Breast pumps

Breast pumps help not only with excess breast milk, but also in a number of other situations:

  • If the child was born before the appointed time, but still does not know how to eat on his own.
  • When mom is working or studying. Milk is stored in the refrigerator, the baby receives it as needed.
  • If the child is separated from the mother due to hospitalization.
  • As a preventive measure against stagnation.
  • When mastitis occurs.

How a breast pump works

Operating principle

All breast pumps work the same way. They create a vacuum around the nipple and pump milk out of the mammary glands.

Breast pumps are divided into two types: mechanical (manual) and electric.

Algorithm work manual devices

Mechanical breast pumps are divided according to the mode of action into the following types:

pump action

The simplest model is represented by a chest attachment and a rubber pump or pear. Expression occurs by compressing the pump. A vacuum is created around the nipple, milk comes from each press of the pear. Pump products come with and without a bottle.

Operating principle


Consists of two cylinders. One is superimposed on the chest, and the second moves back and forth. The device generates a vacuum due to the movement of the piston. This is the most common type of device. Maintenance is simple, operation is simple, dimensions are compact.


The design is represented by a silicone nozzle, which is installed on the nipple. Operated by a special lever. The kit includes a bottle. To start the procedure, the lever is pressed, the nozzle is pressed tightly against the chest.

Operating principle

How an electric breast pump works

A special motor is equipped to create a vacuum. You press a button, the process begins.

The principle of operation of an electronic product

The breast pump is controlled by a microprocessor. The device independently calculates milk flow and the necessary rhythm. Works from a network or the accumulator. The cost is expensive.

Types of breast pumps

electrical products

electrical products

They form a vacuum with the help of a motor, quickly and painlessly express milk. No effort required, hands remain free. The main thing is to correctly place the pad so that the nipple is in the center, then simply turn on the breast pump.

The process of pumping is made easier. The product is easy to use.

Mechanical apparatus

Mechanical apparatus

To use mechanical breast pumps, you need to put a funnel on the areola, press the pump or act on the lever, piston. It will take some time to automate the actions.

Breast pump with rubber bulb

The simplest item. The design is represented by a plastic or glass funnel and a rubber pear. Very similar to a pump-action breast pump, the difference is that it is equipped with a bottle to collect milk.

syringe apparatus

It consists of a syringe and a funnel, which are equipped on the cap of the milk collection bottle.

Mechanical apparatus

Piston breast pump

This device consists of a funnel and a piston that stimulates the release of milk.

When choosing a mechanical model, keep in mind that piston and syringe products are more effective than pump-action ones. They are more forgiving. Sometimes pump models lead to lactostasis.

Electronic breast pump

It is a small computer that has a lot of programs and a variety of modes. Turns on by pressing one or two buttons.

Characteristics of breast pumps

Nozzle material and shape

Nozzle material and shape

It is preferable to choose silicone pads: they are designed according to the anatomical structure of the body, pleasant to the touch and hygienic.

The functionality of the plastic nozzle is worse. Milk may spill. The petal-shaped overlay imitates natural feeding in the zone of action, so the process is more comfortable.



  • Network. This is economical, but you need to be close to the source of electricity. These breast pumps are the most powerful.
  • The battery allows you to choose where you want to pump. The device requires regular recharging to operate.



  • Biphasic pumping. The devices are equipped with a program that regulates the rhythm of natural feeding. The first phase, stimulation, imitates the baby’s quick but shallow sucking movements.

The milk is coming. The second phase involves the pumping process. It is slow and strong sucking. Efficiency and speed of the process are ensured.

  • Pumping force adjustment. This option allows you to select a comfortable operating mode for the device.
  • Suction from two breasts at the same time. This feature saves time.
  • Massager. The mechanism massages the mammary glands, stimulates lactation.

Complete set of breast pumps

Complete set of breast pumps

The classic assembly includes a product with a funnel, a milk bottle, a lid for it.

The set may include:

  • feeding bottle;
  • mechanical pumping handle;
  • sealing disk for milk storage;
  • electric block, adapter;
  • bushing for connecting the body with the bottle;
  • massage nozzle.



  • additional container for storing milk;
  • disposable freezer bags;
  • funnels of various sizes;
  • 2-3 bottles;
  • nipples from birth, from 3 months;
  • container for sterilization;
  • cooling gel sachets;
  • bag for storing or carrying the device.

Additionally, the breast pump is equipped with spare parts: membranes, valves, lactation pads.

Advantages of breast pumps

Pros of a pump-action breast pump

Pros of the pump model

  • Low cost.
  • Independent control of swing force.

Benefits of a rubber bulb breast pump

Advantages of the device with a rubber pear

  • Compact size.
  • Simple construction.
  • The most affordable price.

Benefits of a syringe breast pump

Advantages of the syringe device

  • Low price.
  • It just disassembles and assembles.
  • Easy service.

Benefits of a piston breast pump

Advantages of a piston product

  • Silicone pads mimic natural feeding, so it does not harm lactation.
  • The speed of the procedure. It takes 10 minutes to express 200 ml of milk.
  • Minimum noise.
  • Huge assortment.
  • Convenient control of the piston mechanism.
  • The intensity is adjustable.
  • Often a massage nozzle is included in the package.
  • No discomfort during the procedure.

Benefits of electric breast pumps

Advantages of electrical products

  • Maximum result.
  • Mode memory program.
  • Some models support two-phase mode. Slow at first, then faster pumping. Thus, the maximum amount of milk is collected.
  • There are devices that simultaneously work on two breasts.
  • Parts can be easily disassembled, washed and sterilized.
  • Suitable for daily use without effort.
  • Expression speed.


Cons of piston breast pumps

Cons of piston devices

  • Frequent use leads to rapid wear of parts.
  • Tired hand.
  • The design is inconvenient to wash and sterilize.

Cons of pump-action breast pumps

Cons of pumps

  • Hands get tired quickly, as the process requires constant mechanical effort.
  • Frequent use leads to cracks.

Disadvantages of breast pumps with a rubber pear

Disadvantages of a product with a rubber pear

  • Causes discomfort, the appearance of cracks in the nipples.
  • Many models have a small liquid collection compartment, which complicates the procedure.
  • Tired hand, sometimes numb.

Disadvantages of a syringe breast pump

Disadvantages of the syringe apparatus

  • Causes cracked nipples.
  • For the full implementation of the procedure, you need to acquire skills.

Disadvantages of an electric breast pump

Disadvantages of the electrical apparatus

  • High price.
  • Noise at work.
  • Network connection.

How to choose a breast pump

How to choose

The main selection criteria are personal preferences and requirements.

1. Why do you need a device?

1. Why do you need a device?

If you plan to be constantly with the child and feed him naturally, you should not purchase an expensive electric apparatus. A manual breast pump will suffice.

But if you go to work or school, then for good nutrition of the baby, choose a powerful breast pump that will require minimal effort when decanting.

2. Which nozzle is better?

2. Which nozzle is better?

The choice of lining depends on the skin. The silicone material is suitable for sensitive breasts. The shape of the petals massaging the breast is good for massaging the seals.

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints

Using a breast pump requires some skills:

  • The first time you may not be able to express milk, but the next attempt will certainly be successful.
  • Choose a time when you have nowhere to rush, and no one bothers you.
  • Milk stands out better if there is a child or his photo nearby.
  • Before the procedure, cover the chest with a warm blanket for a few seconds. This will reduce pain.
  • A calm environment will help the milk flow, so try to relax.
  • Pump your breast when your baby is suckling on the other, or immediately after a feed.
  • Change the position of the device relative to the chest, so the mammary glands are better stimulated.

How to use a breast pump

Features of use

Features of use

For comfortable use of the breast pump, observe the following operating recommendations:

  • Before starting the procedure, wash the device and boil the milk collection container.
  • Take a comfortable position, for example, sit with your elbows on a pillow.
  • Attach the funnel to your chest. Read the instructions for the device beforehand to do everything right.
  • The first minutes a small amount of milk is released, because the breast has not yet developed.
  • When using a manual mechanism, keep a rhythmic pace to avoid discomfort.
  • If you experience pain, stop the procedure, massage the mammary gland in a circular motion.
  • For the second breast, repeat all the steps above.
  • After pumping, wipe your breasts with a damp towel or rinse with warm water.
  • Wash, dry and fold the appliance.

Precautionary measures

Precautionary measures

  1. Do not use in shower or bath.
  2. Do not immerse in water or other liquid.
  3. If the device is immersed in water, do not touch it. Disconnect it from the mains.
  4. Do not use the product with a damaged cord, plug or case.
  5. Keep the device away from sources of heat.
  6. Do not leave the product unattended.
  7. Do not allow children to play with the device.

In electric breast pumps, it is categorically impossible to wash some elements. Read the instructions carefully.



Manufacturers set a warranty period of 12 months. Within 14 days you can return the goods for any reason, provided that the labels are intact and there are no signs of use.

If a defect is found in the operation of the device, the device is repaired, replaced or the funds are returned (which is much more difficult).

List of required documents:

  • buyer’s passport;
  • warranty card;
  • goods check.


No vacuum

No vacuum

Check the condition of the membrane (rubber valve), if there is any tear. If a vacuum occurs when pressing on the diaphragm, replace with a new part. The second option is a blockage of the motor.

When milk enters the mechanism, performance is impaired. The motor should be cleaned of dirt. Check the correct assembly of the device, the installation of the valve so that the silicone pad fits snugly against the chest and body of the device.

Milk is not expressed

Milk is not expressed

Check the quality of the assembly of parts, whether there is a vacuum. Then try again to repeat the procedure. At the same time, relax as much as possible.

Pain when pumping

Pain when pumping

The reason may be a large swing force. Do not use the maximum power of the device. Reduce speed, in a mechanical device, bring the handle to half.

Milk seeps out from under the lining

Milk seeps out from under the lining

Remove the nozzle, wipe the skin dry, put it on again. Check that the pad fits well on the funnel. If a crack is found during external inspection, replace the part with a new one.




Electric breast pumps are safe and comfortable. Amaryll’s handheld appliances include a personal touch, premium quality, modern design. Pumping becomes soft and effective.

There are models with wide functionality, for example, Ardo Calypso. Powered by electricity, but manual pumping mode is available. The device has 64 levels of swing intensity.

The electronic display shows the suction depth and frequency. Works from a network and batteries.



Hand-held devices are equipped with a soft silicone nozzle. The method of petal massage stimulates the production of milk. Mechanical devices are not inferior to the electrical counterpart.

An electronic device has a lot of advantages compared to other types. The unique design allows mom to choose any comfortable position during the procedure.

When you turn on the device, the delicate pumping mode is activated, then you can switch to one of three modes. Velvety textured massage pad stimulates milk flow. Among the shortcomings of the product stands out the noise of work.



Inexpensive products for expressing large amounts of milk. The pump device is effective under the condition of trouble-free lactation. The kit includes an anti-colic nipple and a soft pear. The Natural Feeling electric appliance is characterized by its compactness.

The pumping rhythm is easily adjusted with the “+ -” button, the mother selects the intensity of the pumping. The memory program continues to work in the mode in which the previous use of the device ended.

Innovative funnel wraps around the entire breast. The silicone membrane tightly fits the chest, creates massaging movements. The kit includes a physiological nipple, which is worn on the bottle.

Nuk E-motion

Nuk E-motion

The system of action approaches the natural sucking of a child. The pace of work is smoothly regulated. The advantages of the products are good equipment, noiselessness, affordable price. The disadvantage is an inconvenient speed controller.

The Nuk Sensitive mechanical apparatus is portable and fits easily into a storage box. It folds easily and is easy to wash. There are several modes of pumping.

The nozzle is comfortable, massages the mammary glands. The downside of the product is a creak after prolonged use.

Canpol babies

Canpol babies

Manufacturer of various types of breast pumps. Hand-held devices guarantee simplicity, ease of pumping. Electric products are equipped with a two-phase mode, memorizing the rhythm and strength of the procedure. Power is supplied from the mains and batteries.

The world of childhood

The world of childhood

A popular device is a mechanical device that has a number of significant advantages:

  • fits any standard bottle;
  • comes with 2 containers.

Disadvantages of the device – not sterilized, no silicone insert for the funnel.



An English company producing high quality products.

A popular electric breast pump is the Single series. Attractive appearance is created by a massage nozzle in the form of a petal and an ergonomic body.

Specifications at the highest level: a capacious battery, a compressor with pressure regulation, a protection system that prevents the penetration of milk into the mechanism.

Useful features:

  • biphasic pumping,
  • intensity levels that change in the process,
  • there is no need to restart the device.

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