5 best baby loungers

Sun loungers for children are divided into two categories: for newborns and for growing babies. Each series has its own characteristics, taking into account the anatomical structure and needs of the child.

How to choose a baby lounger

On sale are models used from birth until the period when the baby gains weight of 9 kg, and designs for older children. They differ:

  • functionality;
  • the maximum weight that the structure can withstand;
  • sizes;
  • chair position;
  • additional features.

The more auxiliary options, the more expensive the deck chair. The material also affects the price of a rocking chair – as a rule, wooden models are more expensive than metal ones.

Chaise lounges for newborns

The skeleton of newborns has not yet formed, the bones of the body are just beginning to take on an anatomical position. If during the growth period it is wrong to lay the baby, his skeleton will develop incorrectly. For this age, the position of the body is the main issue when choosing a deck chair.

The newborn should be in a horizontal position, the spine should not bend or bend. The place for the baby should be soft so that he can sleep comfortably, but not so pliable that the normal position of the spine is disturbed.

Some sun loungers have hoods that protect the baby from the sun, wind, dust. There are several options for the position of the back, each of which is fixed with a latch.

Sun loungers for growing children

For babies who have gained weight more than 9 kg, there are more durable designs. The weight limit for a sun lounger for older children is 18 kg. Such models have more extensive functionality, because kids already sleep less, spend more time with toys, study the world around them. For older children, models include a removable table. It is used for feeding, baby games.

On sale there are universal models designed for children from birth to the age of two.

Durability and environmental friendliness

The frame of a children’s deck chair is made of wood or metal. The first option is environmentally friendly, durable, reliable. But it is heavier and more expensive. If you do not plan to use the structure outside the home, this option is acceptable. The device fits well into the home interior, the child is comfortable, there is no danger of allergies.

Metal bases are made of aluminum or durable alloys. Such sun loungers are lighter than wooden ones, they can be folded. They are used not only at home, but also when traveling, on a country holiday.

Children’s place is a special issue. The important points for the model are:

  • seat position;
  • the material from which it is made;
  • presence / absence of a cover;
  • the material from which the cover is sewn;
  • the cover is removed or not;
  • seat size.

Designers create seats that are as comfortable as possible for the baby. The angle of inclination is chosen taking into account the anatomical features of the growing organism. Some models have the function of adjusting the tilt of the chair depending on whether the child is sleeping or playing, as well as depending on the height of the baby. For older children, a higher back position is selected.

The cover is made from natural or hypoallergenic fabrics. It is important that it is removable so that it can be washed or cleaned separately. The color of the fabric depends on the preference of the parents. Options – pink for girls, blue for boys remained in the last century. Firms produce neutral cradles suitable for babies of both sexes. It is also beneficial from an economic point of view. The design can be used for a younger child, regardless of gender.

Some manufacturers produce children’s models in bright colors or with a colorful pattern. Some firms make designs in gray, dark blue or black. The choice of color design of the deck chair remains with the parents.

motion sickness

The vestibular apparatus of infants differs from the vestibular apparatus of an adult. In order for the baby to sleep, it must be pumped. When choosing a sun lounger, check the “swing” function:

  • The mechanical version of the swing involves the swinging of the cradle by the parents, for older children – independent swinging.
  • Automatic swing is set in motion by a program that commands the motor. With this method, manufacturers set several options. They differ in speed. Parents choose a certain mode, and the device cradles the baby on its own. If the model has a timer, this makes it easier for parents. Automation itself will choose the time to turn off the swing, depending on the set mode.

In simple models, motion sickness is carried out by moving back and forth. In more complex designs, right-left oscillations are added to this movement. In the electronic versions of the sun loungers, there are several modes of vibrating the cradle. The latter function is convenient for newborns.

Chaise lounge safety

So that the baby does not fall out of the structure and is not injured, the designers think over the security system. On the basis of a chaise longue the rubber brakes preventing sliding of a design are established.

The cradles are provided with straps with which the baby is fixed. When buying a model for a child, check how many points for fixing the crumbs are on the belt. The more provisions, the more opportunities for a comfortable location of the child. In some samples, instead of seat belts, manufacturers install removable crossbars. Their position is not regulated, they are convenient for children older than 1 year.

Additional functions

Choosing a design with a large number of auxiliary options, you will have to pay extra for each. On the other hand, it is convenient – music, the sounds of nature distract and entertain the baby.

Most designs have a removable frame (arc) for toys. This is a handy feature that helps the baby develop. He is trying to reach with his hands a bright thing, suspended at an accessible distance. The kid learns to focus attention, his motor skills develop.

When choosing a deck chair with a frame for toys, do not forget that a large number of beautiful and colorful toys can lead to negative consequences. Seeing many attractive objects, the baby’s eyes begin to move quickly from one toy to another, and such a prolonged occupation can lead to strabismus. To avoid problems, there should not be more than 3 toys on the arc at the same time.

Construction price

Imported models of foreign brands are expensive. The advantages of such sun loungers are high quality, reliability, great functionality. If an electronic deck chair for a child is on the agenda, it is better to purchase a foreign model.

A separate issue is Chinese designs. They are inexpensive, but the quality is very questionable. It is better to spend money and buy a branded item than a model of an eastern neighbor that will become unusable in a couple of months.

The best baby lounger for newborns

Cradle for a newborn Amalfy suspended on an aluminum frame and driven by a special mechanism.


  • the frame of the device is a light metal alloy;
  • cradle material – textiles;
  • connecting nodes – plastic;
  • the position of the cradle is suspended;
  • the maximum weight of the child is 9 kg;
  • construction type – folding.


  • there are seat belts with five fixing options;
  • Removable chair cover is easy to wash;
  • 2 options for the position of the child;
  • choice of motion sickness speed;
  • there is a timer for swinging;
  • there is a hinged frame for toys;
  • built-in speakers for music;
  • automatic shutdown of music;
  • Foldable design, you can take it with you when you travel.


  • monotonous melodies;
  • a small number of motion sickness speeds;
  • the baby is in the sitting and lying positions, the height of the backrest is poorly regulated.

The best baby rocking chair

Universal model for babies from birth to 1 year Bright Starts InGenuity. The design can withstand a weight of 9 kg, it is made of aluminum, plastic and fabric.


  • frame – aluminum;
  • chair material – plush;
  • support post – made of plastic;
  • maximum weight of the child – 9 kg;
  • height adjustment in 5 points.


  • there is a choice of 5 speeds of motion sickness;
  • there are adjustable seat belts;
  • comfortable chair for the baby;
  • sound reproduction of 8 melodies;
  • 3 options for nature noise;
  • the volume control of sounds is set, if the baby falls asleep, you can turn off the melodies and noise;
  • Swing blocking function is provided;
  • there is a removable stand for toys;
  • The seat and headrest are removable and easy to clean.
  • there is a cover;
  • motion sickness timer for 30, 45, 60 min.


The seat is not fixed firmly, the baby falls into the chair.

The best inexpensive baby lounger

Among inexpensive designs, the best is La-di-da. The device is made of durable material, the seat fabric is pleasant to the touch, does not cause allergies.


  • frame and fasteners – plastic;
  • seat – textiles;
  • weight limit – 9 kg;
  • country of origin – China;
  • control – electronics.


  • light weight;
  • there is a frame for toys;
  • 7 melodies for the entertainment of the child;
  • there is vibration;
  • electronics runs on two batteries;
  • the design is mobile, it can be used outside the home;
  • cheap option.


  • backrest tilt is not adjustable;
  • only 2 toys are hung on the arc;
  • 3 position seat belt.

The best electronic baby lounger

Multifunctional Sample Lorelli Tango combines a deck chair and a swing. The design provides options for calming, feeding, sleeping the child.


  • frame – metal;
  • armchair – textiles;
  • connections and electronics housing – plastic;
  • sun lounger weight – 8.1 kg;
  • maximum load on the structure – 18 kg;
  • producer country – Bulgaria.


  • folding model;
  • there are 5 swing speeds;
  • 12 melodies;
  • the timer is set in 3 options – 8, 15, 30 minutes;
  • the table for feeding is removed;
  • frame for toys;
  • removable headrest;
  • 5-point seat belt;
  • remote control provided;
  • electronics is powered by mains and batteries;
  • adapter included.


  • batteries are sold separately;
  • high price.

The best baby chair

Swedish model BabyBjorn Balance Soft Designed for the correct position of the back of the baby. The chair swings from the movements of the child, it is equipped with a soft limiter.


  • frame – metal;
  • seat – textiles;
  • case – cotton;
  • maximum weight – 9 kg;
  • dimensions in working position – 89x39x58 cm;
  • folded parameters – 89x39x11 cm.


  • can be used for children weighing 13 kg;
  • the back is unbent in horizontal position, and the child can sleep in a chair;
  • there is an adjustment for 3 positions of the back;
  • limiter provided.


  • toys are not included in the package;
  • music is not provided;
  • There is no arc for hanging toys.

Sun loungers for children free parents from constantly holding the baby in their arms. They are comfortable, practical, make it possible to do household chores. But when buying a model for a baby, do not forget that no devices can replace the warmth of parental hugs.

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