best bath hammock

best bath hammock

best bath hammock BabyMatex

Models for the bathroom are available in three types: mesh, fabric, combined.

  • They are attached in the same way – with hooks or elastic bands for the edges of the bath for babies.
  • An indispensable thing in helping young parents without the necessary experience.
  • Products often contain special restraints for the head and buttocks of the child.
  • It is not necessary to constantly support the child.
  • Hands are free to add water, bathe, massage, lather, add herbal decoction.
  • You can use a hammock from the first days after birth.
  • Thanks to the support that the child feels under him, he does not worry and feels protected.

best bath hammock


  • Compactness. No dedicated storage space required.
  • Unpretentiousness in care. After use, the product only needs to be rinsed and hung to dry.
  • Adjustability and modifications (not all models). There are options for customizing the size of the hammock for a bath.

If the hammock is designed to be used for a minimum of 6-24 months, it has options for transforming the position from lying to sitting or increasing the space for the child.

The model is developed for use from the first days to 2 years of the child. In the first 7 months – lying down, the rest of the time – sitting. Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials are used for production.

The design of the hammock is designed so that the child does not slip off, but is comfortably located inside.

  • The main materials are polyester, polyurethane.
  • Fastening – plastic hooks.
  • Edges protect against slipping.
  • The filler keeps on a surface.



  • Does not rub or irritate baby’s skin.
  • Frees the hands of parents.
  • Does not require special care.
  • Easy to wash, dry.
  • Doesn’t take up much space.
  • Most parents are recognized as a practical and convenient model.


  • Pretty high cost.
  • Mesh and fabric stretch under the influence of water.
  • Even when using a hammock, it is not recommended to leave the child alone in the water.

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