Pendulum beds

Many people choose a pendulum bed from a variety of beds, because it is difficult to rock a baby in their arms for a long time and the health of the baby is important to them. It differs from the usual one in that it is able to rock an excited child.

Pendulum bed device

Design features

A bed with a pendulum consists of a bottom, walls, backs and a pendulum mechanism. It is also possible to have a drawer under the bottom and a drop-down removable front wall, silicone pads and wheels, a changing table and chest of drawers, and transformation functions.


  • the ability to swing furniture parallel to the floor forward and backward and left and right. Some have both functions, others have one.
  • if the child does not like motion sickness, the bed can be fixed in one position.

Advantages of a crib with a longitudinal pendulum:

  • if the bed is against the wall, only this method will do;
  • this method of motion sickness is more physiological, because it repeats rocking in the mother’s arms;
  • there is no harm to the vestibular apparatus due to the fact that the baby’s head dangles, unlike a bed with a transverse pendulum.

Benefits of a bed with a transverse pendulum:

  • less space required;
  • costs less than a bed with a longitudinal pendulum.

Advantages of a crib with a universal pendulum:

  • you can understand which type of motion sickness is more suitable for the child;
  • you can alternate the type of rocking, so as not to be addictive in the baby.

The principle of operation of the pendulum bed is simple: you just have to touch the wall, and the furniture will swing. The child, moving, also causes her to rock herself thanks to a system on bearings or sliding joints.

Some modern models are equipped with an automatic pendulum, in which the bed has 5 motion sickness modes, one of which is triggered after the baby’s cry.

Types of pendulum beds


Pendulum beds by design are divided into ordinary and transformers.

The usual one consists of backs, bottoms and walls. The transforming bed turns into a bed for a primary school student and even a teenager. The chest of drawers with a changing board is built into the bed.

Advantages of a regular crib in comparison with a transforming crib:

  • easier and faster to assemble, because it is easier to arrange;
  • cheaper.


  • when the child turns 4 years old, he will have to change, the second type of bed will last until the onset of adolescence with careful attitude;
  • you will have to additionally buy a chest of drawers and a changing table;
  • a chest of drawers, a changing table, sleeping furniture will take up more space than a transforming bed.

Transformer cons:

  • due to durability, the design may get bored;
  • in the event of a breakdown due to the actions of the baby, it will have to be replaced, which will destroy the advantages.

How to choose a pendulum bed


Internal length

The length of the mattress part reaches 55 – 1170 cm. It is better to choose a bed with an internal length of 120 or 140 cm, because it is easier to find a mattress by size.

Inner Width

The width of the same part varies from 42 to 180 cm. It is better to choose a stock whose internal width is 60 or 70 cm for the same reason as with the length. But if the bed is a transformer, you should pay attention to the extension in breadth so that the grown-up child can sleep comfortably in it.

Number of bottom height levels

The bottom of the furniture is fixed at two or three levels. For a baby, you can choose the highest one, so it is easier to take a child from a bed. For a baby who has learned to roll over – the second, because from the third he is able to fall. When a child learns to stand, it is customary to use the first level.

The presence of wheels

The presence of wheels by the bed is a positive point: it is easier to move the bed. It is important that they are with a stopper. So they are blocked, and the baby will not be able to roll the bed on his own.

Drawers under the bed

The presence of one or more drawers under the bottom is an advantage, they save space. But if they are adjacent to the floor, it is difficult to wash the floors under the furniture.


The bottom of the furniture is slatted or solid. The slatted bottom is more expensive, but the mattress dries out in this case. A solid bottom can lead to mold.

pendulum bed

Side wall

The side wall of some models is lowered, but not necessarily. If there is such a function, the bed is then transformed into a sofa.

Silicone pads

If the bed has silicone pads, the baby’s gums are protected during teething.

Mechanism “Auto-wall”

If the front bar is lowered with one hand, it is possible to move it while holding the baby in your arms. This feature is called “Auto Wall”.

Distance between rails

If the distance between the slats is 7 or more centimeters, then the baby’s arms or legs will not get stuck there.


The baby can hurt himself while standing in bed or running around if it has sharp corners, so it is better to buy a product with rounded corners.

The presence of bumpers

Soft sides will allow you to secure the time spent in bed. They protect against shock, dust, draft. The color of the pillows should not be bright, it is good if they have drawings on them. Some sides have pockets, which saves space. If the child already knows how to stand, it is better to remove the protection, as he is able to get stuck in them.

Instead of bumpers, some manufacturers offer Velcro toys. They entertain the child and perform the same function.

Removable side rails

Thanks to this function, the baby will be able to get out of the crib on his own, but will not fall in his sleep. Some confuse this feature with the ability to remove the side wall, it is used when the baby is no longer sleeping in the bed. Although, if you buy a limiter, the baby can sleep there too.


The color of the bed should be in harmony with the interior. Muted, pastel colors are better suited for crumbs, you should not choose bright and dark shades.


The more craftsmen worked on the design of the bed, the higher the cost. Basically, furniture is decorated with curved sides, carvings, and various details.

Gender of the child

You can choose a bed specifically for a girl or a boy. They differ from each other in color, pattern, other decorations. If it is planned that another baby, whose gender is unknown, will sleep in it, it is better to stop on a neutral bed.

Advantages and disadvantages


There are about ten materials from which the beds are made. Common:

  • chipboard (chipboard);
  • fine fraction of wood (MDF);
  • MDF + chipboard;
  • tree;
  • wood + chipboard;
  • wood + MDF.

Advantages of a pendulum bed made of chipboard:

  • the lowest price of the presented materials;
  • a light weight;
  • will last a long time;
  • not afraid of water;
  • strength;
  • Smooth surface.

Disadvantages of chipboard:

  • the material is considered harmful because formaldehyde is used in the production.

Advantages of a pendulum bed made of MDF:

  • does not harm health;
  • low price;
  • ease;
  • durability;
  • water resistance;
  • not subject to scratches;
  • uniform composition.

Advantages of a pendulum bed made of wood:

  • unique drawing;
  • pine secretes substances that support immunity and has disinfectant properties;
  • hypoallergenic.

Wood Disadvantages:

  • heavy, it is difficult to move furniture when cleaning;
  • short-lived;
  • may crack or swell from a sudden change in temperature;
  • expensive.


Chipboard and MDF are usually covered with laminate or veneer.

Laminate furniture is shiny and pleasing to the eye, but the sheen can be strong. Veneered furniture is more expensive, but more beautiful. Veneer always has only pleasant shades, but furniture with such a coating is easier to damage than laminate.

If the furniture is covered with paint, it is important to find out what properties it has.

She must:

  • do not contain chemical compounds that evaporate into the atmosphere;
  • do not contain oxides, salts of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and other harmful substances;
  • be made on the basis of harmless solvents;
  • be certified;
  • be resistant to mechanical stress.

Comparison with other species

Beds are divided into four main types:

  1. classical;
  2. pendulum;
  3. Cradle – a cradle that is in limbo;
  4. The arena bed is a sleeping place, which soon turns into a play area.

Advantages of a pendulum bed in comparison with other types:

  • the ability to rock the baby without much effort;
  • the baby’s sleep is stronger and calmer, because he does not distinguish between his mother’s swaying and the rocking of the bed;
  • will not roll over, which cannot be said with full confidence about the cradle;
  • to rock the baby at night, you can install it next to your bed and rock it without getting out of bed;
  • collects less dust than a cradle;
  • suitable for children with easily excitable nervous system.

Disadvantages of a bed with a pendulum in comparison with other types:

  • not as compact as a cradle;
  • more expensive than classic
  • no mobility, like a playpen;
  • not closed on all sides, which scares some babies. There are no such problems with the cradle;
  • a number of children get used to motion sickness and falling asleep from rocking;
  • some pediatricians believe that they harm the spine.

How to use

Operating Rules and Precautions

  1. Rocking the bed strongly is a mistake, the baby needs smooth, moderate movements;
  2. The child should be pumped for 4-10 minutes;
  3. When moving the crib, in order not to break anything, the pendulum mechanism is fixed;
  4. When the child has learned to stand, they use clamps so that the baby does not fall out;
  5. There should be free space around the bed on each side so that it swings freely;
  6. Do not place the bed close to heating appliances. Distance not less than 1 m;
  7. You can not put the crib in the place where direct sunlight falls on it;
  8. Do not wash the bed with abrasive powders;
  9. Dust is removed with a clean and dry cloth;
  10. You can not jump on the bed;
  11. When the child is awake, braces are used.


Frequent faults and solution:

  1. Incomplete set. Selling cribs that lack parts is not uncommon.

To avoid this problem, you should carefully review the product in the store. If this problem is found in their apartment, they turn to the seller, whose contacts are listed in the instructions;

  1. Poor quality painting harmful to the health of the child. Before buying, study information about the selected model, read reviews;
  2. Bad smell. The instructions indicate the period for airing the furniture before assembly, but if after this time the product still smells unpleasant, a return or exchange takes place;
  3. Dirt on the parts – dust, glue. In this situation, you will have to wash them;
  4. Part breakage, low quality wood. To solve the problem, they issue a return of the goods;
  5. Noise when swinging. Before buying, shake the bed, if the problem was discovered only during use, return the product.

To reduce the risk of malfunction, stores require a certificate of conformity for Russian models and a certificate of quality for European ones. If sellers refuse this service, it is better to go to another store.

When choosing a crib, it is important to pay attention to the baby’s sleep. If he is calm and strong, the choice was made correctly, but if the baby has difficulty falling asleep in it, change the bed. The consumer protection law is on the side of the parents in this case.

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