Baby crib with chest of drawers

Choosing a crib for a baby is a matter that requires taking into account a number of requirements for quality, safety, functionality and comfort. Ergonomic and compact furniture set is designed to equip a children’s room of the most modest size, or to organically highlight a children’s area.

Adding additional design elements such as a changing table and a pendulum swing mechanism will provide maximum comfort. The increased demand for models of this design is due to practicality. In the free access at hand, the parents keep the things necessary for the baby, and the top cover of the dresser is used by adults for swaddling.

The device of a crib with a chest of drawers


The main principle that distinguishes the design of this piece of furniture is the combination of a classic bed for a small child with an additional functional extension. Options differ in parameters: design, color, quality, materials used, additional elements.

The composition includes elements:

  • Bed frame and lattice,
  • Chest frame, base, side walls and tabletop,
  • drawers,
  • Mattress.

In the first months of life, the baby spends more than 10 hours a day in his bed, therefore, regardless of the model, the maximum safety requirements are imposed on it:

  1. For the frame of this furniture set, materials are used that do not contain harmful formaldehyde and other toxic substances. For children’s furniture, MDF, chipboard, plywood or solid wood are preferred materials.
  2. Thanks to the high side walls with slats, the child is safely in the crib. The recommended height of the sidewalls is at least 50 cm from the level of the mattress. The height should be adjusted depending on the growth of the baby as it develops.
  3. The corners of the structural elements are rounded, without notches and roughness, not traumatic.
  4. The distance between the slats of the sidewalls should not exceed 5 – 9 cm, so that the head or limbs of the child do not get stuck between them.

Thanks to the organic combination of elements, the consumer receives a complex of a crib, a chest of drawers, a changing table, made in a single design.



A distinctive feature of this set of furniture is its versatility, thanks to which the child is placed in the children’s room, and adults are provided with the necessary things for changing clothes.

The structure performs the following functions:

  1. Equipped and safe place for sleep and wakefulness of the child.

Since the baby sleeps up to 14 hours a day, this piece of furniture becomes the main place for its placement: here the growing child begins to study the world around him, acquires the skills of free movements, and establishes contact with adults.

  1. Storage of linen, clothes, diapers, personal hygiene items. It is important that the drawers of the design contain the set of things necessary for the child.
  2. Dressing area. The spacious chest of drawers is used as a place to change diapers and clothes.

Pros and cons of a baby crib with a chest of drawers

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Lifetime. Starting to use the crib from birth, as the child grows, adults gradually modify the design: adjust the height of the sides, remove the sides and side walls, separate the chest of drawers from the general frame.

As a result, separate items are obtained from a single set of furniture for arranging a room, where they will be used over the coming years.

  • Saving money. By purchasing a set for the birth of a child, in the future you will not need to completely replace or update the component pieces of furniture – the crib and chest of drawers will organically fit into the interior of the nursery as separate elements.
  • Rational use of space. The compactness of the design is especially relevant in conditions of lack of space, when placing a crib in the parent’s bedroom, in a small room where the child lives.

The disadvantages include the design feature of the chest of drawers included in the kit. – Its drawers are smaller in volume compared to the drawers of a freestanding one. This does not allow to accommodate all the things of the child.

In some models, chests of drawers are equipped with large drawers, which leads to an increase in the occupied area, which does not always look organic.

When choosing a model, the overall dimensions of the entire furniture set are taken into account.

Care rules

Care rules

The place intended for sleep and wakefulness of the child is kept absolutely clean, without dust and moisture. Every day, furniture surfaces are wiped with a damp cloth, using modern disinfectants that prevent dust from quickly settling on it.

For a long service life, surfaces must be protected from drying out and, conversely, from excess moisture. Cleaning is carried out with a dry soft suede cloth moistened with a polish without acetone and other active additives.

To protect against the spread of germs, the crib is remade several times during the day.

Compliance with simple rules guarantees the safe use of the structure for a long time:

  1. The crib is assembled strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which are provided upon purchase. It fully complies with safety standards. Incorrect assembly will void the warranty period for the purchased furniture and increase the risk of harm to the child during use.
  2. Before assembly, check the completeness. Whether all the details specified in the instructions were provided. If during the assembly process there are questions regarding the installation of the crib, immediately contact the seller for clarification.
  3. During assembly and in the future, a regular check of the crib for stability and strength is carried out.
  4. Furniture is checked weekly for safety: whether the bolts are securely fastened, whether roughness has appeared, whether the surface is damaged. Fastening materials are twisted in such a way that the baby does not get them, plastic plugs are installed on top of the bolts.
  5. For safety reasons, it is recommended to abandon the boards when the child reaches the age of 4 months, or when he begins to rise on his own. Choose models with dense, flat sides.



In order for the baby to grow up healthy and fully develop, when choosing a place to install the structure, the following parameters are taken into account:

  1. A place for a crib with a chest of drawers is chosen far from windows and doorsto protect the baby from colds and drafts. Choose a place away from heating batteries to avoid overheating the baby. To install the structure, a room with a balcony is recommended.
  2. The penetration of sunlight into the box is undesirable.
  3. In the first months of life, it is recommended to place this piece of furniture next to the parent’s bed within walking distance.
  4. For safety reasons, shelves, cabinets, paintings, etc. are not hung over the place of the crib.
  5. The room must be well ventilated. No carpeting, no heavy curtains, no open bookshelves. These pieces of furniture collect a lot of dust and contribute to the reproduction of pathogenic microbes that cause childhood illnesses. Indoor plants are best removed from the room where the baby is.
  6. The design is placed at a safe distance for the baby from sockets, televisions, audio equipment.

How to choose a crib with chest of drawers

Selection rules

The choice of furniture depends on the following parameters:

  • Requirements for compliance with the design of the room. Choose a model that will organically fit into the interior.
  • Requirements for dimensions, shape, quality.
  • When buying, take into account that in the future the elements of the furniture set are used separately from each other. The dimensions and design of the chosen model is combined with the environment. The classic design style of the model is preferred, without the use of bright colors.
  • Before buying the model you like, it is checked for functionality. Do the drawers open comfortably, is there enough space left for free access to the crib and chest of drawers, are the dimensions of the bed and the height of the sides suitable?

On the eve of the purchase, look at the reviews of other buyers about the selected model. If the reviews contain a reasonable negative assessment, it is better to refuse the purchase.

  • The materials used in the manufacture must be hypoallergenic, resistant to aggressive environments, and not contain substances harmful to the child’s body.
  • When making a purchase, fill out a registration form, which will allow warranty repairs in the event of a breakdown.

Design requirements:

  • It is preferable to choose a design with a slatted bottom – it will allow air to circulate freely, protect against the accumulation of unwanted moisture during sleep.
  • One or all of the walls of the crib are set aside or lowered. This will make it easier for you to put your baby in and out. The easy and silent procedure of removing the walls will not disturb the sleeping baby and will not wake up when motion sickness.
  • The side wall of the bed is equipped with a silent and reliable position fixing lock.
  • Adjustable bed height positions. By adjusting the height of the bed, the bed is used for babies from birth to preschool age. For infants, the upper level of the bed is set so that it is convenient for adults to get and put the baby without additional stress on the spine. As the child matures and grows, the level of the bed is lowered.
  • It is recommended to choose models with a minimum distance between the side rails.

Expert opinions regarding the distance between the slats vary – from 5-6 cm to 9 cm. The main thing is that the fence does not pose a danger to a baby who wants to stick his head, arms or legs between the bars.

Mattress requirements:

An orthopedic mattress is the preferred option for this type of children’s furniture, as it supports the spine. During sleep, the baby takes the correct position. Orthopedic mattress has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, protecting against high blood pressure, pain in the joints, bones.

The special fire-resistant impregnation of the mattress prevents the accumulation of dust and the appearance of mites, protecting against the development of allergic reactions and other diseases.

In order for the baby to fully grow and develop, choosing a crib with a chest of drawers will require a preliminary study of the situation: selection of the installation site, determination of design and color, dimensions. The design is checked for serviceability and safety in operation.

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