Baby strollers

A stroller is one of the main items that parents buy in preparation for the birth of a baby or after it. Such an accessory is indispensable for the full development and care of children and allows you to provide convenience during a walk, as well as greatly facilitate the life of parents.

When choosing, you should not focus only on cost, since often, giving preference to cheapness, you sacrifice quality. The choice should be based on the age, height, weight and other characteristics of the child.

Before choosing, parents need to decide in what conditions and for what it will be used. It is important to consider whether you are going to use the stroller only for a walk, will put it to sleep or will be used only for carrying, and in the case of a walking option, also take into account the features of the road near the house, the climate.

Characteristics of baby carriages

Stroller weight

No matter how beautiful and modern the model is, it should not weigh too much, as it will often have to be lifted. In addition, when choosing a model, it is important to consider that the newborn will grow, rapidly gaining weight.

In addition to the weight of the stroller and the baby, it is necessary to take into account possible additional loads, namely:

  • inner bag with bottles, toys and other necessary accessories;
  • canopy roof;
  • materials for warming for the winter;
  • table or additional cup holder for feeding;
  • footboards.

Don’t forget that the material type of the stroller’s upholstery and bindings has a significant impact on the overall weight. The best option would be a stroller with aluminum parts, which will be distinguished by a reliable design.

Various axle widths

Axle width refers to the distance between the wheels. By default, this value can be up to 85 cm.

Such a parameter must be taken into account in order to know the exact dimensions and capabilities of the stroller, which is especially important if transportation is necessary. The most profitable option to buy would be a design with the same chassis width and distance between the rails.

Block layout

In addition to the fact that the walking blocks of universal models and transformers have a lot of free space for the convenience of the child, they also have a unique ability to change and adjust the location.

Thus, you can adjust the position of the block according to the features of the baby for maximum comfort. In this case, we are talking about the possibility of rearranging the block with the back or facing the parents, adjusting the height of the backrest and the position of the block.

With a low location of the block, the whole structure will have high stability and will make it easy to move on uneven roads. However, this position may not always be convenient for parents, especially if there is no pull-out function for the handle.

Seat depth in stroller and convertible

Provides the maximum level of comfort for children. This parameter will also be responsible for the load on the back, neck and differs depending on the type of chair.

The walking type has a seat with an inclination, as it was originally designed for babies who can sit. The optimal average depth is 20 to 30 cm for children under two years of age.

In order to choose the most appropriate option, the development and growth of the newborn should be taken into account. You can find out the optimal seating depth by calculating the distance from the knee to the base of the back.

As for the transformer model, here this value is increased. The main feature of this type is the possibility of regulation for the child.

The range of the possible value of the transformer seat depth is 15-80 cm. It is calculated for children under 5 years old.

The optimal depth of the transformer seat for children 0-2 years old is 15-25 cm, for children under 4 years old – 27-30 cm.

The horizontal position of the back

There are special lightweight and small models designed for walking small children. They have the ability to install the backrest in a horizontal position, while quickly and conveniently fold, without taking up much space in the room.

Modern transformers are more practical and convenient. As a rule, their back can be easily folded into a horizontal position. They can be used on the basis of “growth” – for very young ones who still do not know how to sit, and then rise to a vertical position.

The diameter of the cradle, wheels and other parts

Large, durable wheels are the best choice. The large diameter wheels are ideal for riding on rough roads and potholes, and will be comfortable in slush and snow in winter. In addition, large wheels cope well with loads and do not allow the stroller to sway and shake during movement.

Small diameter wheels are a good option if you live in an area with flat roads or if you’re buying a touring bike that you’ll only use in the park.

A comfortable cradle should have enough free space. Even if you buy it for a newborn, it is better to buy models “for growth”. Thus, the baby will be comfortable inside and there will be enough space for a diaper and a blanket.

Bed length

The level of comfort and convenience will depend on this parameter. The smallest dimensions of the bed are the cradle and the chair for walking with a horizontal surface.

Such models can be used for newborns up to 1 year. As a rule, they have a standard bed length of 60-85 cm. It is recommended to purchase large models, as the baby will feel real freedom in them.

A wide chair will be able to give maximum comfort, sound sleep and will reliably protect the baby from the vagaries of the weather.

A profitable solution is the choice of a transformer – a modern, practical model that can be adjusted depending on the preferences of parents and the needs of children. This model has a comfortable bed with dimensions from 90 cm for a newborn, and from 115 cm for a child of 1-2 years old. In a model of this type, the backrest can easily be transformed into a vertical and horizontal surface.

For the production of the main block, high-quality, soft materials are used, while the base of the block itself is characterized by increased rigidity and strength, which increases the reliability and durability of the structure.

Folded wheel position

If you choose a “cane” or “transformer”, it is important to pay attention to the position of the wheels when folded. It is important that when folded they do not touch other elements, fold evenly and give stability to the structure.

However, when folded, the stability of the structure is lost in the “cane” models, which can stand in a corner or lean against a wall. However, in this position, the wheels of the stroller are folded, which significantly reduces its dimensions and allows you to conveniently transport it.

Various axle widths

Axle width refers to the distance between the wheels. By default, this value can be up to 85 cm.

Such a parameter must be taken into account in order to know the exact dimensions and capabilities of the stroller, which is especially important if transportation is necessary. The most profitable option to buy would be a design with the same chassis width and distance between the rails.

Block layout

In addition to the fact that the walking blocks of universal models and transformers have a lot of free space for the convenience of the child, they also have a unique ability to change and adjust the location.

Thus, you can adjust the position of the block according to the features of the baby for maximum comfort. In this case, we are talking about the possibility of rearranging the block with the back or facing the parents, adjusting the height of the backrest and the position of the block.

With a low location of the block, the whole structure will have high stability and will make it easy to move on uneven roads. However, this position may not always be convenient for parents, especially if there is no pull-out function for the handle.

Wheel and hood material

The wheels are responsible not only for ease of movement, but also for the comfort of the baby. Poor quality, small wheels made of thin material can cause the block to shake while driving, and also wear out quickly.

You can find stylish wheels with imitation tires. Such models are created from high-quality, resistant rubber, which is stretched over a plastic disk. They are characterized by high strength, reliability and low weight. In addition, there is no need to constantly pump them up.

Also a popular option is devices with pneumatic tires. They are able to provide greater structural stability and patency, however, they have more weight and require some maintenance. Such wheels must be periodically pumped up, and also replaced in case of a puncture.

The most high-quality and reliable are pneumatic tires with metal discs. Such wheels are characterized by high weight, high resistance to shock and damage, provide good maneuverability and ease of movement.

The hood, or outer cover, consists of an inner and outer layer. The hood is made of high quality, waterproof materials with increased strength and rigidity. Such material well protects the baby from rain and other precipitation, passes air well and is easy to clean.

Hoods made of synthetic fabrics are more practical, as they are much easier and easier to wash and clean, while they do not lose their shape after washing.

The inner layer of the hood should be made of soft, natural materials, since this surface may come into contact with the skin of the crumbs. The fabric should be pleasant to the touch and not cause irritation.

Folding mechanism

Modern transformers can have various folding mechanisms: a book and a cane. Each type has its pros and cons of design.

With cane folding mechanism – a more practical and convenient option. Such a mechanism is simple and allows you to compactly fold the stroller to a minimum size and conveniently place it in an apartment, car trunk.

However, such a device has a significant disadvantage – the presence of only one position “sitting” and excessive softness of the back. Such a folding mechanism is not suitable for newborns and babies who still do not hold their back well. In addition, due to the presence of only two handles, control often becomes inconvenient.

With book mechanism – not as practical as a cane. But such a folding mechanism is very durable and reliable. When folded, it can easily stand unattended and not fall, unlike a cane, and the control is much more convenient.

Type of seat belts

Seat belts are a must for any baby stroller. Depending on the number of belts, the features of their fastening and location, there are three types: three-point, five-point and inguinal.

Three point harness – have a simple design in which two straps wrap around the child’s shoulders and one between the legs. A special fixator is located on the child’s stomach.

Five point design – has three main belts, to which two additional ones are added, fixed on the child’s waist. This type provides more reliable protection. Does not allow the child to free himself.

Inguinal attachment type – most often found in models with a removable crossbar. In this case, two main belts are used on the child’s shoulders and one inguinal belt, which is fixed between the baby’s legs.

Stable folded position

Not all models of strollers are stable when assembled. We are talking about such types of structures as a walking model and a transformer.

Walking models – have a simple and effective folding mechanism, but after folding, the structure loses its stable position and cannot stand on its own without additional support.

Transformers are most often equipped with a “book” folding mechanism, which allows you to fold the back and seat together like a book. This design is more stable, when assembled, it can stand without additional help.

The number of backrest positions in different types of strollers

Different models have a different number of backrest positions. Cradles, for the smallest, are not designed for a high backrest, as newborns can only stay in a lying position. Therefore, such models have only the ability to slightly raise the headboard.

Strollers have one backrest position “sitting”, however, they allow adjustment of the angle of inclination. You can raise the backrest high or lower it completely.

Universal models with walking blocks and transformers have the greatest number of backrest positions. In them, the number of positions reaches 3: for sleep, for relaxation and for walking.

Number of support points

Depending on the design, each type of stroller has a certain number of support points, which ensures its stability. There are three main types: three-wheeled, four-wheeled and quadrilateral.

A three-wheel stroller has one front wheel. The design of such models is the least stable and is presented in the form of a triangle.

The four-wheel design has a frame in the form of a quadrilateral. The wheels in this design can be single or double, the front axle of such strollers may be slightly narrower than the rear.

A special type is a quadrangular type structure. It has a frame in the form of a full-fledged quadrangle, but the number of support points is six. This stroller is most often used for twins or triplets.

Carrycot width

The cradle is used for newborns, therefore, it does not differ in large sizes. Cradles for the little ones are included in the set of strollers of a universal type or a transformer.

However, if you buy the cradle separately, you should take into account the height of the child and the possibility of placing a warm blanket, envelope or baby in overalls inside the cradle in winter. The standard width of the cradle sleeping seat varies from 15 to 30 cm, with a weight of up to 9 kg.

seat width

The choice of seat width should be made taking into account the age, weight and height of the baby. This parameter is especially important to consider so that the selected model can cope with the load.

When buying, you should also take into account the additional load in the winter in the form of a warm envelope, dress, etc. The standard seat width of the walking model is 20-65 cm.

The transformer is designed for younger children, so the width of their seat is from 30 to 40 cm.

Chassis Width

Chassis width refers to the distance between the wheels. You should pay special attention to this parameter, because it allows you to determine the dimensions of the model and the convenience of carrying it.

The most profitable option is considered when all the axles of the wheels are the same in value. The standard wheel axle width is 15-80 cm.

Complete set of baby strollers

Car seat – attachment adapters, belts and other accessories

It is a device that is installed in a car and used to transport a child. Child seats for the car are installed and attached to the standard car seats using special protective belts and adapters. Therefore, when buying, it is important to pay attention to the strength and quality of the belt material.

The choice of a car seat should be based on parameters that will be responsible not only for comfort and practicality, but also for the safety of children. There is no seat that is suitable for all age groups from birth to 12 years old.

Depending on the characteristics of the baby, there are five main types of car seats:

  • up to 10 kg – up to 1 year;
  • up to 13 kg – up to 2 years;
  • from 9 to 16 kg – up to 4 years;
  • from 15 to 26 kg – 6 years;
  • from 22 to 36 kg – from 6 to 12 years.

In the event that the weight corresponds to one group, and the age to another, it is best to focus on weight, since the level of load that the structure can withstand will depend on it.

It is important that the selected chair meets safety standards, as evidenced by the mark on it with the inscription ECE R44/03, ECE R44/04. Such a tag means that the chair has passed all the tests of strength and quality, and is able to guarantee safety.

Other important parameters include: the presence of side protection, the quality and type of material, fastening strength and individual accessories. Lateral protection gives additional comfort and protection in case of an accident.

As for the material of the chair, preference should be given to high-quality, soft and hypoallergenic material that does not have a specific smell and does not cause irritation.

Seat attachment adapters are also used to install chairs of the first and second age groups on the wheelchair chassis. With the help of such adapters, you can use a comfortable and convenient chair not only for transportation, but also for walking.

As a rule, such a chair can only be installed in a model with the possibility of replacing the main unit.


This accessory is designed to protect against rain, snow and other weather conditions, so its choice should be approached seriously and carefully. It can be bundled or purchased separately.

There are several types of raincoats:

  • for walking model;
  • for the cradle;
  • for “canes”;
  • for transformer;
  • for a chair for two or three children.

These types of accessories differ from each other in size and installation features. There are also universal raincoats that can fit any type of model. A universal rain cover is bought mainly for the cradle.

The rain cover for a three-wheeled, two-seater or three-seater stroller is characterized by a corresponding elongated shape:

  • forward length – in the case of a three-wheeled stroller;
  • horizontal length – for double/triple model.

The raincoat-cape for the transformer is designed for the fact that there is a flip handle in the design. Therefore, such a raincoat has special slots for throwing.

When choosing a quality raincoat, consider the type and overall quality of the material. The main materials used for the production of capes are: silicone, raincoat fabric, polyethylene, vinyl and others.

The cheapest is a raincoat made of polyethylene, but it also stands out for the lowest quality. An ideal option in terms of price and quality is a raincoat made of silicone and vinyl. Such accessories are quite durable, reliable and soft to the touch.

Rigid carrier bottom

In the first weeks and months, the crumbs actively continue to strengthen the back, so the convenience of the bottom will play an important role in this process. A bottom that is too soft can contribute to poor back development and curvature.

When choosing, you need to inspect the surface of the bed: it should not have bumps and other defects, in addition, the surface should be smooth and hard, should not fall through.

The sleeping place of the cradle consists of two layers:

  • The first makes up a soft, dense fabric that is practical, easy to clean and wash. It is made of a special protective, waterproof material, which is characterized by high levels of comfort and softness.
  • bottom layer – a rigid substrate made of dense, rigid material that holds the shape of the cradle. For the base, materials with increased strength indicators (mainly plastic) are used.

When choosing, you must try to bend the surface of the sleeping block. It should not sag under pressure, but it should not be too hard, otherwise the baby simply will not be able to fall asleep due to inconvenience.


As a rule, it is bought separately and is not included in the kit. Stylish and comfortable umbrella can be attached both to the base of the stroller and to the seat. Usually the umbrella is equipped with a convenient and simple fixture, and the ability to adjust the angle of inclination, depending on the need.

For the production of stroller umbrellas, high-quality materials are used, which are easy to clean, have a special UV coating, which provides protection from the sun. In addition, umbrellas have a simple and practical collection mechanism, and a special storage case.

When choosing an umbrella, you need to focus on its technical characteristics: safety, quality, practicality, strength, ease of folding. Pay attention to the type, density of the fabric, the level of sun protection, as well as the quality of the fasteners.

It is important to make sure that the installed umbrella does not interfere with the crumbs and protects well. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable size so that the back and sides of the chair are completely covered from the weather.

The umbrella can be used for a transformer, an armchair for a walk, and also a cradle for the smallest.


Ideal for newborns and toddlers up to 1 year old. When choosing a cradle, it is necessary to focus on the technical characteristics: material, length, depth, bottom rigidity, overall quality and practicality.

Most parents prefer universal models with standard sizes and features that are suitable for most babies. However, it is best to focus on the features of the newborn in choosing, so that the cradle brings him maximum comfort and convenience.

Modern cradles are designed for newborns and toddlers in the first months of life. The standard length of such cradles is 60-80 cm. As for the finishing materials, they should be soft, of high quality and pleasant to the touch.

Hard, durable materials are used for the cover, which are well and quickly cleaned and washed. Most often, these materials are waterproof.

For the arrangement of the bed, softer and more pleasant fabrics, natural or synthetic, are used, providing comfort and warmth.

You can purchase the cradle separately and install it on the chassis of the universal device, or purchase the classic version with a built-in cradle.

The classic cradle, which is used to transport babies aged from 3 to 8 months, is very popular with parents. It is spacious for the baby. Chassis in this type are designed in the shape of the letter “X”, which provides convenience and speed. The cradle itself can be cast or made on the basis of the frame.

Some models can be equipped with a temperature controller, which allows you to maintain the optimum temperature for the baby.

Soft overlays for belts for a transformer

Reliable safety of the baby is provided by special belts. It is recommended to choose stroller models with built-in seat belts, both for the smallest baby and for older children.

Belts can serve not only to ensure the safety of the baby, but also to properly fix its position, which is very important for babies who actively develop and strengthen their back muscles. The more attachment points for belts, the greater the guarantee of safety.

In most cases, the material of the seat belts is not soft and can rub against the baby’s skin. Therefore, it is best to purchase special pads for belts separately.

When choosing them, it is important to take into account the softness and quality of the material. The best solution is to buy these accessories made of natural materials that are pleasant to the touch and will not irritate the skin.

Cape on legs

It is used primarily to protect the baby from cold and wind, providing warmth and comfort. The leg cover is suitable for children over six months old, who already have a fairly good back support and can be in a sitting position.

For babies of an earlier age, a high-quality and very comfortable envelope is used.

Modern models may come with a cape on the legs, but in most cases it has to be bought separately.

The cape is made of high quality materials and has two layers:

  • top – a protective layer of hard, durable material that does not allow water to pass through;
  • the inner layer is made of sheepskin or other soft fabric.

The cape is fastened with Velcro, in the amount of 2 to 4 pieces, as well as 2 or more rubber bands that are used to fasten to the frame. It is quick and easy to clean and can be washed without losing its original shape. Can be used for children under 4 years of age.

Pump included

For inflating the wheels, a special pump is used, which is most often provided in the kit. Most modern strollers have special shock absorbers and inflatable types of wheels.

The nanos should be compact enough to be carried with you in case of an emergency. Even a young mother can use it, since the design is created specifically for this purpose.

Most often, modern wheels require maintaining a certain pressure, especially in winter. The optimal tire pressure level is indicated on the tires or in the instructions. This value must be taken into account.

If you over-inflate them, they will be too stiff, which will cause discomfort when riding. If you inflate too little, the wheels will be too soft and wear out quickly.

flip handle

The function of the toggle handle provides additional convenience in control, eliminating the need to turn in a certain direction. This design provides for 360-degree adjustment of the handle.

First of all, the flip handle ensures constant contact between mother and baby. And you can protect your child from the weather at any time by throwing the handle and turning around.

The disadvantages of using such a design are:

  • flip handle can significantly increase the weight;
  • this design is not always stable;
  • it can quickly fray, loosen and break.

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the quality of materials.

Crossbar in front of the child

It is used to ensure greater safety and convenience for the baby. Such a device helps to keep the child in the correct position, and also eliminates the possibility of his falling out.

The crossbar in front of the baby can be narrow or wide, it can be a special table-stand with the ability to install a cup or bottle. It can be removable and built-in type.

It is much easier to use a removable crossbar, because it can be easily removed and installed if necessary. Using the built-in crossbar is not so practical. In such a case, you will have to constantly raise the baby, because of which the crossbar can get dirty pretty quickly.


It is a special fabric bag that is inserted into the unit and used to carry the child. It is usually included in the transformer kit.

The carrier bag includes two layers: a hard bottom and a sleeping block for the baby. A hard bottom is important for newborn babies, as it will affect the strengthening of the spine.

Swivel front wheels

The special features of the wheels include not only the possibility of removing them, but also the function of rotation. They are particularly comfortable and have the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees.

This feature greatly enhances handling and maneuverability. In addition, to perform a turning maneuver, you do not need to apply a lot of force.

Tray for parents

It is intended for installation of a glass or an arrangement of other small things. Such a device is removable, but in some models of universal or strollers it may be built-in. Usually the tray is attached at the back.


It is mainly used to hold a baby bottle, drink glass or other container. This accessory can be removable or built-in.

In most cases, it is installed on the control handle in front of the child and removed if necessary. Most often made of plastic or other lightweight material.

Walking block

Such a department serves directly to accommodate the child, so it must have all the necessary conditions for comfort. In most cases, the walking block is available in a walking, universal model or transformer and has one sitting position.

The back of such a block is installed in a vertical position, so the walking block is suitable for children not older than 4 years. Thanks to high-quality, warm and waterproof materials, such models cope with the summer heat and winter cold.

Some walking blocks may have several backrest positions. Therefore, in a stroller you can not only walk, but also sleep. In this case, the model will have three back positions: for sleeping, for relaxing and for walking.

Such a block has built-in seat belts that allow you to securely fix the position of the child and keep fidgets who cannot sit in one place.

mosquito net

Used to protect your baby from mosquitoes, flies and other insects. It is especially important to use such a device during sleep.

According to the type of design, the mosquito net can be built into the visor / hood or sold separately. Most often, this accessory is included in the kit. When buying a mosquito net, you should consider the size of the hood.

Seat belts

They are used to provide a high level of safety for the baby and are attached to the frame or chassis. Seat belts must be available, regardless of the type and model of the stroller.

Depending on the type of fastening, belts can be:

  • are used mainly in models with a built-in bumper, the design provides for the placement of lap belts on the bumper and inguinal belts between the child’s legs;
  • they are three belts, two of which are fixed on the shoulders of the baby, and one between the legs, while the clasp is at the level of the abdomen;
  • the design includes five belts, two additional are installed on the baby’s waist, and represents the most reliable system of safe fastening.

It is also important to pay attention to the buckle of the seat belts. The rigid lock is used to adjust the tension level of the belts. For greater convenience, special pads on the belts are used, made of soft and pleasant to the touch material.

Carrying handle/strap

It is mainly used to move a baby cradle or car seat into the room. It is mandatory, because without it it is rather problematic to lift the cradle, and it is usually included in the kit.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture, its type, strength, rigidity. A high-quality belt is made of high-quality, durable fabric or leather substitute, which are distinguished by high reliability and durability.

The length of the belt is adjustable and must match the length of the distance from the shoulder to the waist of the parent.

Hand brake

Each stroller model, regardless of type, has a built-in foot brake. The presence of a handbrake is an additional feature that significantly increases the level of safety for the baby.

The hand brake is a special lever with a brake on the rear or front wheels. Such a braking system works, when pressed by hand, immediately.


Often, when buying a baby stroller of various types, a practical and roomy backpack can be supplied in the kit.

With a spacious main compartment and additional zippered pockets, you can take bottles, baby food, toys and other essentials with you on your outings. It can be placed on the handle, in the basket or on the back of the stroller.

Cushioning system

The shock absorption system serves to reduce jolts and shocks while driving on rough roads. Almost all types of strollers are equipped with a cushioning system. In modern models, a depreciation system of two types can be installed: spring and hinged.

Spring damping system is quite practical, reliable, durable and the most common. The system works on the basis of a special spring mechanism.

Hinge type system allows you to calmly rock the stroller to the sides, evenly and without sharp shocks, which can be used to rock the child to sleep. The system works on the basis of articulated mounts, most often installed in universal-type models.

Viewing window of walking model and transformer

In some models of prams, you can find a transparent viewing window for the child, located in the visor or hood. It is made from soft, transparent materials.

Most often, high-quality silicone, vinyl or splash pad is used for this purpose. A viewing window can serve two purposes: to allow parents to keep an eye on the child or to provide a view to the baby.

In the first case, the window is installed at the top of the sun visor in a walking model or transformer. In the second case – on the side or behind the walking block.


A practical and comfortable sun visor is used to protect the crumbs from the scorching sun. Not all models are equipped with it. In this case, it is purchased separately.

A similar visor is used for a light, stroller with a vertical back, for children not older than 4 years. The weight of the sun visor is 2-3 kg.

Step for an older child

A similar accessory is used when parents have several children of different ages. It is a special platform for the child on which he can stand. A step is installed on the back of the frame.

However, it may not be suitable for all types of strollers and only when the age difference between children is not very large.


Often provided as a kit. The bag is made in the same style as the main unit, has a spacious compartment for placing and carrying children’s things. It is especially useful when walking with a newborn. In this case, you can take baby food, diapers, etc. in your bag.

The bag is made from the same material as the stroller, has a long comfortable handle, is located on the handle or in the compartment for things under the seat unit.

Warm envelope

It is the best solution for a newborn. A warm envelope is a warm blanket made in the shape of an envelope. It is used to wrap the baby and carry it, and also reliably protects the baby from cold, wind and other environmental influences.

The envelope is created from two layers: the top layer is made of high-quality, rigid protective fabric that does not let water through and protects from the wind, the inner layer is made of soft, pleasant to the touch fabric made from natural materials.

A warm envelope is included with the baby carriage. However, sometimes you have to buy it separately. In this case, the choice should be made based on the quality of materials, softness, warmth of the model.

Types of strollers

Among the most common are:

  • cradle;
  • transformer;
  • universal;
  • walking.

Cradle – is a special basket that is installed on the frame. This type is used exclusively for newborns and infants up to 6 months.

walking model – for babies who already hold their back well and can sit, since the design usually has only one position – “sitting”. The backrest tilt can be adjusted. It is practical, has a small size and weight, can be folded.

Transformer – is very popular due to its versatility and durability. This model is suitable for children from a few months to 4 years. It has a unique design that allows you to quickly and easily transform it into a walking model and into a comfortable bed for a good rest of the child.

Universal stroller – this model has a convenient design that allows you to change the main unit to a car cradle, walking block or bed. This design allows you to use it from the birth of a child until he grows up without having to buy a new one. However, the disadvantages of the model are a lot of weight and the exclusion of the possibility of folding.

basket type

This unit is located at the bottom of the stroller and is used to store and transport various things. In modern models, you can find two types of baskets: metal and fabric.

For the production of a metal basket, high-quality stainless metals with increased strength and reliability are used. Such a basket can withstand heavy loads without deformation.

A fabric basket is most often made of the same material as the cover, and is less reliable.

Usually baskets can be found in models of a universal type or a transformer. The basket is not installed in the stroller, because due to its design, there is simply no place for the basket.

Functions of strollers

Washable cover

When buying, it is worth considering that due to constant use, the material will get dirty. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to a practical material that is easy to clean. The ability to wash the cover is a big plus as it can last longer.

The cleaning material of the stroller cover does not absorb water and reacts normally to chemical detergents, allowing you to quickly get rid of stains using dry and wet washing.

As a rule, the most common options for baby strollers are models with a removable cover. Thus, washing and drying will not be difficult.

Car seat and carrycot available

The most profitable option is to buy a stroller with the possibility of installing a car seat and a cradle. As a rule, most modern manufacturers equip strollers with such a system.

Depending on the method of installation of the chair, there are two types:

  • the chair is installed on the chassis using the modular principle;
  • the chair is established directly on a framework, without removing a cradle.

Most often, you can find the first type of installation. It means that the cradle can be removed if necessary. A car seat is installed in its place and fixed with special adapters on the chassis.

However, in some cases, the installation chair must be purchased separately.

Strollers with a removable cradle are usually used primarily for newborns. In such a case, the main compartment of the stroller is removed and the cradle is temporarily installed.

When the baby grows up, it will be good to hold his head, the cradle can be changed to a standard chair.

Possibility to lower the hood to the bumper

Of great importance for the comfort of children and parents is the functionality of the hood. It allows you to easily adjust the view of children, can completely cover the baby and lean back.

As a rule, modern walking models have a similar function. The mechanism of operation of such hoods can be different. It can be opened with a zipper, an additional section or a built-in visor.

The most profitable and practical option is a stroller with a built-in visor. Such devices can reliably protect against bad weather.

Seasonal options have mainly a hood with a special compartment with a zipper, which can be quickly and easily folded down and closed.

Repositioning the block with the face or back

Most modern models have the function of rearranging the main unit. To turn the unit over, just remove it and fix it in a different position. In this case, the handle remains in its original position.

Adjusting the height of the footrest in the stroller and transformer

Responsible for regulating the position or height of the step on which the legs are placed, and is present in almost all models of strollers.

The height of the footrest should be adjusted according to the height of the child. The ideal footrest height is calculated by measuring the length from the heel of the baby to the bottom of the knee.

There are special models in which the step is a continuation of the seat, so its adjustment is carried out together with the regulation of the position of the chair.

Handle height adjustment

This feature plays an important role for parents, as it provides additional convenience when moving.

Such an opportunity is in the models of transforming strollers and canes. In this case, the handle moves forward.

When choosing a stroller without the ability to adjust the height of the handle, it is imperative to choose it based on your height, so that in the future you do not have to constantly bend over and slouch.

Often the possibility of adjusting the handle can be carried out not only in height, but also in position, throwing it forward or backward.

Backrest tilt adjustment

Allows you to provide a comfortable position for the child. Such an opportunity is possessed mainly by a universal, walking model and a transformer.

The backrest adjustment function is responsible for the level of its inclination relative to the seat. There are three main positions for the back of strollers: sleep, rest and walk.

However, not all of these types of strollers have ample opportunities for adjusting the angle of the backrest. Cradles for newborns have only an adjustable headboard that can be raised.

The number of backrest levels depends on the type of stroller. The simplest are walking canes, which have only one back position. Walking models and a transformer have a large number of backrest positions (standard 2-3 positions).

Removable crossbar

Walking models and transformers are equipped with it, and the crossbar can also be replaced by a bumper, which is installed at the back or front.

The crossbar is an arched handrail and is used as a support for the baby, and also prevents the child from falling out. The crossbar can have a different width, can be built-in or removed.

A removable crossbar is most often installed in front of the child and attached to the walking block or frame. This design is more convenient than built-in.

Removable wheels

Such wheels can be quickly and easily removed without additional tools and equipment. To do this, just press the wheel and pull it towards you.

Removable wheels are a type of inflatable single wheels. In addition, the possibility of removal greatly simplifies the replacement of summer tires with winter ones.

Fixing the front wheels

The function allows you to fix the wheels in one position. Such a fixation system is very convenient and gives reliable protection to the child. The front fixed wheels can be of various types. Most often these include inflatable, rubber wheels with a diameter of 5 to 50 cm.

How to choose

The choice of a practical, comfortable and durable stroller for a child should not be based solely on appearance and cost. It is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics and capabilities of each model. First of all, you need to pay special attention to the material, size, width, availability of additional accessories and control parameters.

When choosing the width and the maximum possible weight, it is recommended to pay more attention to the weight of the child, as this will determine the level of load that the stroller will have to handle.

The most profitable and economical solution would be to buy a universal model or transformer.

Such types are distinguished by the presence of many functions, a practical folding mechanism and the ability to install several blocks for a child: a stroller, a cradle and a car seat. Thus, there is no need to buy each of them separately.

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