cat litter

For owners who decide to have a cat in an apartment, the choice is important:

  • cat food
  • filler for the cat tray, so that the house is clean, without extraneous odors and the animal likes it.

Cat litter is a necessary part of the life of domestic cats. The main task of the product is to quickly and effectively absorb excess moisture and unpleasant odors, so they are made from safe absorbent materials.

In addition, they should be simple and convenient in daily use.

Types of cat litter

Types and characteristics

Fillers for trays are divided according to the mode of action, composition and appearance. According to the mode of action, they are divided into two groups: clumping and absorbent.


Products are made from minerals and finely dispersed bentonite clay, which, when moistened, turns into dense lumps and is easily removed with a spatula or shovel. After removing the used material, a fresh portion of the filler is added to the tray.

For economical use, it is recommended to pour the clumping composition in a thick layer of 10-12 cm. A complete replacement of the material is carried out every 5-7 days. This species is intended for various cat breeds.

It is not recommended to use such compositions for small kittens who taste unfamiliar objects. The filler is able to swell on the wall of the stomach, causing pain or death.

In addition, a thin layer of hygienic filling can get wet, sticking to the fur and paws of the animal. Such materials are more expensive compared to absorbent compositions.



Fillers belonging to this group are made on the basis of clay obtained by high-temperature drying and pressing. They have exceptional absorbent properties. Clay granules retain moisture without changing their structure.

To maintain cleanliness in the cat’s tray, this type of composition requires a complete and regular replacement. The frequency of replacement depends on several factors – on the thickness of the layer, the degree of moisture and the quality of the filler itself.

Waste is recommended to be cleaned daily to prevent unpleasant odors. Absorbent granules come in small and large sizes. In addition, they are the cheapest among those on the market.

By composition, the fillers are divided into the following categories: wood, clay, mineral, grain, corn, paper and silica gel.

Wood cat litter


Wood compositions are represented by pressed granules made from coniferous sawdust. When wet, the granules disintegrate into small particles. This is a common and environmentally friendly version of the composition for the toilet.

It does not contain chemical elements, fragrances and dyes, absorbs moisture and retains unpleasant odors. Wood granulate is clumping and absorbent.

When choosing the right granule size, it is important to take into account the age of the pet – large granules are suitable for adult animals, small granules for kittens.

So that the used material does not spread around the house, it must be removed in time. Wood pellets are changed once every 4-5 days.

Clay cat litter


Bentonite clay compositions are no less popular than wood materials. Additionally, clay vermiculite and atapulgite are used as a base. The quality of the finished product directly depends on the quality of the clay.

Such material absorbs moisture and retains it for a long time. Clay fillers can be clumpy and absorbent, it all depends on the method of manufacture and the additional ingredients that make up the composition.



Compositions of this type are made from natural minerals of volcanic origin, which have undergone special processing. Due to the special structure, the material quickly absorbs moisture and reliably retains odors.

This version of the base for the cat litter is suitable for adult cats. When moistened, the mineral base turns into dense lumps that are easily removed with a scoop or shovel. It is effective when used with wood pellet filler.

A popular mineral for the production of cat hygiene products is zeolite. The porous structure of the zeolite granules allows the absorption of a large volume of liquid.

Cereals, corn and paper

Popular options for cat litter are compositions made from grain, corn and pulp waste.

Processed cellulose base is an environmentally friendly raw material that is used to make cheap and affordable products. Despite the availability, such materials are characterized by low performance.

They are represented by dense compressed granules of small size, which, when moistened, turn into a homogeneous mass.

Granular fillers from grain and corn waste quickly absorb and retain moisture and odors. They are made from corn cobs, soybean waste and other grains. Such materials are only absorbent.

silica gel

silica gel

Modern compositions based on polysilicic acid with high moisture-absorbing properties. The silica base is only absorbent. The high cost of materials is offset by proven quality, practicality and safe operation.

In addition, such material is several times more economical in comparison with other types. Silica gel granules absorb pungent odors and moisture without changing their structure. Ingredients can be changed every 2-3 weeks to keep the litter box clean and fresh.

Changing the color of the filler allows you to determine the degree of filling of the granules and the need for replacement. At the same time, animal waste products are recommended to be cleaned daily.




  • Used economically for one animal;
  • They absorb moisture and retain unpleasant odors;
  • Hard lumps are conveniently and quickly removed;
  • They do not contain hazardous substances and chemical components, so they are suitable for kittens.

To ensure hygiene, litter is not recommended for multi-animal litter boxes.


  • One serving of the filler is designed for 6-9 days of use;
  • Suitable for multiple pets
  • Eliminate strong odors;
  • Natural materials are intended for kittens;
  • Low cost.

cat litter


  • Natural and safe product;
  • Absorb and retain moisture for a long time;
  • Do not cause allergic reactions in pet owners;
  • Economical and practical. The volume of one package of goods is enough for a long time;
  • Used material can be flushed down the toilet;
  • Do not clog wool and paw pads in cats.


  • The material has a high coefficient of absorption of moisture and unpleasant odors;
  • Small cost;
  • Economical consumption – up to 2.5 kg of the product is required per animal for one use up to 7 days. One package can be used for 15 days;
  • Environmental friendliness and complete safety of use for cats.

cat litter


  • High level of absorption and retention of unpleasant odors;
  • Environmentally friendly and safe product;
  • Practical and easy to use;
  • Infrequent replacement of the composition – once every 5-6 days.

silica gel

  • The material is practical and economical in consumption. The contents of the cat tray are enough for 3 weeks;
  • High level of moisture absorption and elimination of pungent odors;
  • Hygiene and complete safety of use;
  • Unlimited service life of granules in comparison with natural products;
  • Light weight.

silica gel filler


  • Economical and safe for pets;
  • They have a pleasant natural smell;
  • Do not spread around the apartment;
  • They are cheap;
  • Are disposed of in the sewer drain.




  • Unable to retain unpleasant odors for a long time;
  • With untimely replacement, they turn into small debris and dust;
  • Not intended for disposal into the sewer.


  • When replacing the filling base, an unpleasant odor may occur;
  • Rapid contamination of the composition often leads to the refusal of the animal to go to the tray.



  • Poorly retains odor, unlike expensive products;
  • With the accumulation of fluid, it requires frequent replacement, at least once every 4 days;
  • Among the granules there are large wood chips that can cause inconvenience to the animal;
  • Suitable for cat litter boxes with high sides.


  • Dust formation during prolonged use;
  • Significant weight of the product;
  • When using clay material, regular cleaning of the tray from waste products is required. Otherwise, the hygienic composition will have to be changed 2 times a week;
  • Do not dispose of the material in the sewer.



  • Complete wetting of the material prevents further absorption of odors;
  • Generates a lot of dust;
  • Not recommended for kittens;
  • Less practical than other materials;
  • More expensive than wood pellets;
  • Do not flush into sewers.

silica gel

  • High price;
  • Not allowed for use on kittens;
  • Granules are able to make loud sounds when pressed and moistened;
  • The material has a specific smell.

If it comes into contact with the mucous membrane of an animal, it can cause minor chemical burns.


The only drawback is the light weight and the appearance of dropouts with active use.

How to choose

How to choose

The optimal filler option should be liked by the pet and meet all the operational requirements of the owner. Safe for human and animal health – wood granular composition.

It is used even for allergies and skin diseases in cats.

Silica gel-based absorbent products are suitable for multi-pet owners. They will save time on arranging a cat litter box and cleaning.

Silica gel is recommended for use in adult cats’ trays, and for babies it is better to purchase lightweight natural granules.


If desired, a combination of different compositions is allowed to ensure maximum protection and cleanliness of cat litter. For example, use wood and mineral, silica gel and mineral, wood and grain.

This will solve two problems – eliminate the pungent odor and ensure the dryness of the tray.

Some materials contain synthetic fragrances and fragrances that can scare the animal away from the litter box. Therefore, it is recommended to buy fillers with a natural subtle smell.

The volume of the package is chosen based on the age and needs of the animal. For adult cats, it is better to buy a large package of 15–18 liters, which is enough for 1–1.5 months of use. For kittens, a small package weighing up to 5 liters is enough.

When choosing a filler, it is important to consider the size of the granules. So for adult cats, a medium and large granular base is suitable, for babies – small granules.

Regardless of the type of hygiene composition, it is better to choose a tray with high sides so that the pet cannot scatter its contents.

When choosing a filler, it is important to observe the reaction of the animal to it. If the cat refuses to go to the tray with the new composition for 1-2 days, it is recommended to change the filling base for the toilet.

What is the best cat litter

What fillers are the best

Often, owners choose the appropriate variant of the hygienic composition, based on their own preferences, judgments and financial capabilities. The animal perceives the ideal base for the toilet in a completely different way.

Therefore, it is important that the chosen pet hygiene product meets the basic requirements of safety, environmental friendliness and practicality.

The best option for a cat:

  • Has a natural smell;
  • Does not cause allergic reactions and poisoning when swallowed;
  • Does not hurt paws;
  • Does not create dust and excess debris;
  • Does not pollute wool;
  • Convenient to use.

The best option for a cat

The best option for the owner:

  • Holds moisture and odor well;
  • Does not create dust during intensive use;
  • Easy to clean, does not require frequent replacement;
  • Safe for cats, does not cause poisoning and allergies;
  • Does not spread around the apartment on the paws of animals;
  • Economical and practical, slowly consumed;
  • Does not leave dirty marks on the floor;
  • Does not contain hazardous substances.

Proper use of the litter in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements ensures cleanliness and order in the cat litter box.

cat litter

Taking into account the requirements and wishes, it is recommended to choose the following types of modern filling bases:

  • Wood – the best option in terms of safety, environmental friendliness and ease of cleaning;
  • Clay and mineral – natural and natural compositions;
  • Silica gel – economical and practical bases for cat litter;
  • Corn – cheap and environmentally friendly materials.

How to use cat litter


For the effective use of hygienic composition for cat litter, it is important to adhere to the rules.

  • For one pet, a clumping base is used; in the presence of several animals, it is better to choose absorbent compositions made from natural materials.
  • Double protection for the cat tray will provide the correct combination of different types of fillers. So wood pellets are placed on the bottom of the tray, and the mineral base is poured on top.

In this case, the granules will ensure the absorption of excess moisture and eliminate unpleasant odors, and the mineral flooring will keep the sawdust inside the tray.


  • Each product has its own lifespan. Wood, corn and clay materials require frequent replacement, mineral and silica gel – every 7-10 days.
  • Cat litter with sanitary granules should be clean and fresh, because this is the main source of pungent odors and parasites in the house. When replacing the bedding, do not forget about the timely cleaning of the tray itself.

The tray should be thoroughly washed and disinfected from stale filler and animal waste products.

  • When buying a base for a cat litter, it is important to pay attention to the expiration date of the product. Expired bases are not recommended.
  • Reliable manufacturers of hygiene products for cats guarantee high quality products and complete safety of operation.

Manufacturers of cat litter


If we talk about specific manufacturers of hygienic granulates, then the products of domestic, European and American companies are represented on the market.


Polish manufacturer specializing in the production of equipment and filters for aquariums, lamps and cat litter.

Cats Best

German manufacturer that produces environmentally friendly products. The main product is coniferous wood pellets, which include only natural auxiliary components. The products are aimed at a wide range of consumers.



A popular trade brand, represented by the German company Mars, offers quality silica gel and clumping formulations with a high level of moisture absorption and unpleasant odors.

The granulated base additionally contains quartz sand, chalk and natural mineral components. The bases for cat litter are presented in different fractions and volumes.

For the production of this type of hygienic base, a special formula is used to guarantee the safety and environmental friendliness of the product.

Chistue Lapki (Clean paws)

Russian manufacturer of a line of hygiene products for cats in the elite price segment. The main products are clumping clay and absorbent wood bases, which include natural and completely safe ingredients.



European manufacturer offering natural high quality bentonite type clay fillers. The products are environmentally friendly, do not contain chemical elements and flavors.

Products provide protection against unpleasant odors and excess moisture in the litter box, suitable for all breeds of cats.

Ever clean

An American company that specializes in the manufacture of clumping clay-based fillers. A distinctive feature of hygiene products is the presence of additional natural ingredients – minerals, activated carbon and soda.

Products do not contain chemical flavors, do not cause allergic reactions. Quality compositions from the well-known manufacturer Ever Clean have unique moisture-absorbing properties compared to products from other companies.

Fresh step

Fresh step

An American brand that has proven itself in the European and domestic market due to the proven quality of hygiene products for pets. It presents clumping and silica gel type cat litter hygiene products.

Hygienic bases quickly absorb moisture and retain unpleasant odors for a long time. Products are made on the basis of a patented formula that effectively neutralizes odors and pathogenic bacteria.


A Russian manufacturer that produces a popular series of economical clumping bentonite clay fillers with natural additives and flavors. Materials differ in fraction and volume.

Eco-friendly and safe hygienic toilet bases are designed for animals of different ages and breeds. Products neutralize odors, absorb and retain moisture, and are easy to clean.

pretty cat

pretty cat

Popular Finnish hygienic granulates for cat litter boxes belonging to the elite class. They are represented by a wide range of absorbent, clumping materials from sawdust and clay.

Granular products have a light coniferous aroma, are easily disposed of, and are safe for animals. This series is popular among owners of catteries and clubs.

Shurum-Burum (Shurum-Burum)

A Russian manufacturer offering hygienic products for cat litter boxes produced under its own trademark in China. These are environmentally friendly granular silica gel fillers that do not contain hazardous substances.

The special structure of the granules ensures rapid absorption of liquid and dryness of the surface. In the manufacture of hygiene products, no artificial flavors are used that can cause allergic reactions in humans and animals.

pussy cat

pussy cat

The Russian company KIS PIS GROUP presents a line of high-quality granulates made from environmentally friendly and natural ingredients.

Products are represented by clumping and absorbent types of hygienic products that provide rapid absorption of moisture and neutralization of odors.

Easy clean

A North American manufacturing company presents a range of safe and practical kibbles for cats of various breeds. The products are made from natural ingredients, so they are safe and hypoallergenic.


A Russian company that manufactures elite hygienic products for pets at an affordable price. The line is represented by safe clumping natural and absorbent silica gel granules.



Domestic manufacturer representing a range of natural hygiene products for cat litter boxes. Hygienic products of an absorbent, clumping type made of clay and sawdust, silica gel are presented.

Quality products with good absorbent properties. In addition, they are resistant to dirt and soaking.

Nature’s Miracle

An American brand that specializes in making effective and safe home remedies to neutralize bad odors. One of these areas is the manufacture of hygiene products for cat trays.

golden cat

golden cat

A Russian brand that introduced a series of safe and environmentally friendly litters for rodents and cats. For the production of products, organic components are used – corn cobs.

Products for cat trays do not contain chemical flavors and additives. They are economical, practical and safe, with high absorbency.

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