5 types of children’s bicycles

children bicycle

Choose a bike for a child according to age and height. At least that’s what the manufacturers say. Another parameter for choosing a vehicle is the weight of the baby. For each age, manufacturers offer models, focusing on the height and weight of the child, and on the needs of the crumbs, which are characteristic of a particular age.


kids bikes design

In 1817, the German professor Karl Dresz first introduced the running machine to the world. This two-wheeled device was later called “bicycle”, which means “fast foot” in Latin.

A bicycle is a two-wheeled or three-wheeled device that is propelled by footwork. A person pedals and moves faster due to the strength of the lower limbs. The very first device had a wooden frame. In 1884, the English inventor John Kemp introduced a machine that more closely resembles the modern bicycle.

This device had a chain, the driver sat between two wheels and these wheels were the same size.

Such a vehicle did not go unnoticed in the second half of the 20th century. Modernization touched the frame of the device, it was produced from titanium and carbon fiber. In addition, the invention has been improved by the index shifting system.

If we talk about children’s models, then they are different, with and without steering wheel protection, with a handle and a roof, to protect the baby from unexpected vagaries of the weather.

Children’s bike device

Bicycle diagram 1

The market pleases with an abundance of scooters and bicycles. You can choose a transport for a baby using intuition and advice from a sales assistant, or you can delve into the topic in detail and prepare for buying a vehicle by studying the design features of the models.

Vehicles for children are:

  • Tricycle with handle
  • Tricycle models
  • Two-wheeled devices with training wheels on the sides
  • Two wheel models

Children’s bicycles for children from one to three years old

children's bikes from 1 to 3

The baby is growing and becoming more active. He does not want to sit in a wheelchair. Then a device with a handle is the perfect solution. Parents can control the transport with the handle, adjusting the child’s route, this function is related to safety.

In addition, a children’s bike up to three years is equipped with a low frame and handlebar protection. The tricycle is easy to operate. In order to entertain the baby, manufacturers have provided similar models with a basket for toys and a loud horn, which the baby presses with pleasure, attracting the attention of mothers and passers-by.

If small

ysh is not too active and is not going to pedal, then steps were invented for him. You can put your feet on them and freely

enjoy the trip.

The folding roof will save the little traveler from the scorching rays of the sun, and from the summer rain.

It is difficult to judge the safety of three-wheeled vehicles, the main thing is that the handle is strong and, holding on to it, mom or dad can fully control the young driver.

For the convenience of the baby, it is better to choose the model that has a system for adjusting the steering wheel and seat. Such transport will last longer and the child will ride it more conveniently and more pleasantly.

Children’s bicycles for children 4 years old

children's bikes from 4

At 4 years old, the baby shows independence. He wants to manage the transport himself and roll wherever he pleases. Manufacturers of children’s bicycles have foreseen this fact.

Taking into account the age characteristics of drivers, the manufacturers provided the device with a soft and comfortable seat, two training wheels, full chain protection against slag getting into it, as well as protection of the steering wheel from head impacts. In addition, the bike has an understated frame, it will allow the baby to easily climb onto the bike and start walking.

The safety features include the brake system. Full 12 inch wheels.

Since the baby drives the vehicle himself, for the sake of his safety, it is better to choose the model from which the driver can jump easily and quickly in case of danger.

Children’s bike for a child under 6 years old

children's bicycles for preschoolers

Outwardly, this group of bicycles is similar to the devices that manufacturers have come up with for children as young as 4 years old. The differences are in the diameter of the wheels and the presence of a handbrake on the steering wheel for some models.

The wheels are 16 inches in diameter, the device has a single speed, additional training wheels, and a dual brake system.

The device should be comfortable, safe and relatively light. So that turning over, on its side, the kid himself can get out from under the bike and, having lifted it, continue to move on.

Children’s bike for children 6 – 9 years old

children's bicycles for 6-9 years

If the child has grown up, then give him freedom. In this case, freedom is the rejection of additional insurance measures. Now the safety of the student will be ensured by large wheels and a comfortable seat.

The vehicle has several speeds, suitable for city and country walks. Wheel diameter has increased to 20 inches. The device is equipped with shock absorption, there is a double braking system.

Such a bike is comfortable, practical and functionally no different from adult models.

Children’s bike for ages 9 – 13

children's bicycles for 9-13 years

There is no difference between models for adults and models for children. The vehicle has from one speed to 24. The wheels are 24 inches in diameter. There are bicycles for children with front suspension. There are models with rear and front hand brakes.

BMX models are considered an affordable alternative when choosing a bicycle for a child. These are the vehicles on which stunts are performed. They have several undeniable advantages:

  • Design
  • Price
  • Assembly

BMX models are only gaining popularity. If the kid is not fond of extreme sports, but likes walks and trips, then it makes sense to consider this bike model as an alternative.


kids bikes features

compactness. Some bikes are practical and take up little space. They fold up and thus save space in an apartment or house. They can be left in the corridor, and then reused if desired.

Additional accessories. Such as trunk, bottle holder, toy basket and other design elements. They are considered a nice addition and a functional bonus from manufacturers. Such models are more expensive, but the baby will be pleased to ride on such a vehicle.

Stylish design. Manufacturers have added aerodynamic fenders, a derailleur and a chain protection system to the regular model. A loud horn was invented for kids, but as the driver grows older, this function loses its relevance.

Convenience and safety. In addition, the braking systems of children’s bicycles are equipped with a comfortable handle. Walking with a small child down the street, mom can control his movement.

Pros and cons of children’s bikes


If we compare children’s transport with a handle for the smallest and a two-wheeled bicycle for an adult child, then there are several differences and features.

The advantages of a device with a handle include the ability of parents to control the movement of the baby. The two-wheeled model does not have a similar function; it will not work to correct the path of your beloved baby. But this type of transport will give the child a little freedom, will allow him to plan his own path and choose the route.

A children’s bike with a handle has problems with the pedals, they fall off and get lost. Therefore, you need not to lose vigilance and monitor the device.

The handle of the children’s transport is strong and reliable, besides it is convenient for parents who are going to carry the baby.


children's bikes operation

Before putting a child on a vehicle, it is worth explaining to him the safety rules that will help the young driver to avoid injuries and collisions. When training, it is worth controlling the behavior of the baby and holding the bike from behind, securing an inexperienced driver.

Do not overload the transport device, the load capacity is indicated in the operating instructions.

It is not allowed to ride a bicycle on roads and highways.

The child should not ride near water bodies, slopes and cliffs. If a child is learning to ride a bicycle, then he should not ride on inclined surfaces. He risks falling and getting hurt.


When buying a child, the first bicycle in life, you should pay attention to its safety.

It is desirable that the steering wheel has soft inserts. With a sharp turn, he is able to hit the baby on the head. Inserts soften the impact and avoid injury.

When choosing a model for a baby, consider the height of the child and whether he can reach the pedals. If the legs slip off, then it is better to choose another model for him.

The first step is to pay attention to the seat. If the child slips, falls, then for safety reasons it is better to refuse such a bicycle.

It is worth choosing a model with a wide seat, it is comfortable to ride such a device.

The large front wheel gives the vehicle maneuverability. If you choose a model with wide tires, then the baby will be comfortable moving on a sandy surface and rough roads.

When choosing a transport for a child under the age of 5, you should make sure that he has a high-quality foot brake. In an emergency, an inexperienced driver may become confused and forget about the existence of a handbrake. In addition, some children do not have enough strength to apply the handbrake.

In addition, the steering wheel has a tilt and height adjustment system. This is necessary to control the posture of the child. The back should be straight when sitting at the wheel of a vehicle.

It is better if the chain is protected by a shield. This will reduce the likelihood of traumatic situations.


children's bikes malfunction

Problems with children’s bikes are more common than with adults. Parents will have to repair children’s vehicles, so it’s worth getting an idea of ​​the most common malfunctions.

The wheel deflates

The two reasons a tire bleeds are a puncture and a valve failure. If the problem is with the nipple, then the chamber will have to be replaced. In the event that the cause was a puncture, then it is worth lowering the camera into the water and seeing where air bubbles come out of it. There is not only one puncture.

You should not throw out the camera, it will lie down to be replaced using rubber glue and spruce branches.

If the puncture is repeated over and over again. It is worth removing the tire and checking for sharp objects.

Disc hits brake pad

Spin the wheel and see if the disc hits the wheel block. If such a violation is detected, it is worth dismantling the wheel and reinstalling it, making the hub eccentric weaker. When the disc beats against the block in one place, this indicates that the disc is bent. In such a situation, it is better to change the old disk to a new one, if this is not possible, you should try to straighten the disk yourself.

The chain flies

Check speed switch. If it is set incorrectly, then the circuit constantly flies. To fix the problem, it is worth reconfiguring the vehicle.

If the chain flies and at the same time the process is accompanied by unpleasant sounds, then only one thing means that the parts have served their due date and need to be replaced.

When choosing a vehicle for a baby, it is worth evaluating its safety. Other functions fade into the background. Design and color can be chosen based on the preferences of the child. But the first thing to do is to evaluate the capabilities of the crumbs, his craving for transport and the desire to take cycling trips.

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