Children’s tricycle with a backpack

A solution for changing the stroller on a walk can be a children’s bike with a handle and a backpack for small things of the baby. But the choice is extensive, but I want the model to be comfortable, and at the same time beautiful.



The movement is controlled by the parents, while their child sits in a chair, tightly tied with seat belts and protected by a barrier. The baby does not yet know how to manage, to turn the pedals too, but this is a great tool to teach the baby to technology.

Over time, he will grow up, he will begin to reach the pedals with his feet and will try to control. By the age of 1.5, children can learn to ride a tricycle.

Such a bike will teach the little man how to slow down, how to sit, turn and pedal. But, of course, such a technique will not teach you to keep balance.

To do this, there are two-wheeled bicycles with additional wheels, which can already be controlled by a child from the age of four with sufficient coordination of movements.

Modern three-wheeled devices have many devices and are designed mainly for the convenience of parents, for which a long handle, a backpack for small items, and a hand brake are equipped. When choosing, it is important to take into account the height of the child and the size of the wheels.

So, in children from 1.5 to 3 years old, the height is about 98 cm. The diameter of the wheels should be within 12 inches. And in the future, for every 15 centimeters of the child’s growth, the wheels should also increase by 4 inches.

By design, the models are similar to each other. But the kid may not like the shape of the bike and the shape of its wheels, but the presence of a horn, “control” buttons, and design with beautiful “headlights”.

And if the steel horse is stylized “as a motorcycle”, a tiger or a lion, this will bring the child to a real delight!



Models usually have inflatable wheels. They also have a swivel seat that can be turned in the opposite direction and the baby will be facing the parents.

The seat rotates and the backrest has several levels of inclination:

  1. Straight;
  2. reclining;
  3. Fully lying.

The child can sleep while walking. For ease of control, the bike is equipped with a rotary handle. There is a protective cover for protection against wind and rain. The seat is equipped with a soft headrest. There is also a removable footrest.

Safety is ensured by a triple belt with clasps and a barrier lined with soft fabric. The overall design is complemented by headlights with turn signals and the sound of a running engine.

How to choose a children’s tricycle with a backpack


For mechanisms that are designed for babies from 1.5 to 3 years old, independent control does not play a big role. First of all – comfort. For this purpose, there are inflatable and silent wheels with a parking brake.

Modern models take into account in the configuration a backpack where small things are folded, or a basket for hiking with a baby to the store.

When choosing a modern tricycle, you need to make sure that it has the following features:

  1. Swivel seat with adjustable back;
  2. Seat belts;
  3. Footrest;
  4. Pedals must have a shut-off function so as not to hurt the baby’s legs;
  5. Canopy from the sun or awning from the rain;
  6. Adult control handle;
  7. Basket for toys;
  8. Backpack for small things;
  9. Steering wheel limiter;
  10. Height-adjustable steering wheel;
  11. Removable backpack.

By design, the frame is made of metal or plastic. Plastic is not inferior to metal. Here, the reliability of the connection of the frame nodes and parts is more important.

It is better if the wheels are large diameter, so it is much softer to ride.

The presence of a horn will not only amuse the baby, but will also help him in the future when he learns to ride on his own.

Another useful feature is the locking of the steering wheel and pedals. This will protect the baby from injury if the device is controlled by the parents using the rotary knob. Spontaneous movement is excluded if the mechanism is equipped with a parking brake during parking.

Pros and cons of a tricycle with a backpack

Advantages and disadvantages


  • wheels of increased diameter, on bearings and on a soft ride;
  • the presence of a backpack for the things you need on the trip;
  • adjustable control handle;
  • folding footboards;
  • the rear basket is located at a sufficient height from ground level;
  • lifting weight (up to 4 kg);
  • self-adjustment of the control handle in height;
  • all kinds of design colors;
  • foldable rain hood with viewing window;
  • self-adjustment of the chair “forward / backward”;
  • turning the chair 180 degrees facing the parents;
  • the safety rim swings to the side.

Disadvantages (depending on model):

  • the visor is too extended to the sides and is not adjustable in height;
  • budget package;
  • inexpressive design;
  • no seat belts;
  • control knob is not adjustable;
  • a variety of plastic parts;
  • rigid fastening of the safety rim in one position;
  • no parking brake.


Operating rules

Each age of the child has its own model, which takes into account its weight and height. When buying, first run it in, check the ride – smooth or noisy, what handling, how it is installed on the handbrake.

Check the fasteners, tighten the bolts (if any), evaluate the inflation of the rubber tires for subtle punctures.

After walking, also check the condition of the tires, steering wheel, rotary knob, ease of pedaling. After riding in rainy weather, it is better to wash off the dirt from the bike.

Inspection and maintenance will help maintain the condition of the equipment in its original form.

When the baby grows up and begins to control the mechanism himself, purchase a protective kit of a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

Children ride only under adult supervision. It is forbidden to ride on steep slopes, near stairs and ponds, along the edge of the sidewalk, to drive onto the roadway.

For the mechanism to work, you should not apply too much effort that is not described in the operating rules. This leads to breakage of nodes.

If the baby does not use the brakes on the front wheel correctly, this impairs handling. The bike should be carefully inspected before each use. If a faulty node is found, it must be repaired immediately.

When you press the brake lever, the bike should stop immediately. If this does not happen, the brake system requires inspection and adjustment.

It is not allowed to turn too sharply. The equipment will tilt to one side and the baby will fall. The side wheels are designed to support when driving in a straight line.

When cleaning the device from contamination, the use of technical solvents should not be allowed. This will damage the color. Use water-based soap solutions.

After the first use, it is worth carefully inspecting the mechanism. Repair the first faults yourself. Adjust the brake cables in length without sagging.

If any part of the device is weakened, you must immediately tighten it with a key from the repair kit.

If the saddle has an adjustment, it is installed so that it is convenient for the child to reach the steering wheel with his hands.


Frequent malfunctions and their solution

  • The parent handle is the part that breaks first. Parents, having bought a bicycle, use the handle in the same way as when driving a stroller – when overcoming an obstacle, they try to tilt the mechanism by pressing on the handle.

In cheap models, the handle will either bend or break off. Take the bike with the broken handle to the warranty workshop. They will change or issue a warranty card to replace the bike in the store.

  • To control the bicycle in the handle, a mechanism of cables or metal rods is provided. The cables are torn, and the rod bends or falls out of the nest. The solution is replacement.
  • The rear wheels are not inflatable – they are not afraid of punctures. Frequent problems with bushings – without lubrication, they fail. In expensive models, bearings are used, but the plastic sleeve wears out and the wheels wiggle when driving.

The malfunction is eliminated by replacing the part yourself or in the workshop.

  • Another detail is the frame. She perceives the load when moving. Considering that besides a child on a bicycle, heavy objects are placed in a backpack and in a basket, the frame bends under load and breaks. Buy a spare frame will not work.

The fracture site will need to be strengthened. The place of inflection is connected and additionally reinforced with metal.

  • The front fork will break if a load is applied to it that exceeds the allowable weight.
  • On the front wheel, the weak point is the bushing. She wears out.
  • The pedals fall out of their guides. The reason lies in the loss of the fixing washer. It is possible to replace it yourself.

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