Musical toys

Auditory analyzers begin to respond to sound stimuli, perceive, remember and distinguish sounds from the very first days of life. Therefore, musical toys become both entertainment for children and a harmonious way to explore the world.

Benefits of musical toys


In addition to the hearing organs, musical toys have a beneficial effect on the organs of vision, helping:

  • focus the gaze;
  • perceive colors and color combinations;
  • be aware of the volume of bodies;
  • understand the trajectory of the movement of objects.


Musical children’s products develop a sense of rhythm, motivate movement, have a beneficial effect on the brain of children and develop:

  • ability to remember;
  • the ability to recognize objects;
  • the ability to compare objects with the sounds they make;
  • concentration skills;
  • ways of knowing the world;
  • creative thinking;
  • motor activity.


Musical toys from the very first days of life help the development of the psyche and contribute to:

  • manifestation of creative abilities;
  • developing skills in expressing one’s own feelings and emotions;
  • formation of communication skills;
  • development of a harmonious emotional background;
  • improve mood;
  • development of skills for the successful experience of negative emotions;
  • the process of self-knowledge.

Interest in musical instruments from childhood can determine the future profession. Thanks to toys, a whole and talented personality is formed.

In order for the development of music to take place harmoniously, parents are recommended:

  • participate in children’s games;
  • encourage children’s interest in music;
  • help to understand the operation of the mechanisms of toys;
  • be interested in the opinion of the child.

Types of musical toys


Types of musical toys, first of all, differ in the age of the children for whom they are intended:

Up to 1 year

Newborns are susceptible to rustling, ringing and rattling. At this age, they are attracted to movement, change of pictures and objects. Common toys include:

  • rattles. Hand rattles are made of wood or plastic. They produce a pleasant, natural sound. Baby toys are easy to use, easy to store.

Manufacturers pay attention to environmental friendliness and safety, as children often put rattles in their mouths.


  • Music mobiles. Toys fixed in a crib or stroller, mounted on a table stand, or attached above the front door are called mobiles. Electronic devices are equipped with a set of melodies, lighting and a control panel.

Mobiles use bells, birds, funny and cute items. Bright colors and shapes attract the baby, he tries to reach out and touch the toy. Some models are equipped with a projection device that reproduces patterns and patterns on the ceiling.

  • musical rugs. On rugs of this type, pictures are depicted, when pressed, sounds are reproduced. For a baby, a rug is an extremely fascinating subject that he explores with curiosity.


From one year to 4-5 years

Children older than one year are already actively moving, and it is not enough for them to observe objects that make sounds. Now you need to touch everything, feel the material, texture and even taste.

The educational value of the game comes to the fore. Children’s toys that are age-appropriate for children under five years of age include:

  • Shaped soft toys. Option for preschool children. Plush animals, fabric dolls with a built-in speaker, when you press a hidden button or when tilted, they make some kind of sound.

Such items help develop communication skills and are suitable for role-playing games and group activities.

  • toys with voice. A complex structure capable of speaking, singing songs or reciting poetry. Manufacturers use the voices of professional readers, some models are able to voice short stories.

Products help develop memory, learn new words.


  • Musical rugs (for older children). For children older than one year, sophisticated models of rugs with a large number of functions are suitable. Such products are produced in the form of a track of notes that reproduces several melodies.

This option helps to develop an ear for music in children, to learn notes. Playing with parents, children learn the first basics of creativity. Another option is a dance mat. On its surface there are colored zones, when pressed, a short melody sounds.

  • Multifunctional toys. They come in all shapes and sizes: cars, trains, phones, and more. A special mechanism of buttons allows you to play melodies and sounds of nature, helping to broaden your horizons.

Some products have the ability to record voices, sounds. Role-playing games help memorize names, master new types of actions.

  • Fixed melody toys. All kinds of caskets, boxes, small organs, hurdy-gurdies in which one or more melodies are played. Music is soothing and suitable for use before bed.

The toy will decorate the interior of the children’s room and serve the child not only in childhood.

From 5 years

Preschool children need complex and interesting structures with which they can independently reproduce sounds. The game at this age is already associated with elements of learning.

From 5 years

The technology itself is becoming more complex, musical instruments are closer to real ones, and multifunctional panels resemble miniature computers.

Types of musical goods for preschool children:

  • Musical instruments. Produced in full accordance with real analogues. Miniature wind, string, percussion and keyboard toy instruments will be fun and a possible step in music education.

An electric guitar or a digital piano that records melodies and tracks is suitable for schoolchildren.

  • Music books. Cognitive, develop memory and attention. The music book allows children to concentrate on the text, suitable for learning to read.

Soft sounds distract from extraneous noise. Reading brings pleasure, has a calming effect.

  • Multifunction panel. The developmental panel for preschool children helps memorize the alphabet and numbers. With its help, children take their first steps in learning their native and English languages, geography and mathematics.

Musical toys differ in the material from which they are made, in the functions and mechanism of sound extraction.

Electric ones are available for use in the bathroom and unsuitable for this, self-winding and battery-operated.

Advantages and disadvantages


A variety of children’s products complicates the choice of the desired product. Toys differ in material, functionality, are suitable for children of different ages. Only by carefully analyzing all the features, you can make a choice of a quality product.



The task of each toy is to help the mental and physical development of children in a fun way. Through games, children learn about the world, learn to communicate. Musical children’s products have a lot of undeniable advantages over conventional ones, contributing to:

  • organic physical development;
  • harmonious formation of the psyche;
  • mastering communication skills;
  • mental development in accordance with age;
  • disclosure of creative abilities;
  • maintaining close emotional contact with parents.


Depending on the type, toys have the following functional advantages:

  • small size – the baby can hold the toy in his hands;
  • a wide variety of materials, shapes, colors;
  • convenience in carrying and storage;
  • ease of care;
  • the baby is involved in the game and does not require the constant attention of parents;
  • the possibility of fixing in the required place;
  • combination of music, movement and lighting in one product;
  • possibility of remote control;
  • compactness and ease of storage;
  • the possibility of playing together;
  • development of motor skills;
  • a lot of developing functions;
  • fun for kids.



Like any toy, the musical one is not without flaws:

  • the baby may simply not like it;
  • able to cause inconvenience to parents and neighbors due to loud sounds;
  • difficulties may arise in the installation of music modules;
  • the most environmentally friendly material – wood – is not as durable as plastic.

How to choose a musical toy

How to choose

First of all, the following criteria should be analyzed:

  • type and functional purpose;
  • material;
  • color scheme;
  • type of melodies, sound scale;
  • mechanism of action.

It is worth remembering that musical toys are intended for children, so you need to take care of the safety and environmental friendliness of the product doubly.

  • the surface should be smooth, without roughness and sharp corners;
  • the toy should not have holes in which the child’s finger can fit;
  • if the toy is a team, then all its parts must match each other in size;
  • the toy should be comfortable to hold in children’s hands;
  • the sounds that the toy makes should be pleasant to hear;
  • the color scheme used in the product is varied, the shades are light, black is not recommended;
  • all attachments are safe so that the baby does not have the opportunity to disassemble the toy and swallow small parts;

Safe toys

  • the light should be soft, not harsh, not tiring the eyes;
  • keys, buttons do not fall through, pressing is smooth;
  • sounds from the toy come without delay;
  • the packaging of the product is not damaged;
  • clear and detailed instructions for use are attached to the product;
  • the product does not have an unpleasant chemical smell;
  • the toy is certified.

While in the store, it is best to be guided by the following tips:

  • do not rush to buy, visit several outlets;
  • It is better to take older children with you to the store in order to try on the spot how the toy works, to view all the options;
  • before paying, together with the seller, it is worth checking the complete set of the goods, after the purchase, keep the receipt.



In order for the musical toy to last longer, you should follow some rules:

  • the toy must be appropriate for the age of the child;
  • before giving the toy to the baby, inspect the product for external damage;
  • read the instructions for assembly and operation;
  • regularly wash the toy in warm soapy water;
  • care should be taken when cleaning products with a musical mechanism;
  • do not store toys on the balcony and under direct sunlight.


When installing music mobiles in a crib:

  • carefully check the strength of the fasteners;
  • make sure that the rattles do not hang low and do not interfere with the baby’s sleep;
  • the baby’s eyes should easily find rattles – place them in a comfortable field of view;
  • light mechanisms should be inaccessible to the baby.



Musical children’s toys are subject to the Consumer Protection Act. In case of purchase of low-quality or defective goods, the buyer has the right to return it to the store.

When buying goods for children:

  • purchase products only in official outlets;
  • keep the receipt proving the purchase;
  • Find out in the store if there are any conditions for the exchange or return of a particular product;
  • Check the warranty period on the packaging.

Manufacturers of musical toys

  • ABtoys – online store of musical goods. Navigation through the products has been adjusted on the official website. Brands of children’s goods are presented. The company offers delivery to the regions of Russia.

The online store offers a cumulative discount and provides guarantees for the return of goods of inadequate quality.

  • Casio is a Japanese company producing watches, electronics and musical instruments. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the goods.


  • ELC is an online store of educational toys for children with a professionally formed assortment of musical toys. Detailed classification will make it easy to choose a product for the right age.

The company has a network of stores in the cities of the country, toys are ordered and delivered to your home.

  • FisherPrice manufactures musical toys for children. Extensive range of musical modules and rattles.

The company provides young parents with interesting and informative information materials on raising children, organizing play space and time.


  • Halilit – an Israeli company that produces musical toys for children from an early age, is distinguished by compliance with the requirements for product quality and the level of musical sound.
  • Little Tikes – the products of this company are distinguished by quality and durability, special compositions of materials are used that increase the strength of products.
  • Potex, Shantou, Gepai, Simba, Smoby – brands offering a range of keyboard musical toys for children’s stores.

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