6 best radio controlled helicopters

Radio-controlled toys, along with the improvement of technologies and materials used in the manufacture, are gradually ceasing to be just toys. Technically complex models are bought both for fun and for participation in serious specialized competitions. This is especially true for helicopters, which are attractive not only by their ability to fly, but also by the ability to perform aerobatics. True, in the latter case, you will have to purchase a professional model.

How to choose a radio controlled helicopter

Each radio-controlled helicopter is somewhat different from its closest counterparts, but there are certain parameters on the basis of which the model is selected. The criteria below almost completely reveal all the features of these flying toys.

Helicopter type

  • Indoor – easy-to-manage miniature toys. Such models are suitable for running indoors, as they are not capable of harming interior elements.
  • Outdoor – toys with a more complex design and control, which will take some time to master. An unprepared person runs the risk of crashing a street helicopter in a matter of seconds. This type also includes professional variants capable of participating in competitions and performing aerobatics.

engine’s type

  • Electric – does not require special settings, suitable for running the model indoors, but quickly discharges the battery.
  • ICE (internal combustion engine) – installed on professional models. The quality is superior to the previous version, but its cost is much higher.

Types of communication channels

The following technologies are used to communicate the remote control with the helicopter:

  • Infrared is an outdated control method that severely limits the flight radius of the model.
  • The radio interface is the most popular, as it allows you to control the helicopter at a considerable distance.
  • Wi-Fi – allows you to control the toy via a tablet or smartphone. The option is the least popular, but virtually eliminates the occurrence of interference.

Number of control channels

The maneuverability of a helicopter directly depends on the number of control channels:

  • Three-channel communication – for climbing and descending, moving forward and backward, turning in any of two directions.
  • Four-way communication – additionally allows you to move sideways in any direction.
  • Five-channel – allows you to control additional blade pitch. It is implemented in most cases on large models.
  • Six-channel – allows you to additionally adjust the sensitivity of the gyroscope, increasing or decreasing the flight altitude.

Screw diagram

The division of helicopters into types is primarily carried out according to the implemented propeller scheme:

  • Coaxial – two screws of the same size are located on the same axis and rotate in opposite directions. The tail has no effect on the flight process, it acts as an exclusively aesthetic element of the body. The advantages include increased stability of the model movement, accuracy of response to commands, and low cost.
  • Classic – a tail rotor is added to one main screw, but much smaller. Advantages: resistance to wind, sensitivity to control and the ability to develop a high speed of flight.
  • Multi-rotor – typical, for example, for quadrocopters.

Range and flight time

The range is completely affected by the power of the receiver-transmitter link, and the flight time is determined by the capacity of the battery, averaging 10 minutes. In addition, the more powerful the electric motor, the more energy it consumes per unit time, accelerating the discharge of the power source. For models with internal combustion engines, the flight time is determined by the capacity of the fuel tank and directly by fuel consumption.

Conditional classification by complexity

  • For children from 5 to 10 years old and beginners, models with a coaxial screw pattern and three-channel control are the easiest to learn.
  • For children over 10 years old and novice pilots who can quickly master the control – the classic paddle scheme and four-channel control.
  • For pilots with experience in controlling the previous two options – 3D category with 6 channels of control. Suitable for complex tricks.
  • For professionals and amateurs to assemble – KIT-versions, where you need not only to assemble the helicopter yourself from a set of components, but also to select a remote control, battery and other equipment. Such models can reach a length of two meters, and therefore only an experienced user can cope with piloting.

Optional equipment

Helicopters can be equipped with additional equipment that expands their capabilities. We are talking about gyroscopes, video cameras with real-time image transmission directly to the remote control display. Obviously, with each such “chip”, the cost of models also increases.

The best children’s radio-controlled helicopter

Children’s helicopter Syma S107G Phantom from a Chinese manufacturer, known for its inexpensive quadcopters, has a bright multi-colored color, due to which it is clearly visible against the background of furniture. Instead of a radio channel, infrared technology is used, which is currently considered obsolete. The flight range is within 10 meters, and the continuous operation time is 7 minutes, which is quite enough for a toy. The main feature is the presence of a built-in gyroscope, which ensures a smooth descent of the model in case of signal loss.

The helicopter engine is powered by a built-in battery, and the remote control requires 6 AA batteries. Such an amount significantly makes it heavier, so that not every child will be able to hold such a weight in his hands. In general, the model turned out to be successful, and in its price segment it is one of the best.


  • Motor type – electric, including tail drive.
  • Characteristics of propellers: scheme – coaxial, number of blades – 4.
  • Gyroscope – yes.
  • Stabilization system – yes.
  • The type of communication channel is infrared.
  • Range – up to 10 m.
  • Flight time – up to 7 minutes.
  • Length – 220 mm.


  • price;
  • the presence of a gyroscope;
  • smooth decrease in case of signal loss;
  • three-channel control;
  • decent running time for a child model.


  • outdated infrared communication technology;
  • heavy remote.

Best RC Helicopter with Camera

High-quality radio-controlled model with a built-in FPV camera HUBSAN FPV Invader H202F with a range of up to 300 meters built on the basis of a strong hull. The ability to transmit video directly to the remote control without the need to connect a smartphone is a feature of this helicopter. In addition, the 5-megapixel camera itself captures and transmits images in HD quality. Using the remote control, the owner gets access to all recording and transmission settings, while the equipment supports the connection of glasses and a helmet.

Hubsan proprietary helicopter control equipment is equipped with a pair of powerful antennas that ensure high stability of data transmission. The model is powered by a 7.4 V battery with a capacity of 650 mAh. The remote itself runs on eight AA batteries.


  • Drive type – electric brushless motor.
  • The screw pattern is coaxial.
  • The communication range is up to 300 m.
  • Camera parameters: transmission range – up to 100 m, resolution 5 megapixels.
  • Transmitter parameters: number of channels – 4, screen – 3.5″ LCD, control frequency – 2.4 GHz, video transmission frequency – 5.8 GHz.
  • Operating time – up to 10 minutes.
  • Gyroscope – yes.
  • Length – 350 mm.
  • Gross weight – 187 g.


  • connection of a helmet and goggles;
  • high-quality HD video equipment;
  • easy access to settings;
  • durable body.


  • the need to fully charge the Li-Po battery before starting.

The best large RC helicopter

Maneuverable and stable large helicopter Align T-Rex 550L DOMINATOR has high power and modern design, suitable for pilots of any skill level. The design is based on a powerful brushless electric motor that can easily cope with the model’s own weight, which is almost 3 kg. Responsible for power is a rechargeable Li-Po battery with a capacity of up to 5200 mAh, which, together with the charger, is purchased separately. The control is carried out by a remote control for 6 or more channels, which is also not included in the delivery.

Among the differences of the model stands out a low center of gravity for precise control, a modern stabilization system with shock-absorbing properties, a durable anti-rotation sleeve with a long service life. The flight range depends on the selected remote control. The device is not only one of the largest, but also stands out for its increased functionality. Supplied in an assembly kit.


  • The drive is a 730MX brushless motor.
  • Screw diameters: main – 1248 mm, tail – 254 mm.
  • Stabilization system – Microbeast PLUS.
  • Gyroscope – yes, 6-axis.
  • Continuous flight time – 10 minutes.
  • Length – 1070 mm.
  • Gross weight – 2.79 kg.


  • durable construction;
  • powerful electric motor;
  • brushless servos;
  • stabilization system with 32-bit processor;
  • gyroscope;
  • retractable battery compartment;
  • composite body inserts.


  • remote control, battery with memory and digital goniometer are purchased separately;
  • kit assembly required.

The best gasoline radio-controlled helicopter

Expensive model Align T-Rex 700Nitro DFC Super Combo for professional pilots is built on the basis of a powerful internal combustion engine and fully justifies its cost. The helicopter can take part in any competitive events. It is capable of performing complex aerobatic maneuvers, and requires serious skills from the operator to control machines of this class. The model incorporates the best of analogues, is equipped with a flybarless system of modern design and a powerful processor. A well-designed design paired with high-quality filling make it stable even in strong gusts of wind.

The developers equipped the model with a high-quality video camera with real-time image display on the remote control screen. Supplied as a kit for assembly, and the buyer is invited to purchase the engine itself with related equipment, including a pump and a silencer. In addition, the flight range is limited by the capabilities of a separately purchased transmitter.


  • Drive type – ICE Align 91H (or 91HP) Engine.
  • Rotor diameters: main – 1562 mm, tail – 281 mm.
  • Length – 1346 mm.
  • Gross weight – 4.2 kg.
  • Delivery type – assembly kit.


  • capacious tank;
  • stability even in strong winds;
  • productive internal combustion engine;
  • modern flybarless system;
  • video camera with real-time image transmission to the remote control;
  • professional grade model.


  • price;
  • complex management;
  • the need to buy an engine with related systems, a receiver and a transmitter.

The best cheap RC helicopter

With its considerable length, the helicopter WL Toys V912 has a pleasant cost, suitable for flights both indoors and outdoors. The use of a four-channel radio transmitter makes it possible to overcome moderately long distances, although the device is still not capable of disappearing from sight. The remote control operates on only four AA batteries, which also distinguishes the toy from others like it.

The body of the helicopter is based on a metal frame, which increases its strength and prevents damage in the event of a collision with an obstacle. Given the fact that the fragile moving parts of the helicopter remain the weak point of the helicopter, the developers have provided for the possibility of their failure by adding spare blades and a tail rotor to the kit. For launches at night, a spotlight is pre-installed on the body.


  • Drive type – electric motor.
  • Control equipment parameters: number of channels – 4, signal frequency – 2.44 GHz, type – radio channel.
  • The design scheme is classic.
  • Gyroscope – yes.
  • Length – 0.52 m.
  • Weight – 0.31 kg.


  • does not require assembly;
  • the presence of a gyroscope;
  • price;
  • spare blades and tail rotor included;
  • Russian-language detailed instructions.


  • the price varies depending on the seller;
  • collector type of engine.

The best professional RC helicopter

Helicopter E-sky DTS450 RTF 2.4G The professional-grade model received an updated case design, higher quality parts and a thicker frame. It is based on a powerful brushless electric motor powered by a 2200 mAh lithium-polymer battery. Among the significant upgrades, it is worth noting a better speed controller. The blades of the helicopter are also characterized by increased strength due to the use of carbon fiber.

The radio system of the helicopter is a 6-channel equipment with the possibility of removing a programmable tuning module. The kit includes a memory card needed to store the settings. The model is delivered assembled and ready to fly.


  • The drive is a brushless type electric motor.
  • Rotor diameters: main – 725 mm, tail – 152 mm.
  • Power supply: type – rechargeable Li-Po battery, capacity – 2200 mAh.
  • Length – 645 mm.
  • Full weight – 0.73 kg.
  • Features of the transmitter: type – remote control, communication method – radio channel, number of channels – 6.


  • thickened frame;
  • flybarless system;
  • digital servos;
  • carbon blades;
  • included memory card;
  • shipped ready to fly.

No cons found.

When buying a radio-controlled helicopter, you should make sure in advance that there are spare parts that can fail. This applies to fragile screws, the damage of which occurs immediately after the contact of the toy with an obstacle.

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