Baby crib with drawer

The birth of a new family member is fanned with joy and happiness. Along with this, problems arise, among which the provision of the baby with a place for a healthy restful sleep stands out.

On average, the baby sleeps 18-20 hours a day, and the crib becomes a permanent place for him to spend time. Shops and markets offer many similar products that differ in various parameters. One of them – universality, is given more preference.

Advantages of a baby crib with a drawer

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Provides the child with normal conditions for sleep and rest;
  • The baby is constantly supervised, protected from the outside and is not able to leave the bed on his own;
  • Serves for storing and quickly retrieving things without leaving the baby;
  • Saves space in the room.

The disadvantages of these models appear solely through the fault of the manufacturers, if the assembly does not comply with the norm or materials that are not suitable for children’s furniture are used.

The drawer poses an increased danger.

The device of a crib with a box


The design of this product constantly contains details that are characteristic of all cribs, regardless of their type. It:

  • Bottom;
  • Sidewalls with pendulum mechanism;
  • Front and back wall.

Before choosing a crib with a box, some nuances are studied. Dimensions are among the most important of them, since living space does not always allow large items.

The minimum dimensions of sleeping places that can satisfy the normal rest of the baby:

  • Length – 1000 mm;
  • Width – 500 mm.

The figures are taken taking into account the growth of the baby, its mobility and ease of access to the child. Most parents prefer to buy children’s furniture “for growth”. This significantly saves the family budget. Therefore, cots with dimensions from 600 mm in width and 1200 in length are more often chosen, moreover, these dimensions correspond to standard mattresses.


The flooring is made solid, but more often it is made in the form of a lattice of slats or holes are made in it. This provides ventilation and prevents moisture from trapping. The bottom is installed rigidly at a height of 350–400 mm from the floor. In some models, a permutation of the flooring is provided, allowing you to change its height.

Changing the level of the bottom increases comfort depending on the height of the child.


Together with the bottom, they form a rigid frame that determines the area occupied by the bed. They are also made solid, for comfort, or trellised. In the latter case, they increase the viewing area. With the help of the sidewalls, a pendulum effect is provided, which turns the stationary crib into a rocking chair.

For this, one of their sides is made in the form of a crescent. Obtaining the desired effect is achieved by turning them over. Specially located fasteners make this procedure as easy as possible.

A crib with a pendulum mechanism requires additional space. To do this, it moves away from the wall at a distance of 15–20 cm.


They prevent the baby from falling out and protect him from the outside. The rear is permanently installed. The front can change position. It can be one-piece, removable or folding. This makes it easier for moms to access the baby and change bedding.

A removable wall, when the child grows up, will turn the children’s bed into a comfortable sofa. In addition to safety, the walls are made taking into account the free access of fresh air and the ability to constantly monitor the baby.


Accommodates children’s things and linen, being next to the child’s sleeping place. If necessary, you can quickly get the required sheet or diaper without leaving the baby. Also used to store other things and objects, such as children’s toys.

The presence of a drawer frees the rest of the furniture from clutter and does not force you to spend money on purchasing additional furniture.

Drawers include one or divided into two – three sections. Guides are used for free opening. In another version, one or two boxes are equipped with wheels and placed between the floor and the bottom. It is desirable that the box has a lid. In this case, things that are there will not be covered with dust.

When choosing, pay attention to the possibility of expanding the functionality of the crib with a drawer. It can be a folding table, which will definitely come in handy when the baby grows up. For movement, you can use the wheels that are equipped with many models.



When choosing a bed for a child, attention is paid to the materials from which it is made. The most acceptable is natural wood. It stands out for its ecological properties, which is significant for children, especially in the infancy. Pine, spruce or birch is used for the base.

Expensive products are made from oak, ash, alder. Models made of wood that has undergone appropriate processing do not deteriorate for decades and do not require complex maintenance.

Wooden furniture harmoniously fits into the interior of the bedroom. To keep the product in good condition, the wood is varnished or painted. The covering does not allow decay of wood, distribution of insects and serves as protection against mechanical damages. A good solution is a painted bed. Bright drawings will serve as fun for the baby.

Children’s furniture made of plastic is no less common. In terms of strength, it is not much inferior to wooden products, and even ahead in terms of durability. Models made of plastic are presented in a large number of colors.

Children’s furniture products made of MDF or chipboard are popular. This is mainly for economic reasons. Pressed wood is not affected by moisture and withstands loads. The importance here is given to the coating, on the integrity and quality of which the safety of the product depends.

An interesting solution is the use of synthetic materials. In such cases, the frame is made of metal or plastic tubes. Synthetic fabric is stretched over them. These beds are convenient for their transportability. Folds easily and doesn’t take up much space. All-metal cribs are also in demand.



After 3-4 months, the baby begins to actively wave his arms and legs. Hard surfaces, sharp protrusions cause scratches and injuries. Therefore, when buying a crib, the product is checked for integrity.

The sleeping place must be strong and reliable. A high-quality product, with careful attitude, will last for many years without changes in appearance, remain strong and reliable.

Particular attention is paid to transportation. During this event, the product is exposed to the risk of damage. The skin of a newborn is soft and delicate. Even a small defect in a tree or a chip in a plastic surface will cause serious trouble. You should immediately take care that the places where the baby reaches have a smooth or soft coating.

Moving parts and parts become another cause of injury. Latches, connections, the sliding mechanism providing mobility of a box. Troubles are possible upon reaching the age of one year, when the child begins to intensely explore the world, study the surrounding objects, try to touch them.

No matter how clean the wood from which the bed is made is, it is impregnated with varnish or painted. To exclude possible troubles, it is imperative to ask the seller about certificates confirming the ecological and sanitary cleanliness of the selected product.

It is desirable that the bars of the walls are not too rare. The baby’s head may accidentally get stuck in the gap between the slats. The frequent arrangement of rods leads to a decrease in visibility, making it difficult to monitor the baby. An acceptable option is the distance between the bars of 7–8 cm.

How to use


Some models retain their original appearance for decades and are passed down from generation to generation. However, these products are not immune to damage that must be repaired immediately.

Models with a drawer will serve more than one generation and provide the baby with a healthy, good rest if:

  • When buying, carefully inspect the product so that there are no mechanical damages or factory defects, check the reliability of the connections and the tightness of the joints;
  • The coating is homogeneous everywhere, chips and cracks are not detected;
  • When transporting from the store, moving indoors, be careful;
  • The place for installation or storage is selected taking into account the effect on the material from which it is made (excessive humidity is not allowed, the temperature regime is observed);
  • When squeaks or uncharacteristic sounds appear, immediately tighten the screws, glue the joints;
  • Constantly inspect, clean the product, avoid contact with objects that cause damage;
  • Keep the drawer moving smoothly, lubricate moving parts.

After purchase, delivery and unpacking, the crib is thoroughly washed and dried. When washing, use disinfectants that are not dangerous for the child. It is better to use ordinary warm water.

A reliable option would be to treat the product with ultraviolet rays. Special lamps remove bacteria from individual objects, disinfect the room.

The selected model is bought before the birth of the child, as the new thing retains extraneous odors. It requires exposure in a ventilated place for at least a day.

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