Laundry baskets

The purpose of laundry baskets is to store dirty linen and clothes that cannot be washed immediately. The right choice of such a bathroom element depends on many factors – how harmoniously it will fit into the interior style, how convenient and practical to use.

Types of laundry baskets

Modern laundry containers differ in shape and installation method: standard, wall-mounted, built-in, folding.


This is a popular and demanded type of linen containers. It does not go out of fashion, remains the same practical and affordable. Such containers are placed in the corner, on the floor under the sink, near the shower, bath or washing machine.

The corner version of the products is the most optimal. Baskets of this type are suitable for small bathrooms – they save space and are easy to use.

Wall-mounted laundry baskets

Practical and compact models that are intended for indoor wall mounting in bathroom furniture: cabinets, cabinets, cabinets. This type of placement provides for the ergonomic use of space.

They are presented in the form of bags, bags, containers and chests made of different materials. Their only drawback is the inconvenience of operation, when each time the user needs to open the door of a cabinet or bedside table to remove the basket.


As in the case of wall-mounted options, built-in analogues are installed in a furniture set with fixation on special retractable rails, equipped with or without a closer.

Categories by installation method:

  • Fully integrated. Such products are mounted in the bathroom furniture set, and the degree of their extension depends on the length of the guide rails.
  • Removable. Products of this type are textile containers mounted on a folding frame. For reliable fixation, the frame is mounted on rails attached to the inner walls of the cabinet or chest of drawers.
  • Independent. Such linen tanks are completely removed from the cabinet as needed. Additionally, they are equipped with handles.
  • Internal placement. Devices are securely fixed to the inside of the door in cabinets, pencil cases, cabinets and chests of drawers.


Structurally, such containers are similar to standard options, the only difference is their compact form when folded. Such devices are not so popular in comparison with other types, but still find their consumer. They are suitable for use in the bathrooms of hotel rooms, change houses, guest houses.

What are

The correct choice of a laundry basket involves an assessment of the main characteristics of the product, for example, the type of material from which the laundry container is made.


This is a simple and unpretentious material in processing and care, which allows you to create products of various shapes. Plastic devices have a different design and shape, equipped with a lid. The body has special ventilated holes that prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor during long-term storage of dirty laundry.

Thanks to a wide range of colors, the consumer can choose a suitable plastic model that will optimally fit into any bathroom interior. Their only drawback is their fragility and susceptibility to mechanical damage.

Metal laundry baskets

The durability of metal products is guaranteed by high quality workmanship. Sheet metal and metal wire of chrome-plated or polished type are used for production. They are resistant to mechanical damage, deformation and corrosion if treated with special protective compounds.

Metal containers differ in shape, capacity and additional equipment. Some models are equipped with wheels for ease of movement.


Fabric containers are presented in two types: a textile bag without a frame with a tie top and a clamshell stretched over a metal frame. They are installed in a closet, hung on a door or a wall hook.

A significant drawback is that they quickly absorb excess moisture in the room, which is fraught with the appearance of fungus, mold and an unpleasant odor.


Wooden products do not absorb unpleasant odors, do not emit hazardous substances, fit well into any interior. Their only drawback is the loss of shape, susceptibility to deoxidation when swollen and cracking when dried. Therefore, to increase the service life of containers, the wood surface is treated with protective water-repellent compounds.


They are made from natural and artificial materials – vines, bamboo, rattan and soft plastic. These are special frame containers made by weaving the main parts connected to each other. Plastic wicker containers are much cheaper than wicker or rattan products, moreover, they are distinguished by a wide range of colors and a variety of shapes.

Tanks made from wicker, bamboo and rattan are strong, wear-resistant and durable. They look stylish and original, so they will become a bright decoration of the bathroom. A high-quality wicker product has high strength, holds its shape well, the parts are carefully connected to each other.

Characteristics of laundry baskets

The form

The main requirements for a laundry basket are ergonomics, practicality, compactness, functionality and visual appeal. Manufacturers offer several standard shapes – round, rectangular and angular. There are non-standard options – oval, trapezoidal, with drawers, with and without lids.

Size (capacity)

When choosing a laundry basket, it is important to consider the shape and size. According to this parameter, products are divided into two categories:

  • Roomy. Devices are used to store dirty bed linen, clothes, to place small bathroom accessories.
  • Small volume. Products of this type are used exclusively for storing underwear, light clothing and towels.

The volume of baskets depends on the shape and size, ranging from 2.5 to 45 liters.


  • Aesthetics and attractiveness. Products make the bathroom cozy, hiding dirty linen and household items from prying eyes. Now there is no need to leave things that need washing in the washing machine, a simple and functional model of a storage container is suitable for this.
  • Ergonomics and functionality. Modern models of drawers for linen are distinguished by an ergonomic body for economical use of bathroom space for your own needs. To limit the useful volume, a special cover is used.
  • Systematization. A similar function is provided in models with a double compartment, which are designed to distribute soiled linen and clothes by color and type of material. This will avoid mixing things before washing.


They are due to the design features of the boxes for linen, as well as the varieties of materials that are used for their production.

  • High-quality material guarantees the durability and practicality of the finished product under different operating conditions.
  • All models are ergonomically designed and lightweight. Exceptions are boxes made of sheet metal.
  • Easy to use and unpretentious in regular care. Plastic, metal and wicker models can be wiped with a damp sponge and then rubbed dry with a clean cloth. Hand or machine wash is suitable for textiles, which is practical and hygienic.
  • A wide choice of shapes and colors, especially for textile and plastic boxes.
  • Ergonomic dimensions and internal volume make it easy to choose the best model for small and spacious bathrooms.
  • A wide price range provides a choice of linen containers of budget and elite series.


  • Not all models have ventilation holes, this can lead to an unpleasant smell from dirty laundry.
  • Some materials are susceptible to operating conditions. Wooden, wicker and metal products need additional treatment with moisture-repellent compounds. Plastic devices are unstable to mechanical damage and scratches. Textile containers are sensitive to foreign odors, wear out and get dirty quickly, and therefore require frequent washing.
  • Linen drawers are not recommended to be placed in closets with washed clothes and linen to avoid mixing smells.
  • Some types of boxes are difficult to repair or repair, so they need to be replaced quickly.
  • Regardless of the type and capacity of the device, it is not recommended to store dirty laundry for more than 3 days.

How to choose a laundry basket

A capacious and convenient basket solves the problem of storing dirty things. In order for such a functional element to meet the stated requirements and serve for years, the basic parameters must be taken into account when buying.

  1. Body material. High-quality linen boxes are made of wear-resistant, durable, safe and resistant to high humidity materials. In addition, they are well washed, cleaned, convenient and practical to use. It is easy to check the quality of the container design – it must be stable, integral, without flaws and defects, and not have a sharp unpleasant odor.
  2. Spaciousness and ergonomics. The right model is comfortable, roomy and ergonomic at the same time. Therefore, when choosing the appropriate size, it is important to take into account the overall dimensions of the room in which the storage container is planned to be installed.
  3. Product shape and design. Models of round, rectangular shape of direct placement and corner options are the most popular. So, for a small-sized bath, you can choose a corner or built-in option, and for rooms of standard sizes, models of various modifications are suitable. It is important that the linen basket is combined with the furniture set, matches the interior style of the room.
  4. Design features play an important role in the operation of the laundry container. It is recommended to choose models with a perforated case for ventilation, equipped with a reliable fixing cover and side handles. It does not matter what material the laundry box is made of, it must be treated with special protective compounds that will allow it to be used in conditions of high humidity.
  5. Double compartment models facilitate the process of sorting white and colored laundry. The removable cover or on clamps allows to control degree of filling of a linen box. Side handles are provided for easy transfer to the washing machine if it is installed in the kitchen.

Which is better

Each buyer chooses the option of a linen basket, taking into account the functional features, dimensions of the bathroom, personal preferences and financial capabilities.

  • The best option for home use are wicker boxes made of wicker or rattan, as well as wooden containers with ventilation holes. Their only drawback is the high cost compared to plastic products.
  • The second place in popularity is occupied by textile bags and containers on a metal frame. Natural canvas fabric is porous, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Such drawers provide good ventilation, do not take up much space, provide for floor, wall and hidden placement in cabinets or bedside tables.

The care of textiles consists in hand or machine washing using mild detergents.

  • Another practical option for a laundry basket for home use is a plastic container with a perforated body to be placed inside a closet, pencil case or cabinet. For sorting laundry, it is recommended to use several containers made of multi-colored plastic. They are easy to use and maintain – they are easy to wash and dry in a couple of hours.

Laundry basket manufacturers

The market offers a range of laundry baskets from domestic, European and Asian manufacturers. The cost of products directly depends on three components – size, shape and materials.


Italian importer of quality haberdashery and bathroom accessories. The manufacturer offers original and durable wicker baskets made of vinyl and ecological leather. Products are presented in the middle and high price segment.



Reliable manufacturer of functional bathroom accessories. The head office of the company is located in Estonia, and production is in Asian countries. The line includes metal, wooden, wicker bamboo and rattan boxes, standard and two-section.



A popular Dutch brand representing a line of original accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. Ensuring the quality and durability of its products, the company provides a guarantee for service from 5 to 10 years. The manufacturer presents tanks, containers and laundry bags made of durable polymer, polished steel and textiles.



Italian manufacturer of household products for the home, bathroom and kitchen. The company specializes in the manufacture of clothes dryers, ironing boards, laundry baskets, ladders and trash cans. The brand presents a collection of laundry boxes made of synthetic material stretched over a metal frame. Basket models are equipped with special handles made of heat-resistant resin.



Reliable German brand with 40 years of history offers exclusive products. The direction of the company is the production of women’s bags. A separate place is occupied by cosmetic accessories, accessories for home and leisure – umbrellas, linen baskets, blankets and raincoats. The company offers a range of containers made of plastic, metal and textiles.



An Austrian brand that offers a range of products for everyday use – clothes dryers, containers for bulk products, laundry bins and containers, brooms, buckets and folding wardrobes. All production is certified, differs in high reliability and durability.


A Dutch manufacturer that presents a product line of original and practical storage containers in various modifications and colors. The product is made of high strength polymer. All storage containers are highly hygienic and safe.


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