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Most parents, after buying a crib, think about buying a stroller for a baby. Do not rush to choose: study the varieties and novelties of the market, evaluate the models, their advantages and disadvantages and choose the best one, because a baby stroller is an indispensable attribute for everyday walks with a baby.

Baby stroller

stroller walking stick

When needed

Most often, the cane is used after a year. At this age, the baby is already walking, but gets tired. On trips out of town, traveling or shopping, you can not do without this transport. The child cannot move independently for a long time, and it is difficult for the mother to carry the baby in her arms. For these cases, the “cane” model is suitable.

What is a baby stroller

This children’s transport is a metal frame, on which a special fabric is stretched in the form of a seat and a visor that protects from the sun. The mechanism is simple, when folded it transforms into a cane, while its weight is small and you can easily carry the stroller by the handles, so it was called a cane.

Pros and cons of a baby stroller


  • they weigh little (from three to seven kg), some are less than two kg, which is much less than transformers;
  • for folding and unfolding, one press of a button is enough;
  • Small in size, so they can easily fit in the trunk of a car, under a bed or behind a closet.


  • do not have a lying position;
  • no depreciation.

Features of choice

Manufacturers of this species claim that the cane is used from the age of six months. At this age, the baby most often sleeps during a walk.

Doctors do not recommend planting a baby earlier than six months.

Not all canes are designed with a flat back and a comfortable, smooth ride. Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to a number of details:

  • it is better to make a choice for both parents to check whether it is suitable for growth;
  • be sure to test by rolling around the store;
  • check the brakes: they should be easily fixed even on an inclined surface;
  • check the strength and length of the seat belts so that the child in winter clothes is easily fixed;
  • bumper location;
  • the sun visor should not be short, as it will not be able to fully protect from bright rays;
  • an important role is played by a cover for legs, a bag for mom and a basket for groceries. The cover will warm the little one in cold weather, and mom will put the necessary things in the bag.

There are four-wheeled and three-wheeled canes. Four-wheeled strollers are considered stable, but three-wheeled strollers are considered more maneuverable and ergonomic.

The choice of color, manufacturer and cost will depend solely on the preferences of the parents.

When choosing a cane, it is worth remembering that the main feature is ease.

Baby stroller-transformer

Stroller transformer

The carriage a transformer is universal children’s transport. It combines two strollers at once: a stroller and a cradle. The main advantage is that it is easy to convert from one to another by removing the protective bumper and raising the backrest.

When needed

Up to three years, the child will need two: a stroller and a cradle. But each of them is expensive, so there is a choice – which one to buy. In order to save money, as well as space, transformers were created. Includes the same features as each type individually. At the same time, such a stroller weighs less than a stationary cradle.

What is

Transformers are large. They weigh from 15 to 20 kg, but there are lightweight models with an aluminum frame. These strollers have soft cushioning that can be adjusted. The design consists of several parts, so they are less warm. Most often produced on rubber inflatable wheels, which increases the smoothness of the ride. The handle is mounted in two directions and is height adjustable, so it is easy and comfortable to control the stroller.

Pros and cons of a transformer stroller


  • backrest tilt adjustment. The child can walk while sitting, and if he falls asleep, he can be put down, smoothly spreading the back into a horizontal position;
  • compact folding. The stroller folds up and fits in the trunk of a car;
  • economy. This model replaces two types of strollers at once, which helps to save money;
  • smooth running, overcoming any road surface.


  • the weight;
  • loose, insufficiently protects the child from wind and precipitation.

Choosing a stroller-transformer

In order for the stroller to meet the parameters of the cradle, and walks to be a joy, you should pay attention to the following:

  • the weight. If the family lives on the top floor and the elevator does not work, then it is better to choose a type with a lightweight frame;
  • measure the width of the wheelbase to see if it will fit into the elevator;
  • check that the backrest is laid out to a horizontal position;
  • a portable cradle will be a nice addition;
  • ventilation modes. Do not forget that the stroller will be used as a stroller, because it should be easily transformed;
  • the handle should adjust the position of the direction and height for the convenience of parents;
  • bumper, which is placed during the transformation from the cradle to the stroller.

When buying a transformer, you need to pay attention to quality and functionality, because it will be used for the entire period as long as the baby needs it.

Baby stroller for twins

Stroller for twins

When a double replenishment appears in the family, then there are twice as many worries. The main problem is movement. The comfort of the babies and the health of the mother depend on choosing the right model for twins.

Types of strollers for twins

For twins, the following types are produced:

  • cradles;
  • transformers;
  • walking;
  • canes;
  • universal;
  • three and four wheelers.

Canes for twins are used from birth because of their low weight, size and cost.

What is

Double are designed for twins and weather. The cradles are a chassis on which two walking blocks are located. They are installed in several versions:

  • children are located next to each other;
  • the children are sitting on the train.

Pros and cons of double strollers


  • takes up less space than two standard models;
  • economical, as they are cheaper than two single strollers;
  • Mom can walk alone with two babies at the same time.


  • large weight and dimensions;
  • poor maneuverability;
  • the twin model is only included in the freight elevator;
  • does not fit in the trunk of a car.

What criteria to choose

Before buying, you need to think about future walks with children: where it will be stored, whether the elevator works or not. There are a number of issues to consider:

  • the width of the doorways of the apartment and the entrance;
  • elevator door width
  • dimensions of the trunk of the car;
  • if the doorways of the apartment and the elevator are narrow, then it is better to give preference to a stroller with seats one behind the other and vice versa;
  • when choosing a model for twins, you need to pay attention to the frame and wheels. The frame must be reinforced, and the wheels are inflatable, which will ensure maneuverability;
  • in the event that the elevator does not work and there is no one to help, then preference should be given to canes.

Last but not least is the budget of the family.

When buying a cheap stroller for twins, you need to remember that the weight of children increases every day, and it may not withstand the load. Therefore, you can think about buying an expensive and durable model from your hands.

Baby stroller


Walking models are designed for children from seven months. At this time, the baby begins to explore the world with the help of these strollers.

What are strollers

“Walks” come in a wide variety of types and colors. They are folded with a book or a cane. In walking options, the back is adjustable. The baby can be in three positions: sitting, reclining and lying down. There is a viewing window on the hood. There is also a footmuff. There are several types of wheels: polyurethane, lightening the weight of transport and rubber. The handle can be adjusted in two directions – so that the child sees his mother or learns about the world around him.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • low weight due to small wheels, light bed and lack of a cradle;
  • compact folding;
  • takes up little space;
  • walking option is cheaper than a transformer.


  • hard running due to lack of cushioning;
  • Not all models have a large bed.

How to choose a stroller

When buying a vehicle for a walk, you need to decide whether it will be summer or all-weather. Think about which road you will drive on, where to store it, how to transport it. There are a number of points that will help you make a choice:

  • when purchasing an all-season walking model, it is better to give preference to a book;
  • it is necessary to take into account the parameters of the bed so that the child fits in winter clothes;
  • the presence of a cover on the legs and a raincoat that will protect in bad weather;
  • if the road is uneven, then the model on rubber wheels will go more smoothly than the lightweight one;
  • it’s good when the hood closes to the bumper. It will protect from the sun and bad weather.

The main task of the walking model is to give the child the opportunity to explore the world. It should be easy for mom and comfortable for the baby.

Baby strollers 3 in 1

Strollers 3 in 1

Modern manufacturers pamper parents with an assortment and types of strollers. Therefore, it is difficult to make a choice. Models 3 in 1 allow you to forget about the problem of choosing a transport for the baby.

What is a 3 in 1 stroller made of?

“Three in one” includes the following components:

  • the frame on which the blocks are attached;
  • cradle with adjustable back (from 0 to 6 months);
  • walking block (from 6 months to 3 years);
  • car seat;
  • two covers;
  • raincoat and mosquito net;
  • a bag for Mother.

Manufacturers produce lightweight beds with increased shock absorption. The main advantage of the three-in-one model is the front swivel wheels, which facilitate maneuverability.

The cradle can be used from birth up to 6 months and beyond if the child is not seated. Modern cradles are made of plastic, inside – a cotton cover. Some cradles have a rocking mode.

The walking block can be used from birth, as the backrest unfolds to a horizontal position and there is an additional mattress. An exception are walking blocks – hammocks. Such a model will become indispensable for all cases.

Pros and cons of a 3 in 1 stroller


  • light weight;
  • maneuverability and smooth running;
  • cost-effective: no need to separately buy a stroller and car seat;
  • practicality;
  • ease of transformation;
  • trendy design.


  • high landing of the walking block;
  • takes up a lot of space, and if the apartment is small, you will have to think about where to store individual blocks;
  • great weight.

How to choose a 3 in 1 stroller

Young parents are looking for the most fashionable model, but you should pay attention to a number of parameters:

  • it is recommended to buy vehicles with inflatable wheels, and for convenience, you need front swivel wheels;
  • handle height adjustment for parents;
  • check the width, whether it will enter the elevator and the doorway;
  • provide a place to store individual parts;
  • fabric quality;
  • the presence of pockets for small items and a bag for parents;
  • the presence of a raincoat, mosquito net, mattress and covers on the legs.

Stroller 3 in 1 – universal. It will solve the problem of comfort for parents and a child from birth to three years.

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