6 best interactive toys

Techno toys develop children’s physical and mental skills. They develop motor skills, speech, train memory. Manufacturers offer gadgets in the form of characters from TV shows, cartoons and the animal world. Not without the classic version – daughter-mother.

How to choose an interactive toy

Smart toys teach a child several things:

  • move;
  • distinguish sounds and words;
  • learn songs and rhymes;
  • alphabet

And most importantly, they teach the child independence. A baby from an early age learns to manage, make decisions, take care. Watching the baby play, parents recognize the makings of certain abilities. This allows you to choose the direction of further education.

What are the toys

Interactive toys are divided into:

  • for age categories;
  • gadgets for girls and boys;
  • educational or developmental;
  • according to the principle of use – on the finger, on a leash.

Choose by age

For babies 1 year old and older, manufacturers offer small and cute representatives of the animal world. The crumbs can play with gadgets that sing songs, tell little rhymes. They not only entertain the child while the parents are busy. The kid tries to copy the behavior of the object he likes and tries to repeat songs and poems. This is how memory and speech develop.

For a child over 3 years old, more complex fun is chosen. Toddlers already have little experience watching television and video games, cartoons. For this age category, developing and educational entertainment is chosen. These are funny movie characters, images from popular cartoons and comics. They will become friends of the crumbs and will develop his interest in the world around him. At this age, it is important to teach kids to take care of others. For them, dolls are created that require basic care skills. Such toys laugh and cry, drink milk and dirty diapers. Playing with such baby dolls, the baby learns care, responsibility, duty and sympathy.

Some companies offer to accustom children to computers from this age. The choice of such a techno-toy depends on the skills and abilities of the baby. Some children at this age, following the example of their parents, try to press the buttons on the keyboard and screen. But not everyone has a great craving for such entertainment. In addition, viewing pictures can lead to vision problems. Parents decide whether to choose such super toys for a child at 3-4 years old or wait.

For younger students, it is logical to choose techno-entertainments endowed with artificial intelligence. These are robots that develop children’s interest in the invention of new “live” machines, minicomputers, transformers. Toys endowed with artificial intelligence help:

  • understand the basic principles of programming;
  • experiment;
  • look for original solutions;
  • work with smartphones.

During the game, the student develops leadership qualities, computer skills. The child is accustomed to IT-technologies. He will lose his fear of working on a real gadget. Such skills help to adapt to modern requirements. Toys in the shape of a phone and a globe develop knowledge about the world around them, prepare them for school or help them study the school curriculum.

girls boys

Habitual dolls and baby dolls for girls now “learned” to speak, cry, express emotions. They respond to the voice and behavior of a person. Playing with such super toys develops responsibility and teaches to care for the weak and helpless.

Cars and robots for boys are remote controlled. They perform dozens of actions. The definition of such toys as intended for boys is conditional. Many girls enjoy spending time with tech toys.

What is the gadget made of?

The material plays an important role for a children’s thing. Opening the world around, the baby tries things on the tooth. He can gnaw and try to bite off part of the toy he likes. Especially during the period when the child is teething.

Bright and plastic materials are produced from chemicals. Some of them are toxic and cause irritation and disease after contact with the skin. Children’s products should not cause such reactions.


An important question – who made the thing – takes on special significance when it comes to goods for children. Western manufacturers guarantee high quality material, long-term use of toys, even if the kids try to break them or take them apart (which they often like to do). But such super-fun things come at a cost.

The American company Mattel is the leader in this market sector. The company has been developing and producing super toys for children for a long time. Choosing a product of this brand, parents give the baby a high-quality and safe interactive toy.

Hasbro is another American manufacturer for children’s consumers. This firm came up with hits that became separate subcultures. Monopoly, Pokémon, autorobot transformers are the brainchild of this concern. The company’s products are designed for all age categories, they develop various qualities: the ability to analyze and count moves in advance, overcome obstacles, sympathize and care. When buying a brand supertoy, parents take care of the development of the child’s intelligence, his ability to adapt in society.

The best interactive toy for girls

Doll Baby Alive companies Hasbro with medical supplies is designed for little ones who like to take care of others. Girls are happy to play doctor, so the super toy will be a godsend for this category.

The gadget speaks, drinks drinks through a straw. His nose turns red, and the toy asks to wipe it. The doll is crying, and the tears are wiped with a handkerchief. The facial expression changes: when she is healthy, a smile appears, when tears flow, her face is sad. The techno-toy can be undressed and dressed, listened to with a stethoscope, and measured temperature. The hair is long and easy to comb, which girls like. The doll can have different hairstyles.

When choosing a Hasbro interactive toy, pay attention to the country where it was made. Some models are made in China. They are cheaper, but the quality suffers.


  • child’s age – 3.5 years;
  • runs on batteries;
  • weight – 382 g;
  • material – plastic, textile, nylon (hair).


  • the doll is pleasant to the touch;
  • there are emotions on the face;
  • speaks Russian;
  • the hair is sewn on tightly, it is impossible to tear it out by combing;
  • diaper included;
  • batteries are included.


  • expensive fun;
  • no volume control;
  • depicts a sick child – often cries (you have to turn off the sound so that the doll does not cry all the time).

Best Interactive Soft Toy

Soft super toy Teddy companies Chicco made from soft textile. You can shake his paw, the ears create a pleasant rustle if you move them. One ear is filled with rustling material, the other with miniature balls. The feet of the paws are active, there is also an active zone on the upper paw. If you click on it, the bear talks. The kid is pleased to hold such a bear in his hands. The bear knows letters, numbers, colors and will teach the baby this knowledge. Playing with this gadget develops skills:

  • tactile;
  • speech;
  • counting;
  • musical and rhythmic;
  • communicative.

If the bear is turned over, he is offended. This teaches kids to treat others with respect. Colors, numbers and letters on the tummy glow.


  • the age of the child for whom the gadget is intended is 1.5 years (the creator claims the age of 6 months, but users note that at this age it is too early to give the baby such a bear);
  • protection against accidental activation (in order for the toy to become active, you need to hold the button a little);
  • auto-off system;
  • power supply – 3 AA batteries.


  • pleasant to the touch;
  • there are options in Russian and English;
  • high-quality execution (no open seams, threads);
  • adjustable volume;
  • batteries are included.


  • can not be washed (cleaned by dry method);
  • expensive;
  • batteries are installed in the tummy, so it is solid.

The best interactive toy for boys

Robot Mip companies wow Wee will be a good companion for games. The movement of the robot is provided by 2 wheels, a balancing system is thought out for stability. There are 2 control options – smartphone and tablet. For this, the Bluetooth system is installed. The object executes 50 commands, moves objects. It is used not only for playing, but also for moving light objects.


  • child’s age – from 8 years;
  • number of modifications – 2 in white and black;
  • control – by voice commands and gestures;
  • height – 18 cm;
  • Power supply – 4 AAA batteries.


  • quality assembly;
  • built-in bluetooth;
  • there is a special tray for cargo;
  • reacts to pops;
  • works in 7 modes.


  • wheels do not ride well on carpets;
  • small size (controversial statement).

The best interactive educational toy

Company Mattel created an entertaining interactive puppy for babies from 6 months to 6 years. The gadget’s memory contains 3 programs designed for a certain age of the child. The smallest are invited to get acquainted with sounds and words. Older children learn the alphabet. The material from which the toy is made is soft and pleasant to the touch. The baby will enjoy not only listening and learning from the super toy, but also just playing with it. The gadget communicates with the child, asks questions and evaluates the answers.


  • weight – 650 g;
  • there is an option for the Russian language;
  • self-shutdown option;
  • control – push-button.


  • pleasant to the touch;
  • praises for correct answers;
  • knows many songs and expressions
  • buttons are easy to press, which is convenient for the crumbs;
  • There are 2 versions for Russian and English.


  • expensive;
  • cannot be washed;
  • quickly bothers children over 2 years old.

The best interactive toy on a leash

Russian-made toy dog ​​Weasel become a child’s friend. She barks, wags her tail, is controlled by a remote control located on a leash. Commands are given by switching the position of the button. 3 options have been considered:

  • in the front position of the button, the pet moves forward;
  • in the central – stops;
  • in the back position – barks and wags its tail, greeting the owner.

The gadget will give the child positive emotions, teach them to take care and make friends. An interactive toy will help out parents who are not ready to have a live puppy. The color of the super toy is brown. The coat is long, if desired, the dog can be combed. Collar with adjustable length, a leash is attached to it.


  • age – over 3 years;
  • material – plastic, textile;
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries.


  • The package includes accessories to decorate the pet;
  • cheap toy;
  • executes commands.


Batteries are purchased separately.

The best interactive finger toy

Charming and funny company monkey fingerlings performs 40 actions. The baby sends an air kiss, lightly blows in the face. She holds on to the finger with her paws and hangs on her tail. May cling to other objects of identical size. Baby responds to voice and touch. The company offers customers various options for smart mini-toys. These are unicorns, dragons, pandas and sloths. Models are cheap, different colors. If you buy a child a few of these charms, you get a small cheerful company.


  • age – 5 years and older;
  • height – 12 cm;
  • options – 5 animals;
  • power supply – 4 LR44 batteries;
  • material – plastic, textile.


  • high quality performance;
  • perform 40 actions;
  • small size;
  • batteries are included;
  • communicates with other toys.


Not found.

New generation toys are expensive. Animals belong to the category of universal techno toys. They are liked by girls and boys. Choosing such an interactive toy, parents can save it for their youngest child, regardless of gender. When buying a modern gadget for a baby, keep in mind that it will not replace communication with parents and education.

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