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Riding on a children’s bicycle transport develops a love for sports in a small child, he becomes active in physical and intellectual development. It is not necessary to buy an expensive children’s vehicle, there are many affordable designs on the market that are equipped with convenient functionality.


Design features

There are two-wheeled and three-wheeled models of the economy segment, designed for children. The principle of operation of adult and children’s cycling is practically the same, there is a difference in design features.

The design (from one to two years) consists of:

  1. Seats in the form of a chairused to secure against slipping and falling on the child’s back. For the little ones, a removable seat-limiter is provided. The same function is performed by seat belts.
  2. safety harness, additional protection against falling out. Soft nozzles will protect against accidental collision. The rim is fixed or folding.
  3. split bezelnecessary to put the baby on the bike. It opens to the sides and snaps into place at the front. Easily dismantled if necessary.
  4. Foot rests – pallets or pedals. The former contribute to the safe, correct and comfortable positioning of the child’s legs, preventing them from slipping. The disadvantage of functioning is touching the pallets with pedals.

Pedal-shaped stops allow you to ride with your feet and can be removed for self-riding.

  1. Pen for parents used to control the vehicle, most often it has an adjustable height.
  2. Removable roof awning creates a shadow, protecting the structure from sunlight or light rain.
  3. The trunk is used as a container for toys. There are different forms of it: a container with a lid, a basket, a built-in glove compartment, even a dump truck body that tips over with a lever.
  4. Frame can be plastic or metal, single or double, which makes the structure more durable and rigid.

The classic tricycle (from two to four years) consists of:

  1. Ordinary seat or bicycle saddle, which is adjustable in height.
  2. An additional call and a hand brake located on the rear wheels.
  3. Sliding frame to increase the size of the bike depending on the height of the child.
  4. Steering wheel, necessarily adjustable in height.
  5. Limiter – a special insert on the steering wheel, which will reduce pain in the event of a blow to the stomach.
  6. Not too small, easy to turn pedals.

Even an inexpensive bike performs an entertaining function, so it is equipped with a game music panel with lighting effects and bright decorative elements. Thanks to these accessories, the little one can listen to music, study the development panel.

Thus, children will not only play, but also receive additional knowledge from different areas. The more such elements, the more expensive the pleasure.

Many models have additional low handrails. This is so that the baby can ride his favorite doll or bear.

Some transform into a rocking chair.

The wheels are necessarily wide (about 12 inches) with rubber tires so that the ride is smooth, soft, silent. This is an important indicator of quality, which you need to pay attention to even when choosing an economy class model.

Pros and Cons of Budget Tricycles

Advantages and disadvantages

The bicycle carriage is intended for children from one to two years.


1) bright design with a variety of light elements, music panel, developing the child;

2) transforms into a stroller if necessary;

3) are equipped with additional functionality for safety: footrests, a handle for parents.

Cons: the inability of the little one to show activity and abilities, technical limitations, many details that distract from the driving process itself.

The classic tricycle is designed for children aged two to four.

Its advantages:

1) wide wheels, steering wheel limiter;

2) a sliding frame that allows you to use the bike at different ages;

3) equipped with additional accessories: bell and hand brake;

4) adjustable handlebar height;

5) simplicity of functionality;

6) light and smooth ride.

Cons: the impossibility of full parental control over the driving process, less bright accessories.

Bicycles that combine the functions of the two previous types.

Intended for long term use. The peculiarity is that the footrests, limiters, safety rim are removed and the transport is used for the baby to drive independently. If you want to save money, buy this option right away.



  1. Do not try to immediately teach the little one to ride it. Roll the baby yourself, using a special handle for this.
  2. Before you put the baby on the bike, explain to him how it works. Only after he understood it in words, start teaching him concrete actions.
  3. Practice riding at home. The best time for this is morning. For the first classes, you will need a place with a sufficient level of security, far from cars, better fenced (stadium).
  4. Support your baby’s back while he learns. After learning to ride, do not immediately pick up speed, make sure that the ride is smooth and easy. Inexpensive models will help you with this, riding such a bike is safer.
  5. Be aware of additional accessories that will help you avoid injury to your baby.: steering limiter, bell. If you purchased an economy class model and it does not have such functions, stock up on special protective shields for your elbows and knees, and a protective helmet.
  6. Make sure the pedals turn easily and smoothly.brakes were working properly. If you notice a breakdown, be sure to check the bike again before putting your baby on it. Economy-class designs guarantee a smooth and easy ride without unexpected speed gains.
  7. When the baby is comfortable with the controls, do not stop watching him. You must always be there when a dog or car appears.

Frequent malfunctions and their solutions

  1. If the control cable breaks, it is better to replace the part with a new one. Take measurements before buying or take it with you to the store.
  2. The breakage of the rotary handle for control is solved by replacing it with a spare part. Satisfied with frequent breakdowns in inexpensive cycling. You can avoid such problems by carefully using the part.
  3. If you have a broken control stick mount, fix it using pipe mounts or a bolt.
  4. If you have a broken front wheel mount to the steering axle, you will need a drill, bolts and a metal plate.
  5. If the button that turns on the music sinks, spin the design, cut off some plastic along its edges, after that it will be like new.

Most problems can be repaired at home on your own and save on the maintenance of children’s bikes. But if there is a serious breakdown and you do not know how to deal with it, it is better to contact a special company. The health of the little one is much more important.

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

  • The selected vehicle corresponds to the age of the little one, his skills and abilities. If the kid has already learned to pedal, do not hamper his movements, let him try to ride a classic bike.

If the child is not yet ready for independent driving, do not neglect additional design accessories: footrests, safety rim, seat belts, parental handle.

  • Tricycles must be appropriate for the height of the child. If, sitting in the saddle, the child touches the ground with his foot, then this is the right choice. For an independent ride on a classic bike, it is necessary that the baby’s foot reaches the pedal, which is lowered down.
  • A prerequisite: the pedals spin easily, and the child makes a minimum of effort to scroll them.
  • The design is necessarily stable, to check, put the baby in the saddle and see if the bike oscillates or takes it to the side when riding.
  • Dents, scratches, chips are unacceptable on the vehicle, because they can easily get hurt. Pay special attention to this if you buy a used bike.
  • If a battery is provided in the kit, check if it is in place.
  • When driving, do not pick up too much speed, drive smoothly and easily. If the baby is riding on his own, be sure to support his back, make sure that he rides in a safe area.

How to choose a budget tricycle

Purchase rules

  • Learn the main design features of the type of bike you need.
  • Do not rush to the appearance of the structure, look at the functionality, ask for a passport for the children’s vehicle you are interested in. Make sure the price matches the build quality.
  • Look at the handlebar height, it is considered normal if it is slightly higher than the height of the child. If the leg is straight and freely reaches the pedal in the lower position, and the back is not bent, then this is a suitable option. See if the height of the structure is adjustable. The distance from the steering part to the nearest edge of the seat is equal to the length from the elbow to the fingertips of the child.
  • Pay attention to the weight of the structure, the older the small one, the heavier its transport (5-12 kg).

Do not take a bike that is too small or for growth, such a choice will discourage the child from riding.

  • Divide your child’s height by 2.5 and then by 2.54 to determine what wheel diameter you need. If the baby’s height is 125 cm: 125:2, 5:2.54 =19. Therefore, stop on a bike with 20-inch wheels. This is not worth saving.
  • A normal frame has a margin of at least 10 cm in a standing position. A good material for it is aluminum. For girls, choose models with a lower frame.
  • Children’s bikes should be equipped with an excellent foot brake., which allows you to stop by pedaling in the opposite direction. Hand brakes are not recommended, because the little one has weak hands, so squeezing them with the necessary force will not work.
  • Do you need a trunk, decide for yourself, because it is unlikely that the baby will carry cargo. Remember that it will increase the weight of the structure.
  • It is better to choose models from proven, inexpensive companies.
  • Try to put the little one on the bike, ask how he feels, is he comfortable. Ask to pedal and see how the design works.

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