Bed with rocking chair

Choosing a crib for a baby is a question that is guaranteed to arise in front of parents.

An interesting option is rocking chairs. Once upon a time, babies were rocked in cradles, and now furniture manufacturers have created two models of beds that perform this function. This is a bed on curved skids and a pendulum.

Types and functions


In rocking chairs, children are comfortable and they fall asleep easier. Even in the womb, the child gets used to the swaying movements. Therefore, swaying before going to bed or if the baby is naughty because of something is physiologically justified.

The crib on the skids swings by the body. The amplitude depends on how rounded the skids are. This model is remarkable in that the movement of the child causes swaying. Therefore, he will swing even without parents. This is not safe, so it is better to replace the skids with wheels.

Rocking children in such a rocking chair is easier than on their hands – it is easily set in motion, and for the baby to fall asleep, parents will need to spend less effort.

At the crib with a pendulum, only the bed sways, the lower part remains motionless. This makes her more stable.

Pendulum beds are:

  • with a universal mechanism;
  • with transverse movement;
  • with longitudinal movement.

The transverse pendulum creates oscillations similar to motion sickness in a cradle, and the longitudinal one is similar to motion sickness in the hands of an adult. If the pendulum is universal, then the direction of movement of the bed changes as desired. This makes it much easier for your little one to fall asleep. All types of motion sickness have benefits.

The longitudinal pendulum creates a child close to natural sensations and he will fall asleep quickly. Swinging on a crib with a transverse pendulum is similar to the way of motion sickness, which our ancestors used for many centuries. With a universal pendulum, young parents enjoy both benefits.

The pendulums are equipped with wheels, which makes them easy to move. Some models have a built-in chest of drawers designed to store children’s things.

Transforming beds allow you to change:

  • bed depth;
  • bed size;
  • direction of motion sickness of the child.

The first two options are important when the child grows up. As the baby grows up, the transformers turn off the function of the pendulum.

The device of a bed with a rocking chair

Principle of operation and design

The principle of operation of a rocking chair on skids is to swing on two parallel arches. In this case, children fall asleep easily, and for young mothers, rocking does not present any difficulties. Even the slightest movement creates sway.

The pendulum has a special mechanism that creates a longitudinal or transverse swing. They are equipped with a special lock – a pair of bolts. If they are fixed, rocking becomes impossible. This prevents the independent swing of the grown baby.

The device of the bed on the skids is similar to the device of the rocking chair. Wheels give it mobility and stability, and the arcs are removed. With wheels, such a bed is similar to a regular bed and can be moved. In addition, if necessary, they can be locked. A model with arcs is used to rock the baby.

The limiters on them relieve the worry that the child will roll over and fall out of bed. Drawers for storing children’s things are built into this model.

For contact with the child, the front wall is made removable. Depending on the age of the baby, the bottom is raised or lowered.

The pendulum rocking chair works thanks to special bearings that start the rocking mechanism. The bed itself stands firmly on the floor, and the hanging bed sways. The side walls of the rocking chair-pendulum are fixed, and the front wall moves. For safety, these beds are equipped with a latch.

The pendulum rocking chair is equipped with wheels so that it is convenient for mom to move it around the apartment.

Transformer beds are equipped with shelves or a chest of drawers. If they are removed, then you can lengthen the bed when the son or daughter grows up. The transformer with a chest of drawers has an attached element with several drawers that are screwed to the back from any of the sides.

Often the top of a chest of drawers is made so that it can be used as a changing table. When children grow up, such a bed is disassembled into several separate pieces of furniture.

From other models, the transforming bed differs in the complexity of the design and many details. When the baby grows up, it can be redesigned into a bed for a preschooler (the chest of drawers and sides are removed) or a sofa (the front side is removed).


  • Vine – cradles are made from it for the smallest, since it is unable to withstand a lot of weight;
  • Metal – gives the product strength;
  • Wood is the most common and popular material because it is environmentally friendly and beautiful;
  • Plastic is easy to clean, inexpensive, and comes in a variety of colors.

If the family has allergies, then the furniture should be chosen from natural materials. Plastic, for all its cheapness and attractiveness, is best avoided.

Advantages and disadvantages of a crib with a rocking chair

Advantages and disadvantages

Beds on skids


  • Ease of motion sickness;
  • Affordable prices and good quality;
  • Long operation. As the baby grows, you can abandon the motion sickness function and put it on wheels – then it will serve him up to the age of five;
  • Made from natural materials – a guarantee of durability;
  • Easy to move around the room using removable wheels;
  • Convenience – such models are equipped with additional drawers;
  • The center of gravity is balanced, it is easy to swing.


  • Little functionality;
  • Children can rock the crib violently and topple over if the latch is missing;
  • Runners scratch parquet or linoleum;
  • Can move when rocking;
  • It is impossible to use the motion sickness function and the use of built-in shelves at the same time;
  • To change the arcs to wheels, it takes time from 5 to 15 minutes – first you need to remove the skids, and then insert the wheels into special holes.

Pendulum beds


  • A bed with a longitudinal pendulum creates the sensations of swaying in mother’s arms that are familiar to the baby, it is comfortable for him;
  • Smooth rocking;
  • The ability to turn off the pendulum and fix the bed in a stationary state;
  • Swings are created with a slight movement of the hand;
  • The model with a longitudinal pendulum is combined with a changing table or chest of drawers;
  • Reliable locking mechanism;
  • Practicality;
  • Quality;
  • Does not leave marks on the floor, because it does not have skids;
  • It is used up to the age of three, fixing the pendulum mechanism.


  • Price;
  • Break more often than other types;
  • The child gets used to motion sickness.

Thus, rocking chairs on skids are cheaper and more durable than pendulum beds, and pendulum mechanisms create a more comfortable falling asleep. Mom only needs one movement to start motion sickness. This is convenient at night if the baby bed is next to mom’s bed.

Beds with pendulums are also much more functional thanks to additional drawers for storing diapers, bed linen or clothes.

Both the first and the second type of children’s furniture have the motion sickness function removed, but the bed on the arcs will last much longer after that. For some rocking chairs on the skids, the front wall is removed – then with the skids removed, it turns into a sofa.

How to use

Operation and safety

When purchasing children’s furniture, it is important to consider how safe the baby is in it. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the features of operation and the necessary security measures.

  • First of all, it is important that the material from which the bed is made is non-toxic. Preference is given to wooden models coated with non-toxic varnish or paint.
  • Don’t over-decorate. If there are a lot of small parts on the furniture, then the baby can inadvertently swallow them. Additional elements create a danger – the baby can catch on them. Check for gaps, otherwise the little one may pinch his finger.
  • To prevent the bed from tipping overit must stand on a solid surface, and the model with arcs must have reliable latches.
  • Bolts and nuts must not stick out, for this they are covered with plugs. If the bed is wooden, then the notches that appear are rubbed with sandpaper and varnished. Then the risk of getting a splinter is eliminated.
  • To avoid child injury, inspect furniture every 4-5 days – if the parts are loosened, check for possible malfunctions.
  • If the bed is wooden and with barsthen the distance between them should be no more than 5-6 cm. Otherwise, there is a danger that the baby will put the handle or leg into the slot, and this will lead to injury.
  • Beds with a pendulum are placed at a distance of at least 7 cm from furniture and walls – it is so easy to swing it.
  • When buying a bed, pay attention to the height of the sides. It should ensure safety – after all, as soon as the baby learns to sit down and get up, there is a risk of falling out and causing damage. Therefore, for a baby, the bottom can be raised high, but a little later it will have to be lowered as low as possible.

If the model has drop sides, then you need to carefully monitor how they are fixed.

  • A rocking chair, like any other crib, should not be placed near a window.because otherwise the baby will catch a cold from the draft. It is placed at a distance from batteries and electric heaters. Dangerous electrical appliances and sockets in the immediate vicinity of the bed.

You should not put a rocking bed or a pendulum in the aisle – because this way you can accidentally touch it.

  • Put next to the parent’s bed. If the baby wakes up at night and cries, then it is enough for the mother to reach out her hand to put the motion sickness mechanism into action.
  • Don’t Forget Fastenersspecially designed to ensure that the child does not turn over the crib and does not fall out of it.

Thus, all models of rocking chairs are convenient for both small children and parents. Which one to choose depends on the choice of mom and dad, as well as on their budget. The main thing is that the baby in such a rocking chair should be comfortable falling asleep.

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