6 best educational toys

Educational toys are designed to develop fine motor skills of hands, attention, memory, sound perception. The range of such products is impressive in variety. In order not to get lost in a rich choice, you need to know what criteria a useful and high-quality toy meets.

How to choose an educational toy

The educational toy differs from the usual one in that it is intended for entertainment and the general development of the baby. Such a thing should be not only aesthetically attractive, but also useful for the crumbs. There are a number of characteristics that distinguish a good educational toy. The design and design of such a thing should correspond to the age of the baby. The toy is made of materials that meet safety standards and are not harmful to health. It is desirable that the product is made from natural materials, for example, wood, cotton or linen.

Each characteristic is given special attention.

  • Age of the baby: how much the thing corresponds to the age of the baby and the characteristics of his development. For example, toys that develop concentration of attention are suitable for children in the first months of life. It is useful for a child older than six months to develop fine motor skills of the hands, the skill of crawling and recognizing the basics of cause-and-effect relationships. When the baby begins to learn speech, games that stimulate the development of figurative thinking, logic and fine motor skills are suitable.
  • Type and purpose. The goals of buying such products include the development of fine motor skills of hands, attention, and imaginative thinking. Games form self-service skills, speech, ear for music, creative thinking, accuracy. It is optimal if the purchased toy combines 2-3 functions.
  • Material. Wooden or cloth toys are considered the best option. However, products made from natural materials are expensive, so they are not in high demand among buyers. If the child suffers from severe allergic reactions, the item must be made from hypoallergenic materials. A strong chemical smell is a sign of a low-quality product. The detailed composition of the thing can be read on the label (box, packaging).
  • Design. The thing should not have sharp corners, small parts and other elements that may be dangerous for children.
  • Melody playback quality: requirements for this parameter are presented when the toy is positioned as a musical or interactive toy. The sound it makes must have an adjustable volume. Melodies should not be too harsh and loud, otherwise the baby may be scared. The keys to launch the musical accompaniment should be pressed with a light touch.
  • Gender of the child: conditionally, all educational toys are divided into those intended for boys and girls.
  • Easy to manage: These things are meant to be used by a child, so they should be simple in terms of design. The kid should be able to play without outside help.

There are also secondary parameters for choosing educational toys, which include the brand and a high degree of popularity among other children. A high-quality, safe and useful thing is not necessarily expensive.

The best educational toy for children up to a year

For several years, the best educational toy for babies in the first year of life has been considered a crib mobile. “Island of Sweet Dreams” brand Tinylove. This is a mobile equipped with a night light and cute little animals that can be used during wakefulness and sleep. Each pendant (monkey, ostrich, giraffe) rotates not only in a circle, but also around its axis, which attracts the baby’s attention. Soft little animals are easily removed from the structure, so the baby can take them in his hands.

“Island of Sweet Dreams” plays classical music combined with realistic sounds of nature. Sound volume is adjustable. You can control your mobile remotely using a battery operated remote control.


  • type: suspended mobile;
  • design: music block, arches, 3 pendants, night light, remote control;
  • material: polyester, plastic.


  • animals are sewn from different materials, therefore, they contribute to the development of fine motor skills of the hands;
  • the mobile is equipped with a night light with a dim light;
  • remote control;
  • the circular movement of soft animals contributes to the development of attention and visual coordination;
  • pleasant sounding melodies;
  • classical compositions.


  • The mount will not fit all cribs.

The best educational toy for children from a year

“Noah’s Ark” from the manufacturer Kiddieland is the leader in the ranking of educational toys for children over 1 year old. Developing interactive game is a large ship with two decks. The ship is equipped with small wheels, thanks to which the baby can carry it on the floor. The package includes a Noah figurine and 9 animal figurines (4 domestic, 5 wild). All animals “tell” poems. Each figure has a base in the form of a geometric figure, and this allows you to use the “Noah’s Ark” as a sorter.

Also, the ship is equipped with 8 keys that play melodies when pressed. It has a small clock with rotatable hands and numbers. There are 3 barrels on the lower deck: if you click on them, funny melodies are emitted. The rotating steering wheel reproduces a sound that imitates the sound of splashing water, an engine, a ship’s bell. The toy is powered by two AA batteries.


  • type: multifunctional interactive toy for children over 12 months old;
  • complete set: ship, 10 figures;
  • production material: plastic.


  • promotes the development of ear for music, speech, imaginative thinking, logic, fine motor skills of hands;
  • the ship can be moved freely on the floor;
  • several children play at the same time;
  • Suitable for an older child.


  • it is impossible to turn down the volume of melodies;
  • the ark is problematic to wash.

The best wooden educational toy

cube logic is considered a practical, fun and functional educational toy made from natural wood (treated pine). Suitable for children over 2 years old who are learning colors, numbers and shapes. The cube consists of two parts. The first one is represented by a wooden cube with slots for multi-colored geometric figures, on which numbers are applied. The package includes 12 geometric figures with numbers.

The cube made of wood is designed to develop fine motor skills of hands, logical thinking. The sorter is used both at home and in preschool institutions.


  • material: natural wood;
  • edge size – 21 cm;
  • equipment: collapsible cube, 12 figures;
  • purpose: development of logic, fine motor skills, teaching shapes, numbers, colors.


  • the thing consists of environmentally friendly materials that meet safety standards;
  • figurines are pleasant to the touch, as they are made of polished wood;
  • allows you to organize the study of colors, geometric shapes and numbers.


  • The toy is more suitable for learning than for entertaining games.

The best educational toy for boys

The best option for a developing toy for a boy is considered game autotrack constructor Engineering Series from 26 parts. Suitable for a boy over 3 years old. The model combines the game of cars and the designer, therefore, it contributes to the development of logical thinking, creativity, manual dexterity. The package includes road signs and trees that make the auto track more realistic.

You can assemble the designer together with an adult or other children of about the same age. All parts are made of lightweight non-toxic plastic that does not have a strong odor. The road repairmen figures and the car can be played separately from the assembled track.


  • type: educational construction set for a boy from 3 years old;
  • equipment: 26 parts (parts of the track, building, trees, road signs, figures of men, a car);
  • production material: plastic.


  • development of logical thinking, manual dexterity;
  • can play several children at the same time;
  • does not contain small parts.


  • the track looks unrealistic.

The best musical educational toy

The ranking of popular musical toys for development is headed by a piano puppy “Laugh and Learn” by FisherPrice. During the game, teaches children colors, numbers and names of animals. When you press the keys, it emits funny melodies. The voice acting is pleasant, unobtrusive, which is an important criterion when choosing a music game. The model is programmed for 30 songs, phrases and melodies.

The piano is equipped with a plastic book with animal pictures on flip pages. Works in two modes: game and study. Piano keys are easy to press even by a very young child. The product is compact and lightweight. Equipped with a carrying handle.


  • type: imitation piano;
  • production material: plastic, metal;
  • number of batteries: 3;
  • purpose: development of musical ear, teaching colors, numbers.


  • pleasant melodies;
  • easy keystrokes;
  • a large number of functions;
  • can be used from 6 months;
  • the child plays independently.


  • the switching element may fail;
  • volume is not adjustable.

The best interactive educational toy

VTech Learning Railroad has a lot of good reviews. The interactive game is suitable for children over 1 year old. Consists of a railroad track, a locomotive, figures of passengers and accessories. The rails have inserts with letters, which allows children to learn the alphabet. The station is equipped with a clock that will help the child navigate the time. The railway is equipped with an LED display.

When idle for two minutes, a shutdown is automatically initiated to conserve battery power. The package includes 13 animal figurines: if you put each of them on the seat, the little animal will “speak”. The volume of melodies and voices is adjustable.


  • view: interactive for playing and learning;
  • complete set: a folding railroad bed, a station with a clock, animal figurines;
  • production material: plastic.


  • the child during the game learns the alphabet, animal names, numbers;
  • sound volume is adjustable;
  • easy to assemble;
  • automatic shutdown when idle.

There are no serious shortcomings.

An interesting educational toy, selected by age, will help children have fun.

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