Movable constructor for children

The baby has grown up, and cubes and cars are no longer amusing. He threw them into a distant box and does not remember. Or you are going to a birthday party for a friend’s child and are thinking about what to give. Then you should think about what is the main thing in a gift for a child.

Safety, practicality, developmental function, the ability to surprise a small miracle every day. These qualities will combine designers. They have been produced since the very beginning of the toy industry. But what else to surprise fidgets with new.

Types of mobile constructors for children

Designers are divided into mobile and static. Static are designed for young children and the first acquaintance with the basics of design. Figures, houses, cars, animals are obtained from the details. Subsequently, these items can not offer anything new to the baby. It remains to put on a shelf for beauty or disassemble and assemble new objects.

Movable construction kits are sets of elements that are attached to each other using fasteners that resemble the mechanism of a human or animal joint. Hinged connections are available.

Fasteners in structure are close to anatomical. From such elements, models of animals, technology, and sometimes humans are obtained. The resulting objects easily move, run, fly, turn their heads and step from foot to foot.

Up to 30 movable and fixed connection methods are combined in one set. Additional parts are included to expand the range of applications of the resulting object, such as a wheel. If you search, you can find models with a remote control.

Variety by material


There are a number of advantages to toys made from this material. Durability, the metal will not break or crumble, strong fasteners.

But there are also disadvantages. If the baby puts the part in his mouth, he may accidentally swallow it. It is dangerous for the human body and threatens with complex diseases. To avoid this, explain that you cannot take parts of the toy in your mouth.

And yet casually observe how the child is engaged in design activities, just in case. It is better if adults play together with children.


Plastic is lighter than metal, it is easier to move such a toy from room to room or take it with you to visit. At the same time, it is a couple of times cheaper than other materials. This is due to low manufacturing costs and low material costs.

However, there will also be disadvantages. Plastic is easily deformed and worn out. Plastic can wear off in a matter of weeks with intensive use. The plastic thread can be easily twisted and rubbed off. The toy may contain low quality plastic.

Check plastic type names, toxicity, and wear resistance before making a purchase. Ask the sales assistant to present a certificate of quality for the offered goods and study it carefully.

rubberized plastic

This material is good for moving joints. Such elements are stored for a long time, as they are not subject to wear. This design is practical and safe, in terms of environmental friendliness, than plastic. It is also easy to handle the details, they will not slip out of your hands.


Natural materials will never lose their relevance. The first constructors were made of wood. For a baby, a tree is safe, with proper processing. Grinding should be perfect – no nicks. Otherwise, even a small unevenness of the child runs the risk of injury.

Check the quality of the finish and coating agents. Colors are preferably natural, “non-acidic”. In order not to irritate the eyes of a little engineer.


Good options for large mobile designers, with different types of fasteners. It will be interesting for the little explorer to connect different structures and parts of the toy.

Depending on the characteristics of the fasteners, a combination of metal and plastic, metal and rubber, or wood and plastic is suitable.

The materials must be of high quality. Any material can cause an allergic reaction. Play with your child for 5 minutes and after half an hour carefully examine the skin. If a reaction occurs, contact an allergist immediately. If nothing has changed, feel free to have fun and have fun.

Depending on the number of parts

Up to 100 items

These are simple games. One or more figurines, cars or animals are assembled from them. These kits are good for getting to know the design.

Having bought such a set, and having played with the baby, you will understand whether he likes this type of activity or not. Children are different, some like to make things, others like to sing, and others like to play the violin.

Don’t force me to do what you think is right and fun. The maturing personality has its own opinion on this matter. Let me do what I love and support it in every possible way.

Low cost, in comparison with larger kits, will please you. But don’t skimp on the quality of toys.

100 to 300 parts

Standard quantity. You can collect up to 20 varieties of toys. You can continue to play with them, or make a platform with your friends from items collected by yourself, or compete who will assemble the item faster according to the instructions.

Over 300 fragments

This is a serious toy. From such sets, more than a dozen new vehicles and structures are obtained. These kits are great for building standard or custom designs.

You can invite friends and arrange battles or races using the collected objects. The cost is high, but it pays for itself, as this is a toy for several years.

By age

On the packaging of the toy there are recommendations for age categories. Don’t blindly follow them, they are just guidelines. Consider the degree of preparation for this type of entertainment for a boy or girl.

For the little ones

You rarely see constructors under three years old, so in most cases this exciting game is waiting ahead.

For preschoolers

Preschoolers are children whose age range is from three to six years. The number of game parts for this age group does not exceed 150-300 pieces.

These kids are already interested not only in collecting something and playing with the received object, but in the process of creation itself. Parents pay attention to the fact that after assembly, interest in the resulting toy is lost.

This is a normal reaction of a properly developing personality. The creation of a new one is the main goal of an emerging person. Gather transformers who can transform. The car turns into a robot and vice versa, in 5 minutes. Even a young inventor will understand the instructions in the form of a comic book.

For elementary and middle school students

The sets contain more than 300 and sometimes 500 fragments. These are real inventive jars. Samples from the instructions do not interest children for long. But then the child creates himself and that’s where the most interesting thing is. You can collect up to 30 objects from one set.

Many of them are equipped with inertial mechanisms. Animals can have glowing eyes. These features captivate children and take them on a world of adventure.

For older students and teenagers

They are no longer toys. These are kits for the invention of new devices, machine tools or even functioning devices. Now the child can be proudly called a professional inventor.

Few people know, but the great auto and aircraft designers were fond of assembling models in their childhood. What it resulted in, you know. So perhaps a great modern mind is growing in your family.

How to choose a mobile designer for children

  1. Manufacturing material. It is better to give preference to natural products.
  2. Fastening reliability. They should be securely held, but at the same time easily separated if necessary. It’s a shame if the crocodile collected within a few hours crumbles when you try to move it.
  3. The manufacturer and its reputation in the children’s goods market. Consider how many years he has been producing goods of this kind.
  4. Customer reviews. Analyze the information about this type of game kits on the Internet. Read reviews. When parents have already encountered problems and share their experience, it is easier for you to avoid such punctures. Learn from others’ mistakes.
  5. offspring interests. If he likes to play with cars, don’t buy him planes. Better yet, go shopping together. Outline the price category available to you, and let him choose what he likes.
  6. Give preference to large hypermarkets. Do not order toys online. You don’t know where they’ve been or what they’ve been in contact with. Moreover, no one is safe from scammers online.

Security measures

  1. Choose large part sizes. This is convenient for assembly and prevents accidental entry into the lungs or esophagus. Pay close attention to safety.
  2. Use items only for their intended purpose. Do not use for other needs, it will harm the health of the child and family.
  3. Watch the children at play. Keep them in line of sight. Under control, they mess around less. In a quarrel, they can injure each other with the details of the designer. To prevent this from happening, resolve conflicts as soon as possible.
  4. After the game, collect the items in a box and put them in a safe place. So the fragments will not be lost, the son or daughter will not be able to use the toy without permission.
  5. Clean fragments at least once a week. You can use baby soap and a soft cloth. Dry thoroughly so that no moisture remains anywhere. Otherwise, pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria can start in the cracks with liquid.

If there is an unpleasant smell from the parts, then immediately treat the kit with a safe disinfectant.

Advantages of mobile construction sets for children

  1. The assembled structures are movable. Animals walk, open their mouths, turn their heads. Cars drive, robots fight, and planes fly if a control panel is available.
  2. With the received toys, you can play full-fledged stories, fairy tales and stories.
  3. Acquisition of ideas about the structure of the body of man and animals. The baby will be able to talk about how the parts of the body are connected. The study of anatomy becomes more interesting and easier.

Why the designer is better than another toy

  1. Develops fine motor skills. The speech apparatus is directly connected with it.
  2. Develops logical thinking. After all, the assembly is a clearly formulated algorithm of actions.
  3. Develops creative thinking. The kid comes up with his own incredible objects. Fantasy is not limited by anything.
  4. Develop imaginative thinking. Starting the assembly, the image of the final goal is already clearly represented in the head.
  5. Develops perseverance. It will take more than one hour to put together 100 parts.
  6. Develops a sense of purpose. If the child nevertheless reached the end and collected, then he will be proud of himself. Striving for a goal is one of the fundamental qualities of a successful person.
  7. It is interesting to play for both adults and children. Unites the family. An occasion to get together with the family and spend a couple of hours doing an exciting activity.
  8. Develops the need for DIY creation. The desire for creation is inherent in every person from birth, it must be cherished, cherished and encouraged.

Take the little man’s free time with the right things. Otherwise, he will occupy it with something else, it is possible that not the most useful.

Design activity has a number of advantages over other types of toys. With such a game, a small person exercises his brain, solves a puzzle that he himself comes up with.

The most useful toys are educational. Invest in the development of the child and his mental activity.

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