arms, abs, back, develop strength, teach to be bold and dexterous.
  • Children’s sandboxes – develop motor skills, teach to work in a team, prepare for the primary social experience of communication.

The advantages of modern playgrounds for children of different ages also include ease of assembly and disassembly. The materials from which the structure is made can be easily washed, cleaned with chemicals.



  • Increased wear of parts, fasteners and accessories. Worn structures increase the risk of injury.
  • Near multi-storey buildings, cheap and low-quality playgrounds are most often installed that do not take into account the age and physiological needs of children.

Due to lack of funds, the construction of children’s developing courtyard complexes is organized for six or more apartment buildings. This factor significantly increases the load on the site.

  • The appearance of holes, notches, chips. This is due not only to weather conditions, but also to careless operation.

How to choose a playground

How to choose


  • The area where the children’s complex is located. It is better to build a structure at a distance of at least 20 meters from the roadway and 10-15 meters from residential buildings.
  • Child’s age. Up to 3 years, a simplified design is installed. From 3 to 6, swings, sandboxes, stairs are suitable. For older people, houses, pirate ships, complex labyrinths are preferable.
  • Availability of safety certificates.

Pros and cons of the material:

  • Wood – increased wear, rotting, loosening, but the most environmentally friendly material.
  • Plastic – paint burnout, brittleness at maximum temperatures, possible toxicity when the design is cheaper, but allows you to make combination designs.
  • Metal – the influence of corrosion, but high strength and durability.

Which is better

The best gaming complex meets the following criteria:

  • availability of a quality certificate;
  • strict compliance with GOSTs;
  • environmentally friendly building material;
  • high-quality paintwork of the complex;
  • certificates of passing tests for strength, wear resistance, susceptibility to external factors.

Operation of playgrounds


The use of children’s complexes is possible only after the complete installation of the equipment.

During the spring and summer period, when children’s playgrounds are used very intensively, it is necessary to follow the preventive and care measures:

  • checking and fixing fasteners and parts;
  • replacement of worn parts;
  • painting and polishing wooden surfaces;
  • lubrication of metal parts;
  • sand filling.


Precautionary measures:

  • For safety reasons, use equipment that is age appropriate.
  • Periodically inspect the structures for timely detection of sharp and protruding objects, chips, tears, cracks, loosening.
  • Remove items that interfere with the baby when playing on the territory of the complex (bottles, papers).
  • Check that metal parts do not reach temperatures that could cause burns.



The guarantee upon purchase of the goods is registered in the technical passport and is regulated by the legislative acts of the state. Please keep the sales receipt, original packaging and labels.

The warranty period is:

  • for plastic products – 12 months;
  • for wooden – from 6 to 12 months, depending on the climatic zone and type of wood;
  • on metal – from 1 year to several years.

During the warranty period, manufacturers and distributors are obliged to consider each claim of the buyer. If damage is detected, an examination is carried out, based on its results, a conclusion is made on the occurrence of a warranty case.

In case of a positive decision, the manufacturer eliminates the deficiencies found or provides a new product. If the identified deficiencies are not included in the list of warranty cases, the customer eliminates them independently.



Game complexes located in open-air courtyards and without proper protection are at risk.

Factors leading to malfunctions and breakdowns:

  • vandalism;
  • temperature fluctuations and moisture;
  • expiration dates;
  • increased intensity of use.

Due to the expiration date and increased use, swings, sandboxes and carousels become unusable. Cables and chains are torn on the swing, carousels are bent, the sides of the sandboxes cannot support the weight of adults and become unusable.

If a breakdown is detected or a potential danger is identified, protect the structure from children’s access to it, immediately notify the service organization at the place of residence.

It is forbidden to repair the structure on your own.

After the repair, the corrected shortcomings are necessarily recorded by the engineer of the operated organization or an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, who allow access to the site or simulator for children and adolescents.

The same persons are responsible in case of an accident at a newly renovated facility.

Manufacturers of playgrounds



Elements are made by professionals on modern and technological equipment and cope with extreme weather conditions

The company produces:

  • home and country complexes (Swedish walls, mats, horizontal bars);
  • soft multi-colored modules (dry pools and furniture, soft constructor);
  • play and sports equipment (playgrounds, rocking chairs and carousels, sandboxes and slides, swings and manholes, outdoor exercise equipment, an obstacle course and tennis tables);
  • benches, gazebos, arches, awnings.

The products of this company undergo mandatory sanitary and epidemiological testing and do not pose a danger to the child.

The consumer repairs the parts on his own in cases where he damaged them when:

  1. transportation;
  2. operation, assembly or storage.

Parts that have worn out under natural conditions are not repaired.

The company submits the necessary documents for the guarantee. In 7-10 days, you can return the goods to the manufacturer, but on condition that the goods have not been used and the necessary documents (technical passport, receipt) have been preserved.



An American company specializing in the production of children’s play complexes. The company’s products are made of wood.

SuperiorPlaySystems offers play complexes for yards and amusement parks, hotel and hotel territories, country houses and summer cottages.

Types of children’s products:

  • sports complexes for home and summer cottages;
  • soft play complexes;
  • trampolines;
  • children’s labyrinths;
  • play complexes for playgrounds;
  • slides wooden for the winter period.

Suspended structures are mounted on chains, individual elements are provided with a rubber coating.



The company looks favorably in front of competitors in the “price-quality” segment.


  • quality, increased reliability and safety of products;
  • wear resistance and bright coating;
  • original design and design solutions;
  • powder coating products.

In the manufacture of products, only high-quality materials of imported and domestic production are used, which undergo mandatory certification and control.


  • country sports and street complexes;
  • summer swings;
  • wooden children’s towns;
  • horizontal bars and dumbbell racks.

Operational period for products is 5 years. Warranty – 12 months. Warranty obligations of “Vertical” do not apply to certain types of attachments and gymnastic mats.



The equipment is presented in shopping and entertainment centers, preschool institutions and rest homes. The basis of production is plastic products:

  • children’s slides;
  • children’s complexes;
  • rocking chairs, sandboxes, playhouses.

The quality of Step2’s products is based on US manufacturing and meets the stringent requirements of US EN71 standards. Official Step2 dealers in Russia offer returns and exchanges within 7 days after the product has been sold.



Leader in the production of children’s toys and equipment.

Smoby engineers and technologists annually develop and introduce the latest technologies for the manufacture of children’s goods into the production process. French toys are made from the highest quality materials tested in the laboratories of the European Union.

It is worth noting a wide range of children’s products of the French brand:

  • cottages and slides, playgrounds and swings, carousels and kitchens;
  • cars and other vehicles;
  • doctor’s kits;
  • accessories.



Children’s sets and complexes are developed on the recommendation of children and parents. The products are made from solid environmentally friendly wood.


  • reinforced construction;
  • closed fasteners;
  • rubberized chains;
  • polished parts;
  • thick and strong ropes.

happy box

happy box

The materials used by the South Korean company are certified according to EN 71, ASTM, SASO standards.

Happybox offers a wide range of:

  • developing children’s centers;
  • plastic furniture and toys for the street and at home;
  • children’s transport;
  • Sports Equipment.

The brand is known for its affordable price, variety of colors, quality and safety in operation.



Proludic products are present in 40 countries. Products are made of high quality material in accordance with international standards. The company offers customers ready-made gaming complexes or thematic elements according to any wishes.



Develops and supplies children’s entertainment products domestically and internationally.

The company’s specialists go to the place for installation and connection of equipment.

Karusel offers a 12-month warranty for the product and post-warranty service.

The catalog of the company offers the following types of products:

  • simulators;
  • attractions;
  • autodromes;
  • labyrinths;
  • children’s outdoor playgrounds;
  • street carousels;
  • inflatable trampolines and water attractions;
  • outdoor sports equipment.



The world leader in the production of PVC items for water recreation (boats and prefabricated pools, air mattresses, trampolines and chairs). It produces inflatable play centers that are designed for playing on the water.

The products are made of safe material, according to the standards and GOSTs required for such products.



The products of the Chinese company are bright and easy to use. Suitable for home and outdoor use. The design of the houses and tunnels is foldable and stable, made of durable and environmentally friendly material.

Bright design and easy-to-clean surface make such an attractive purchase for children and parents.

Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym

Promising Russian company.

JUNGLE GYM designs and manufactures the following products:

  • game towers;
  • houses;
  • towers with modules.


  • intercom;
  • wheel;
  • picnic set;
  • Spyglass;
  • funny phone.

The catalog is smaller than that of large manufacturers of similar products. The product is made from environmentally friendly wood. The instruction is painted to the smallest detail and allows you to assemble the game complex yourself.

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