Budget child car seat

Until the age of 12 years, traffic rules prohibit the transportation of children without a special restraint device.

You will need a child car seat to transport your baby. It must meet safety requirements and be comfortable for the child. The price is according to the quality.

Choosing a quality child restraint at an affordable price is possible if you take the choice seriously.


Principle of operation

The fixing device of each type is designed to protect the baby in the event of a traffic accident and keep the crumbs during sharp turns.

According to the principle of operation, devices for transporting children are divided into a cradle, an armchair and combined types. Also, frameless chairs and adapters for a stationary seat belt are allocated to a separate group.

The car seat is a chair with an adjustable back angle. It has a soft insert, headrest, seat belts. Having put the baby in a chair, fix it with the help of belts and choose the desired position of the back.

Until the age of one, they are installed against the course of movement, after – against, for security purposes.

The device is equipped with rigid sides that act as limiters. The baby will not roll over on its side and will not tip over in the event of a sharp maneuver. A side impact will cause minimal damage to a small passenger.

The price differs depending on the functional and design features of the device.

The design of a budget child car seat

Design features

Classification in the category “Affordable price” by age range:

  • 0. Such a device is also called an auto-cradle. By design, it resembles the upper part of a classic stroller or a traditional carrycot. During transportation, the baby takes a horizontal position, since the spine is not yet strong.

Forced vertical position is strictly prohibited, it causes the development of deviations in the formation of the musculoskeletal system. For newborns, only this option is suitable.

This type is installed at the back along the seat, it occupies two passenger seats. Fastened with car seat belts. The passenger inside the cradle is fixed with internal straps.

Manufacturers claim that category “0” devices are used to transport a baby weighing up to 10 kg. In practice, as soon as the baby learns to sit, it is impossible to put him in the cradle.

Therefore, after six months, you will have to change the device to the next age and weight category.

In the event of a side impact, a category 0 restraint does not protect the small passenger from injury or damage.

The material from which the chair is made is durable and reliable. The inner lining is made of hypoallergenic fabrics. The cost varies. It is possible to purchase such an option at an affordable price, but there is a minus – a short period of use (from birth to six months).

Thus, the purchase is impractical and does not justify the investment.

  • 0+. Passenger weight from 3 kg to 13 kg. Perhaps a semi-horizontal and vertical position of the back. Change position if the baby falls asleep on the road. But, if the baby does not hold his back on his own, such transportation is short-lived.

Installed both in the back and in the front seat, depending on the situation.

There are stationary models, and models that combine several functions. The latter may also include the functions of a rocking chair, high chair, play center, deck chair. Carriers are narrower in comparison with stationary counterparts.

Weigh no more than 3-4 kg. Newborns fall asleep on the road, and not everyone dares to wake up a sleeping baby. Having put forward the model from the special chassis, without disturbing the child, they transfer it along with the chair.

The disadvantage is that children grow out of them quickly. At 9 months, the baby is not comfortable in a narrow space. Thus, the minimum service life is from 5 to 9 months. The practicality of the purchase is questionable.

However, if it is planned to use it as a carrying chair, rocking chair and / or deck chair, then the cost is within the “Affordable price” category. Because you pay for multiple items.

It is installed against the movement, occupies one passenger seat. If you are in the front seat, you must turn off the airbags.

All models are equipped with 5-point seat belts. Weight is less than category 0 seats.

  • 0+/1. Combined category from birth to three years. Maximum weight 18 kg. Although the category is determined from birth, it will be uncomfortable for a newborn to be in a bowl. Therefore, in practice, the category is applicable from 5-6 months.

Weight reaches 10 kg. There is no carry function.

This variety, as well as subsequent ones, is classified as “Affordable price”. Since you are buying not one product, but a transformer covering 2-3 age ranges.

  • 1/2/3. Combined category from one to 12 years. Designed for weight up to 36 kg. Preschoolers are fastened with internal belts, and from 6 years old – with car belts.

baby car seat

Once the passenger has weighed more than 18 kg, the 5-point harness cannot be secured. The length of the backrest is adjustable with a retractable headrest.

A large age interval leads to the fact that children are uncomfortable at its extreme points. A one-year-old baby is great, and a teenager is not enough. Saving money is not always good for children’s health. Affordable price sometimes turns into a low level of comfort.

  • 2/3. Combined category for children weighing from 18 to 36 kg.
  • 3. The weight of the child is in the range from 22 to 36 kg.

In the last two types, children are fastened with car seat belts. The belt passes through the waistband and rests on the shoulder and chest without squeezing them. The upper part changes direction with a special loop for the comfort of a small passenger.

  • A special category is frameless car seats. According to the principle of operation, they are a matter with seat belts sewn on it. The cost is ten times less than traditional ones.
  • Another budget option is the FEST holding device. for children weighing from 9 to 36 kg.

Represents the adapter of a stationary belt of the car. In the normal position, the belt passes around the baby’s neck and this does not provide protection for him. With the help of an adapter, the belt changes its position and passes through the hips and along the belly of the crumbs.

The cost is minimal, as is the security provided by this device.

Pros and cons of a budget child car seat

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of frameless models from the category “Affordable price”:

  • Suitable for babies of all weights and ages. By purchasing one product, you solve the problem of transporting a baby to adolescence.
  • Takes up minimal space when folded. Allows you to make travel in a taxi or public transport safe and comfortable.
  • Possibility of installation in any car. The condition is the presence of car safety mounts.
  • They take up little space. In the back seat, three children can easily fit in such chairs. In the case of a large family, this is important.
  • Easy to take off and wash. On a long road, children will want to have a snack. Food and drink stains will appear. Can be washed in a washing machine.

If parents do not have their own transport, then this option is for them.

Disadvantages of frameless child car seats from the Affordable Price category:

  • No side protection. In the event of a side impact, the entire load falls directly on the baby.
  • Before the baby reaches the age of three years, use without a frame is risky. The back is not supported by anything. There is a risk of developing spinal defects.
  • Not recommended for long distance travel. After a short time from the beginning of the trip, the body becomes numb and begins to hurt, because he cannot change position. The baby will not be able to sleep on the way. Long trips become impossible.

Advantages of the FEST device:

  • Quickly installed and removed.
  • The weight and height of the child does not matter.
  • Reduces the risk of death in the event of an accident by half.
  • Minimizes the risk of injury in the event of a hazardous road situation.
  • Unlike frameless models, this restraint has straps to secure the legs and prevent slippage. Their use is possible up to a weight of 18 kg.
  • It can be installed both in the front and in the back seat of the car.

The most affordable price of all presented types.

Disadvantages of the FEST holding device:

  • Can be used when a child reaches 4 years of age.
  • The child is not protected in the event of a side or frontal impact.
  • The lowest level of security.


Operating rules

Frameless chairs are installed in the front or rear seat. It is important that the back of the seat is securely attached to the vehicle seat. The straps are adjustable according to the weight and height of the child. Before each trip, check that the child is comfortable in the seat.

Installing the FEST restraint takes a few seconds. The traffic rules allow the use of this device. Traffic police officers do not have the right to fine for its use.

For the full protection of the child, choose car seats with a rigid frame, reliable belts and adjustable backrest. An additional plus is the presence of a soft rim that does not allow the child to fly out, and footrests.

However, these functions lead to an increase in the cost of goods.


Frequent malfunctions and their solution

Before you fix the problem yourself, check if the warranty period has expired. During the warranty period, the manufacturer is obliged to repair broken parts or replace the product with a similar one.

The warranty period is from six months to three years. The stronger the manufacturer is confident in the quality of the product, the longer the warranty period. Contact the warranty center or the store where you purchased the chair.

During the period of operation, keep the receipt, packaging and documents for the products. Without these papers, the store has the right to refuse to accept your claim.

Frequent faults:

  • Wear of upholstery fabric. The corners are erased first. Contact a specialized furniture upholstery workshop. Such a defect does not affect the degree of safety provided by the device. Therefore, in order to save money, parents cover the coverlet of the appropriate size over the scuffs.
  • Defective plastic fasteners. If one half of the clasp is broken or broken, you will have to change the lock. Look for a spare parts supply service on the manufacturer’s website. Sew on the fastener with reliable threads.

Check strength before use. The width of the lock and the belt on which it is attached must match.

If you are purchasing a used product, be 10 times more careful in your choice. Don’t buy seats that have been in an accident. Even if there are no visible changes, it is not possible to look inside the material. Microcracks formed during the impact become larger with each day of operation.

The car seat must meet European safety standards.

Take your baby to the store with you. On the spot, try whether he is comfortable, whether the dimensions are suitable for the complexion. Do not save on the safety and health of children.

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