6 Best Cockroach Remedies

Cockroaches running on the floor and walls are a common phenomenon in old-built houses, which is not so easy to get rid of. These insects are a real natural disaster, which led to the spread of specialized means of control. But not every drug is effective in specific conditions, and many drugs can harm not only cockroaches, but also people and pets.

How to choose a remedy for cockroaches

It should immediately be clear that there are simply no universal ways to deal with cockroaches. Each of them is effective in specific cases. In this case, the choice of the drug is based on the goals of the owner of the infected living space, and on the degree of its infection. Any tool must meet the criteria below.


The absence of harm to health is one of the most important criteria. For use in everyday life, the drug must have minimal toxicity to the body of both humans and animals. If you plan to perform self-treatment, a maximum of a respirator and rubber gloves should act as personal protection. In addition, the general toxicity and individual tolerance of even non-toxic components are taken into account.

So, for example, even a safe remedy can cause an allergic reaction in people predisposed to it. It is better to entrust full processing to specialists.


Another important criterion is efficiency. A product that is safe for human health becomes useless if it does not kill and repel cockroaches. An example is ultrasonic devices that have long flooded the market. They are non-toxic, safe for warm-blooded animals, but at the same time, insects do not react to them in any way.

Deadlines for destruction

Some products are able to destroy insects within a few hours, while others have a prolonged effect. Obviously, it is better to choose the first option, but everything is not so simple. As a rule, aerosols and sprays provide rapid destruction, but they kill only those insects that have been in direct contact with the substance. In addition, processing must be performed regularly and frequently.

Long-acting preparations are mostly odorless, get rid of cockroaches gradually, and not in units, but in populations. In this case, the effect lasts up to six months or more. The terms are approximate, depending on many factors, for example, on the illumination of the place of treatment with direct sunlight (some preparations do not work under their influence). Determine the timing of destruction will help not only the instructions for the selected tool, but also the reviews of the owners who used it.


Price does not always reflect performance. Often, inexpensive products in pale packaging often do a better job than preparations in bright tubes, the cost of which is equivalent to the services of professional disinfectors.

Difficulty of application

As you know, cockroaches have their own routes of movement, places of feeding and watering. Not every apartment owner will hunt down insects in the truest sense of the word in order to decompose even the most effective traps. In terms of ease of use, sprays are in the lead, with which it is enough to treat the main places where cockroaches accumulate. The second place in terms of convenience is occupied by gels and crayons, but the latter do not kill insects, but only block their path, scaring away the smell.

After treatment, it is important to exclude the possibility of insect access to water, as this reduces the effectiveness of the use of drugs. Even when poisoned, cockroaches “solder out”, gaining immunity to a particular poison. But there are tools whose components are not addictive.

The best folk remedy for cockroaches

The most popular remedy for cockroaches among the people – boric acid. It can be purchased at every pharmacy. Suitable for use if profile chemistry cannot be used due to, for example, allergies among residents of the house. Once in the body of an insect, it guarantees its death.

The use of boric acid in the fight against cockroaches is based on the preparation of a special bait. For this, an egg yolk is taken in dry or boiled form, to which a sachet of boric acid is added. Then balls roll from the yolk, which are laid out in all places where cockroaches were seen. A similar, but less effective, method is to sprinkle boric acid powder in places where insect routes lie. Particles of the product stick to the paws of cockroaches, and the latter lick it off when they clean themselves.


  • The Latin name is Acidum Boricum.
  • Characteristics of the substance: powder with small crystals or slightly greasy flakes, shiny, colorless.
  • Use as an insecticidal agent: the destruction of bedbugs, ants and cockroaches.


  • availability;
  • price;
  • efficiency;
  • safety in compliance with safety regulations (do not eat, do not inhale).


  • the need to regularly update the balls;
  • the proven effectiveness of the method is only if there are few insects, and regular cleaning is carried out in the apartment.

The best home remedy for cockroaches

Another folk remedy that can cope with cockroaches in the house is ammonia. It can be safely attributed to the home, since ammonia is available in almost any first aid kit. It is used against these insects in different ways, but is most effective as part of a solution where a teaspoon is diluted with a liter of water. Ammonia solution washes floors and furniture. To improve the result, processing is carried out regularly.

An important point when working with ammonia is safety precautions. The smell of ammonia quickly disappears, and the human sense of smell does not perceive it, unlike cockroaches. However, the undiluted substance is dangerous to human health, can lead to respiratory arrest and even death. Processing is carried out with gloves and a respirator with windows and doors open. Ammonia does not kill cockroaches, but only scares them away, therefore it is recommended to use the solution in tandem with other means, such as aerosols.


  • The active ingredient is ammonia.
  • Release form – 10% aqueous solution.
  • Packing – glass bottles of 10, 40 and 100 ml.
  • The principle of action is a persistent concentrated odor that is not tolerated by insects.


  • is not an insecticide;
  • rapid volatilization of caustic vapors;
  • availability;
  • price;
  • low concentration of the solution;
  • ease of use;
  • the ability to use in tandem with full-fledged insecticides;
  • absence of insect corpses.


  • short-term effect;
  • strict adherence to security measures;
  • uselessness with free access of insects to clean water;
  • ammonia only repels insects, but does not destroy them.

The best remedy for cockroaches for an apartment

For self-control of cockroaches in an apartment or private house, aerosol shows high efficiency. insecticide Raid Max. It can also get rid of flies, moths and mosquitoes. With a slight smell, the aerosol is completely safe for humans, and therefore the manufacturer allows its use not only in residential premises, but also in the kitchen.

Processing is carried out by spraying the agent in places where cockroaches accumulate for only 7-9 seconds. To completely get rid of insects, the aerosol must be used regularly. Given the low consumption, one bottle will last for a long time.


  • The name is Raid Max.
  • Release form – aerosol.
  • Type: Insecticide.
  • Active ingredients: cyfluthrin – 0.15%, pralletrin – 0.05%, imiprothrin – 0.05%.


  • versatility – effective against crawling and flying insects;
  • ease of use;
  • economy (low consumption);
  • safety for the human body.


  • there is an odor;
  • the need for regular use.

The best professional cockroach repellent

Relatively new insecticide Xulat C25 from Spanish manufacturers. The active substance is chlorpyrifos, the concentration of which exceeds that of the domestic analogue Empire 20 by 25%. It is a microencapsulated emulsion that can effectively kill cockroaches. A few hours after using the insecticide, insects die. The residual effect of the drug is about three months. High insecticidal activity is accompanied by low toxicity.

Xulat C25 is recommended for use in residential areas as a professional means of combating flightless insects. Since the active substance is enclosed in capsules, the drug has no odor, while being relatively safe for the health of both humans and pets. Be sure to read the instructions before use.


  • Active ingredient: chlorpyrifos, belonging to the FOS class.
  • Form: microencapsulated emulsion.
  • Penetration into the body: intestinal, contact and systemic pesticide, fumigant.
  • Action: pesticide, insecticide, acaricide.
  • Security class – 4.
  • Packaging: bottles of 0.25, 0.5, 1 and 5 liters.
  • Shelf life – 3 years.


  • lack of smell;
  • relative safety for humans;
  • efficiency;
  • duration of exposure to insects.


  • does not affect laid eggs;
  • price;
  • slow action;
  • short duration of residual action when exposed to direct sunlight;
  • not effective in wet environments.

Best safe cockroach repellant

Exil Gel Schaben German production until 2016 was produced under the brand name Globol, which currently does not exist. This insecticidal agent is rightfully considered one of the most effective in the fight against cockroaches, while being safe for humans and pets. After eating the gel, insects do not die immediately, but manage to infect other individuals with the active component. This often leads to infection of the entire population. The active substance for insects has a nerve-paralytic effect, which leads to their paralysis with subsequent death.

Given the high efficiency of the gel, which was previously called Globol, a huge number of fakes appeared on the market. It is important to remember that the original product is no longer called Globol, much less Global. Before buying from the seller, you should require a certificate.


  • Release form – gel.
  • The active ingredient is chlorpyrifos.
  • Packaging – tube (75 g of product).
  • Processing area – up to 70 sq.m.


  • efficiency;
  • price;
  • result a few hours after use;
  • no need for regular application;
  • safety for humans and animals.


  • not detected.

The best Chinese cockroach remedy

Gel from cockroaches “Combat” Chinese-made is highly popular due to its exceptional effectiveness in the fight against insects. Among the features of the drug, the presence of goose liver in its composition, which acts as a powerful bait, stands out. In addition, the active ingredient hydramethylnon is guaranteed to kill cockroaches without being addictive. The period of activity declared by the manufacturer reaches 9 months. According to the reviews of apartment owners who used the product, it has no disadvantages, except for the fact that it is extremely difficult to wash off traces of gel application.

“Combat” is sold in 30 mg syringes, which increases the convenience of applying the gel in hard-to-reach places. This volume is enough to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment or house up to 50 sq.m. The popularity of the tool is also due to its low cost.


  • The type of drug is an insecticide (a group of pyrethroids).
  • The active substance is hydramethylnon.
  • Release form – gel.
  • Packaging – syringe for 30 mg.
  • Processing area – up to 50 sq.m.
  • The term of activity is up to 9 months.


  • price;
  • efficiency;
  • long period of activity;
  • a tube in the form of a syringe;
  • powerful bait;
  • does not cause addiction in insects.


  • the difficulty of removing traces of application.

In the fight against cockroaches carried out in an apartment building, a tangible result can be achieved only if the neighbors join forces to destroy insects, while disinfecting their homes at the same time. This unwritten rule is confirmed by many years of use of profile insecticides.

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