Metal constructor

The metal construction set is considered a complex toy and embodies the dream of any boy to “work” with tools similar to adults.

Cold metal fascinates, allows you to create the most complex models using a screwdriver, keys, bolts and screws. An interesting lesson in assembling the model will seem not only to children, but also to adults. Metal intellectual toys are a real excursion into the world of children’s thinking and fantasy.

The main idea of ​​the toy

The complete set of each product consists of components similar to those that dad keeps in his toolbox: nuts, brackets, screws, other fasteners. All this is presented to the baby as real, only performed in miniature.

Metal objects are fastened together by screwing in bolts of suitable diameter. The plates can be straight, curved, narrow or wide, each element of the plate is perforated with holes.

This makes the constructor universal, makes it possible to create models, guided only by imagination. Sets with a variety of elements allow you to assemble structures of all sizes and varying degrees of complexity.

Samples of finished products are depicted on the packaging, they are accompanied by an assembly diagram and instructions for use. The boy can successfully create unique mechanisms and structures, collect crafts for school and preschool classes, and play games with the assembled models.

Self-made toys are the pride of the boy, so do not ignore children’s interests, it is important to introduce the child to design from an early age.

A smart toy will allow parents to captivate their child for a long time and go about their business.

Before starting the game, it is important to explain to the child that the initial design may not work, but correcting mistakes will allow you to achieve the desired results in the future. Solving the set and non-standard tasks is the main purpose of the team game.

Differences from other species

It is difficult to call a metal constructor a toy; rather, it refers to serious intellectual work associated with creativity. Collecting the constituent elements, the child constantly refers to the instructions, develops ingenuity, patience and gets the result of his hard work in the form of a finished machine or a construction crane.

There are many small elements in the game that need to be carefully connected to each other not with grooves, which is inherent in other types of assembly toys, but with bolts, washers and nuts using special tools. Details during design must be constantly recalculated so as not to make mistakes when installing the necessary elements.

The assembly structure has movable components that can be loosened or tightened depending on the nature of the finished product. From the metal elements of one model, you can create others, moreover, it is not always necessary to act according to the instructions. This will allow the child to develop and improve the logical line of imagination.

By establishing the interaction of objects according to the type of connection, the baby builds his own approach to the process, forms personal preferences, and raises self-esteem. With the correct design of complex parts into a finished structure, the boys experience indescribable pride in the invention.

Advantages of the game assembly:

  • Versatility and the ability to deviate from the instructions;
  • Details of various modifications and special tools complement each other;
  • Suitable for children of different sexes;
  • It is divided by age and intellectual development.

For preschoolers, such a constructor is suitable as a preparation for school and lessons of labor disciplines. Interest in assembling metal products changes the behavior of many children, developing in them perseverance, concentration, contact with adults at the level of discussing the action associated with assembling the necessary product.

It has been proven that assembling a construction kit develops a clear and beautiful handwriting in a boy, which is important when depicting clear lines and lettering.

The benefits of a smart toy

Perforated metal plates for construction have been known since the last century. Manufacturers of designers in those years were hardly guided by serious pedagogical motives, because the world of bright plastic was not yet conquered, and wood and metal were the basic materials for making children’s toys.

The popularity of the logic toys made of metal has not slowed down, but on the contrary, the interest in it is increasing every year.

The game assembly toy is designed to collect not only parts from the instructions, but also others that can only come to mind. This allows you to develop imagination and logic.

Assembly toys made of metal are designed for children from 5-6 years old. In some cases, they are used in labor lessons in kindergarten and school, for making crafts.

In the process of hard work, the boy:

  • receives the basics of technical thinking and logic;
  • develops fine motor skills of the hands;
  • develops concentration;
  • development of creativity and systems thinking;
  • increases alertness and coordination of movements.

From the side of the psyche, a feeling of self-satisfaction develops, after collecting the model and adequate self-esteem.

Psychologists recommend such a game to those children who suffer from excessive aimless activity. If the baby is carried away correctly, then over time, moderation in behavioral reactions to the world around can be achieved.

Building and building has always been seen as a good way to relieve tension and stress, develop a personal sense of self, learn to set achievable goals, and overcome difficult challenges.

For boys, these abilities will help in the future, since many technical specialties in higher education are widely available to them. Proper systems thinking can improve school performance.

Types of metal constructors

Now metal designers have many modifications, and the most unusual models can be assembled. Classic cars, cranes, steam locomotives – today they have been greatly modernized beyond recognition.

The kid can assemble a real plane, a tower, a truck with a large body. The sizes of the designer vary from medium to large, and the number of parts in the kit is always different from each other.

Many modern types of designers are equipped with electronics. This is very exciting, as it creates the illusion of a real game: with tanks, cars, flares and more. After assembly, technical devices are capable of emitting characteristic sounds, being highlighted, and some moving parts can be controlled remotely.

If the designer is classic, without additional devices, then the kid himself controls the finished product.

The logic game made of metal can be produced for young children from three years old and for older children. They are distinguished by some complexity of assembly and the level of intellectual perception in children.

For beginners, mini-constructors are suitable. They are characterized by a small number of parts, the simplest assembly and instruction scheme.

Complete set of metal constructors

Items undergo strict quality control from manufacturing to packaging. Depending on the type and type of assembly, fragments of the designer may include cords, plastic or rubber parts. The kit comes with a set of assembly tools and instructions.

If necessary, special notes and a scheme for a non-standard combination of fragments, the use of elements with electronics, safety rules at the time of the game are indicated.

How to choose a metal constructor

The purchase of a logic toy made of metal should be considered, since the type of activity is serious. It is worth considering some of the nuances that will not repel the baby from further design and self-development.

  • Markings on the packaging for mandatory quality certification;
  • The designation on the packaging about the age limit;
  • Metal plates for inspection should be smooth, without sharp points and raw protrusions;
  • Fasteners must have clear cuts and threads without visible defects;
  • Details of toys for children under 5 years old should not be less than 50 mm;
  • The product should not smell of paint and rust;
  • All constituent fragments must comply with security requirements.

Thematic areas

When buying a play assembly toy, parents are often guided by the preferences of the child. It is impossible to attract his attention with uninteresting activities, so manufacturers develop models of metal constructors, taking into account the interests of young inventors. The accepted directions include constructors in a technical and futuristic style.

technical style

Aimed at creating classic models of combat and specialized vehicles: armored vehicles, tanks, military aircraft, cannons, fire and signal vehicles with beacons, police crews and motor vehicles, tower and cranes.

This type of assembly game is suitable for older children to use the finished product in the future as an addition to their own toy collection.

Futuristic style

The direction is typical for the creation of famous cartoon characters. In the configuration of such assembly games there are additional parts made of high-quality bright plastic, cords, elastic bands.

Such a game is suitable for an earlier age category, has large fragments, bright colors. Cartoon characters are associated in the baby with positive. Finished products can be used as a toy or room decoration.

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