7 best strollers

The stroller allows you to travel and walk with your baby without worrying about his safety. It is important that the product is light and easy to move. Before you choose a stroller, you must definitely look at the build quality and product packaging.

How to choose a stroller

The main models of strollers:

  • It is convenient to use the book in a prone and reclining position. The design has lightweight wheels that do not weigh down the stroller.
  • The cane is suitable for walks around the house, trips over short distances. This model is easy to use, does not take up much space. The backrest angle can be changed.
  • The stroller-cradle combines the advantages of the two previous types, is equipped with high-quality depreciation, and is functional.
  • Three in one – a model in which three different blocks are provided.
  • The transformer can be adapted to the changing growth of the child.

Important selection criteria

  • The handle should be comfortable and adjustable in height. The flip handle allows you to use two positions: carry the child facing you or facing away from you.
  • Safety belts will protect the baby from falling out and injury. The most reliable are five-point belts, which are adjustable in length.
  • The basket for things should be roomy. Toys, wet wipes, drinks and diapers are often stored there.
  • Wheels should be of medium diameter. But if you plan to travel out of town, it is better to prefer wheels with an increased diameter.
  • A large visor will reliably protect the baby from the sun, rain and wind, and a hood with a window will provide a good overview.
  • Successful models are equipped with a backrest with several positions, which is convenient for the child. Raising and lowering the back should not cause discomfort to the baby.
  • Choose comfortable and soft seats, as wide as possible so that the child can lie and sit comfortably.
  • The footboard is a mandatory element of the design. Its height should be adjusted depending on the height of the child.
  • Choose wheels with the ability to lock, this allows you to quickly and easily control the structure.
  • The mosquito net will keep out mosquitoes and other insects.
  • The shock absorption system removes vibrations and makes it easier to move on a bad road.

Minor Criteria

  • The color of the stroller is chosen at your discretion: bright colors will attract the baby, but dark colors are more practical. They are easier to wash off.
  • Models with removable upholstery are easier to care for.
  • The height of the handle is important for the comfort of the stroller and should be appropriate for your height.

The best compact stroller

Stroller SWEET BABY Mamma Mia Linen perfect for travel and outings. Due to its compact size and lightness, it takes up minimal space and is easy to transport. Equipped with straps and release buttons, shopping basket included. Seat with a soft back and an adjustable inclination. Large hood allows you to use the product in all weather conditions.


  • walking structure;
  • one place;
  • 4 support points;
  • spring type;
  • handle type – solid;
  • material – aluminum;
  • rubber wheels;
  • plastic wheel rim;
  • wheel diameter – 13 cm;
  • weight – 5 kg.


  • adjustable footrest;
  • high-quality material – oxford fabric;
  • complete safety provided by the front bumper;
  • multi-stage back position;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • five-point seat belts.

Minus – a little overpriced.

The best folding stroller

Recaro Easylife made on the basis of a light and strong chassis with a convenient folding system. The weight of the structure is only 5.7 kg. The wheels are double. The control handle is ergonomic, equipped with an anti-slip coating. The seat is adjustable and reclines to a horizontal position. Comfortable driving and transportation of the product are guaranteed.


  • type – walking;
  • swivel plastic wheels;
  • seat belts – five-point;
  • smooth multi-position adjustment;
  • wheel diameter – 15 mm;
  • 8 wheels.


  • lightness, compactness;
  • beautiful appearance, favorably selected colors;
  • comfortable backrest angle;
  • suitable for different conditions, even for riding around the city;
  • comfortable handle;
  • seat adjustment.


  • no bumper and rain cover;
  • fragility.

The best stroller

Baby Care GT4 Plus folded with a cane. The wide seat helps children feel more comfortable. The back is displayed up to 170 degrees. The product is durable and stable, easy to transport. Equipped with a safety lock that protects against accidental opening of the stroller. The design is safe, meets technical standards.


  • weight – 10 kg;
  • type – cane;
  • rubberized wheels;
  • five-point harnesses;
  • wheels with a diameter of 16 cm;
  • spring damping system.


  • lightweight frame;
  • adjustable footrest (2 positions);
  • floating wheels with the possibility of fixation;
  • good sun protection accessories;
  • shopping cart.

Minus – the handle is poorly regulated.

The best lightweight stroller

Cosatto Woosh made in bright colors. Simple structure and light weight, convenient use and transportation. Due to its compact size, the product can be stored folded. The safety of the child is ensured by comfortable belts. The carriage is equipped with a removable bumper and a hood.


  • weight – 6 kg;
  • wheel diameter – 13.7 cm;
  • five-point seat belts;
  • for children from birth to three years;
  • load up to 25 kg;
  • spring damping;
  • type – walking.


  • adjustable footrest;
  • durable aluminum frame;
  • equipped with a sun visor;
  • capacious basket;
  • complete with rain cover;
  • folds compactly.

Minus – high price.

The best stroller with carrycot

Uppa Baby Cruz differs in a convenient design, installation of a cradle is possible. The kit comes with a lot of accessories, there is a sun visor, a shopping basket. Stable when folded.


  • weight – 10 kg;
  • type – walking;
  • wheels are removable, rubber;
  • five-point seat belts;
  • wheel diameter – 16.5-19 cm;
  • folding mechanism – book;
  • damping system – springs.


  • comfortable seat;
  • long service life (for children under five years old);
  • easy control;
  • quality assembly;
  • colorful and interesting design.

Minus – overpriced.

The best off-season stroller

Babyhit Handy Protect your child from bad weather. The materials are durable and do not fade in the sun. The hood is deep. The model is perfect for use during the off-season.


  • weight – 8.5 kg;
  • type – walking;
  • folded into a book;
  • polyurethane wheels;
  • five-point seat belts;
  • three-position backrest adjustment;
  • 4 wheels with a diameter of 14-15 cm.


  • removable bumper;
  • quality material;
  • viewing window in the hood;
  • capacious luggage basket;
  • adjustable handles;
  • European quality standards.

Cons: Covers are not removable.

The best safe stroller

Navington Scooner folds easily. Equipped with a footrest with two levels of adjustment. Quality equipment, high safety for the child.


  • weight – 9 kg;
  • folding mechanism – book;
  • spring type depreciation;
  • wheel diameter – 18 cm;
  • five-point seat belts;
  • type – walking;
  • single.


  • telescopic handles;
  • aluminum frame;
  • ease of care;
  • smooth adjustment of the back;
  • blocking of rotating wheels;
  • frame folding system;
  • quality assembly.

Minus – no pocket on the hood.

The stroller should be as durable and safe as possible for the baby. The materials used in the construction must be wear resistant. Choose models with a full set of accessories. The backrest adjustment and the five-point harness are especially important.

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