Constructor for a girl

The constructor is an educational toy for different age categories, depending on the characteristics of a particular variant. It is a set of modules from which objects or pictures are assembled. The group includes familiar blocks from which you can build houses, various soft prefabricated options and even puzzles. For a long time it was believed that they are suitable for boys, but this is not so: girls also enjoy playing such games.


When choosing toys, parents first of all think about what the subject will teach, what benefits it will bring. The designer in this regard wins in many ways.

  • development of fine motor skills of the hands. The game helps kids develop the mobility and dexterity of fingers, preparing them from an early age for subsequent learning to write, for school lessons and other skills;
  • creative activity. Collecting modules, different houses, objects are built, children build objects and play games with them. It develops fantasy, thinking;
  • the opportunity to work with the baby. While playing, you can learn to memorize colors, geometric shapes, ask you to choose only red details or separately fold round and rectangular parts;
  • option for a large company. An interesting set can be assembled by one person and a group, or you yourself or adult relatives will keep your daughter company. Joint play contributes to further socialization and the acquisition of skills for interacting with other people;
  • entertaining entertainment. Modern parents do not know how to distract children from the Internet, telephone and other technology. The solution is simple – give an interesting toy with which the girl will spend time.

A building set that inspires curiosity and attracts attention – proven by generations, and now there is a much larger selection, so there is something for everyone.

How to choose a constructor for a girl

Choosing a toy for a girl is not as easy as it seems. There are some nuances that are important to consider before buying.

  • amount of elements. It is better to choose a universal designer from which you can build different objects: castles, walls, cars, and not the only option according to the model. Monotony will get boring, and the fun will be abandoned;
  • ease of fastening parts. If possible, ask the seller to open the package and check how the modules are connected. Is it easy to collect and share? It is necessary that the girl can easily cope with this process on her own, and if significant strength is needed for assembly, such a constructor will not work;
  • constructor complexity. Each age has its own entertainment according to the level of abilities. A baby at 2-3 years old will fit large cubes, and at 7 years old it is hardly interesting. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of development;
  • interests. Many people like options that allow you to build castles for princesses or houses with cute cats, others like puzzles, and someone will be interested in modeling. Sometimes girls are not averse to playing games that are traditionally considered boyish – and there is nothing wrong with that: let the child develop comprehensively and explore the world in all its diversity;

  • certificate of quality and safety. Before buying, you must definitely check the availability of a quality certificate, inspect the items and make sure that they are made of good materials and do not have an unpleasant odor. It is better to abandon cheap suspicious options and purchase a safe kit that does no harm;
  • color spectrum. For a younger age, 3-5 colors are enough so that the parts do not seem too colorful, this distracts attention. But those who are older will like the option with a variety of shades. At any age, it is better to choose sets with natural and saturated colors, without acid colors;
  • package. In this regard, the opinions of child psychologists differ. Some believe that it is important to choose a gift with an attractive box in which it is convenient to put the elements and teach them to be neat, others say that it does not matter, since the toys are stored in a specially designated place. In this case, the decision depends on you and the order established in the house – someone teaches you to put toys in packages from under them, while others allocate unnecessary boxes from under equipment or shoes for storing children’s treasures.

You should pay special attention to the packaging-suitcases. Such kits are sold in small plastic suitcases – this is a convenient option if your daughter wants to take her favorite toy with her to kindergarten or when visiting.

Types of constructors for girls

It is worth dwelling on this topic in more detail, since it is important to buy toys that are appropriate for age and level of development. If you give the baby a difficult thing, she will not understand what to do with it, she will get bored and cry. And a toy for little ones will not be able to teach a grown up girl anything new.

The packages indicate the approximate age at which the designer is oriented – this will help you figure it out. But it is worth considering that the features of development are individual. Sometimes children fall behind their peers, while others overtake, and they are no longer interested in toys intended for this age. There is a list of nuances that you can focus on when choosing.

For the little ones

At 2-3 years old, complex sets with princess figurines are unlikely to interest a baby; at this stage, unpretentious toys consisting of parts in the form of geometric shapes are also suitable. Cubes, pyramids, cylinders, balls are used to create complex objects – kids learn to build towers or houses from them, thereby developing imagination and coordination.

It is important to remember that the details of the designer for little ones should be large so that children cannot accidentally swallow the element or put it in their nose and ears.

First steps in creativity

At the age of 4–6 years, they begin to fantasize and come up with plots for games. Here options are useful, which include figures with characters from cartoons or fairy tales. You can pick up something with complex connecting parts – my daughter will be happy to make a house for her heroes.

At this stage, you can offer the girl puzzles, collecting a picture is a fascinating thing when your favorite characters are depicted on it, and besides, this develops spatial thinking.

Entertainment for younger schoolgirls

At 7-9 years old, children still play with enthusiasm, come up with entertaining entertainment. This is the period when they go to school, which leads to stress, so the girl needs to be able to relax and play for fun. In addition, in games, children work out problem situations for themselves and find some kind of solution.

Do not deprive children of entertainment. Thematic kits with shops, stages, parks, figures of people, animals and objects are suitable. This will allow you to play different life situations.

Age of active cognition

The age of 10–12 years is considered early adolescence, but children still continue to play and are interested in complex designers. These are packages for modeling, from which you need to assemble, and in some cases, paint the figure.

Others like electronic, introducing the basics of physics and stimulating knowledge. Complex, large puzzles are also popular: children compete with each other, collecting for speed.

The variety of products in the stores is amazing. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate in this diversity. Constructors are divided into categories: age, thematic, materials.


Two types are produced – flat and volumetric. Flat ones are a set of two-dimensional parts with slots that are placed on the floor or on the table, and the figures are assembled from them. Volumetric – cubes and other geometric shapes from which towers and houses are built. This is a great option for the little ones, but for someone older this set will seem boring.


Parts are flexible thin tubes from which you can make contours, connecting them into whole models. This is an unusual option, different from the usual figures, it is better to give it from the age of 3, because a younger baby can accidentally put a tube in her nose or ear.


This species pleases with diversity; There are puzzles designed for different ages. Younger children are offered packages with large pieces and images of cartoon characters or fairy tales. For teenagers, there are collections with many elements and some beautiful picture. There are services that turn a picture into a puzzle on request – you can make a similar gift with the image of your favorite characters.

You can assemble puzzles in a company or alone: ​​this activity trains attentiveness and fine motor skills. Children and adults are not averse to having fun in this way.

Lego-like sets

Such variants are distinguished by characteristic details in the form of plastic blocks with figures of people and animals, connecting parts from which houses, castles and objects are built. Firms and companies produce similar sets of different subjects.

Maze constructors

The elements are designed to create roads or labyrinths from them, along which balls and cars are then launched. Such entertainment is interesting for children 4-5 years old.

Soft constructors

The details of such sets are large and soft, interconnected, and they are suitable for kids, since this designer cannot accidentally get hurt or hit. Material – foamed polymer. It is important to choose safe kits that do not emit unpleasant pungent odors and comply with environmental standards.


Considered safe and environmentally friendly. The tree looks attractive and has a pleasant smell. In addition, the resulting wooden models are painted with paints – an exciting additional activity that develops creativity. Fans of drawing will appreciate the opportunity to show their imagination.

There is a variety of such a designer made of bars, which are available in a set with a special adhesive.

Using miniature bricks, you can glue them together and play as a builder building a castle. To return the set to its original state, lower the house into the water, then it will fall apart.

Metal sets

More often than not, this is a favorite toy for boys, but some girls also like to tighten screws and collect objects. Figures are assembled from metal elements, vehicles are built and houses for toys are made. Such kits are distinguished by an abundance of details, so this is a toy for older children.


Such a set consists of parts that are assembled and glued into the figure of a ship, aircraft, tank. Girls are rarely interested in military equipment, but they may like romantic sailboats.

Assembling a ship is a fascinating thing: the resulting model can be put on a shelf and collected. These kits are suitable for teenagers, as they are complex and require developed creative skills, hand motility.

Electronic modules

The kits have an entertaining and educational purpose; while playing, younger teenagers learn physics. The assembled models work with the help of electrical circuits. You can make a miniature robot with control, and complex models are even assembled into a functioning single-wave radio. This is entertainment for children and adults.

The girl with interest will assemble such a constructor with her dad, who will help her and explain some principles of physics. An effective option for strengthening the relationship between father and daughter, because when girls grow up, fathers feel awkward in communicating with them, and this activity helps to get closer and improve communication. The set also helps to assimilate school knowledge.

When purchasing a designer, it is important to find one that the girl will like and be safe to use. These are the main components that determine the right choice.

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