Constructors for boys

Toys that are useful are valuable. Are there many activities that benefit the baby? If you think about it, yes! Hide and seek – develop perseverance in achieving the goal and attentiveness, hide and seek – orientation in space, football – improves the physical fitness of the baby. When choosing game sets, give preference to useful ones.

Advantages of a designer for a boy

  1. Logical thinking. Only by following the algorithm, they achieve success. Logic is needed in the business leading to the planned result.
  2. perseverance. The number of parts in sets varies from 10 to 3000 pieces. In order to collect such a number of elements, it will take not a single hour, and not a single day. In order for labor to lead to a final positive result, you will have to work. Patience and perseverance will come in handy in school years and in subsequent professional activities.
  3. Fine motor skills. The coordinated work of the motor and visual systems leads to the development of dexterity in all types of actions performed. This skill is important and will come in handy in the future. Small details are studied only under the supervision of parents.
  4. Creative thinking. A sample assembly of the object is attached to the kit. But children prefer to collect something of their own – the author’s. It is impossible to predict where fantasy will lead. The game becomes more interesting and exciting when you do not know what lies ahead.
  5. Independence. An enthusiastic offspring will spend hours fiddling with the fun he likes. The ability to independently occupy free time is an important trait for a person. By making a conscious choice, a boy becomes a man. The desire to create is inherent in every little creature from birth. The task of a parent is the desire to nurture and create conditions for successful implementation.
  6. technical thinking. There are two types of thinking: creative and technical. Creative is responsible for images, paintings, art. Technical – for mathematical skills. The baby is studying the types of fasteners that will come in handy in a future life. Fastenings in designers are combined: mobile and stationary. The child learns to establish cause and effect relationships.
  7. Attention and ability to concentrate. To assemble a constructor, you need a specific algorithm of actions. Chaotic actions will not lead to results. Allow to design at the moment when there is a sufficient margin of time. Then it will be possible to fully immerse yourself in an interesting activity.
  8. Abstract thinking. To achieve the desired result, you need to present the image of the final object with all the significant features. But in order to get a new one, it is desirable to clearly draw the details in your imagination.

In addition, the child gains knowledge about the structure of things without breaking them. It becomes possible to look inside objects and technical devices. The boy acquires basic knowledge of geometric shapes. Squares, rectangles, circles, parallelepipeds and other shapes are waiting for the kid in the world of designers.

How to choose a constructor for a boy


Decide what you need it for. If to bring the game to the house, then it does not matter what it will be. Fragments of the constructor must be stored in a certain place so as not to be lost. Otherwise, the lack of one element will devalue the game. If you have a storage box at home, save on packaging. Plastic bags are economical in this sense.

Packaging for children’s products is made colorful and eye-catching. From an early age, teach your child that you need to evaluate not the wrapper, but the contents. The size of the box and the designer do not always match.

Read how many parts the set consists of and what size they are. Now you have complete information for an informed and successful choice.


Affects the psychological and emotional state. The degree of intellectual and creative development also depends on the colors surrounding the baby.

Harmonious combinations and transitions contribute to the formation of an aesthetic perception of reality. Avoid unnatural, eye-catching colors. Too bright details are painted with toxic paint. This threatens the health and safety of the little boy.

Quality certificate

It will be provided in the shop. Contact a sales assistant or administrator. Here you will find complete information about the manufacturer, country of manufacture, service life. If for some reason they refuse to provide such a document, this should be alarming. Refuse to buy this kit and go to another store.

Life time

The constructor is a universal fun. At first, the baby is interested in looking at the details and twisting them in his hands. Then the first buildings from several cubes appear. After that, complex projects are planned and implemented. The service life should be about 3-5 years. High-quality kits are designed for such a period.


Don’t skimp on safety! Compliance with price and quality is the main selection criterion.

Age appropriate

An age range is indicated on the quality set. The information is advisory in nature. Consider the level of development of a particular child.

Interests of the child

Last on the list, but first in importance. Modern manufacturers offer the widest range of topics. Zoos, astronomical stations, cars, planes, houses and much more. Choose what will interest the young researcher.

Wishes of the young designer

Go to the store together, avoid discontent and trouble from the child. Offer a certain price category, and within it, give complete freedom.

Multiple game features

Designers collect, play with the resulting figures, play out thematic stories. The young collector will be able to immerse himself in the everyday work of representatives of different professions. The more features, the more interesting.

Thematic sets are based on the plots of popular cartoons, comics, computer games.

Types of constructors for boys


They are made up of geometric shapes. Parallelepipeds, cubes, balls. They give the first idea of ​​the shape, size, volume of bodies in space.

Constructors of this type are used to get acquainted with geometry. This type is good for very young children. By observing the child, you can conclude how interested he is in such a game.

contoured or flexible

The resulting objects are subject to elastic deformation. The resulting figures are bent, bent, squeezed, and they return to their previous shape. The items received are convenient for subsequent story games. Animals funny move, turn around, bounce. The young researcher receives information about the types of deformation.


The puzzle is not flat, as we are used to, but in three planes, that is, three-dimensional. Palaces, ships, towers are assembled from puzzles.


From blocks in the form of parallelepipeds design houses, cars, planes. Everything that the imagination of a little dreamer is capable of. Small sets complement each other and together create a large field for entertainment.


Includes a couple of floors. Balls or other objects are launched along the resulting maze. It is possible to build according to the model and without.


Textile constructors are convenient for the little ones. The material is safe, there are no sharp corners, there is no danger of getting hurt on hard elements. The baby gains knowledge about the variety of tactile sensations.


Everyone had this classic designer in childhood. Has not lost its relevance today. When choosing the type of wood, give preference to pine, birch and oak. The cost is higher, but the quality matches the cost.

Pay attention to the substance of the coating and the quality of processing. Nowhere should be roughness. Otherwise, the baby risks getting a splinter.


Every dad will remember this! The kit comes with a screwdriver, wrench, bolts and nuts. The process is laborious, but the result is worth it. It will last for several decades.


Building kits. Bricks are made of environmentally friendly materials. Of these, with the help of a special solution, you need to assemble a house, a castle, a well, and the like.

The downside is that after assembly, the resulting structure will have to be put on a shelf and admired, nothing else can be assembled from it.


In addition to standard parts, gears, hinges, axles and other non-standard fasteners are included. The kid learns the basics of mechanics in practice.


For older teens. Models of ships, planes, rockets, cars completely repeat the main aspects of real prototypes.


The elements are connected with magnets. If the magnets are simple, then the parts are sticks with balls at the ends. If the magnets are neodymium, then the fragments are of arbitrary shape. Such magnets are 8 times stronger than ordinary ones. The future man is studying the properties of the magnetic field and the specifics of the polarity of magnets.

Never leave children unattended while playing with magnetic toys – if a child swallows a magnet, this can lead to sad consequences.


The assembly of electrical circuits will captivate the most imperturbable naughty. As a result of the work, a light bulb lights up or a bell rings, which delights fidgets. Some are assembled into robots that are programmed using operating systems.

Number of details

  1. For acquaintance – up to 150 details and figures. Watch your son. Was he interested? Show an example of how to fasten parts, how to assemble according to a pattern. Children are unique and everyone has the right to their own hobbies.
  2. Up to 700 – medium, make up stories and play out plots. The development of the motor and speech apparatus continues.
  3. Up to several thousand. For keen natures.

Pay attention to the versatility of the assembly. The more you can collect from a given set of items, the longer it will not get bored.


  1. Metal parts are wiped with a damp cloth and then dry to avoid rust.
  2. If liquid gets on the surface of metal elements, wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth. Dry with a hair dryer even faster and more efficiently.
  3. Wooden elements are washed with soap, but not allowed to contact the liquid for a long time. So avoid deformation.
  4. Wash plastic elements in a basin with baby soap. Wipe dry or wait to dry naturally.
  5. Substances in contact with toys must be safe for children.
  6. Be careful when wiping the patterned parts. It is better to treat these places with wet wipes.


  1. Do not leave the child unattended. If your son does it himself, let him do it. But do not go far, look from the side.
  2. Avoid sharp edges and sharp edges. The child is at risk of injury.
  3. If a part is damaged, dispose of it immediately. Broken parts become dangerous.
  4. Use items only for their intended purpose. Do not prop up the leg of the table with a cube!

In order for the offspring to become interested in designing at first, you need to help him. Choose a time when you are not busy and take your time with your child.

Show what happens if you follow the rules or break them. Help the child exactly as much as he himself allows.

Don’t select elements and don’t dive headlong into engineering. The son himself will show when he no longer needs help.

After the tricks, the fidget wants to play catch-up or play the drum? Don’t despair, hide the game for two months and try again. Everything has its time!

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