Baby rocking chairs

Rocking furniture is a safe and comfortable design for children of different age groups, including category 0+. It consists of a sitting or lying place for a child, a frame and a base (legs).

The principle of operation of the device lies in the pendulum mechanism, which is set in motion manually or automatically.

Types of baby rocking chairs

Types and characteristics

Antique cradles served as a prototype for modern rocking elements of children’s furniture.

Newborns need motion sickness and rhythmic movements – this is due to the intrauterine development of the baby, when for 9 months the baby moved with her mother and fell asleep to the rhythmic beating of her heart.

The motion sickness devices of the modern type are divided into the following categories:

The color of the case depends on the fittings used. Wooden parts are covered with environmentally friendly varnish. Metal parts are painted in white, gray or discreet pastel colors.



The seat made of soft fabric stretches over the supporting metal legs.

The allowable weight of the child is from 8-9 to 18 kg in different models. Pediatricians do not recommend using the device until the baby learns to hold the head well, as this deforms the posture and leads to a curvature of the spine.

In such devices, two positions are used – rocking and fixed. Swinging is performed mechanically or automatically. The chaise lounge is easy to fold and carry, has a small weight.

The advantage of using the device is that with a slight tilt of the back, the likelihood of regurgitation is reduced.


  • small dimensions;
  • low weight of the device;
  • ease of use;
  • wide view for the child;
  • ergonomics;
  • mobility;
  • silent use.

It is better to pay attention to models with removable and easy to clean covers, it is recommended to have a supportive and soft headrest.

Chaise lounges are completed:

Chaise lounges are completed:

  • carrying handles;
  • arc with hanging rattles and teethers;
  • seat belts.

It is desirable to have seat belts in which fixation is carried out at five points with fastening on the belt, or special panties-fixators.

Some sun loungers include:

  • protective (usually removable) visor;
  • storage bag;
  • anti-slip rubber pads.

The disadvantages are the lack of full-scale adjustment of the back of the product – usually only 2-3 angles of inclination are used in sun loungers.

Baby rocking chair

Baby rocking chair

Suitable for children from three months. It differs from sun loungers by additional levels of inclination of the back, curvature of the legs, allowing the structure to swing with the movements of the child.

Most models have an automatic swing function. The electronic pendulum is powered by batteries or from the mains.

Built-in different modes of vibration and swing speed.

The number of backrest tilt levels depends on the specific model (3-5 positions). The lack of a horizontal back position in some models does not allow the use of the device for newborns.

The product package must include:

  • soft headrest;
  • supporting elements for the hip joints;
  • footrest.

Supportive seat belts or panties are recommended. The frame of the child seat must be made of durable material: steel or anodized aluminium.

Upholstery fabric should be waterproof, but not oilcloth, and easily removable for washing.

The package includes:

The package includes:

  • carrying handles;
  • storage bag;
  • anatomic mattress for sitting;
  • seat belts;
  • built-in MP3 player;
  • arc with hanging toys;
  • removable table.

Some models are equipped with a removable table top and a protective hood from the sun. The rocking chair is easy to fold and carry.


  • small weight and dimensions;
  • ease of transportation;
  • ease of use;
  • can serve as a table for feeding.

The recommended age group is from three months. The allowable weight of the child depends on the specific model. Some designs have a swivel seat, allowing parents to easily manipulate the direction of the child’s viewing angle.

Swing chair

Swing chair

The pendulum mechanism of the swing chair swings manually or automatically. The electronic mechanism operates on batteries and / or from a power outlet. Combined models are available that combine a swing and a deck chair or a swing and a cradle.

Age category – from 0 to 3-4 years.

Most often they have an anatomical seat that prevents excessive stress on weak spinal muscles.

In children’s swings, five-point adjustable seat belts or fixing panties are required.


  • variety of model range;
  • additional choice of speed modes;
  • built-in devices of musical and light accompaniment;
  • removable consoles with teethers and toys;
  • additional accessories.

Many models come with removable tables, which allows you to combine the swing with high chairs. Product covers must be removable and suitable for hand or gentle machine washing.

It is desirable to have a height adjustment function. Many models are easy to fold and easy to transport.

The set of swing chairs may include:

The set of swing chairs may include:

  • mattress (lining) made of easily washable material;
  • a special handrail (stand), with the help of which a grown child will independently sit down or leave the swing;
  • arc with hanging rattles and teethers;
  • mobile with soft toys;
  • protective visor from the sun;
  • music box with built-in melodies.

During the operation of the electronic motion sickness device, a quiet monotonous hum is emitted.

For some babies, this causes irritation, while others, on the contrary, soothe and sway.

The pendulum mechanism of the swing makes either longitudinal movements “back and forth”, or transverse – according to the principle of a cradle. There are models with a hybrid motion sickness mechanism that combines both types.

Some models are mains operated, which eliminates the constant need for batteries. When choosing a swing, pay attention to the strength and reliability of the frame. Swing chairs are divided into the following varieties:

  • full-size children’s swing;
  • portable swing for travel.

Swing chair

The weight category of a full-size children’s swing reaches up to 17 kg, they are intended for the age group from birth and are most often used indoors.

Almost all models are equipped with a remote control.

Many full-sized devices are combined with a cradle or chaise longue.

Disadvantages of electronic swing chairs:

  • noise from an electronic device;
  • take up a lot of space;
  • the weight of the structure is greater than that of sun loungers or rocking chairs;
  • low mobility of a full-size swing.

Portable swings are smaller and lighter, have a lower seating position, and are easier to move and stow in a car.

They are indispensable when traveling when parents go to visit or have picnics. The allowable weight of the child is limited to 9-11 kg.

Multifunctional high chair

Multifunctional high chair

The model transforms from a rocking cradle to a deck chair, and then to a high chair. It is equipped with a removable tabletop, an arc with hanging rattles, a music and light mobile.

Contains up to 8 options for automatic motion sickness, the design is installed on a solid metal base.


  • prolonged use;
  • combines three elements of children’s furniture at once;
  • age group – from birth to 3-4 years.

For a newborn baby, a full-fledged comfortable cradle is provided. It includes two options for the state – fixation and free swing.

When the baby reaches the age of three months, the cradle is converted into a deck chair with an anatomical seat. When the child learns to sit on his own, the chaise lounge evolves into a swing, and when the table top is installed, it becomes a full-fledged high chair.

Device disadvantages:

  • takes up a lot of space;
  • significant weight of the product;
  • noise during automatic motion sickness.

Some parents may find it difficult to constantly have to re-install the feeding table every time.

Motion sickness center

Motion sickness center

A multifunctional electronic device that simulates up to 10 motion sickness and vibration programs. Equipped with a strong anatomical seat, it has several backrest positions and is suitable for use from the birth of a child.

At the sound of crying, the night light automatically turns on, the cradle enters the state of motion sickness, and the music box starts. There is a possibility of remote control.

The design is designed for stationary use, takes up a lot of space, does not fold, and has to be disassembled during transportation.

The allowable weight of the child is up to 9-10 kg.


  • big weight;
  • large dimensions;
  • low mobility;
  • noise during the operation of the electronic pendulum;
  • narrow specification;
  • fragility of use.

The disadvantages also include the complexity of assembly and disassembly.

The package usually includes:

  • anatomic mattress;
  • built-in music player;
  • mobile with light effects.

Motion sickness center


  • stability and reliability of the product;
  • the presence of five-point seat belts and / or panties-fixers;
  • variety of rocking and vibration programs;
  • suitable for use from birth.

The inside of the cradle is lined with soft fabric. It differs in two types of motion sickness: vertical (up-down) and horizontal (from the left side to the right).

Horizontal swaying resembles mother’s movements and is more like babies.

The timer is programmed for the desired swing time. The advantages include control via smartphone or tablet.

The control is also displayed:

  • choice of driving mode;
  • speed controller;
  • volume control;
  • setting the musical accompaniment;
  • power indicator.


Benefits of using

  • Sleeping devices make life easier for parents, provide additional time for household chores.
  • The included soft toys and teethers contribute to the development of tactile sensations. Melodies played by built-in music players develop auditory perception and imagination.
  • If the baby is unwell, a motion sickness device will not only help calm him down, but also make it easier to breathe with nasal congestion.

The slightly raised back angle facilitates the expulsion of swallowed air, helping to prevent regurgitation and colic.

  • Mobile, easily folding models that are convenient to transport will provide the child with leisure and a bed when visiting or traveling out of town, while traveling.


Disadvantages and problems

  • The main disadvantage is the emerging parental habit of trusting the baby’s leisure time to the electronic nanny. It is not recommended to use motion sickness devices for more than two hours a day and 30 minutes in a row.
  • An improperly selected seat that does not have an anatomical effect can lead to deformation of a fragile spine or cervical vertebrae.
  • Weak or loose seat belts, loose parts of the structure lead to breakage of the product, and, if adults are negligent, to the child falling out of the device. This also leads to non-compliance with the rules of assembly and operation.
  • The use by the manufacturer of inappropriate fabric for the baby’s sleeping or sitting place, the presence of harmful substances in the color of the body can cause allergies.
  • The hum and noise from a working device sometimes irritates children and adults, some children cannot stand unfamiliar noises and movements.

Disadvantages and problems

Operation can also be complicated by:

  • too intense vibration amplitude;
  • sudden movements of the device;
  • lack of blocking of the swinging mechanism;
  • lack of removable covers;
  • lack of a protective hood.

How to choose a baby rocking chair

Baby weight

Baby weight

Modification of some devices does not allow overloading the unit, the allowable weight of a child in such devices is limited to 8-9 kg. This means a short period of operation – until the child reaches the age of one year.

With a possible weight load of 17-18 kg, the service life of the product is extended to 3-4 years. This is especially true for multifunctional devices or electronic swings.

Device Capabilities

Device Capabilities

  • If you need an upholstered mobile chair, go for the light version.
  • If you need a swing combined with a high chair or a deck chair, it is better to opt for a more functional option that will require a more significant investment.
  • The age of the child should also be taken into account, in some model ranges there is no horizontal position of the back, which means that such products do not fit the age category 0+.

In addition, the buyer should decide on the expected life of the mechanism.

  • Before buying, it is necessary to analyze the compliance of the dimensions of the room and the novelty being purchased; large-sized and low-mobility models are not suitable for small rooms.



  • When purchasing a rocking device, make sure that it meets safety requirements and that the baby is comfortable and cozy in it.
  • Make sure that the body of the product is made of durable metal alloys approved for use in the manufacture of children’s furniture.
  • The seat and covers must be removable, easy to clean, made of durable waterproof fabric.
  • The base of the rocking chair or swing must be stable and the mounts must be strong.

If it is assumed that the rocking chair will be subjected to frequent transportation, then pay attention to the folding models.

Lightweight options are suitable for frequent carrying from room to room or to the yard.

Comfort is ensured by an anatomical seat, soft armrests, several backrest positions, and a wide viewing angle.

Pay attention to the electronic characteristics of the device:

  • motion sickness modes;
  • functionality;
  • built-in player capabilities.


Some modern motion sickness devices have up to 8 modes of motion sickness and vibration. Small children are not always ready to test such possibilities of electronic devices, so start accustoming the baby to the device with the smallest amplitude mode.

One of the fundamental aspects of the choice is the equipment:

  • anatomic mattress;
  • removable table top;
  • carrying handles;
  • carrying bag;
  • removable arc with hanging toys;
  • removable awning or hood.

When choosing a children’s device for rest and motion sickness, it is necessary to check the products for quality certificates. When assembling the structure, you should carefully make sure that all parts are firmly fixed and the device is safe to use.

Which is better

Which device is better

The best choice may be a design with the following parameters:

  • several levels of backrest and seat adjustment;
  • additional rubber stops to prevent slipping;
  • the highest permissible weight load (up to 17 kg);
  • age category from 0+.

The list of required accessories includes:

  • protective hood;
  • arc with toys;
  • storage bag;
  • dining table.

Which device is better

The best option should also:

  • comply with safety standards;
  • have an anatomical seat;
  • be easy to care for;
  • make as little extraneous noise as possible;
  • be equipped with a timer;
  • fulfill the requests of parents;
  • like the child.

For children’s furniture, a technical specification of manufactured goods has been developed, their compliance with quality standards, safety of use, and environmental impact assessment parameters.

When buying a rocking chair for a baby, ask for an accompanying certificate, make sure that this model meets the specified parameters.

In addition to the certificate of conformity of the Russian sample, products can be certified according to the American classification of standards (if the purchased products are imported).

For children’s products, this is the JPMA 2.0 system, created on the basis of the US State Trade Association.



Strongly not recommended:

  • leave a crying baby in a swing or deck chair;
  • place the device near dangerous objects, sharp corners and working electrical appliances;
  • leave a child unattended;
  • place furniture with the child on an unstable and uneven surface.

Accustom the child to the device at a low speed, gradually introducing other modes of motion sickness.

Keep in mind that some kids don’t like rocking chairs, but they do enjoy crawling, climbing, and other age-appropriate activities.

Care and Precautions

Care and Precautions

It is recommended that you only purchase new products, as used devices may have loose mounts, loose straps, and may not meet new safety requirements.

Product cleaning:

  • All removable parts of the product and accessories should be washed thoroughly with soap or hand washed at no more than 30 degrees.
  • Drying should be done outdoors or in well-ventilated areas.
  • To prevent fabric shrinkage, tumble drying or drying near heaters is not recommended.
  • Plastic and metal parts are wiped with a damp cloth using laundry soap.
  • Avoid using scouring powders, metal brushes, products containing alkaline and acidic compounds.
  • Do not use bleach.

Do not overload the structure with excessive weight load and too long operating time of the electronic mechanism.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

When placing a child in a rocking device, observe the following rules:

  • check the stability of the base and the entire structure;
  • make sure that the fasteners are in good condition and strong;
  • fasten the baby with seat belts, adjust them to size;
  • check the strength of the seams and whether the belts are twisted;
  • do not lift the product by the arc with toys;
  • do not carry the product with a child in it.

Care and Precautions

When starting the electronic rocking mode, do not rock the device manually. Mounting of removable parts and accessories, adjustment of the back and seat must be carried out by adults, do not trust older children to manipulate the device.

Keep small parts, spare parts and batteries out of the reach of children.

If the device is running on batteries:

  • Change the batteries if the product does not work properly.
  • Dispose of used batteries.
  • Remove batteries when not in use.
  • Batteries must be changed or charged at the same time.
  • Do not use batteries of different types and different expiration dates at the same time.

Do not install near fire sources, sharp corners, electrical outlets, heaters, hobs, cords or extension cords. Do not put extra pillows and soft toys around your child.



When purchasing the product, check that the warranty card is filled out correctly. In case of an incorrectly completed coupon, warranty service may not be carried out.

The warranty period for the operation of a child rocking device starts from the date of purchase and is carried out according to the terms established by the manufacturers (usually 12 months).

During this time, malfunctions and breakdowns are eliminated free of charge if:

  • assembly defect;
  • use in the production of low-quality material;
  • failure of the electronic mechanism due to a manufacturing defect.


For repair work, the product is accepted only in its pure form, accompanied by purchase documents (warranty coupon, check) and in a complete set.

The warranty does not cover the following cases:

  • If damage has occurred during improper storage (mechanical chips, corrosion of metal objects).
  • For mechanical damage caused by improper use.
  • For damage caused by overloading the product or using the device for other purposes.
  • If the damage occurred due to the instability of the parameters of the electronic network, which does not operate according to the standards established by GOST 13109-87.

After-sales warranty service does not occur with signs of opening the product and independent attempts to eliminate the malfunctions that have arisen.



If a malfunction of an electronic product is detected, work should be stopped immediately and the structure should not be used until the breakdown is completely corrected.

It is advisable to repair children’s rocking furniture in special service centers. In electronic children’s devices, the following elements may fail:

  • motor;
  • power unit;
  • microcircuits;
  • electronic parts of the mechanism.

Self-repair of electronic components may cause an accident.

In service centers, you can purchase spare parts that are suitable specifically for this model, the specialists of the center will carry out competent repairs and the correct replacement of faulty parts of the device.

Manufacturers of baby rocking chairs

fisher price

fisher price

The American brand produces products for children of the 0+ age group: play mats, educational toys, sun loungers, rocking chairs, swings. All products are certified and meet safety requirements.

Chaise lounges, armchairs and swings are equipped with anatomical seats, easy to use. Bright children’s design of products is combined with additional functions and complemented by educational toys.



A well-known Italian company conducts a thorough quality control of its products and accompanies them with laboratory tests.

Under the Chico brand, goods for children from birth to 3 years old are produced: clothes, toys, nipples, bottles, playpens, deck chairs, electronic swings, chairs.



Under this trademark, the large South Korean holding Capella produces its products.

The company’s products undergo a thorough quality control, it is represented by a wide range of strollers, playpens, bicycles, cribs and a variety of motion sickness furniture.

Chaise lounges and electric swings differ in an easy, but reliable design. Equipped with remote controls, spare accessories. The products are intended for children from birth.

happy baby

happy baby

Brand of a well-known trading company from the UK. At the moment, the production of strollers, car seats, playpens, walkers and other goods for children of the age category from birth to 3 years has been established.

Manufactured deck chairs and swings are easy to use, equipped with motion sickness timers, many models are complemented by musical mobiles.



The company has received many awards, including the prestigious Red Design Award. The strollers, playpens, swings and motion sickness centers produced by the company are distinguished by increased comfort and reliability, and have a large number of electronic functions.

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