With the advent of the baby, joy and happiness come to the house. But along with them, there are a lot of questions and problems that need to be solved thoughtfully and correctly. Such a problem is the choice of bed. This item has been used for more than one year and should be comfortable and safe for a child to have a good sleep.

Future parents are puzzled by the choice of a bed long before the birth of the baby. Transformer beds are gaining popularity. This is a symbiosis of two, three or four pieces of furniture. When buying this model, you get a sleeping place, a changing cabinet in one set.

The device of a cot-transformer

Principle of operation

The framework of a product consists of the lower boards and a back. A nightstand or chest of drawers is fixed at the level of the back. The bottom consists of rails. At the bottom lies an orthopedic mattress. Grids are fixed on the sides. One grate goes down. The changing table is screwed to the nightstand.

When the child grows up, the dresser-changing table transforms into a bedside table. The back of the bed is removed, the footboard extends in length. Thus, the place to sleep increases by 40-50 cm. The width remains the same.

There are models that move apart by 200 cm. Special mattresses have been developed for them. They consist of additional blocks, which are initially stored separately. With an increase in the size of the sleeping bed, additional parts of the mattress are laid out on the bottom.

The extra bed size is suitable for a child from 4-5 years old to 10-12 years old, depending on the size of the crib.

The remaining details of the module will also find application in the children’s room. For some models, a chest of drawers with a hinged lid easily turns into a desk top, the side walls become a wall shelf for books. The shelf is attached to the wall.

Types of cribs-transformers


Models differ from each other in the following indicators:

  1. Availability of accessories included in the package.
  2. The ability to change the bed length.
  3. Collapsible protective structure.
  4. Transformation of the constituent parts of the structure.

Bed-transformer plus chest of drawers. The surface of the chest of drawers is used as a changing table, as long as the size of the baby’s body allows. It is desirable to have limiters on the changing table.

As the child’s body grows, the bed is lengthened. The chest of drawers is removed from the bottom of the bed and placed next to it or in another place. The front wall of the bed with rods is also removed. If wheels are fixed on the bottom of the crib from the outside, designed to move furniture and rock the child, they are also removed or fixed.

Bed-transformer plus changing table. A folding changing table is attached to the back of the crib. The height of the bed is adjustable. When the bottom of the crib is released to the floor, the crib turns into a playpen. Designs with suspended cradles are on sale.

Transformer with a pendulum. The system consists of a high frame, a bed, boards with bars, 2 backs, 4 supporting stable legs, special metal bottom regulators and a pendulum mechanism.

A pendulum is a device by which the bed swings. The mechanism is based on a sliding structure. It consists of bearings, hinges and wooden planks with holes.

There are three types of pendulums:

  1. Transverse.
  2. Longitudinal.
  3. Universal.

They differ from each other in the swing path. The swinging mechanism has a special lock. Thanks to him, the pendulum is fixed and the structure does not swing. The model with a pendulum also includes a chest of drawers, a changing table, drawers and removable parts.

Attached bed-transformer. Attached to parents bed. One side is open, the height of the bottom is adjustable depending on the height of the parent bed. It comes with a set of fasteners for fixing to an “adult” bed. It has a rectangular or semicircular shape. When the child grows up, it is used as a children’s sofa or table.

Transforming bed for twins. For twins, you need to purchase two beds at once. You can buy a universal transformer. Its feature is a special removable partition that separates two sleeping places for children. If you remove it, two beds will turn into one comfortable sofa. The height of the mattresses is adjustable, they can be placed at different levels. The side rails are lowered.

Crib-transformer-toy. These models are made in the form of a racing car, a pirate ship, a sleeping beauty castle, etc. They are adjustable in length and height.



The berth serves for a dream and game of the child. On the changing table, the mother dresses or swaddles the child. In the chest of drawers are diapers, sheets, baby clothes. If the module is equipped with shelves, there are bottles, toys, and other things on them.

Models equipped with a pendulum allow you to lull the baby. The swing of the longitudinal pendulum copies the natural movements of the mother’s hands in the “back and forth” type. The baby calms down and falls asleep. Pediatricians believe that as a result of such motion sickness, the baby’s intracranial pressure returns to normal.

The pendulum is swinging by an adult or a baby himself when he moves. The oscillation amplitude is from 5 to 15 cm. There are models with an electric drive connected to the pendulum. The swing mode, amplitude, time are set by the user. The universal pendulum works in any mode.

Car-shaped toy cribs have headlights on. They serve as nightlights. The canopy on the lock protects from insects.

Pros and cons of transforming cribs

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of many types is the long term of their use. On all models that increase in length, the child sleeps from birth to adolescence. The sleeping place “grows” along with the little owner. Attached models and options for twins do not have such a function, so their service life is shorter.

At the same time, the width of the bed is not adjustable. Therefore, it is uncomfortable for a teenager to sleep on a narrow mattress. This is the disadvantage of transformers.

When purchasing a transforming bed, you save money.

Buying a separate bed, chest of drawers, changing table, bookshelf and desk will cost much more than buying one transforming bed. Not all models combine such a number of items, but the maximum configuration allows you to significantly save on costs.

Attached models are convenient because the mother does not need to get up at night and approach the awakened baby. The child lies nearby, but at the same time not in the parent’s bed. Psychologists and therapists do not recommend putting the baby to sleep with their parents. In the future, it is difficult to accustom him to sleep separately.

A soundly sleeping mother or father can injure a baby lying next to her. And in the side cradle, the youngest member of the family sleeps next to mom and dad, but at the same time in his own bed. The disadvantage of this option is the small length. A child older than one and a half to two years will not be able to sleep in it.

When comparing models equipped with a pendulum, the transverse swing principle wins. He swings the bed according to the principle of the cradle – “right-left”. With a small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room in which the transformer is installed, this principle is more convenient than the longitudinal version.

Crib toys decorate the interior, delight and amuse the child. At the same time, they can unnecessarily excite the baby in the evenings, at a time when it is time for him to go to bed.



The room where the module is installed must be dry, warm and well ventilated. Place the wooden product at a distance of one meter from heaters and direct sunlight. Do not place it near curtains and blinds. Protect furniture surfaces from moisture and chemical liquids (alcohol, acetone, gasoline, etc.).

Gently, effortlessly open and pull out drawers, remove partitions and other details. Do not load the component parts in excess of the weight indicated in the instructions.

Keep your furniture clean with quality cleaners and polishes. Remove dust from the surface with a dry, clean and soft cloth. Use natural materials – cotton, flannel, cotton. Wash and clean areas of furniture immediately after contamination.

If the stains remain for a long time, it will be more difficult to clean them off. White and grayish spots appear on the polished surface. Remove them with a cloth soaked in alcohol. Wipe off the stains and let the surface dry.


Precautionary measures

Entrust the assembly of the structure to specialists. If you assemble the structure yourself, follow the rules specified in the instructions. An incorrectly assembled model will endanger the health and life of the child.

Do not abuse the rocking of the pendulum bed. The vestibular apparatus of the child will suffer. When manually rocking the crib, make smooth gentle movements, do not make sudden movements, do not increase the amplitude of the rocking.

When you move a product with a pendulum from place to place, do not forget to fix the pendulum on both sides, otherwise the mechanism will break. Check the security of the latch. If it flies off at the wrong time, it will cause injury to the child.

Choose models made of natural wood or MDF. If the product is varnished, then only water-based, non-toxic. The smell of chemicals is unacceptable.

If the module is made of chipboard, then ask the seller for a certificate of conformity. It states that the chipboard used for the construction meets all sanitary standards, and there are no formaldehydes in the composition.

If the module is made of plastic and painted in bright colors, make sure the paint is lead-free.

Do not buy the product if there are defects on the surface – cracks, kinks, scratches. All bolts and nuts are firmly closed with plastic plugs. Don’t let your child get hurt.

Make sure the mattress fits your bed. It is desirable that there is no gap. If it is present, then its width is no more than 4 cm.

The legs are firmly fixed. The wheels are equipped with rubberized tabs to eliminate noise when moving. Check for a lock-brake.

The details of the transformer that the baby can “try on the tooth” should be protected with food-grade plastic or silicone.

The distance between the planks of the side walls is no more than 7-8 cm, so that the child does not stick his head between the bars.

Do not buy a model in which the walls with the bottom are fastened with plastic or wood. This design is unreliable. The weight of the baby is growing, the transforming bed is designed for long-term operation. Choose the option with metal fasteners.

The changing table must have side restraints. This is the safety of the child.

The bottom of the bed is made of slats. They let air through.

Frequent faults and solutions.

  • The pendulum mechanism produces a creak and rattle over time. Lubricate metal parts with machine oil to eliminate.
  • Screws and screws loosen and fall out of the attachment points. Use a powerful screw. Reinforce the broken screw socket.
  • The slats along which the drawers move are out of order. Replace roller guides.

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