Bicycle with footrests

With age, the motor activity of the crumbs increases, and sitting in a stroller becomes uninteresting. Safety is at risk, because the mobile baby strives to slip out.

The task of parents at this stage of child development is to create safe conditions for learning about the world around them. On foot, the baby is not yet able to go far, and in the stroller it is already uncomfortable for him. A tricycle with footrests comes to the rescue.


Design features

At the initial stage, a tricycle with footrests is a vehicle driven by an adult, and the child is a passive passenger. In order to make it comfortable for him, supports for the legs are provided, because the baby still cannot pedal on his own.

Options for the execution of additional parts are different. These can be second pedals or pallets. The shape of the second pedals is inconvenient for small children. The feet may come off and hit the main pedals.

The form of pallets is considered safe. It is better if they are with sides. The wider the pallets, the more comfortable the child. It is necessary that the legs, leaning on the pallets, be in a relaxed state.

Tricycles should be chosen according to the age of the child.

Categories by age:

  • 1-2 years. Tricycle with footrests. Must have: a high back and seat belts, footrests themselves, a height-adjustable handle, an awning, a trunk. Additional equipment: basket, container or box for toys.

The sturdy frame guarantees the durability of the acquisition. Wide tires made of rubber or plastic provide stability and safety.

  • 2-4 years. Traditional tricycle. Footrests are not included with these models.
  • Combined models. These are three-wheeled transformers. Over time, you will remove the parts that have become unnecessary, including the footrests. Thus, the model with footrests turns into a classic tricycle.

Pros and cons of a bike with footrests

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of a bike with footrests:

  • It allows the child to be active, to develop physically, and at the same time, the baby can always rest by placing his feet on a special stand and remaining a passive passenger.
  • Trains the vestibular apparatus and develops the ability to navigate in space.
  • The range of visual perception is significantly different from what a child receives while sitting in a stroller. The kid learns the world around him in full.

Disadvantages of a bike with footrests:

  • If the roads you walk on with your child are uneven, the footrest attachments become loose and may fall off.
  • Batteries in the game pad do not last long.
  • The noise of the wheels when driving on rough roads annoys the parents and distracts the child.
  • It is not possible to replace parts in the event of a breakdown, as suitable spare parts cannot be found.
  • Plastic elements loosen and rattle during operation.
  • The presence of a handle does not guarantee that adult control is provided. To be able to control with a handle, children’s transport must be rear-wheel drive.
  • Before buying, check if the device is leading to the side.

Take your child with you. Get on your bike and ride around the mall. Many flaws will show up.

How to choose a bike with footrests


A son or daughter, sitting on a bicycle, turns out to be with his back to the parent. This increases the risk of falling out or injury. Therefore, carefully study the safety level of the model before buying.

  • Seat belts. 5-point harness securely holds the passenger. The material from which the belts are made must be hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Check the strength of the fasteners in the store.
  • Sustainability. Wheels are responsible for the stability of the first transport. They can be plastic, metal or rubber. Rubber is more practical, as it provides cushioning. The noise created during the trip is minimal, and it is more comfortable to ride such a bike.

The plastic wheels wear out. Inflatable wheels are suitable for older people, as they allow you to develop high speed.

  • Seat with back. A fixed back is less prone to deformation. The seat is ergonomic.
  • Steering wheel lock. The offspring is burning with the desire to drive a vehicle from the moment he saw him. However, it is still too early to trust him with management. In such a situation, the steering wheel lock will help out. As a result of using this function, the vehicle only drives straight ahead.
  • Soft bezel. Most children stay in the “saddle” not confidently for about a year. The presence of a soft rim will make possible impacts imperceptible to the crumbs. The part is removed when it is no longer needed.
  • Pedal lock. Pedals, if there is no need to use them, should be blocked to avoid hitting the legs. This must be done in such a way that the legs do not slip off while riding. At the bottom of the pedal, the child’s leg is almost straight. Leg straps will be needed when learning to ride independently.
  • Brake. A reliable brake will help in parking. The principle of operation is similar to the wheelchair brake.
  • Steering wheel limiter. The steering wheel can rotate freely in all directions, creating a risk of injuring the child. Therefore, a limiter is provided. It allows you to turn the steering wheel only in a limited amplitude.
  • parent pen. Until the age of two, the primary driver is the parent. Child passive passenger. The handle is firmly attached to the body and is adjustable in height. The height should be comfortable for the parent.

After the baby has mastered the skill of independent driving, the handle is removed. Do not use the handle when driving over curbs, it will break off. It is better to lift the device and carry it over the curb. The strongest handles are made of metal.

It is more convenient to roll the bike holding the handle with both hands. Experiment with this in the store. It is not always possible to control with one hand. In this situation, a wide handle helps out.

Removable handles allow you to use the device for a long time, but stationary ones have less risk of breaking off.

  • “Pants”. Sewn “pants” of dense matter prevent the child from tipping over from the vehicle. This assistive device resembles the bottom of a walker, but combined with the seat. The fabric is thick but stretchy.
  • Roof. On a scorching heat or a rainy day, it will protect against overheating or moisture. More practical – awnings with a window so that mom can see what her baby is doing. Checking the fasteners is a must, as some roofs are simply blown away by a light breeze.
  • Adjustable pedal height. First you need to get the legs to the stands. Then the stands are removed, and the use of the pedals begins.

Try with what force the child will have to pedal, whether it is commensurate with his physical capabilities.

  • Possibility to fold the device for transportation. Not all models have this property. When folded, the unit should fit in the trunk of a car.
  • Game panel. There are various sets of games on the entertainment panel. Musical and educational activities will not let the stroller get bored.
  • Klaxon. Instill the obligation to comply with the rules of the road. The kid, with the help of a horn, warns pedestrians about his approach. Listen to the sound of the bell – too loud a signal will scare the baby.
  • Reclining back. Sleeping on a bike is strongly discouraged, but the backrest reclines to a slight angle for convenience. Tricycles are not recommended for children under one and a half years old. When the baby stopped falling asleep on a walk, it’s time to change to a tricycle with footrests.
  • Capacity for toys. It can be a body, a box or a basket. It is convenient when there are several of them: for transporting mom’s things and baby’s things separately.
  • Water bottle holder. When you feel thirsty, the child can cope with the task on his own. Gradually teach your child to be independent.
  • Exercise bike. The pedals are blocked, the vehicle is put on the brake, on a special stand, and turns into an exercise bike. Not all children will be interested in such a variation, but this group of goods finds its contingent.

When faced with a choice, be aware that you do not need all the features at once. Stop at the models that your baby likes the most. You can also save on buying a bike – do not overpay for extra features. Compliance with price and quality is a fundamental criterion when making a serious purchase.



  1. Checking fasteners. They must securely fasten the parts together.
  2. Wash and clean from adhering dirt. After each walk, remove any dirt that has appeared. Do not wait for the right moment, you need to do this immediately after returning from the street. Teach kids to order from an early age. The baby will like to follow the “tin horse”.
  3. lubricate with oil. The vehicle needs maintenance. Lubricate parts and fasteners with engine oil as needed.
  4. Established brands provide warranty service. In the event of a breakdown, contact the phone number or address indicated in the documents. Assistance is required, regardless of the degree of damage.
  5. No notches. Carefully inspect all parts before purchase and periodically inspect during use. All edges must be smoothed – no nicks or chips. Otherwise, the baby may accidentally catch on the tip and get injured.
  6. Check for a quality certificate. The sales consultant is obliged to immediately provide all the documentation for the offered goods.

Cycling requires special clothing. It should fit well on the body. Avoid long dresses and flared sleeves. Give preference to natural materials.

Before buying, be sure to read the reviews of parents about the models. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of devices that are suitable for the price category.

The manufacturer may be domestic or foreign. Local options are cheaper, although in practice they are no worse than imported ones. First of all, check if the price matches the quality. Sellers in shopping centers will gladly come to the rescue. They will conduct a tour for you and a comparative analysis of the presented samples.

The main thing is that two satisfied people leave the store – a small one and an adult. The joy of acquisition will last 2-3 years if you make a deliberate choice. And if you decide to keep the baby company and buy a bike for yourself, the pleasure will be double.

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