8 types of children’s tricycles

A tricycle for children is a vehicle for a child to move independently or with the help of parents. More functional than a scooter and suitable for the little ones. Due to the 3 wheels in the design and stable in a horizontal position.

There are 8 types of bikes on the market. They are designed for children aged 1 to 5 years and are equipped with special devices.

Children’s 3-wheel bicycle with a handle for parents

Bicycles with a handle for parents

The handle is a convenient device – an assistant to moms and dads on walks. It provides not only comfort of movement, but also safety. The handle is installed on tricycles that are intended for children aged 1-4 years.

Tricycles with it are equipped with a shaft 1-1.2 meters high, which reaches the waist level of a person of average height. It is easy to lay hands on it during walks. Benefits of bikes with handle 2:

  • Control over the vehicle in minutes when the baby is pedaling
  • Driving a vehicle when the baby is tired or does not press on the pedals.

Handle materials

The material of the handles is plastic or plastic. They are quite hard and can withstand pressure weighing up to 30 kg. Ergonomic handles are provided with a rubber sheath. Such a shell is soft and absorbs the sweat that is produced in the palms while pushing the bike.

Mounting and shape of the handle

On inexpensive three-wheeled models, the handle is made in the form of a loop with a diameter of 15-30 cm and is attached to the vehicle with a single plastic tube.

On top-class models, the handle is made in the form of a steering wheel from an adult bike with “horns” on the sides, mounted on 2 metal tubes and equipped with a telescopic folding mechanism. Such a device is durable and ergonomic.

Handles of the described type are suitable for walks lasting 1-3 hours, when you need to change the position of the hands.

Purchasing advice

When buying a three-wheeled transport with a handle, it is important that both the baby and the parents are comfortable. If the shaft of the handle is not equipped with a retractable device, you must make sure that it is at a comfortable level and correctly correlates with the height of the father and mother.

The safest children’s tricycles

The safest children's tricycles

Safety is an important criterion for evaluating children’s transport. In 70% of cases, it becomes decisive when choosing a bike. Safety is ensured by the use of durable materials in the design and the installation of additional accessories.


Frame – the element to which the components of the tricycle are attached. Frames made of aluminum are considered the best. They weigh 1-1.5 kg and can withstand loads up to 50 kg.

Steel frames are placed on the bikes of the budget segment. They withstand the same load, but have a 50% lower cost and weigh 1.5-2 times more.


On inexpensive models, it is equipped with iron handrails that the baby can hold on to.

On bikes of the premium segment, the seat is made similar to a car seat. It is equipped with:

  • seat belts
  • backrest tilt adjusters
  • grooves for legs
  • handrails covered with rubber or soft cloth

Thanks to the built-in swivel mechanism, the saddle rotates 360 degrees around its axis. This allows the baby to be rolled facing the parent and with its back to the headwind.

Seat replacement is available on any tricycle. Before installing a new chair, you should consult a mechanic and learn about the types of saddles that are suitable for a particular model, their advantages and disadvantages.


Wheels are components that keep the vehicle on the road and prevent it from falling to the left or right. Medium and premium bikes are equipped with solid plastic wheels combined with rubber tires 5-7 cm (2.2-2.5) inches wide and 25-30 cm (10-12 inches) in diameter.

The only drawback of such wheels is the possibility of piercing the cameras in them. The probability of this can be reduced by pouring a special sealant gel into the wheels, which seals holes up to 3 mm in diameter.


A good children’s tricycle is necessarily equipped with an awning that will protect the rider from rain, wind and sun. The canopy must cover the child at the back and sides.

The safety of the model depends on all the components. You need to choose the safest bike, paying attention only to the strength and ease of use of all its parts.

Steering wheel

On most tricycles, the steering wheel is equipped with a foam rubber pad. This is done so that when the head is hit or tilted, the baby does not damage the head.

Children’s tricycles from 2 years

Children's bicycles from 2 years

2-3 years – the age at which the baby develops intensively, learns to distinguish objects, imitate adults, build combinations of toys and explore the world in new ways.

A bicycle from 2 years old is a means to open up a new opportunity for the baby to move independently, teach them to observe objects in an unstable position and coordinate their actions.

At the age of 2-3 years, the baby can use not only the classic three-wheeled version for movement, but also balance bikes or velokarts. The former are distinguished by the absence of pedals and lower cost. The second ones are more convenient and are intended only for independent movement of children.

Both of these types have their advantages and disadvantages. In terms of characteristics, they are not inferior to ordinary bikes.


Russian and foreign firms produce 200 models of tricycles for children over 2 years old. Such bikes have a design that includes 5-12 elements. On budget models, it consists of:

  • frames
  • Backless saddles
  • Front and rear axles
  • 3 wheels
  • Rudder.

bikes from 2 years old

On premium models, the device adds:

  • Saddle with backrest and harness
  • Footrests
  • Awning
  • Backpack
  • Pen for parents
  • Bell or steering wheel toy

These accessories help in safe and comfortable operation. A canopy protects the baby from the rain, a backpack allows you to carry more things with you, and a bell or a toy keeps your child entertained during the trip.


The strength of the bike for children under two years old should be enough to withstand a load of up to 20 kg. The baby weighs 9-13 kg, but this characteristic is taken with a margin of 30-50%.

When calculating the required strength, you must not forget about the mass of the bag that fits in the back box or backpack. A vehicle that has high strength will last 3-4 years.


Safety is the main parameter because of which it is worth sparing no money for a medium or premium tricycle. Special belts, padded seat, protective rails and a domed awning protect the baby from all possible threats.

It is advisable to make a purchase with the baby and give the baby the opportunity to test the vehicle even before paying money.

Tricycles from 1 year

Tricycles from 1 year

1 year is the smallest age at which a child pedals on a tricycle. At this time, the baby walks, and his muscles develop intensively. He learns the world outside the stroller or armchair. A bicycle for children from 1 year old has special characteristics.


Bikes for kids are equipped with:

  • An awning that covers from precipitation, wind and solar radiation
  • Supports on which the baby can put his feet when he is tired.
  • Safety belts that keep the baby in the saddle when overcoming bumps in the road.
  • Horn or bell to warn passers-by.

Ease of use

For a children’s tricycle, the convenience of using the device by a child and his parents is very important. To ensure maximum comfort on bikes, apply:

  • Soft upholstery of the saddle made of pleasant to the touch fabrics. It forms the child’s first impression of the vehicle.
  • Iron or plastic handle. It is used to ride with the forces of one of the parents or control the vehicle while the child is driving independently.
  • A plastic box that is placed on the rear axle of the bike. In it, parents put food packages or any other load and free their hands to manage.
  • Soft plastic pedals. The baby will not be able to put too much pressure on them and strength is not needed, but softness is needed so that they do not damage the baby’s legs.

Tricycles from 1 year


Manufacturers decorate tricycles with stickers depicting cartoon characters and comics. Also, to enhance the attractiveness, bells, musical toys and lanterns are installed on the bikes.

They not only entertain the kids, but also warn other pedestrians about the approach of the vehicle.

When choosing a three-wheeled friend for a baby aged 1 year, the described parameters must be taken into account.

Children’s tricycles with a backpack

Bicycles with a backpack

Bicycle with a backpack a godsend for parents who like to combine walks with a child with trips to the store or supermarket. Bags that are placed on bikes are universal containers for any cargo.

The only advantage of bicycle backpacks is that they can be removed and worn separately.

This is achieved by attaching two types of handles:

  • Short with Velcro, which are used to put the bag on the steering wheel
  • Long straps that the baby wears on the shoulders

The latter are equipped with inserts made of synthetic winterizer or foam rubber. Such devices properly distribute the weight of the bag.

Types of backpacks

80% of backpacks for three-wheeled tricycles are sewn with parameters of 10 x 20 x 5 cm. Backpacks of this size are comfortable to wear for children. 15-20% of bags for iron horses are made with a volume 1.5-2 times longer.

Such sacks have a different dressing system and cannot be carried by a child. This is done so that it is convenient to transport products, children’s things or accessories in them.

In 90% of cases, the backpack is attached to the shaft of the tricycle handle. 10-20% of vehicle models provide places for a bag on the steering wheel. This is convenient for the baby, as he can get his favorite thing at any time.

Bicycles with a backpack

Children’s tricycles for girls and boys

School bags for girls and boys differ in shape and design. Women’s backpacks are made in the shape of animals and decorated with colorful ribbons, while men’s backpacks are made to look like cars or robots from famous cartoons. There are up to 150 color options for bike bags available on the market.

Some manufacturers make their products unique by adding small but necessary details: attaching a backpack to the outside of the parent, installing cups for toys on the handlebars, waterproof backpacks with pockets for small items.

Before purchasing a tricycle with a backpack, be sure to check the strength of the fabric from which the bag is sewn, the comfort of the shoulder straps and fasteners for attaching to the bike. In addition, do not forget about:

  • Strength
  • Ergonomics
  • Security

Children’s tricycle with a visor

Children's tricycle with a visor

The visor is a structural element of children’s tricycles. It protects the child from the sun, wind, rain, hail.

Light visors

Designed for sun protection only. They are made of lightweight acrylic fabrics in light colors, have an area of ​​0.5-1 m² and cover the head only from above. Solar awnings are made flat and removable.

Some models consist of sheets of cardboard or plastic. The simple design makes it easy to install on the bike.

heavy visors

Canopies of the second type are made heavier and more voluminous. For tailoring, dense fabrics are used that reliably protect the child from rain. In shape, such visors resemble snail shells. They cover the rider:

  • above
  • On the sides
  • behind
  • partly in front

Leave only a small “window” for the review. This prevents cold air from penetrating inside the awning – the child will not catch a cold.

Children's tricycle with a visor

heavy awning construction

The design of anti-rain awnings consists of several arcuate pipes on which the protective material is stretched. It is often complemented by devices for closing the canopy and allows you to fold it during the trip.

For maximum protection from precipitation, such awnings are attached directly to the seat, using buttons or zippers. Just like the previous type of visors, they can be easily removed for drying or washing.

The choice of the first or second type of visor depends on the purpose for which the tricycle is bought. If the vehicle is purchased for skiing only in the warm season, a light awning will suffice.

If the bike is taken with the expectation of spring and autumn walks, think about a heavy canopy.


Bikes with a visor are produced at Russian and foreign factories. They differ only in design and equipment. Foreign firms create bikes that look like cars and ships from favorite children’s fairy tales, decorate bikes with toys with cartoon and comic book characters.

This makes the appearance of the vehicle pleasing to the eye, but does not affect the performance and ability to safely transport a child.

Tricycles with visors are a godsend for parents whose children love walking in any weather. Such bikes protect kids from solar radiation and precipitation. They give full freedom of movement to small members of the family.

Inexpensive children’s tricycles

Inexpensive models

During a crisis, for 50-60% of families, the problem of the price of things that are bought for a child is acute. Budget bikes are in demand.

Domestic and foreign bike manufacturers, having listened to customer reviews, began to actively launch budget models of children’s iron horses on the market and reduce the price of those already on sale.

Inexpensive three-wheeled vehicles are made for children of all ages: from 1 to 5 years. To reduce the price in the manufacture and assembly of iron horses of the lower price segment, cheaper materials are used.

Also for this, decorations and additional details are removed from the bikes.


Low price tricycles have a simple design which includes:

  • Steel frame made of 2 converging pipes with a diameter of 15-20 mm with a seat mount
  • Steel front and rear axles
  • 3 plastic wheels with tires (sometimes without them and on spokes)
  • Hard plastic saddle
  • Pedals made from the same material
  • Aluminum or iron handlebar with soft rubber grips

In cheap models of bikes, the saddle is made as part of the frame and is made of steel. To increase the degree of comfort and safety, it is equipped with steel handrails on the sides.

Bicycle constructor

Children’s tricycles of the budget segment, with the right selection, are a platform that, as the family budget is replenished, can be improved – buy additional rear and front baskets, change the seat, install a footrest, an awning, a handle and other components.

When choosing an inexpensive bike, pay attention to the strength and the presence of mounts for additional components in the design. The country and the name of the manufacturer of the tricycle do not mean anything.

Products of foreign firms are estimated at 30-40% more expensive only because the cost of delivery to Russia is added to the cost.

The correct selection of a three-wheeled bike will provide a child with a simple and reliable vehicle for 3-5 years, help to avoid re-purchases or frequent repairs.

Tricycles with footrests

Bicycles with footrests

Some models are equipped with footrests. The baby puts his feet on them when he is tired or does not pedal. This provides additional convenience for both the baby and parents.

Stand design

Footrests on children’s tricycles have three varieties.

  1. In the first, the stands are made in the form of fixed plates in the shape of a rectangle with rounded edges. Stand material – plastic or plastic.

These polymers easily support the weight of a child’s legs. Stands measuring 5 x 3 cm.

They are fixed on a special tube, which is equipped with a folding mechanism and retracts under the frame for easy carrying.

  1. On some models, the stands are made in the form of a pallet, which is located between the rear wheels and the middle of the frame, further than the front edge of the seat.

For safety on the sides, the device is covered with shields 2-5 mm high. Such pallets are convenient for children who constantly move their legs and cannot keep them in one place.

  1. Some manufacturers complete tricycles with stands that are mounted below the steering wheel above the pedals.

Such devices require an increase in the cost of vehicles due to the inclusion in the design of a special clutch that allows the pedals not to spin while the vehicle is moving.

The advantage of removable footrests is the ability to buy separately from the bike and replace in case of breakage or desire to change the design of the bike.

Bicycles with footrests differ in color, frame shape, additional options (backpack, bottom box, visor). Regardless of the manufacturer and price, tricycles with footrests are safe.

Tricycles with a footrest are a convenient form of transport for children. Suitable for the smallest children, help them in growth and development.

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