Children’s watch

children's wrist watch

Modern children show interest in fashionable gadgets and devices. Therefore, the popularity of children’s watches is obvious today. This accessory is an excellent decoration, helps to accustom the child to discipline, proper planning of the day.

Using the clock, the guys feel more mature and in a short time comprehend knowledge in the process of managing personal time.

If parents buy a watch for their child, they are sure to face the question of choice. For small consumers, children’s models of various series and brands are presented on store shelves.

Types of children’s watches

Manufacturers, taking into account the latest developments, produce various types of watches with great functionality, multi-colored dials, and designer straps. How to choose a wrist accessory for a child, which manufacturer to prefer? Let us consider in more detail the types of children’s watches, the characteristic differences and what to look for when buying.


The range of fashionable children’s accessories is great. It is classified according to the following indicators:

  • manufacturer;
  • gender (for girls or boys);
  • age of the future owner;
  • color palette or image;
  • dial type;
  • material.

Almost all watches are equipped with anti-shock and moisture-proof properties.

Such characteristics were taken into account by manufacturers in their developments, taking into account the active and mobile lifestyle of young people.

Wrist accessories for children differ in the way they work and the type of dial. After reviewing these types in more detail, choosing the best model for a child is not so difficult.

Mechanical. The basis of the mechanism is a spring that actuates the arrows of the device. However, their work makes errors in a few seconds. Such models are afraid of moisture and dust. For a user with a much mobile lifestyle, this kind is undesirable.

Quartz. They work with a battery. Quartz wrist watch works with high precision than the previous model. Available with arrows or display. The case of electromechanical devices is lighter than mechanical ones, with a design designed in any style. In the price category it is presented as an economical option.

Electronic. Display type – electronic. Advantages of electronic watches: accuracy, availability of functions (thermometer, heart rate monitor, pressure and humidity sensor, alarm clock, etc.).

“Smart”. A modern device that is tied to a computer or phone using a special program. May contain a significant number of functions. The main advantage of the tool is the presence of GPS, which allows you to determine the exact location of the child.

“Smart watch

kids smart watch

Technology never ceases to amaze us. After the advent of all kinds of gadgets for adults, the developers have created “smart” watches for children. Many parents have already appreciated the importance of such an accessory for the family. And that’s why.

The models of new gadgets have the preferences of children and adults at the same time. The devices are designed for the safety of the child and control of movement by parents. They perform the main task – they determine the location of the young owner and allow you to constantly be in touch with him.

The child can call his parents, receive incoming calls and messages.

To complete the tasks, you only need to install a special program and control the baby around the clock.

Some models of “smart” devices are multifunctional, they may include:

  • “auto-loss”;
  • “find watch” function;
  • thermometer;
  • Wi-Fi module;
  • saving the owner’s movement schedule and much more.

When choosing a smart device for a child, the price will depend on the number of features included. Inexpensive models include standard watches with a minimum set of functions. Specifications should be chosen depending on the preferences and hobbies of the baby.

As for the appearance of the gadget, it is better to give the choice to the future owner. The case and bracelet are made of durable materials that are resistant to shock and moisture. Therefore, the young owner can engage in daily personal affairs, without limiting himself in activity.

When choosing a manufacturer or brand of accessory, you need to pay attention to customer reviews and comparative characteristics of models.

Characteristics of children’s watches

children's wrist specifications

Children’s watches are made by analogy with adults, but at the same time they differ significantly. In the manufacture of products, manufacturers pay special attention to safety and ease of wearing.

The body is made from the following types of material:

  • plastic;
  • aluminum alloy;
  • of stainless steel.

The material to protect the dial is mineral or acrylic glass. The first protection option is durable and does not deform over time. As for acrylic, it is a durable and environmentally friendly material. During the fall, it will not shatter into small fragments, which indicates the safety of the product.

Straps also have a special role – they should not irritate the baby’s skin. The strap should fit snugly to the hand, be durable and elastic. Popular materials for manufacturing are: rubber, PVC, polyurethane and nylon.

The dial of children’s wrist products can be analog or electronic. The question of choosing a dial on the first watch for a child, each parent accepts in his own way. Some believe that it is better to start with electronic options. So, it will be easier for the child to navigate in time.

But experts say that in order for the baby to quickly learn to be determined in time by the location of the arrows on the dial, it is worth choosing the analog version.

The external design of the devices, first of all, differs from the gender of the children. The style is varied: from images of favorite heroes to models with a strict dial.

Multifunctional models may contain additional functions:

  • automatic winding;
  • alarm clock and the number of its settings;
  • the calendar;
  • water resistance property;
  • Time Zones;
  • stopwatch;
  • timer;
  • Notebook;
  • compass and more.

Subject selection

children's watch series

The models of children’s watches offered today are cheerful and colorful. It is preferable for children of the younger age group to choose models with a colored strap and an image of their favorite cartoon character, for example.

When the cartoon character is present next to the baby’s hand, it reminds of a kind and good animated series. The owner will be delighted with such an accessory. Devices for girls, like women’s watches, are dominated by red, purple and pink colors. For the category of boys – black, blue colors, or military themes.

For older children, strict models, copies of Swiss brands are preferred. For boys who have learned to understand time, an electronic watch with advanced functionality is suitable. Such an accessory will help the owner to correctly organize the daily routine. And the possibilities of a stopwatch, timer, heart rate monitor will be useful in sports or physical education.

For girls

children's watch for girls

What girl tries not to imitate her mother or older sister? A gift in the form of a watch is an introduction to adulthood and an idea of ​​fashion. The main rule for choosing a useful jewelry for a young fashionista is that the accessory must be original. The little princess will be able to show off in front of her friends with a bright decoration.

Children’s watches for girls are dominated by white, pink, lilac, red shades. Decorate models with rhinestones, ribbons, key rings, beads. Multi-colored compositions are presented in the form of butterflies, flowers, animals or birds on the dial. The shape of the devices is made oval, square, round or in the form of a heart.

When choosing a stylish accessory for a young fashionista, it is important to remember that this choice will affect the development of the girl’s taste and style. At the same time, the schoolgirl learns to be independent: what time the classes start, when to wait for the parents from work, or what time the training starts. You can buy watches for girls from the age of 4. It is better to teach the baby to order from an early age.

For boys

children's wrist watch for boy

When choosing models for a boy, functionality is more important than appearance. It is important that such a thing be in line with the latest trends in order to differ from your peers. Most boys cannot imagine themselves without music. A gadget with a built-in digital player will help you listen to your favorite songs.

A fashionable attribute may contain: a calculator, a flashlight, an alarm clock and other useful things.

Given the age category of the boy and the style of clothing, the appropriate design of the devices is selected. The range of topics is inexhaustible. For younger boys, they choose a device whose dial is made in the form of a soccer ball or a hero from their favorite game. The most popular among boys are product models with applications of superheroes, cars, airplanes.

For a teenager, functional models on a leather strap will be the best option. Such a fashionable accessory will emphasize the style and personality of the owner. An important feature in the choice will be protective functions (water resistance, shock resistance), as the boys love active games and sports.

How to choose a children’s watch

children's watch selection

When choosing a watch for a child, parents should first of all pay attention to the material of the product and the quality of workmanship. The model should be safe, harmless and convenient. For a preschool child, it is better to purchase an attribute made of plastic, as it is light in weight and does not restrict the movement of the baby. It is necessary that the size of the accessory has an average size and is conveniently located on the wrist.

The task of parents is to teach their child to navigate according to the indications of the hands, so it is better to choose the first watch with a mechanical dial. Fashion dictates its own rules, so older children are better off looking at a more expensive model, well-known brands. So, the teenager will feel mature and confident.

As for the price category, everything is clear here. If the financial side allows parents to buy an expensive model for their son or daughter, then it is worth focusing on a Swiss watch model. But when choosing such a gift, you need to compare all the pros and cons, because such a tool will become the envy of peers.

If the son or daughter is engaged in active sports, then the right decision would be to buy a sports model.

The classic version of such an accessory is endowed with all the necessary properties of protection against external negative influences: shock, moisture, etc. Such a lifestyle dictates the selection of a durable and reliable product.

Entering a diverse world, a child with the help of his own chronometer comprehensively develops valuable skills and abilities. From an early age, the baby learns to plan his own activities, gradually accustoms to discipline. An analysis of the indicators and criteria that are discussed in this article will optimize the choice of a chronometer for a child.

The stage of purchasing watches for children becomes the beginning of self-development and making responsible decisions in life. The habit of rational use of personal time develops, the desire for independence is mastered.

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