Baby crib with changing table – care without the hassle!

The appearance of a newborn in the family entails concerns related to the correct and comfortable arrangement of the new resident. Where the baby will spend the first months of his life, how to provide conditions for full development and growth – every parent asks these questions. An overview of possible options can be found here.

Baby crib with changing table

A crib with a changing table solves the problem of placing a baby by combining the functionality of a bed with a place for a quick change of diapers, changing clothes, performing body hygiene procedures, you can even place some types of high chairs on it (on this topic you may be interested in information about infant formula). The right approach to choosing furniture of this type will relieve the inconvenience and fuss associated with caring for a child.


The basic design of this type combines the elements of a classic baby bed with additional items of children’s furniture. Parents choose design options, from simple designs to kits that include furniture necessary for the first year of life to store clothes, personal hygiene items, and toys.

The simplest model consists of the following elements:

  • frame;
  • base;
  • side walls with bars;
  • mattress;
  • folding table, which is attached to the back of the bed.

Models with advanced designs are equipped with additional elements and accessories, including a built-in chest of drawers, the top of which doubles as a changing table.

The design is equipped with other furniture accessories designed to provide maximum comfort to parents and the child: retractable lower drawers, pendulum mechanism, skids, wheels.

The design of some models provides for the transformation of the set into a bed for a teenager (see Transforming bed – one for all cases!). Additional elements (chest of drawers, table) are separated and used further as separate interior items.



Due to the complex design, the crib with a changing table is characterized by extended functionality for the full equipment of a children’s area in conditions of a shortage of free space.

It includes the following elements:

  • Place for sleep and wakefulness of the child. The purpose of this piece of furniture is to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping place for rest and wakefulness in the first months of a baby’s life. From how comfortable the parents will equip the baby, depends on his successful growth, development, and well-being.
  • Place for baby changing, diaper changing, massage, hygiene procedures. The changing table as an attached element can be easily unfolded and fixed, and after use it folds quickly without taking up any space.
  • When equipping the structure with a built-in chest of drawers and lower drawers, used as a place to store linen and children’s things. (see Baby crib with drawer – the choice of practical moms!)

In addition to an equipped and adjustable bed for a baby, parents have the opportunity to easily and quickly change their child’s clothes, store children’s things, toys, and personal hygiene items.

The bed with a chest of drawers and a changing table is equipped with an elongated base, which allows you to further transform the set into a teenage bed and use it for many years.

How to choose a crib with a changing table

Criterias of choice

In order to carry out hygiene procedures in a matter of minutes, change diapers and clothes, rock the baby, this set of children’s furniture must meet the following parameters:

  • slatted bottom at the bed gives free access to air, allowing you to air the mattress if it gets wet.
  • pendulum mechanism. (see. Pendulum beds – the baby will fall asleep instantly!) It is made in the form of a longitudinal, transverse or universal movable suspension on the belts, rocking the baby. The position locking mechanism will further ensure the stability of the sleeping bed so that the grown-up child can sleep peacefully in the crib without rocking it.
  • Wheels. (see Baby crib on wheels – easy and simple to transport!) If necessary, move this set of furniture around the room. When installing wheels on a structure with skids, the rocking function does not work, the installation site is fixed with the help of wheel clamps.
  • Rocking runners. (A bed with a rocking chair is better than on your hands!) To rock the baby, instead of legs, the bed is equipped with runners. As the child grows older, it will be necessary to fix the bed in a fixed position, so models with additional clamps are chosen.

Pay attention to reviews about the quality of fasteners, the ability to use all the functionality of the kit, the quality of the material, the reliability of the design, and safety for the baby.

  • Auto-wall that adjusts the height of the fence for the safety of the baby. The movable wall rises and falls with a single movement of the hand, in contrast to the adjustment of the height of the bottom, which requires complete disassembly and reassembly of the furniture.
  • Design requirements. The crib is equipped with a folding changing table, a built-in chest of drawers with drawers (see Baby crib with a chest of drawers – convenient and functional!).
  • quality requirements. The quality of the materials from which children’s furniture is made affects the well-being of the child. For the production of environmentally friendly hypoallergenic children’s furniture, natural wood is used (see. Wooden crib – environmentally friendly and practical!), Covering it with a protective layer of water-soluble varnish. It is acceptable to use MDF, chipboard, multi-layer plywood that does not contain formaldehyde.
  • Adjustable bed height. Adjusting the height of the bed level depending on the height of the child ensures safe use as they grow up.
  • Smooth surface without sharp corners, notches and roughness furniture will protect the baby from bruises, burrs, scratches.
  • Reliable fastenings will protect against the risk of loosening the structure, provide stability, and will not allow the child to swallow small parts.

Parents pay special attention to the environmental safety of the materials and fasteners used in the manufacture of the crib.

In the following cases, you should refuse to purchase:

  • The selected model does not have a certificateconfirming the compliance of the goods with the quality standards of products for children.
  • The presence of strong odorscapable of developing an allergic reaction. The purchase is refused if the surface of the wood is processed poorly, there are chips in the plastic parts of the structure.

If lead or formaldehyde is included in the composition of paints and varnishes with which the surface is treated, the operation of the furniture will adversely affect the health of the baby.

  • When identifying negative reviews about the purchased model, or about the seller. A preliminary study of reviews about the crib from those who have already purchased this model will help to avoid unpleasant consequences and possible complaints when using it.

Installation locations

Installation locations

It is important that the place where the child spends most of the day during the first months of life is safe, well ventilated, and does not have the harmful effects of electrical appliances and drafts. If living conditions allow, it is better to choose a room with a balcony to install a bed for a baby.

When choosing a model, it is taken into account that the dimensions of the bed allow free use of all structural elements. If a set of furniture is equipped with a folding changing table, then the place for placement takes into account the dimensions of the entire frame and allows you to freely lay out the table.

When choosing a location for installation, you should:

  1. Avoid close proximity of windows and doors to protect against drafts that can cause a cold.
  2. Avoid exposure to sunlight on the bed, so as not to disturb the baby and avoid overheating during sleep and wakefulness.
  3. Place away from heating devices (for example, various types of heating radiators: for a private house, flat radiator, vertical radiator, cast iron, sectional, steel, aluminum, panel) and powerful radio and television equipment (see Types of TVs – what to watch movies on? ).
  4. It is unacceptable to place the crib near sources of electrical power so that the baby does not reach the electrical wires.
  5. You can not hang hanging shelves, paintings, cabinets, chandeliers over the location of the baby.
  6. The room where it is supposed to equip the child is freed from pile carpets, heavy curtains, massive bedspreads, open bookcases. These interior items collect a large amount of dust that causes allergies and other diseases in children.


Security measures

  • Investigate the intended installation siteevaluate possible risks in terms of electrical safety, the risk of overheating or a cold for the child, the absence of nearby objects that can cause injury (hinged heavy interior items in the immediate vicinity of the crib).
  • Children’s furniture is assembled according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Strict observance of all stages of assembly guarantees the observance of mandatory safety standards, and in the event of quality complaints, the opportunity to file a claim with the seller or manufacturer.

Failure to comply with the rules of assembly is the reason for the denial of warranty service and increases the threat to the life and health of the child.

  • The structure is assembled using the fasteners and mechanisms included in the kit. If a shortage is found, the store is immediately contacted to resolve the problem. The use of factory fasteners guarantees reliable fixation of all parts and structural strength.
  • Before use, the assembled furniture set is checked for stability. In the future, such a check is carried out with regularity at least once a week.
  • Weekly check of surfaces for nicks, chips, damage will protect the delicate skin of the baby from scratches, burrs, wounds. The tightness of the bolts and nuts is controlled, as well as the serviceability of the locking mechanisms. To prevent the child from unscrewing the bolts, plastic plugs are placed on top of them.
  • As the baby grows, adjust the height of the bed, lower or raise the level to avoid falling out through the sides. It is recommended to remove the sides when the child reaches 4 months, or after he begins to rise on his own.
  • The safe stay of the child in the crib is related to the distance between the slats of the crib walls. It is important that the baby does not stick his head between the bars. They make sure that the arms and legs of the inquisitive crumbs are not stuck and injured. On the topic of child safety, you may also be interested in information about different types of child car seats: for newborns, with a booster, for children weighing up to 36 kilograms, a baby carrier, budget models.

Make sure that the space between the bars does not exceed 9 cm. This value will allow the baby to freely view the surrounding space. Parents calmly monitor the condition of the baby, the air flows freely to the bed, providing sufficient ventilation and dryness.

  • Orthopedic mattress. The successful development of the body depends on how comfortable the child feels in the crib during sleep and rest. It will support the spine, allow the baby to take the desired position during sleep, have a positive effect on the nervous system, and protect against high blood pressure.

A crib with a changing table will help in the daily care of a newborn, providing a comfortable bed and additional comfort when changing clothes, changing clothes, diapers. With the help of a changing table, parents can easily perform the necessary hygiene procedures and massage.

Such furniture will fully equip a small resident even in the most modest free space. If the kit is installed in the parent’s bedroom, the choice in favor of a crib with a changing table is obvious – it will not take up much space and will make it easy to equip a newborn baby within walking distance from the mother.

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