8 types of educational construction sets

The development of the baby occurs from the very first day of life. In order for the offspring to develop correctly and harmoniously, parents tell him fairy tales, communicate with him and offer ways for entertainment. The older you get, the harder the games become. They become plot, preference is given to independent, without the involvement of parents, fun.

With the help of games, children are constantly learning, showing the ability to create, creative thinking, and the ability to fantasize. Children from birth, during each game, choose for themselves only fun suitable for their age and level. The process of assembly, creation through such fun is extremely exciting for children, and such games become simply indispensable.

Wooden educational constructors

Toys that are made of wood are considered the first to be given to children. They are suitable for children of all ages. The number of shapes and colors will allow the kid to assemble a serious design with large sizes and an amazing shape.

Like every type of similar product, wooden products have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Among the advantages are:

  • part sizes. The offspring will not be able to put a part in his mouth and accidentally swallow it;
  • strength. It is difficult, in comparison with other types of similar products, to break a wooden part. Deforming or changing the shape of the element will also fail;
  • painting method. Products are painted, mainly in bright colors, so that the baby will like them. But this is not the main thing – even if you try to bite the part, nothing threatens the children. Each paint material is environmentally friendly and will not harm the baby, even if he peels off part of the product with his teeth;
  • safety features. Wood products are not sharpened at sharp angles, the edges are polished to a smooth state. It is difficult to get hurt by such things, or damage the surface of household items.
  • ecological cleanliness. Wood is a child-safe material. No other types of children’s logic games have such characteristics of environmental cleanliness comparable to wooden ones;
  • ease of use. For the smallest, wooden types of similar products are better suited, since it is easier to build from them than from other types of products. The parts are not connected to each other, one has only to put one part on top of the other to get a certain design.

Looking at the advantages of wooden toys, it is not difficult to figure out the main drawback – they are intended for the smallest. Thanks to this method of laying out parts, toys become unsuitable for complex buildings.

Metal educational construction sets

Metal toys are considered difficult. They are hardly suitable for small children, since even the connection of parts occurs through fixing elements such as bolts and nuts. The baby develops finger motor skills, imagination and other skills. Recommended for children over 6 years old.

Such entertainment can be safely called a classic among toys, because they were the first among the developing types of structures. The popularity is skyrocketing due to the interest of children in this type of toys.

Advantages of metal constructors:

  • strength. It is difficult to break a metal element of such products, even for a six-year-old baby. Although, if the goal for children is to break a part, it is unlikely that it will survive. Wooden structures win in this sense;
  • ease. Parts are not made from heavy metals. More often go aluminum, the weight of which is minimal;
  • durability. Metal parts are kept in the family for generations; they delight more than one child with their functionality;
  • benefit. The ability to intensively develop finger motor skills, imagination and other skills;
  • diversity. It is unlikely that among the types of similar products there is such an extensive range of parts that is available from metal ones. Even in one set there are many different parts. But another type of toys of this kind is acquired, and it necessarily contains parts that were not in the previous one;
  • the possibility of combining parts. The advantage follows from the previous one. The method of connecting the parts in them is identical. So parts of similar toys are shared;
  • breadth of application. Anything is built from metal parts: houses, cars, the Eiffel Tower.

Having considered the features of this type of children’s logic games, their shortcomings can be traced:

  • not suitable for the little ones. The offspring first learns the required minimum before being allowed to use metal parts in games. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury, damage to property in the house;
  • difficult to use. Such entertainment is not suitable for everyone, since it is difficult to build a finished structure from the proposed parts without prior preparation.

Movable development kits

The last of the invented types of toys are mobile. They have an interesting feature – to change shape after fixing the parts together. They can be moved during the game, make designs that are not available from other designers.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Products can be modified depending on the wishes of the baby.
  • Bright colors that will interest kids up to 6 years old.
  • Moving structures are made, as there are wheels or rollers in the kit.
  • Lightness and practicality. Toy materials – plastic or aluminum.
  • The joy of the game is brighter than in the case of the purchased finished product. The kid will like the game with the machine that he made on his own more than with the purchased one.
  • Designs can be gradually improved. The required number of parts involves the completion of the necessary elements of each toy, if necessary.
  • Instructions for such fun provide a variety of choices of finished products. The offspring will be able to make something suitable for himself, at his own discretion, or follow the instructions to make a product from the picture.
  • All children can use it, no age limit. Little ones will do simple things for themselves, older children, having worked hard, will achieve the construction of a game masterpiece.

This type of toys is suitable for every kid, can help in the development of imagination and other abilities. A suitable option for mobile children who want to build and use products further, moving and playing with them. For a child who loves peace, they will be an additional activity. It is not necessary to drive around the apartment with your toy. It is enough to move it within the limits of possibilities without moving from its place.

There are not so many shortcomings, but still they exist. Need to highlight:

  • structural unreliability. Frequent breakage due to brittleness is not uncommon in moving structures. In most cases, the fastenings of those moving elements break down;
  • highly specialized use. If a car is drawn on the product packaging drawing, it is impossible to build a house or a bridge from the proposed materials, as with metal types of the designer. Only what should be obtained will turn out, only minor changes in appearance are possible;
  • the impossibility of combination. Often, such entertainments are made in such a way that it is impossible to connect parts of one product with parts of another – the point is in different methods of fastening. It’s not very convenient.

Plastic educational construction sets

Widespread in our time. Any kid will love it. Such products are most popular because of their functionality and features.

Advantages of plastic constructors:

  • the beauty. At the moment, it is these types of similar products that are the brightest, prettiest;
  • ease of use. Fasteners in such products are quite simple, so even the smallest offspring can figure out how to connect one part to another. By connecting the details, the baby learns to think logically, to imagine ready-made designs in his head;
  • wide variety of shapes. Parts for every taste are sold, radically different in size, shape and color;
  • the possibility of combining purchased kits. Most children’s logic games are made with the same types of mounts. You can combine them to build entire castles or cities;
  • the presence of parts for the construction of not only structures such as a house, but also all kinds of fantastic characters, such as robots, spaceships, etc.;
  • the possibility of increasing the complexity of buildings. The offspring will be able to assemble both simple items, such as ladders, and complex structures, such as a rocket or a station.

But, like all other children’s logic games, these have some drawbacks:

  • Harmfulness. Plastic is not an environmentally friendly product, no matter what the manufacturers say.
  • Children under 3 years old will not be able to play with them, as there are many small parts in such designers. The offspring may try to swallow or break with teeth;
  • High cost. Among all types of children’s logic toys, plastic ones are the most expensive. Although, if you look at their advantages, it becomes clear that the price is fully justified.

Educational construction sets for kids

For the youngest, you can choose wooden or plastic entertainment. And it doesn’t matter if there are moving elements. The main thing is that the details of the product are as large as possible in size.

For the smallest, the following types of children’s logic toys are suitable:

  • wooden. They are safe and easy to use. More often calculated on children under 3 years old;
  • plastic. They become extraordinarily bright. Small children are very fond of everything colorful, so they will definitely like colorful entertainment;
  • developing. The details of which are interconnected;
  • suitable in size. Depending on the age of the baby, the designer for development is chosen so that it is comfortable for him to hold the part in his hands on his own;
  • durable. For children, it is better to choose strong products, as they will definitely try to break the toy, break or bite it;
  • thematic. It is advisable for children to buy sets of toys that develop in a certain direction. The best for these purposes are themed entertainment. In one case, the offspring learns to connect parts correctly (thinking develops), in the other – to do a thing similar to what he had seen before (imagination). The third version of toys develops finger motor skills if these construction sets are connected only in a certain way, and nothing else.

Only metal ones are not suitable for the youngest. The principle of their connection is basically the same – you need to tighten everything with small bolts. They will definitely need to try to eat, bite through. Nothing positive will come of it.

Large developing constructors

Some logic toys do more for safety reasons. But some products of similar sizes are designed to collect the appropriate structures. Cubes, blocks – they are made with a difference in size.

Constructor Benefits:

  • suitable for children of all ages. It is interesting to play with them for the baby, regardless of age;
  • minimal risk of injury. It is difficult to get hurt by a large part, it is much easier to get injured by a small and sharp one;
  • Ease of use. Depends on how big the parts are. If they are very large, and the baby does not fit in the hand, then playing with them will not be so interesting. It is better to select products for the age of the baby, so that he is as comfortable as possible;
  • the ability to build majestic structures. The more impressive the details, the more serious of them the building turns out. The offspring will be able to make tall houses, cars, build bridges. Moreover, the buildings will not be barely noticeable, but really impressive;
  • high interest for children. Youngsters like to build large structures. Even if they do not turn out to be of the correct configuration, the main thing is that even the parents are impressed by the size.

Among the shortcomings of voluminous children’s designers, the following can be distinguished:

  • storage inconvenience. The larger the size of the product, the more space it will take in the corner when the offspring stops playing with it;
  • solid weight. When collecting each of the elements in one place, their mass is high. Separately, even a child will lift each part, but he is no longer able to move the finished structure. Sometimes complete sets of toys weigh up to 80 kg.

If the place in the house allows, then why not make a nice gift. The larger the structure, the greater the joy.

Educational construction sets for girls

Not every type of children’s logic games is suitable for the female gender. Something exceptional, impressive and fascinating is required. Undoubtedly, children under 3 do not care what to play with, the main thing is that it be bright, stylish and easy. But then each game becomes directed, there is a division of children according to interests.

For girls, prefabricated toys must meet the following requirements:

  • more bright colors (pink, yellow, red). Every little lady is sure to love the bright coloring in the design element;
  • not too big. There are energetic children who want to build a monumental building, but mostly they are boys. Girls prefer a quiet time;
  • targeting a female audience. It is unlikely that my daughter will like to mess with cars or robots. Most of the girls will be happy with the doll they built, the fairytale castle with a pink roof and the like. Yes, the baby will be able to play with the proposed constructor if there is no choice. But, if possible, it is better to choose a female constructor for the girl;
  • soft and light material. Girls like to mess around with plastic and sometimes even soft construction toys. But it is unlikely that they are interested in building from aluminum parts, even if the result of the construction is a fairy-tale princess.

Educational construction sets for boys

Unlike children’s logic games for women, boys need something technical, something that will be interesting to capture and encourage action. Designs are suitable, in which, after connecting the required elements, a technique will come out, maybe even fantastic. Robots, spaceships, cities or houses – all this is liked by the boys.

It is important to choose the right age category for the designer for the baby. If he is under 3 years old, you need to opt for the simplest fun, for the collection of which you do not need to strain much. A good option would be wooden cubes.

At the age of over 3 years, it is necessary to give him educational games of increased complexity. Metal will do, and it is desirable that there are moving elements.

Most likely, the designer will be the right choice, as a result of the collection of which you will get a machine. If the baby is calm, not loving noise and movement, the best choice for him will be the construction of a house or a city.

In any case, no matter which constructor is chosen, the baby will like it. Children love to play. It is important to consider security requirements. Take into account the level of development of the baby and choose a game that will develop skills further.

You don’t have to strive to give a lot of toys, because if he really likes something, he won’t want to play with other things. The constructor will become his favorite fun, will become that amazing little world that he made with his own hands.

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