8 types of Lego

The well-known Danish company Lego has been producing children’s construction sets made of multi-colored safe plastic for girls and boys, preschoolers and schoolchildren since 1949. Pirates and superheroes, monsters and ninjas, police officers, firefighters and builders – about 60 episodes delight children of all ages from all over the world today and will delight tomorrow.



The DUPLO series saw the light of day 4 decades after the introduction of the classic Lego. The need to create a brand was dictated by the safety criterion – babies aged 10-18 months were also drawn to the designer, but they could easily swallow small parts, put fragments in their noses, get injured by rather sharp corners, etc.

line differences

Cubes Duplo 8 times more than standard Lego parts, and therefore suitable even for independent play by kids who have not yet celebrated their first birthday. Such bars cannot be swallowed. They are comfortable for yet not too obedient fingers.

The boxes are marked “from one and a half to 5 years”, but, according to numerous reviews, even 10-month-old crumbs play with glossy sticks with pleasure. With cubes, it is easy to come up with many educational and exciting games for very young children.

DUPLO parts are painted in bright saturated colors: blue, red, yellow, white, black, green, gray and others. Toddlers will easily learn them in the game. The cubes are pleasant to the touch and are easily fastened together – even a beginner will be surprised and delighted to discover the ability to create. Learning to build, the child ceases to destroy, that is, he moves to a new stage of development. The assembled models are reliable – they do not fall apart even in conditions of active play.

Duplo: variety

DUPLO is a world in which there are little men, all kinds of animals, cars, furniture, etc. These are building sets represented by cubes of different colors and configurations, and thematic sets – medieval castles, zoos, family houses, fire stations, hospitals, scenes from Disney cartoons, airports …

As a result, Duplo is interesting not only for preschoolers: older siblings and even parents enjoy creating and fantasizing with the kids.

Brand Benefits

  • safety: large parts without sharp corners and edges are made of environmentally friendly and durable materials;
  • well-thought-out design of every detail: cubes are easily fastened even by one-year-old babies, and the resulting designs are reliable;
  • the brightness and richness of colors develops the color perception of young children;
  • functionality: opening-closing doors and windows, firing cannons, driving themselves and reproducing the sounds of the train, etc .;
  • versatility: the series includes sets, specially designed construction sets for boys or construction sets for girls, as well as unisex options.

In practice, babies of both sexes play with all sets with the same pleasure; the potential for the development of the child is also wide: playing with Duplo develops fine motor skills, imagination, gives the first ideas about physical laws, introduces colors, shapes, counting, in practice allows you to learn cause-and-effect relationships, stimulates creativity, teaches you how to work with diagrams.

DUPLO- long-playing constructor.

For the first birthday of the crumbs, it is worth giving him the first simple set, which, as the baby grows and develops, will be supplemented with new sets.

STAR WARS (Star Wars)

STAR WARS (Star Wars)

Lego developers keep up with the times, embodying the changes taking place in the world in their creations. Of course, they could not ignore the legendary film epic Star Wars, whose army of fans counts millions people.

Brand Features

STAR WARS is a Lego variety that plunges into the fascinating world of George Lucas’ heroes. This series is not for kids: the boxes, made in a recognizable style, are marked with an indication of the initial age from 6 to 14 years.

Each set includes technical devices and unique figures that combine the bright recognizable features of popular movie characters and the special sketchiness of Lego men. Smaller sets include small fighters or speeders with pilots, while large-scale options include many mini-figures, detailed scenery for movie scenes, large detailed ships (Death Star, Millennium Falcon).

The Star Wars brand is characterized by the incredible realism of the models. Even the primary color of the series – gray – is represented by shades that recreate the brilliance and play of the metal hulls of spaceships, as well as all-metal construction kits. Fighters, tanks, speeders, shuttles and frigates are easily recognizable and reproduced in great detail – down to the number and color of signal lights. It seems incredible that such naturalistic likenesses of the objects of a popular film are assembled from angular details with the help of a detailed step-by-step scheme.

Equipped with blasters, lightsabers and other fantastic weapons, mini-figures delight with believability – impassive stormtroopers, funny kind-hearted chubak, valiant Han Solo, wise Yoda, brave Skywalker… The line features the main and secondary characters of the seven parts of the saga.

Advantages of STAR WARS

  • A variety of sets that reproduce scenes from the epic movie;
  • amazing realism and thoughtfulness of every detail of the models;
  • Lego quality: parts are easily fastened and securely held, diagrams are detailed, etc.;
  • the possibility of creating fundamentally new spacecraft and fantastic structures.

STAR WARS is one of the most popular types of Lego, captivating even adults. Separate models and figurines of the line are exhibits of collections of fans of the saga. Adults and children are happy to create their own Universe, while developing imagination, logic and architectural abilities.

Lego Technic

Lego Technic

The Technic series dips children from 6 years old into the world of special equipment. Racing cars, jeeps, cars, cranes, repair vehicles, hydro scooters, rescue helicopters, motorcycles – that’s what attracts the boys. As practice shows, some girls are also willing to collect small copies of cars. A variety of Lego, using the example of miniature models, clearly demonstrates to the child the principles of operation of special equipment.


Technic line not intended for babies. On the products of the brand there are markings “6+”, “8+” and even “16+”. Technique models are complex, but if dad or older brother is nearby, then they are quite accessible and understandable even for 5-year-olds.

There are no traditional Lego bricks in black boxes with the inscription “Technic”. Both the details themselves and the principles of fastening differ from the classic Lego. A technician is gears, sticks with holes, pins, axles and similar nuts, which, with the help of detailed instructions, are assembled into a structure that functions like the original.

There are 2 assembly options for each set. From the same parts, a child can assemble an airplane and a hydroplane, a twin-rotor and a conventional helicopter, an excavator and a log loader, a tractor and a racing buggy. With several boxes of Technic, the young designer has endless possibilities for the realization of incredible fantasies. Children come up with such interesting and useful mechanisms that even professional engineers are surprised. For some boys and girls, the first LEGO TECHNIC can be the start of a brilliant career.

Another feature of the brand is functionality structures. An excavator has a bucket, a crane has a winch, an SUV has steering, and a helicopter has a cunning mechanism of gears, pins and axles that sets the blades in motion. At the same time, the structures remain open, so the child can trace the principle of the coordinated action of the elements and draw useful conclusions about the design of special equipment and the laws of physics.

motorized designs

Separately, it is worth mentioning the Technic models equipped with a motorized Power Functions element. This battery powered unit makes it possible to control the structure with a remote control, it will also be interesting for adults to learn about the remote control of a quadcopter with a camera. And additional Power Functions Technic kits expand the range of functions of previously purchased brand products by creating new sophisticated mechanisms.

Lego Technic captivates both children and adults. This constructor develops logic, perseverance, motor skills and gives basic knowledge about the principles of the device, which will definitely come in handy for young owners of treasured boxes in the future.



Lego City gives kids the opportunity to build their own bustling city. The fantasies of kids are where to roam. With the help of bricks and detailed figures, you can create entire cities and invent new game plots. Parents note: restless children play Lego CITY for hours, and this useful and exciting activity does not bother them.


The main feature of the series is the numerous “urban” themes:

  • police;
  • Fire Service;
  • construction site;
  • research stations;
  • jail;
  • Train Station;
  • the airport;
  • racing track;
  • spaceport, etc.

And then there are trailers for family outdoor recreation, maintenance vehicles, SUVs, pleasure yachts, submarines, car carriers. This richness is complemented by matching uniformed citizen and employee minifigures. CITY residents are equipped with accessories. Some sets include animal figurines.

Each child chooses what is closer to him. Exciting games are obtained in the presence of several sets from different themes. The source of children’s fantasies is inexhaustible: chasing a thief, saving the city from the fiery element, searching for treasures in the stone jungle, neutralizing a criminal group, exciting trips to different parts of the world … It’s impossible to get bored with CITY. While playing, children train thinking, logic, motor skills, the ability to work with diagrams and perseverance.

Brand advantages


  • the bricks are easy to attach and hold securely, preventing the structures from falling apart during the game;
  • toys functionality: doors and windows open and close easily, walls of houses move apart to reveal detailed “insides”, walls of vans rise, excavator buckets move, crane winches operate, etc .;
  • the ability to supplement thematic sets with small extensions: you can buy a snowmobile to the Arctic station, a van to the police station, rails to the railway station, etc.

The contents of the blue boxes marked “CITY” encourage children to be creative. By creating megacities and playing situations, kids prepare for adaptation in society, form and replenish knowledge about the world around them, fantasize a lot, expand the scope of their interests, and become inquisitive.



The first “swallows” of the most popular Bionicle series appeared back in 2001. Action figures immediately gained popularity, which has not faded to this day. A well-thought-out storyline played a big role in this. Bionicle is the whole universes, with their own laws, heroes and villains, dangers, problems, joys. In carefully thought-out worlds, there is an eternal struggle between good and evil. Biorobot warriors and fantastic mutants command the elements, go to their intended goals, defeating their enemies along the way and getting into trouble.

What is Bionicle

Bionicle is very different from the usual classic Lego sets. By the principle of fasteners, brand details resemble Technic elements. But if the Technician is machines, then Bionicle are figures of robots and creatures from fantasy worlds.

Each of the heroes of Bionicle has its own legend. The series is characterized by detailed thoughtfulness the stories that surround her. Films have been made and animated series created about the heroes of fictional worlds, books and comics, board and computer games are dedicated to them.

The body parts of these action figures are easy to move and flex at the joints. Powerful warriors are equipped with specific weapons – as unusual and fantastic as their owners.

Fans of the line are attracted by the possibility of constructing unique “hybrids” created by their imagination from several Bionicle sets – new heroes of the fictional Universe. Bionicle Chronicles can and should be replenished with fresh stories and unique characters that appeared thanks to the imagination of the owners of the original constructor.


The brand has advantages that make the designer attractive not only for children, but also for older generations:

  • Bionicle figurines immerse you in the atmosphere of mysterious mystical worlds with invented laws and rules that create the background for an exciting story game;
  • elements are easily and securely attached to each other, giving the ability to a movable designer, it is easy to replace individual elements.
  • Bionicle parts are compatible with Technique elements, giving you the ability to create complex hybrids with interesting features.

Bionicle is an amazing and vibrant world that stimulates the development of fantasy and design skills.

Ninja go

Ninja go

The Ninja go series is young – it was “born” in 2011. During its not too long life, the bright line managed to win hearts million fans of different ages from all over the world. The success of the line is largely due to a carefully thought-out legend.

ninjago world

Ninjago is an amazing world that is attractive to martial arts lovers. The main characters, each of which is endowed with separate superpowers and character traits, make friends and conflict, hone the art of spinjitzu in training temples and then demonstrate it in battles with fantastic dragons. Charismatic ninjas have many enemies: first of all, they are representatives of a large clan of humanoid snakes. To understand the intricacies of the fictional world, cards with descriptions included in each box with the designer will help.


Ninja go – these are castles and temples, scenery imitating jungles and mountains, unusual vehicles and fantastic combat installations, and, of course, mini-figures of heroes inhabiting a world full of magic and danger. The figurines come with weapons and accessories. The main “highlight” of the heroes lies in the equipment with a special magnetic mechanism. An unusual detail allows the toys to use a special spinning top to demonstrate the mastery of a fictional martial art – spinjitzu. Owners of several Ninja go sets can arrange exciting competitions between heroes, which greatly increases the functionality and attractiveness of the constructor.


The main advantage of the Ninja go series is the unique atmosphere created by the developers. The owners of the constructor, among whose fans there are many adults, are immersed in the world of ninja, where the cult of martial arts reigns and there are many dangers emanating, including from fantastic scary creatures. A well-thought-out legend prepares a good background for an exciting game. Everyone gets the opportunity to supplement the world of ninjago with products of their own imagination.

Like all Lego constructors, the Ninja go series is distinguished by perfect quality. Details are easily attached to each other, forming reliable and suitable structures even for active play. Elements can be assembled according to the attached detailed scheme, or you can create something new from them.

Ninja go games train logical thinking, develop imagination and perseverance, introduce children to new concepts and supplement knowledge about the world around them.



The Friends series was created specifically for girls, taking into account the peculiarities of thinking, passions and interests of young princesses. Constructors Friends – a toy 2 in 1: building and playing with dolls at the same time.

Friends: legend

Like many previous Lego series, the Friends line is united by a single plot. The main characters of the story are 5 teenage girlfriends. They differ in characters, hobbies and appearance. The girls are united by true friendship, kindness, love of travel and outdoor activities.

Girlfriends take care of animals, ride horses, swim in the open sea, perform at concert venues, sunbathe on the beach, drive around in luxury cars and even fly in a hot air balloon – in a word, they lead a fun, interesting life full of adventures. The legend creates a fertile background for the girls to independently invent fascinating stories from the life of Lego girlfriends.

This is more than just playing with dolls – this is a whole world in which the wildest dreams of the housewives of the designer are embodied.


Lego girlfriends figures are different from standard minifigures. They are the same size, their hands are also adapted to hold various accessories, and they are just as stable. But there are also significant differences:

  • lego girlfriends have more realistic proportions, and they are less angular – these are graceful dolls with cute embossed faces;
  • girls’ hair is made of soft plastic and has small holes into which hair accessories are inserted – bows, hairpins, flowers;
  • the figures are divided into upper and lower parts – top with handles and legs.

The color scheme of the cubes is also characteristic – mainly delicate shades of pink and lilac. Despite their peculiarities, the details of the series are quite compatible with elements of other Lego lines (Classic, Creator, etc.).

Lego Friends are large sets with houses and yachts, riding schools and veterinary clinics, and small sets with small cafes and bars, jet skis and cars. All this is complemented by a large number of various accessories: microphones, wine glasses, hair ornaments, ice cream, fruits, cell phones. The range also includes figurines of cute animals. Against the backdrop of these picturesque scenery around the five beautiful girlfriends, more and more fascinating stories appear that contribute to the development of fantasy, social adaptation and stimulation of the curiosity of little girls.


The railway is associated with travel, exciting adventures, meeting new places and people. That is why for many centuries children have been so fond of toy rails. Of course, the lego company could not ignore this fact. As a result, within the framework of two series – Duplo and City – sets were created that are especially enduringly popular among uneven-aged children.

Duplo Railway

Duplo railway

The driving force behind the Duplo train is a train powered by three batteries. He drags trailers along a winding path of rails, which even a child under 2 years of age can fasten together. The kit includes additional elements that recreate the atmosphere of a fun trip: a station, a ticket office, little people-passengers. Realism is added by the sounds of a moving train and refueling in the fuel tank.


  • reliability and structural strength;
  • cost-effectiveness: batteries do not require frequent replacement even in conditions of active use of the toy;
  • safety: the parts are large, they have no sharp corners and they are made of environmentally friendly material;
  • the possibility of increasing the length of the track by purchasing additional rails.

Railroad City


The life of the city is unthinkable without the railway. As part of the City series, a separate theme was created dedicated to trains. These are sets with freight and passenger trains, as well as additional sets of flexible rails and crossroads of various configurations.

Trains are realistic replicas of real locomotives. You can control them using a remote control (the remote control and the power supply are battery operated). The possibilities of the game are expanded by additional elements: a station, a loader, mini-figures of passengers and railway workers, semaphores, ticket offices, railway taxis, etc.

Commercially available individual rail kits allow you to build roads significant lengths, which are intricate labyrinths of intertwining paths. Compatibility of parts with elements of other Lego series and themes makes the source of fantasy for games inexhaustible.

The construction of the railway develops perseverance, imagination and spatial thinking.

Such games activate curiosity, the desire to learn as much as possible not only about the railway business, but also about other cities and countries.

The Lego railroad is a high-quality replica of the all time popular toy.

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